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The San Pedro Sun

Caye Caulker Crustacean Celebration
In Belize we have many celebrations, and the last time I checked there were 13 public and bank holidays observed each year. That said I would like to suggest we add one more and declare opening day of lobster season the fourteenth holiday of the year! The way we carry on about our devotion to this denizen of the sea, from the financial rewards of fishing, to its cultural significance and the delectable meals we celebrate you would think the country would shut down for the day and party like a lobSTAR, gosh knows we are always looking for an excuse! Perhaps the alternative we have is better though, dragging out the crustacean celebration over several days and three different festivals countrywide. I have attended all of these lobster fests at one time or another, from San Pedro to Placencia and Caye Caulker, and each one has its own personality and flavor, no pun intended! Although they are all grand celebrations I have to admit my heart belongs to Caye Caulker when it comes to singing praises to the lobster. With the charm of a fishing village still prevalent, and the presence of locals genuinely indulging in lobster love, you quickly become one with Caye Caulker lobster land.

Costa Maya Festival® presents Miss Costa Rica!
The Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant® takes place during the International Costa Maya Festival® being held August 1 – 4, 2013, and readers eagerly anticipate the announcement of the young ladies who will be representing their respective countries. We present to you Costa Rica’s beauty ambassador for 2013.

Placencia Lionfish tournament- A success
“Lionfish are a voracious predator of juvenile fish and thus a threat to our fisheries. So, Oceana in Belize had no problem teaming up with the Placencia Producers Cooperative Society and the Southern Environmental Association (SEA) for the Lionfish Tournament,” states Oceana Vice President for Belize Mrs. Audrey Matura-Shepherd. Audrey was speaking of last Friday’s Lionfish Tournament which was a prelude to the annual Placencia Lobsterfest held over the weekend. Three teams took park in the Lionfish Tournament, landing 599 of the invasive predator totaling 321 pounds. First prize of $1,500 for the most lionfish (250) went to Turtle Inn. Splash Dive Shop landed the biggest lionfish weighting 744 grams (1.64 pounds) to win the $800 2nd prize as well as the smallest one weighing just 10g (0.35 oz) to win the $500 3rd prize. The Placencia Coop fielded the third team and had to settle for consolations prizes of Blue Venture T-shirts.

The Ambassadors to the Past Program, 2013
The Ambassadors to the Past Program is a collaborative educational endeavour between the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), USA and Galen University, Belize. It began in 2012 after Dr. Scott Simmons, Department of Anthropology at UNCW, was awarded a grant from UNCW’s Office of International Programs, Office of Institutional Research and the UNCW Graduate School. The grant extends to the end of summer 2014, and is aimed at helping Belizean students of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye make connections to their country’s ancient Maya heritage. The program entails Belizean archaeology students from Galen University working with students in San Pedro’s classrooms to understand and appreciate the achievements of the ancient Maya and develop a sense of pride about this part of their cultural heritage. These students range in age from approximately nine years old (Standard 3) to their early 20s (junior college).

Woman fights off attacker
San Pedro Town Police have arrested and charged a man following a report made by a woman that she was attacked. The man is 20 year old Shawn Hyde, a resident of the San Mateo Area of San Pedro Town. Joan Zuniga, a resident of San Mateo Area told police that Hyde attacked her and was in the process of dragging her to the beach as she was heading home from a social function. Zuniga explained that sometime around 2AM on Wednesday June 26th, while walking on Laguna Drive in the Boca del Rio Area, she was attacked from behind by a male. She claimed that the man gripped her by the neck and began dragging her towards the beach area and attempted to touch her private parts. At that point the woman said that she decided to put up a fight with the Hispanic male. Zuniga explained that when the man finally stopped, she fought back in self defence. She told police that the man ran away but a few moments later was caught with the help of her sister-in-law and a male relative who came to the rescue. According to Zuniga, they managed to restrain Hyde to the ground and executed a beating on him before being turned over to police.

Ambergris Today

Costa Maya Festival Announces Miss Costa Rica Contestant
Miss Costa Rica International 2013, Andrea Rojas, has been confirmed to represent her country as Miss Costa Rica Costa Maya at the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant that will be taking place at the International Costa Maya Festival in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Andrea Rojas is 21-years-old and is the reigning Miss Costa Rica International 2013 and will be representing her country at the Miss International Pageant in October of this year. Andrea stands 5’5” tall, is an Industrial Engineer Student, has hazel eyes and light brown hair. She enjoys reading and playing sports and spending time with friends and family.

Caye Caulker Comes Alive for Lobster Festival
After a week of Lobster Fest in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize, it was time for the neighboring sister island of Caye Caulker to come alive with their Lobster Festival. It was another three days of celebration that had the “Go Slow” island in super fast mode with thousands of visitors from around the country and abroad invading the quiet island. The Lobster Fest celebrations kicked off with the selection of Miss Caye Caulker Lobster Fest on Friday, June 28, 2013. Miss Sherylee Dawson was crowned Miss Lobster Fest 2013-2014 after a very hotly contested pageant with four other contestants including Jacqueline Riveroll, Miss Sasha Jimenez, Miss Annaelli Marin, and Miss Mercedes Requeña. The judges of the pageant were Ms. Andrea Polanco, Mrs. Betty Longsworth and Dr. Dionne Chamberlain and the following titles/prizes were awarded to the contestants, awarded the contestants:

Dia de San Pedro Festivities Celebrate Island’s Rich History and Culture
The San Pedro Town Council and the San Pedro House of Culture organized a weeklong celebratory event that lead to the celebration of Dia de San Pedro (San Pedro Day) on Saturday, June 29, 2013. The activities paid homage to our patron saint and highlighted the rich history and culture of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The events kicked off with a lecture by Director of the Institute of Archeology, Professor Dr. Jaime Awe, on Monday, June 24, about the Caste War and its cultural influence in Ambergris Caye. Attendants learned a rich cultural part of history about the island and how it was an integral part of the Maya history and the shaping of traditions on island residents.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize Goes the “Extra Mile”
What’s wrong with working and playing in paradise? That’s what Beverly Burke of Beltraide asks investors to think about.

Drummer Dan passes away
Tell me it ain't so... we have lost Drummer Dan..... He was drummer for "Berlin" plus also producer for their #1 hit. A regular contributor to this board, his positive energy will be missed by many.... from John Robillo: "A sad day on the island and for many visitors to the island. He will be missed."

Seniorita Flor de la Feria Online Poll
The Seniorita Flor de la Feria pageant is having their online poll for Miss Photogenic. You can vote for your favorite of the seven contestants. The final pageant will be on July 11th, which is the opening night of the Benque Fiesta. "Flor de la Feria Pageant, one of the most historic and traditional pageants in the town of Benque Viejo. The pageant is part of the events of the annual Benque Fiesta, a fair made in honor of the town's patron saint: Our Lady of Mount Carmel!"

Mountain Pine Ridge Art Camp Video
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Program of Belize released a great video about their Summer Art Camp, which is for youth between the ages of 14 and 17. It starts next Monday, June 8th, and MPR is the base for the camp, so the youths will experience nature in one of Belize's nicest reserves. There are a few spots left. Rio On Pools is the star of the video that Help International put together. "This camp is for youth ages 14 to 17 who want to tap into their inner artist and creative learning process. All week long youth will be in the jungle, learning how to enhance their skills in painting, writing, cooking, and music. At night there will be campfires and games to build friendships and make memories that will last forever. This is an incredible experience all for $200. That includes your transportation there and back, your three meals for the day, accommodation, and supplies for classes. If you are interested in joining us please let Nehanda Higinio know by cell phone at 624-9112 or email at [email protected] and she will get you registered and signed up!"

Rotaract's Go Green Campaign
The Rotaractors of the San Ignacio club recently did a trash clean up along scenic Bullet Tree Falls road as part of their Go Green Campaign. This is just one of the many things they do around Cayo to make it a better community. Thanks, Rotaract! "Clean up campaign on the Bullet Tree Road"

Channel 7

Christian Activists March Against Gays & Gender Policy
Today, Christian Activists against gay rights ramped up their public campaign with their first so-called “Constitution March”. It’s a new public pressure campaign that’s planned for the Belize and Cayo districts where they are planning marches to emphasize connection between the constitution of Belize and the Word Of God. And behind all that, is still the gender policy – the issue that just won’t go away. Today all those messages came together in a weekday march that didn’t quite bring out the multitudes, but it did turn up the volume. 7news was in Orange Walk and here’s the story: Jules Vasquez reporting Just before 8:30 this morning, Christian Activists the Orange Walk district assembled in front of the office of the town council. Little by little they arrived, and at 9 sharp, they moved off, numbering around 250 at the height of their protest. And they made sure utilize imagery to help send their message, Placards and posters with striking phrases, and A vehicle bearing a coffin, while was covered with posters against the gender policy. Even children participated in the march with their parents.

Shots Fired On Valley Of Peace Road
Police are just reporting a disturbing incident which happened last week Friday near Belmopan. Just before midnight, 57 year old US Missionary Dan Weaver and his wife were in a Toyota Tacoma on the Valley of Peace Road near the Banana Bank Bridge when two men tried to flag him down. Seeing the time of night Weaver accelerated and one of the men opened fire on the pickup hitting the windshield. Weaver lost control and careened into a nearby creek. His wife Vicki knocked her head and was left unconscious. Police say she was transported to KHMH in an unconscious state. The KHMH confirms that her family discharged her from the hospital that same day.

Quadruple Fatality Western Hwy Leaves Three Int’l Students Dead
There was a quadruple fatality on the Western Highway today; it killed three international students and their taxi driver. The collision between a taxi and a bus happened near the Busman Arnold Bridge at mile 60. With the assistance of the Cayo Star Newspaper we have images taken shortly after the accident – and then Daniel Ortiz put together the rest of the story. Daniel Ortiz reporting A traffic accident at mile 60 on the Western Highway claimed the lives of 4 people, a San Ignacio taxi driver and his 3 female passengers. As these images show, the West Line Bus which was heading to the direction of San Ignacio had a head on collision with the white taxi car. We found the car off the highway. The front was completely smashed in. The Benque sign and the yellow grill belonged to the bus, yet they were on top of the car's wreckage. From every angle you looked at it, its extensive damages told clearly that the occupants of the car couldn't possibly survive the impact.

Anatomy Of A Car Jacking
Last night, we told you about a carjacking on the city’s north side. It ended in a wreck at mile 44 on the Western Highway a few hours later. Monica Bodden went out to that scene last night, and she put the pieces together with surveillance video. Monica Bodden reporting It happened at approximately 3:20 yesterday afternoon. The white 2011 4-runner SUV is parked on Mercy Lane next to the Belize Elementary Auditorium. If you look closely, you’ll see its owner, a sales woman of Belize City along with her 6 year old daughter walking towards their parked vehicle. Just as they were getting into the vehicle before even closing the door, a man ran up from behind and darted towards the parked SUV, while another walked a little slower towards them. The owner was already inside the vehicle but had no time to close the door and drive off. One of the men was armed with a handgun and ordered her to get out the vehicle and hand over the keys.

GDP Growth Down In First Quarter 2013 Due To Citrus Woes
In 2012, Belize’s robust economic growth was praised throughout the region as GDP grew by 6%. Projections for 2013 were more conservative, at an expected 2 to 2.5% - but there was still hope that the 2012 momentum would carry over. Well it hasn’t – and the only growth to report from the first quarter is negative growth! Figures released today by the Statistical Institute of Belize show that the economy contracted by point-five per cent (.5%) in the first quarter of 2013. That’s sharply down from the first three months of 2012 when growth clocked in at 6.1 percent. So, what went wrong? Well, there were sharp downturns in citrus, crude petroleum and electricity production and a modest contraction in bananas. Citrus was the hardest hit with fruit and juice production declining by about 35 percent and 40 percent, respectively, the lowest in 18 years! According to the Statistical Institute some of this is owing to heavy rains in the southern districts. And while citrus had its lowest first quarter out-turn in two decades, Sugar had its best year since the early 90’s, growing by 4%. And while rains affected the south, Electricity generation, declined considerably because of low rainfall at the Chalillo and Mollejon hydroelectric plants.

J’cans In Bze To Foster Culture of Political Debates
We all know that Presidential Debates are an important part of the political culture in the United States. But what you might not have known is that it has also taken root in Jamaica where major political debates have been taking place since 2002. It’s a major undertaking in that country where a Debate Commission has been institutionalized to steer the process. And now two Resource persons from that Commission are in Belize to try and get debates brought into Belize’s political culture. They have received a grant from the National Democratic Institute and told us what it means in Belize.

Why Christine & Paul Came Home
As you saw earlier in the news, former firebrand labour activist Christine Perriot is back in Belize. She’s only visiting though – partly to for the appeal of her wrongful dismissal case from BTL. That happened way back in 2005 and the Supreme Court found in her favour – and ordered hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, exemplary and otherwise. Still, Perriot wasn’t satisfied with the quantum and that’s why the case is still in court. She told us what she’s been up to since leaving:… Christine Perriot - Visiting From Oklahoma "After the incident happen it was very difficult in finding a job in what I was doing so my only alternative was to get re-educated so I went away to study and that's what I'm doing right now - I'm in Oklahoma pursuing education." Paul Perriot - Visiting from Oklahoma "Just there supporting the family, supporting Christine in the new path she's taking with education so I'm just doing my part."

Cervical Cancer Campaign Needs Your Imprint
An estimated 31 thousand women in Latin America and the Caribbean die from Cervical Cancer every year – a very high number considering that the cancer is mostly preventable with screening. The issue in many cases, though, is cost – and now the Belize Cancer Society is asking you to lend your voice, or your electronic imprint to a petition which pushes to lower that cost. Today we found out how you can sign on for change. Joan Burke - Board Member, Cancer Society "The world health organization’s report shows that 72% of cancer deaths occur in low and middle income countries and I'm certain that there are some people that may say that Belize is a low income well our statistics are saying that we are middle income. Regardless of where we fit in - Belize has the challenge of cervical cancer. In Belize more than 10% of deaths annually are attributable to cancer and we have our number one pathologist in the room with us who can confirm those data. For the period 2007 - 2011 we had 857 deaths occurring in Belize related to cancer - of those total 421 females and 436 males died of cancer related conditions. Sad to say that 418 of those deaths occurred in persons 65 years of age or younger and in today's technology we say that you're in the prime of your life. Significant percent of the deaths which occurred are primarily due and could be prevented by primary and secondary interventions. Of the 421 deaths which occurred among females 95 were as a result of the cancer of the cervix and 51 as a result of cancer of the breast. Available data from the Caribbean region shows Belize having some of the highest incidence rates of survival cancer."

Channel 5

Traffic accident kills driver and three foreign students
A recently released international report says that the number of road traffic deaths went down in Belize between 2001 and 2010; in 2010 only forty-one casualties were recorded. But earlier [...]

Religious denominations protest Gender Policy in Orange Walk
The Christian anti-gay movement has gone on tour of the country to promote the message that persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender should not enjoy the same rights [...]

Statistical Institute releases growth figures for 2012
On the economic front, the Statistical Institute of Belize (S.I.B.) is reporting that Belize’s economy grew by two point four percent in the third quarter of 2012 when compared to [...]

The Road to San Antonio pocked with Town Council Lawsuit against contractor
The Orange Walk Town Council is preparing to take contractor Imer Hernandez to court. Hernandez is the nephew of Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, who was paid by the government [...]

How to get politicians to agree to a national debate
Wouldn’t the 2008 elections have been a very dynamic time if the candidates did not give handouts and wear their colors and found a meaningful way to encourage citizens to [...]

FFB holds concert for Jaguars as they leave for Gold Cup
The Belize Jaguars, the national football selection, is leaving the country on Friday to the United States. The team will participate in the Gold Cup and its first game will [...]

Cops fish gun out of sea, but can’t prove it belongs to fisherman
A Belize City fisherman is free tonight after he was acquitted of charges of Kept Firearm and Kept Ammunition. Twenty-five year old Victor Foreman Junior of Belize City was allegedly [...]

Ten years for kidnapping cab driver
But while one man is free, another is heading to jail. A week ago, thirty-four year old Derrick Sanchez, a resident of the Ladyville area was found guilty of kidnapping [...]

Men who have sex with men are dying from HIV/AIDS
A recent report published by the Ministry of Health on tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections indicates that HIV has become a concentrated epidemic among men who have sex [...]

The cancer that can be prevented
There are silent killers that affect our region: HIV/AIDS, diabetes and cancer are among the top causes. But there is a particular cancer that is affecting young women that are [...]


A Decade for Kidnapping
Thirty-four year old Derrick Sanchez, who was convicted of kidnapping last week, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment today by Justice Adolph Lucas. Before he decided on the sentence, Justice Lucas heard pleas for mitigation from two character witnesses. Sanchez was not represented by an attorn...

Warehouse Keeper Accused of Engaging In Sex With Minor Freed of Charges
Thirty-five year old Everal Tablada, a warehouse keeper charged with carnal knowledge of a girl 13 years old, was acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice John Gonzalez. The jury of five women and four men deliberated for almost three hours before it arrived at its verdict, which was...

Immigration Officer Acquitted of Rape After Three Years
Thirty-nine year old senior immigration officer Winston Arzu, charged with five counts of rape, was freed of the charges when a nolle prosequi, indicating that the prosecution cannot proceed, was entered today in the court of Justice John Gonzalez. Crown Counsel Leroy Banner entered the nolle pro...

Belizean Found Dead in Guatemala
He was being sought for the 2012 murder of thirty one year old Eduardo David Martinez but tonight news coming out from Guatemala is that twenty five year old Belizean Samuel Cervantes known in Belize as Samuel Aleman was murdered in that country. According to Guatemala’s Prensa Libre, the l...

Fatal Road Incident On George Price Highway
Four people are dead as a result of a traffic accident. The incident happened sometime after 10 o’clock at mile 60 on the George Price Highway. It involved a white Toyota Corolla taxi and a West Line Bus. 64-year-old Eliseo Chan was driving the taxi from San Ignacio to Bel...

Belize's Democratic Process Aided By Jamaica Debate Commission
A delegation from the Jamaica Debate Commission is in Belize as part of its mission to assist Belize in strengthening and growing the democratic process by encouraging and supporting the dissemination and discussion of political views in an open and unbiased manner in the form of a debate. Repres...

Man Accused of Killing His Uncle
20-year-old Sydney Bucknor Junior has been charged with murder. This is in connection with the shooting death of his uncle, 61-year-old Michael Bucknor which occurred last Thursday night on Faber’s Road Extension in Belize City. Bucknor was shot and killed as he was talking to a...

City Shooting Leaves Man Injured
Police are investigating a shooting incident which took place early yesterday morning. Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital around 5:20 yesterday morning and were informed that a twenty four year old man of Neal’s Pen Road Extension was suffering from an apparent gunshot ...

Armed Hold Up In Northside Belize City
A Belize City woman was robbed of her vehicle yesterday afternoon. The woman reported to police that around 3:35 yesterday afternoon, she and her daughter got into her White 2011 four Runner which was parked on Mercy Lane. She was then approached by a Hispanic man who came by the driv...

More Counterfeit Dollars Surface in Southern Belize
A number of counterfeit Belize currency notes have been in circulation in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story. PAUL MAHUNG “The police in Punta Gorda are now in possession of a number of the counterfeit twenty dollar Belize notes as explained on Monday evening...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Matthew Sandoval, top Caye Caulker scorer on the PSE, is awarded
Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero presented checks to the Top PSE scorers of San Pedro and Caye Caulker as recognition for their excellent results on the examination. In a short, yet meaningful, ceremony Minister Heredia congratulated the students for their hard work and dedication. He stated that the money given to them was a form of acknowledgment for their excellent work in the Primary School Examination. “Congratulations students, this is really something to be proud off,” stated Mayor Guerrero. “I encourage you to continue your hard work and further your studies as education is the best gift a parent can give you.” Chelsea Zetina of San Pedro RC School was presented with a plaque by the Mayor for achieving a perfect score in Mathematics in the PSE. She also received $350 from the Belize Tourism Board. Jenessa Sierra of San Pedro RC School achieved the highest score for the school and the second highest countrywide. Matthew Sandoval of Caye Caulker RC School obtained the highest PSE score for his school; both Jenessa and Matthew received $500.


One way I practice recycling in Belize
Today I crossed a major chore off my list doing the recycling. That meant putting some order to the big box of coffee jars I have been saving and finally getting them out of the house and getting them one step someone who can use them. A few months back, I was shopping with Dennis at The Greenhouse and I noticed that someone was packaging their product in Nescafe Dolca Jars. Right away I asked the owner Evelia Flores if she could put me in touch with the woman so I could start getting her our jars. I figured may as well try and keep them out of the ground a bit longer. Evelia did not have her number but told me if I brought them to the store, she would help them get to the right place. When Dick and I turned up today was a big box full she was surprised that tacoboy and I drank so much coffee between the two of us and happy that she was able to help my recycling. For those of you who want more info on The Greenhouse store, it is a great place to shop on middle street. They carry a wide range of local and imported specialty items, fresh herbs, lots of spices, freezer and fridge options. They also offer and a large selection of fruits and vegetables, you are almost always guaranteed to find good lettuce here. Fresh stock arrives weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

How Important Is Being Eco-Friendly to You?
I am a smart, handsome and respectable young boy. I love travelling and meeting new people. Being Eco friendly is a good idea because it allows us to protect and preserve what valuable assets we have in our surroundings. We can practice being Eco- friendly by turning off lights when it is not necessary, turning off water sources when there is no need to use water and recycling asset that can do so. When we turn off lights when there is no need to use it, we are saving energy. That is how we should be thinking. We have no need to allow electricity to be burning because it will only create an additional expense for our families. Secondly, water is life. It is a valuable resource. If there is no water; then, there is no life. We have no need to waste water we need to use it wisely. While you are brushing your teeth turn off the water until you are ready to rinse your mouth and so forth.

Liver and Onions
Beef Liver is definitely an acquired taste, however, some people instantly like this dish. It only takes about 20 minutes to cook and can be eaten with anything.

International Sources

Maltese archaeology student dies in Belize traffic fatality
A 23-year-old Maltese national, Angie Bugeja, of Pietà, was reported to have lost her life in a traffic accident while on holiday in Belize. reported the quadruple fatality on the Western Highway on Tuesday, 2 July, which killed three international students and their taxi driver. 24-year-old Molly Hude was a US University student who worked as the Supervisor for the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project. 25-year-old Ioanna Thomompaulou, and 23-year-old Angela Bugeja were working in Athens.

9 foreign countries where you can use U.S. dollars
There are many great pleasures of the globe-trotting life, but dealing with pesky Travelex lines is not one of them. Sick of exchange rates, transaction fees, and coming home with pockets filled with useless coins? Here are foreign destinations where you can pay with U.S. dollars, from the sunny and subtropical to the still-undiscovered. Belize is a nation that defies simple definition. Technically part of Central America, yet outwardly Caribbean with its laid-back culture and spotless white sands, Belize is a former British settlement that currently holds USD-backed currency. Indeed, the nation has never attached its currency to the pound sterling; rather, its legal tender (the Belizean dollar) has always been pegged to the U.S. dollar at a 1:2 ratio. This makes beachy Belize one of the priciest Central American nations but, curiously, one of the cheapest destinations on the Caribbean Sea. Note: Though many businesses accept U.S. bills, prices in Belize may be quoted in the official currency or in USD. It's wise to ask your tour operator or shopkeeper about their pricing method before you whip out your wallet—especially since the two dollars share the same symbol, $.

“David and Goliath” Gold Cup Match a Boon for Belize
Win, lose or draw, the upcoming first ever clash between Belize and the USA for the international soccer world’s Gold Cup to be held in Portland, Oregon 9 July 2013 holds a number of benefits for the little Caribbean country, according to the Lodge at Chaa Creek’s marketing director. Calling the match a “David and Goliath” contest, Chaa Creek’s Larry Waight said today that Belize’s participation in the Gold Cup series will result in exposure to a new audience that will further enhance Belize’s reputation as an up-and-coming travel destination. “Belize is known for many things, such as a world class diving Mecca, the heartland of the ancient Maya civilisation, and for the vast tracts of protected rainforests and geological features."

The Garífuna: Tradition Continues in Coast Guard
In celebrating June as Caribbean-American Heritage Month, the Coast Guard spotlighted the Garífuna, a unique Afro-Caribbean indigenous group whose seafaring descendants trace their early heritage from the Caribbean islands of Belize and Saint Vincent and have settled in fishing villages off the coast of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize. Out of more than 300,000 Garífuna in North America, their numbers serving in the military remain unknown as the Coast Guard and many major organizations include them as African-Americans in tracking its diversity workforce. In the Coast Guard, Master Chief Petty Officer George D. Lopez, Petty Officer 1st Class Cornelio M. Herrera and Petty Officer 1st Class Georgette Lopez count themselves as the handful of Garífuna who proudly serve supporting homeland security missions and national defense.

New World Oil & Gas’s ever-bullish boss says share price presents ‘tremendous opportunity’
New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) is working diligently to farm-out of its Danish assets in hopes of re-igniting interest in the AIM quoted explorer. The group’s maiden exploration programme, in Belize, discovered hydrocarbons, but they were declared non-commercial; however, for many of the institutional investors that have backed New World from the start, Denmark has always been the main attraction. A farm-out process is now underway with several interested parties and a deal possible in a matter of months. This comes as New World’s shares linger near all-time lows (since listing on AIM in May 2011). Disappointing results from Belize wiped off much of the group’s market value earlier this year and with the explorer almost trading ‘at cash’, practically no value is being attributed to the group’s promising but as yet unproven assets. New World’s ever-bullish chief executive Bill Kelleher remains upbeat, particularly as the Danish project comes into focus. “After we drilled the non-commercial wells in Belize some investors pulled out in a hurry, in what we think was a rather emotional response,” he said.