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The San Pedro Sun

Bowen and Bowen addresses customers’ concerns
Bowen and Bowen Limited is the only Belizean beer bottling company in the country. Its operation is important in many aspects of the Belizean economy, and for that reason customers are expressing concerns over recent occurrences. Most visitors who vacation in Belize consume the local Belikin beer; it is a beer that also remains the number one beer of choice for Belizeans. In the last month many establishments have been complaining about the service,or lack thereof –Belize’s Bowen and Bowen Limited. The complaints expressed by many consumers and customers range from the untimely distribution of products ordered far ahead of time, to the lack of one or more products bottled by the company. More recently, there has been a shortage of Lighthouse Lager on Ambergris Caye and some businesses are forced to turn down patrons. These concerns not only affect consumers, but are also crippling businesses. Businesses that depend on Bowen and Bowen for stock don’t have the supplies necessary to run their business efficiently. According to those businesses, if they don’t have the product, they can’t sell it but still end up with the expenses of running their establishments; it is simply costing them money.

Holy Cross Anglican School honored at annual PSE award ceremony
In this year’s Primary School Examination (PSE) award ceremony not only were the top student performers presented awards but schools were also recognized for their outstanding performance.On Friday, June 26th the Ministry of Education (MOE) presented two awards to Holy Cross Anglican School(HCAS). The awards were for outstanding performance at the national level in the 2013 PSE and for most improved school performance at the national level in the PSE from 2009 to 2013. The awards were issued to schools across the country according to their performance in the 2013 PSE. Holy Cross Anglican School (HCAS) was founded in 2006 to cater and provide primary education to the children of the impoverished area of San Mateo. Today HCAS is one of the most populated schools on the island. Not only is HCAS a growing school but the quality of education has been improving throughout the years. The awards that HCAS received have recorded significant improvement in the PSE results over the past seven years of existence.Figures show that in overall PSE performance HCAS has excelled by leaps and bounds.

Dia de San Pedro Celebration
The Dia de San Pedro activities ended on Sunday June 30th, with a beach family day at the Central Park beach. The 10 days of events were held under the theme “Learning from the past, appreciating our traditions and progressing into the future – a celebration of our Patron Saint Peter.” Throughout the course of the celebration, the theme brought to light the history, culture and traditions of the island, one that has been neglected as the demographics of the island has changed. The highlight of the week long celebration was the Friday June 28th opening ceremony: La Alborada, the eve of the Dia de San Pedro. It was filled with music and cultural dances and included the participation of the Ambergris Caye Elementary School, Alma Beliceña from Soccotz, Sarteneja Dance Group and Ballet Folklorico de Chetumal Quintana Roo. In his welcome remarks during the official ceremony, Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero explained the importance of highlighting the historical background of the island. He said that he was happy that celebration took into account the true motives of the traditions of the island – one that has been “lost with the time.” Meanwhile Diane Haylock, President of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), in her opening remarks, spoke of the richness of the traditions. “San Pedro Town has a rich and colorful history. The organizers must be commended for incorporating all the elements of this particular celebration. San Pedro Town and by extension the island, has a very rich culture and celebrations such as these allow us as visitors, to get a glimpse of it,” said Haylock.

2013 Lagoon-Reef Eco-Challenge
The 9th annual Lagoon-Reef Eco-Challenge is well under way for Saturday, July 6th and Sunday, July 7th. The community is invited to come on out and support the teams who will be paddling for two days through the lagoons and channels of Western Ambergris Caye. Kick-off is Saturday at 6AM at the Central Park and the race will finish at Central Park on Sunday. The San Pedro Sun wishes all kayakers the best of luck; have a fun, safe race.

Ambergris Today

Bowen & Bowen Dismisses Outrageous Rumors on Product Shortage in Belize
Back in May of this year, it was reported that Bowen and Bowen was lagging in production and couldn’t keep up with the Belize’s demands. There were complaints about shortages with Bowen and Bowen products, from soft-drinks in the plastic bottles, to soft drinks in the glass bottles, and even acute shortage of Crystal water products. In an interview with Belize City media Bowen and Bowen Senior Executive Hilly Martinez confirmed that, in regards water products, the company was behind in production and just could keep up with market’s demand during the hot months of April and May. As for the glass bottled soft drinks, Martinez mentioned they had a major breakdown with a machine called the crowner, which puts the aluminum stopper on the bottles and had to order the replacement part from Germany which also caused delays. There were also reports that franchise inspectors from Costa Rica had recently given a bad review of the bottling operations; to that rumor Martinez said, “That’s not so”. Martinez affirmed that the company passed the quality control audit – and their problem was just capacity production.

Kim Simplis Barrow London Fundraiser for KHMH
A fundraising gala held on Thursday, June 27, 2013, in London has raised over £65,000 (approximately $200,00 Belize dollars) to go towards the construction of a new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). The gala was organized through a partnership of the Belize Children’s Trust, which was recently formed by Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow and the Belize High Commission in London. The gala featured several local entertainers, including Pen Cayetano and family and was well attended by members of the Belizean Diaspora and friends of Belize.

Misc Belizean Sources

Miss San Pedro 2013 Pageant!
The San Pedro Town Council invites young ladies from the ages of 16 to 22 to sign up for the Miss San Pedro 2013 Pageant! LIKE THE Miss San Pedro PAGE TO STAY UPDATED! Sign up! Sign up! and be part of this great experience!

Cayo Summer Art Wave
The SISE House of Culture is having their Summer Arts programs next week. They'll have classes in guitar, photography, and mural design. They all start on Monday. The Benque House of Culture is also having their Summer Arts programs in dance, basket weaving, and marimba.

Mayan Ocarinas at BAAS
The attendees of the Belize Archaeology and Anthropology Symposium got a unique show when some ancient Mayan ocarinas were played. They'd been found in Cayo, at the Pacbitun site. The BAAS goes through Friday, and is at the Bedran Hall in the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. "Dr. Terry Powis, Dr. Paul Healy Mr. Adje Both, Mr. Kong Cheong playing ancient maya ocarinas found at the site of Pacbitun that have not been played in over a 1000 years."

Cayo Movie Night
There will be some live music and a movie at the Cayo Welcome Center tonight, Thursday, July 4th. Who's playing? You'll have to go and find out. The movie will be the Emperor's New Groove. Movie night is fun for the whole family, and it starts at 7:00pm.

Flavors of Belize Celebrates 1 Year
The Flavors of Belize cookbook is one year old today. They released a video chronicling the last year's activities. They are also offering a discount in July if you want to purchase it. Congratulations, Flavors of Belize!!buy-flavors-of-belize/ccac "Flavors of Belize has taken us on many adventures and given us many opportunities. Today I would like to share a little bit of where we've been and what we've done in the past year!"

Channel 7

Discontent In Jaguar Camp, Brinkmanship On The Pitch: National Football Selection Makes Guat Opponents Wait, FFB Exec’s Worry
Today, the Belize Jaguars were scheduled to be at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio for their final international friendly against a Melchor selection. The game was scheduled for 1 p.m – but that’s when we found out that it had been postponed, the threat of cancellation looming. We were then informed that the game was re-scheduled for 2 p.m. to be played that the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. We arrived there only to discover that the game had once again been postponed. Seemed to be bad form so close to the Gold Cup, and we were reliably informed, that the delays were the result of a stand that the players took today because they were in negotiations with the National Team Committee and the FFB, and they felt that they were being disrespected.

Dr. Jaime Awe Remembers Archaeology Students Who Died In Quadruple Traffic Fatality
Tonight there is more information about yesterday’s quadruple traffic fatality on the Western Highway. As we reported, three students from a university in Greece were killed along with their taxi driver who crashed into a Westline bus at mile 60 near the Busman Arnold Bridge. The students are 24 year old American Molly Hude, 24 year old Angela Bugeja who is from the European island of Malta, and 25 year old Ioanna Thomopoulou, who is from Greece. Police say that the cab driver 64 year old Eliseo Chan – who was taking them to the airport - lost control of the vehicle, and collided into the bus. Chen, Bugeja and Thomopaulou all died on impact, and police responded shortly after, where they extracted Hude and transported her to Western Regional Hospital. Her injuries were too severe, and she died about an hour later while undergoing treatment. The young women had been in Belize working at Cahal Pech with the Institute of Archaeology since June fourth. Hude, who had been to Belize twice before asked Director of the Institute of Archeology Dr. Jaime Awe if she could bring along two friends from her school in Greece.

PM Had Talks With Ashcroft Alliance In UK
The Prime Minister returned from the United Kingdom today after a 10-day semi-official visit. He met with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, state and municipal officials as well as executives from Tate and Lyle who import sugar from BSI. But what the official itinerary didn’t say is that he also met with the Ashcroft Alliance. In fact, there were reports in the opposition press that Ashcroft bankrolled the whole trip. The PM laughed at that one, but conceded that there were meetings held:… Jules Vasquez "That perhaps the invisible hand, the moving hand of the Ashcroft alliance had been somehow involved in your goings on in the UK, is that true?" Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize "Absolutely not, had nothing to do with the trip" Jules Vasquez "Did you have any meeting with Aschroft or any of it's functionaries?" Hon. Dean Barrow "Well I may have taken the opportunity to discuss where things are with the various court cases and the various bits of litigation but, no man, this was a trip paid for by the Government and people of Belize and some aspects of the hospitality was paid for by the British Government, absolutely nothing to do with Michael Ashcroft in terms of any kind of bank rolling of any part of the visit."

PM Talks To British Gov’t About Re-Instating BATSUB
And while those heavy deliberations lie ahead for Government – the Prime Minister was cheery about his UK visit. He discussed some of the highlights:… Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize "Well I think the meeting with Prince Charles went well, he's talking about a kind of blue bond, something that would end up giving countries that are vulnerable to climate change - money in return for marine conservation. The discussion contemplated Belize being used as some kind of a pilot program. It's all extremely preliminary but it was good to know that somebody at that level is focused on Belize in that way. The meeting with the UK Minister of the arm forces saw a discussion about the possibility of the BATSUB, presence being scaled back up after the British exit from Afghanistan is complete and the minister was extremely optimistic about that happening in the next 18 months or so."

Bowen and Bowen Chief Exec Explains Product Shortages
For months, Bowen and Bowen has been experiencing supply shortages – first it was Crystal water that you couldn’t find to buy, then Belikin beer, then, recently, even their flagship product, Coca Cola was scarce. All those shortages and supply breakdowns fuelled a storm of speculation – culminating in the recent rumour that Belize’s Biggest Bottler, a virtual monopoly was on the verge of collapse. Well, those rumors have reached the head office, and Bowen and Bowen today issued an exceptionally rare press release-slash-personal statement, which takes a very defensive tone. It comes from CEO and President Michael Bowen, who succeeded his father Barry at the helm of the company. The statement opens by saying, quote, “In…recent weeks there have been many rumours about Bowen & Bowen’s status. These rumours range from speculative to outrageous, and we unequivocally state that these rumours are unfounded.” But the fact is that there has been a shortage of product and Bowen says this is due to “upgrading…computer systems and production lines.”

Belizean Woman Slain In L.A.
Tonight, detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department continue to investigate the shooting death of 27 year-old Belizean American Yolanda Smith Major, a resident of Hawthorne, Southwestern California. Smith-Major was born in Chicago but grew up in Belize and attended Queen’s Square Anglican and ACC before returning to the States ten years ago. She is the child of Mae Brown and is Education Minister Patrick Faber’s first cousin. According to investigators, last night at around 11 p.m., she drove to 10900 Block of South Hobarb Boulevard in Hawthorne – which is about 15 miles south of Los Angeles - where she was supposed to meet a man. She was in the company of her 2 year-old daughter, a female friend and this man when an unknown vehicle drove up and opened fire on them. Major was killed in front of her daughter, and the man she was meeting got injured in the attack. He had to be rushed to the hospital.

Major Crime Continues Downward Trend
Though there’s been a recent spike in killings, crime figures for 2013 continue to be down. There were eight murders in June compared to 15 in that same period last year. And, through the first six months of the year there’s been a 21% reduction in the number of murders – that’s 16 fewer murder between January and June of 2013 compared to 2012. Today at the monthly review and reward session, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie went reviewed the figures from his first six months on office. Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police "Here where we are again we see that we have been very successful in terms of areas in major crimes. We have up to the end of June recorded as 59 murders compared to 75 in this same period in 2012 and I believe that's 21% reduction. Also in terms of rape we've had 12 recorded up to the end of June instead of 18 - that's a 33% reduction. In terms of robbery we've had 135 recorded up the end of June compared to 242 for the same period in 2012 - that's 107 cases less and 44% reduction. In terms of burglary we've had 468 cases recorded compared to 547 cases - that's a 14% reduction. In terms of theft we've had 473 cases recorded compared to 469 cases that's an increase 0.85%. In terms of carnal knowledge we've had 41 cases recorded in comparison to 22 and that's an increase of 86% so I think over all it is showing that the strategies that we have put in place and the implementation that have been done by the regional commander and the formation commander and the work that has been executed by our subordinates - the streets are having the desired effects. I am confident for the other six months we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that this trend continues. "

Police Puzzle Over Paralytic Found Dead In San Pedro
But the figures in the Belize District may go up – as San Pedro police are not quite sure what to make of a paralytic who was found hanging from a 12 foot beam in his bedroom this evening. Edbin Caballeros – who was left paralyzed after a construction accident years ago – was found dead in his room in the Boca Del Rio about an hour ago. Caballeros was locked in his room and police had to break in through a back door where they found him suspended from 2 beams. Because he is paralyzed police aren’t quite sure how he got up there.

Sanchez Gets Ten For Kidnapping
34 year-old Derrick Sanchez will spend 10 years in prison for kidnapping, that’s what Justice Adolph Lucas ruled yesterday at his sentencing hearing. Sanchez chose to remain silent during the mitigation section of the hearing, but he called his 2 sisters to speak on his behalf. They asked for leniency, and after considering their comments, and the fact that he has 7 convictions for crimes of dishonesty, Justice Lucas handed down his ruling. He is currently, serving a 5 year sentence for burglary, so Justice Lucas ordered that he will serve an additional 10 years for the kidnapping, which will run consecutively. As a result, he will serve a total of 15 years in jail.

Immigration Officer Cleared Of Rape Charge
39 year-old Winston Arzu, a senior Immigration officer, walked out of court a free man yesterday after the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions withdrew 5 counts of rape yesterday before Justice Troadio Gonzalez. Crown Counsel Leroy Banner told the court that because the complainant, a Guatemalan woman, could not be located, they were forced to enter into a nolle pros. This caused Arzu’s trial to end abruptly. The woman, who was 20 year-old reported to police that between January 29, 2010, and March 7, 2010 she was working as a waitress at a bar in San Pedro, the town where Arzu was stationed as the immigration officer in charge.

PM Surprised At Economic Downturn
Last night we told you that the Belizean economy had contracted slightly in the first three months of 2013 – registering point-5 per cent (.5%) negative growth. That’s quite surprising after 2012 showed very strong growth of 6.5%. But no one was more surprised than the Prime Minister – who was away and hadn’t heard the news and was caught off guard by it when we asked him about it today at the airport:…. Jules Vasquez "The Statistical Institute of Belize released the first quarter figures yesterday and it shows that there is in fact negative growth in the GDP. That the economy had negative growth of 0.5% - it's very marginal negative growth but you had projected 2 - 2.5%. Are you aware of this?" Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize "No I wasn't - I would have to examine that closely, that doesn't sound as if it's anything that we would have been expecting. My sense that the economy is humming along so I really would need to see the details of that analysis."

PM Says He Is Willing To Debate
And the rate of economic growth is the kind of thing that would come up in an informed national debate. As we told you yesterday, the Jamaica Debates Commission visited Belize this week to try and lay the groundwork for just such an effort. Today we asked the prime minister – very well in advance – if he would commit to such an effort:.. Jules Vasquez "Would you in principle agree to have a national debate for the 2017 general elections with the leader of the opposition?" Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize "My God - this is 2013 and we're talking about 2017! (laughs) But first of all let me make the point that there have been debate certainly in terms at the City Council and there was a debate one time between Manuel Esquivel and Said Musa, so it's not as though it hasn't happened. Thereafter, I don't think that anyone was in principle against the notion of a debate but it was the question of the terms that would govern the debate and I believe that there was a failure to come to any mutual agreement. So in principle, absolutely - but it will be in the details."

The Coalition, Re-Branded
The Coalition to Save Our National Heritage was created three years ago with the sole purpose of blocking oil drilling in protected areas. They’ve made national headlines many times since then, and even made history when they had their own home grown referendum and when they got to Supreme Court to declare PSA’s null and void. Now, the Coalition is re-branding with a new logo. We found out more at the launch today:… Tanya Williams - Thompson - Director - Belize Coalition To Save Our Natural Heritage "Over three years ago at this very place - many pebbles came together to form the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage and to change the course of how we would do oil in this country. Last year we became a non-governmental organization, something unexpected because as you know the coalition started from a very loose group of organizations but we have eventually grown and we see that there is so much to be done.

Seven Years And He Didn’t Even Steal A Fry
It’s the most famous fry chicken shop in the city – and yesterday a man broke into Li Chee. Even though he didn’t even steal a French fry, today, his justice was served up faster than a three dollars breast with steak sauce on the side! 45 year-old John Hoy, a laborer of mile 12 and a half miles on the Western Highway, is spending the first night of a 7 year sentence after he was convicted of burglary before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. The owner of Li Chee Restaurant on Freetown reported that at around 1:50 yesterday afternoon, he heard a loud noise. He checked and found Hoy inside. He stopped Hoy from stealing anything, and police arrested and charged him with Burglary.

Archaeological Symposium Studies Mayan Social Identity
As we showed you at the top of the newscast, 3 international archaeology students died yesterday in a major traffic accident at mile 60 on the Western Highway. Well today, the archaeological community remembered them at day 2 of the 11th annual Belize Archaeology and Anthropology Symposium. This year, the theme is Ancient Maya household and social identity in Belize. Today, we went to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, where the Directors of the Institute of Archaeology were excited about the number of scientists who made the effort to participate this year: Dr. John Morris - Associate Director for Research and Education, Belize Institute of Archaeology "This is our annual Archaeology and Anthropologist symposium - every year for the last eleven years we have been conducting a symposium where we get all the researches and who do work in archaeology and anthropology to present their findings to the Belizean public and of course to other researchers who come from Mexico, Guatemala and the US and other countries to this symposium. One of the more fascinating papers is when it's going to be done on Friday - which deals with the St. George's Caye which was our first capital of Belize. We've been doing a lot of excavations out there and those findings are going to be presented on this Friday."

Why Noh Mul Case Took So Long
And while we had an opportunity, we asked the senior staff of the Institute of Archaeology to comment on the Noh Mul case file, which finally saw charges laid last week Thursday. As we’ve shown you, this case has picked up interest both nationally and internationally, and the authorities have received their fair share of criticism about the slow progress of the case. They’ve also been accused of deliberate foot-dragging since Denny Grijalva, the Managing Director of De-Mar’s Stone Company, is a UDP political aspirant. We asked the Associate Director of Research and Education to explain why it took so long in the first place: Dr. John Morris - Associate Director for Research and Education, Belize Institute of Archaeology "We have done all of our preliminary investigations of the destruction of the mound - as you are well aware the police finally lay charges on several individuals of that company and now we are in the process of preparing the rest of the documents and evidence, the rest of the materials that are going to be needed. The actual case goes to court and we're happy that the charges were finally laid and it just goes to show that in Belize it may take some time to get things done but eventually we will."

Channel 5

Traffic accident kills driver and three foreign students
A recently released international report says that the number of road traffic deaths went down in Belize between 2001 and 2010; in 2010 only forty-one casualties were recorded. But earlier [...]

Belizean American woman gunned down in L.A.
A Belizean-American woman was executed on Tuesday night in South Los Angeles. Twenty-seven year old Yolanda Smith-Major was killed in front of her two year old daughter as she stood [...]

Archeology Commissioner speaks on 3 students killed in accident
We reported on Tuesday, the death of three international students and a taxi driver. Eliseo Chan was transporting the trio to the Philip Goldson International Airport to catch a flight [...]

B.T.I.A. expresses support for pocket tourism
At its annual general meeting this morning, the Belize Tourism Industry Association expressed support for a policy of pocket tourism in line with the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan which [...]

Do you think that the Mayor is doing a good job on Belize City streets?
And our question for tonight is: Do you think that the Mayor is doing a good job in respects of Belize City streets? Yes or no? Send your comments and [...]

Contracting economy; Statistical Institutes 2013 figures
On Tuesday night, we gave you the numbers that showed most industries were increasing in production up to 2012. Tonight the figures released from the Statistical Institute of Belize show [...]

Tourism Director comments on concerns about cruise tourism
The tourism industry is the largest shareholder in the services sector which accounts for a significant portion of the economy. The five point three percent growth is in large part [...]

B.T.B. vehicle totaled by security guard on joyride
The Belize Tourism Board is without one of its top rides this week. An Isuzu D-Max was used by a staff member who attended the Placencia Lobster Fest over the [...]

Major crime down for first 6 months of year
At the end of May, the Police Department released statistics which showed a trend of significant reduction in major crimes including murder, rape and robbery. That trend continued through to [...]

Found: American, Canadian and Hondurans rescued
On Tuesday, we reported on a massive search effort that was underway near the Bay Islands of Honduras, following the disappearance of eight students who went missing on Saturday.  Their [...]

Christine Perriott Vs B.T.L.—judgment reserved by Appeals Court
The name Christine Perriott might not be as familiar to you now as it was just a few years ago, and that would be because the former Secretary-General of the [...]

Victim fails to show in court and immigration officer freed of rape
Tonight, a Senior Immigration Officer, who was accused of abusing his authority by raping and threatening a Guatemalan waitress with deportation, is a free man. Thirty-nine year old Winston Arzu [...]

Landlady charged after altercation with hard-pay tenant
A clash over unpaid rent between a landlord and tenant has left the Belizean-American landlord in trouble with the law.  Sixty-two year old Rachel Middleton appeared before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton [...]

Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage unveils new logo
The umbrella organization for environmental NGOs launched a new logo this morning. The attractive design is simple put captures the mission of the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage [...]

Bowen & Bowen’s strong release on shortage of product
In response to complaints over the past month that services provided by Bowen & Bowen have not been exactly up to standard, the company today sent out a strong, but [...]

Garifuna Collective launches second album, Ayo
Six years ago, the Garifuna Collective and Andy Palacio ruled the world stage with the album Watina, which was hailed as one of the greatest world music albums of all [...]

Superstar performances from Group B!
Group B of Be the Next Superstar captivated the crowd at the Bliss Institute on Tuesday night. The show started with an opening number by the ever popular Ascenthium Band, [...]

Religious denominations protest Gender Policy in Orange Walk
The Christian anti-gay movement has gone on tour of the country to promote the message that persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender should not enjoy the same rights [...]

Statistical Institute releases growth figures for 2012
On the economic front, the Statistical Institute of Belize (S.I.B.) is reporting that Belize’s economy grew by two point four percent in the third quarter of 2012 when compared to [...]

The Road to San Antonio pocked with Town Council Lawsuit against contractor
The Orange Walk Town Council is preparing to take contractor Imer Hernandez to court. Hernandez is the nephew of Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, who was paid by the government [...]

How to get politicians to agree to a national debate
Wouldn’t the 2008 elections have been a very dynamic time if the candidates did not give handouts and wear their colors and found a meaningful way to encourage citizens to [...]

FFB holds concert for Jaguars as they leave for Gold Cup
The Belize Jaguars, the national football selection, is leaving the country on Friday to the United States. The team will participate in the Gold Cup and its first game will [...]

Cops fish gun out of sea, but can’t prove it belongs to fisherman
A Belize City fisherman is free tonight after he was acquitted of charges of Kept Firearm and Kept Ammunition. Twenty-five year old Victor Foreman Junior of Belize City was allegedly [...]

Ten years for kidnapping cab driver
But while one man is free, another is heading to jail. A week ago, thirty-four year old Derrick Sanchez, a resident of the Ladyville area was found guilty of kidnapping [...]

Men who have sex with men at risk for HIV/AIDS
A recent report published by the Ministry of Health on tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections indicates that HIV has become a concentrated epidemic among men who have sex [...]


Another Report of Police Brutality In Western Belize
There is another allegation of police brutality rearing its head tonight. According to Marta Aleman, a resident of San Martin in Belmopan, a group of policemen came to her house a month ago accusing her son, Edwin Paula, of robbery. But instead of taking Paula and charging him, they a...

Brazil Has New Ambassador To Belize
The new Ambassador of Brazil to Belize today presented his credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young in Belmopan. His Excellency Lucio Pires de Amorim spoke of the two countries’ lack of knowledge of each other, explaining the need to bridge the gap since the nations share si...

Belize Tourism Industry Association Holds AGM
Today the Belize Tourism Industry Association, BTIA, held its 28th Bi-Annual General Meeting at the Biltmore Plaza. According to the President of the BTIA Herbert Haylock, the meeting is to update members about the current status of the association. HERBERT HAYLOCK “The biannu...

Tourism Vehicle Damaged; Security Guard Charged After Joyride
22-year-old security guard Kirk Reneau has been charged with taking a vehicle without authority. As we reported on Monday, sometime after three o’clock that morning an Isuzu D-Max assigned to the Belize Tourism Board crashed into a bus shed on Wood Street, totally destroying the struc...

Dengue Cases Confirmed In Northern Belize
An outbreak of the Dengue has been reported up north. Reporter Dalila Ical has the story. DALILA ICAL The Orange Walk Vector Control Unit is growing increasingly concerned in the number of dengue cases detected in the district and is working full force to bring the situation under control...

Damage Assessments Continue in Rural Toledo Following Recent Tropical Depression
NEMO Toledo continues its recovery operations in connection with recent flooding affecting a number of rural Toledo communities. Correspondent Paul Mahung has an update. PAUL MAHUNG “Regional Coordinator of NEMO South with direct support of Toledo District Emergency Committee is spe...

Li Chee Burglar Earns Seven Years In Jail
Forty-five year old John Hoy, a laborer of mile 12 and a half on the George Price Highway, charged with the burglary of Li Chee Restaurant, located on Freetown Road was sentenced to seven years today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser after he pled guilty to the charge. Hoy had convictions for dr...

Northern Zone and Orange Walk Police Formation Recognized For Decrease in Major Crimes
The Northern Zone and the Orange Walk Police Formation has again been recognized by the Belize Police Department for having registered the greatest reduction in major crimes for the month of June 2013. Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, handed over a cheque valued at one thousand dolla...

Belize Coalition Boasts New Logo
Back in 2010, the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage was formed by 7 members and after three years of activism, the Coalition has grown to some 40 organizations country wide. Back in May the Coalition Launch a logo competition and today the winning logo was unveiled. Executive director...

Visually Impaired Teen Continues Quest on Raising Awareness
Rowan Garel; he is the fifteen year old teenager who has walked across the country in five days and made his way to the very top of Victoria Peak. Next weekend, Garel will be going on another adventure but for the same purpose. In his quest of generating awareness for the visually impaired, Garel...

Update on Fatal Road Accident
On Tuesday we reported on a fatal traffic accident at mile 69 on the George Price Highway that left four people dead. The victims were taxi driver 64-year-old Eliseo Chan, 24 year old Angela Bugeja from Malta, 25 year old Ioanna Thomopoulou from Greece and 23 year old Molly Hude from the Un...


I Want to Learn about Nature and Animals
I want to be an eco kid because I think it would be fun and I like to watch animals. I have five dogs and seven puppies. My favourite animals are cats, dogs, horses, bunnies, foxes and wolves. I also like butterflies and birds. I have seen morfo and monarch butterflies. I have also seen some birds, I have seen the Yucatan blue jays, peacocks, owls, the national bird toucans, doves, pigeons, hummingbirds and woodpeckers. I love horses and ponies, and I would love to come and ride them. My favourite horse is the Mustang. I have only ridden one horse before, and it was not tamed well. My five dogs love me. Their names are Sugar, Nella, Sushi, Peanut and Butter. My five dogs are only three girls and two boys. I have never been to camp before. I think I will have a lot of fun. I want to go bird watching and look at different animals. I love to be outside and I like to look at nature. I watch survival shows so I think it will be fun. My sister went to Eco kid camp before, and she said it was awesome.

“Move It On Over” to Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Up around 4 am yesterday morning and after reading The Times online and taking care of a few emails I decided that I would go wash the ‘Cart and started the task just after 6 am (nice and cool at that time of day). Around 7.20 am I had just finished wiping it down and applying the chamois when – yes you’ve guessed it – there was the sound of thunder and the rain came down. It was still clean but… At least when our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is finished I will be able to wash the ‘cart undercover and it will remain clean and shiny for a while! At 9 am I received an email from Excess International Movers (the company that is handling shipping for us) advising that, as scheduled, the goods we have had in storage in the UK since we moved to Ambergris Caye, Belize, had been collected from the storage unit on the Isle of Dogs in East London. It’s now time to move it on over and hopefully some time next week they will be put on a boat and then around six to seven weeks after that they should be with us. I am sure it will be a bit like Christmas with loads of parcels to open.

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Gold Cup Group C preview: Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, USMNT
Without question, the Jaguars are this year's Gold Cup Cinderellas. Belize have never before qualified for the tournament and the program has been a CONCACAF member for less than three decades. In fact, the nation of Belize itself (population: 334,297) is not much older than US national team captain DaMarcus Beasley, having only attained independence from Great Britain in 1981. The Football Federation of Belize has been scrambling to gather the finances required to send their boys to compete in the United States, raising funds through parties, corporate donations and even a telethon. The Kansas-born Mork, Belize's third manager this calendar year, will set up his team in a defend-and-counter system, with striker Deon McCaulay and goalkeeper Shane Orio, who plays his club soccer with Honduran power CD Marathón, central to the Jaguars' upset hopes.

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