And while his motherís health remains on his mind, he told us that he had difficulty focusing on that match on Tuesday which Belize played against the US.

He also explained what he thought happened on the field when the veteran players went up against those big football names on the US National Team.

Hereís how that conversation went:

Danny Jimenez - Member, Belize National Team
"Basically I think it was a lost of concentration for Belize because we were down 2 Nil then we brought to game to 2 - 1 and I think when we scored that goal, the entire team lost focus and I think some of the main players that were to play big for us, didn't play big - for some reason they were nervous and that is what caused them to put that amount of goal against us. All I want to say to the Belizean public is that the team - eventhough we lost 6 to 1 we went out there with our mind to do our best and I know most of us did our all. I just want them to continue follow the team because the team is out there going through a lot of situations. My situation, Kuylen sitaution and a lot of things happened before we left the country and we still went through all of those things and I just want the Belizean public continue to support the team."

"Do you think the team can regroup and come back with a victory?"

Danny Jimenez
"Definitely, when I left I told them that I believed that they are going to win Costa Rica. When they win Costa Rica then I could fly out back Monday or Tuesday to go and meet them to play against Cuba in the second round so definitely they will do good in these last two games. The U.S. players showed us a lot of respect because I was marking the captain for the US Team, Demarcus Beasley, and during the game he was talking to me and that Belize could play ball but we just needed to stay focus because at time we loose control. That when we touch the ball we can make plays and we make their defence harder. Donovan gave Ian Gaynair his shirt and the young guy Torres came after the game and told me he liked how I played and then he gave me his jersey."

And so while the football fans at home took it rough when the US scored 6 goals on the national team, it seems that just as the players told the media. When theyíre on the pitch, no matter who it is, it becomes 11 players against 11 players.

But after the match, the team was commended by prominent members of the US national team.

As Jimenez noted in the interview, the fact that those US Football stars presented the different members of the team with their jerseys is a major sign of respect.

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