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Today's Belize News: July 13, 2013 #468082
07/13/13 06:02 AM
07/13/13 06:02 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Coral Reef Ed-venture holds its 14th graduation ceremony
The Coral Reef Ed-Ventures summer camp is a children’s educational program held in collaboration with Smith College from Massachusetts, USA and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The camp has been taking place for over 14 years in the island. On Thursday, July 11th, they held their annual end of camp open house at the Lion’s Den for the participating children. The program teaches children about reef ecology and conservation and preservation of marine habitats. The camp it has grown since its inception, and this year over 63 students participated in the two week program. The summer program is divided into two parts: The youth camp, for kids ages 9 – 12 and the advanced camp for students 12 through 17. The venue for the camp was the San Pedro RC School.

British Army hands over Trucks to BDF
The Belize Defense Force today received a total of Seventeen (17) Four-Ton Trucks from the British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB). The Handover took place at a short ceremony this afternoon in which the main speakers were British High Commissioner in Belize His Excellency Mr. Pat Ashworth and CEO in Belize’s Ministry of National Security Colonel (Ret.) George Lovell. Mr. Ashworth said his Government is pleased to be able to make the donation to the Belize Defense Force; and CEO Lovell said the Belize Government is very grateful for the assistance which will go a long way in enabling the BDF to transport its troops.

Coral Reef Ed-Ventures Says “Thank You”!
Notes from the children....

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Transport Department receives Radios from Minister Heredia
Minister Manuel Heredia presented the San Pedro Transport Department with six Motorola hand-held radios at the San Pedro Town Council on Thursday, July 11, 2013. The Minister of Tourism and Culture stated that the purpose of the donation was for the Transport Department to have a more productive and easier management system when it comes to communicating with both the Transport and Police Department. On hand for the donation were Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Councilor Kenrick Brackett, Chris Nuñez and Claudio Azueta of the San Pedro Transport Department. The Belize Tourism Board had previously donated six hand-held radios to the San Pedro Police Department in November 2012 and will be handing over six additional radios later this year.

British Army Hands over Trucks to Belize Defense Force
The Belize Defense Force today received a total of Seventeen (17) Four-Ton Trucks from the British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB). The Handover took place at a short ceremony this afternoon in which the main speakers were British High Commissioner in Belize His Excellency Mr. Pat Ashworth and CEO in Belize’s Ministry of National Security Colonel (Ret.) George Lovell. Mr. Ashworth said his Government is pleased to be able to make the donation to the Belize Defense Force; and CEO Lovell said the Belize Government is very grateful for the assistance which will go a long way in enabling the BDF to transport its troops.

Misc Belizean Sources

Rowan Dives the Great Blue Hole
The Owners, management, and staff of Amber Sunset Jungle Resort fully supports Rowan Garel’s initiative to raise funds for the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired’s (BCVI) rehabilitation program. Rowan will be diving The Great Blue Hole on Sunday July 14, 2013. Amber Sunset General Manager, Giovanni Pelayo, recalls visiting the Cockscomb basin back in 2011 to welcome back Rowan and his dad, Joe, on his return from climbing the summit of Victoria Peak which was his first initiative to help the BCVI raise funds. “It was a very proud moment in our family. He continues to amaze us. We have known Rowan from the time he was born; my father is actually Rowan’s God father and a childhood friend of his father, Joe. We watched him grow up to be an amazing young man; not letting his visual impairment hold him back from anything. It was truly inspiring to witness such an accomplishment. Now he is about to do something no one else has ever done. My family and I are very excited for him,” Mr. Pelayo said.

Grow Your Own a Growing Restaurant Trend in Belize
The growing trend of diners becoming more health conscious and environmentally aware in their restaurant choices is spreading throughout the hospitality business, even in remote locations such as Belize, according to the restaurant manager of the Lodge at Chaa Creek. Bryony Fleming Bradley, Chaa Creek’s food and beverage manager, said she and her staff have been surprised by the number of guests enquiring about not only the ingredients of their meals, but how those ingredients are sourced. She said such enquiries are welcome and shows that “people are becoming more involved in the entire dining experience.” “Years ago people were happy to just get a nice meal in this part of the world, to find a little variety from rice and beans. Now, more and more, diners are asking things like how pesticide free the ingredients are and how big the ecological footprints of the meals we serve are. It’s a very healthy trend, and one we welcome,” she said. Ms Fleming Bradley said because Chaa Creek maintains a Maya organic farm to supply the eco-resort and as an example of Maya agriculture techniques, their restaurant’s meals tick many of the boxes when it comes to satisfying diners’ concerns. And growing your own food is becoming a model other restaurants are beginning to emulate, she said.

Leave the gays alone!
A senior Government minister has written a public essay expressing grave concerns about what she perceives could be the promotion of hate crimes against gay men and women in Belize. Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Minister Lisel Alamilla posted the short essay on her Facebook page, prefacing her missive by stating that "I do not oppose persons having different views or religious beliefs, but it concerns me immensely when those are being communicated by misinformation, manipulation and fear with could result in hate crime". Alamilla used a couple of photographs taken during the pro-Constitution demonstration in Toledo, southern Belize last week, depicting what could be described as the hanging in effigy of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM). "The photo is extremely concerning and even frightening," she wrote, questioning whether a line was crossed by those who are opposed to UNIBAM and the revised National Gender Policy. "Will they soon be hanging women who dare to be leaders? Would they have hanged my son who was disabled? Would they hang me because I am Mestizo who married a black man? You may say absolutely not; but tell me then why is it okay for them to have the cardboard cut out of a person, with a noose around its neck and the word UNIBAM written across its back? Is this not promoting hate, will this not lead to hate crimes?"

LGBT rights issues have been boiling over for a while in Belize. Caleb Orozco of the The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) pursued a constitutional challenge of the country’s Section 53 anti-sodomy law, which we covered here on OBLOGDEE in May (see links below). Shortly after that court case, the National Women’s Commission released their revised Gender Policy that had been approved by the country’s cabinet in March. Anti-gay fundamentalist Christian forces, rebelling against both, have now whipped their followers into such a frenzy that they are hanging cardboard cutouts of UNIBAM in effigy and proudly posting the calls to lynching online. The revised gender policy covers equality with men and progress in the areas of health, education, income and wealth generation, violence-prevention controls and political development for women. But because a section called ‘Respect for Diversity’ makes reference to respect for sexual orientation the churches are claiming it promotes homosexuality and advocating for repeal. Pro-constitution rallies and anti-gender policy protests called by evangelical associations and other affiliated organizations are being held across the country. Belize Action, made up of the Council of Churches and the Belize Evangelical Association of Churches, is once again leading the charge.

Belize gets unique support from back home
Soon after the elation over clinching a first berth in the CONCACAF Gold Cup had subsided, the work began for Belize.

10 reasons to dive the Southern Barrier Reef of Belize
The 2nd biggest barrier reef in the world and the biggest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. The majority of tourists visit the Northern cayes. Visit Southern Belize and you can dive some of the best dive sites in the world and there are NO other divers!

Rock, Paper, Scissors in Cayo
Some silliness for the morning. They finally showed the Rock, Paper, Scissors episode that was filmed in Cayo at the Cahal Pech Resort. Could've done without the commentators, who appropriately had the letters 'B' and 'S' showing whenever they were on camera. No need to waste time watching: Shamira won it, Deon came in second, and Aurora placed third. Was that Amini Gilharry doing the cards in the background? "Episode 2 of Rock Paper Scissors brought to you by Lighthouse Lager. Join us as we battle for the champion from Cahal Pech Bar in San Ignacio. Top three move on to the finals to be held on August 3rd."

SIPL's SMART Program
Feelgood news of the day. The San Ignacio Public Library had their SMART Summer camp, where they helped kids with math and reading. "One week of 'Summer Math and Reading Tutorial' was held at the library. During this week children had fun with activities such as face painting and arts. Thank you all for making this year's SMART program at San Ignacio Public Library a success. Thank you volunteers and participants."

Belize Jaguars vs. Costa Rica
The Belize Jaguars are playing Costa Rica tonight, and Meluchi's is projecting it on their big screen. They'll have panty rippers and screw drivers for just $4 during the game. After the game, they are having their Xtreme Glow dance with Mistah Geeh, Riddim One, and DJ Trav. They'll be giving away glow gifts, drinks, and a phone. In related news, they are having their Summer Freaky dance tonight with Mistah Geeh and Richie Galvez.

Calypso Rose at Soul Project
Calypso Rose stopped by the Soul Project to play a few songs. It's a short, fun video. In related news, it's Open Mic night at the Soul Project. "Calypso Rose chilling and preforming at Belize Soul Project, in San Ignacio, classic moment with this beautiful legendary humble artist."

In Bloom at Benque Fiesta
In Bloom will be at the Benque Fiesta concert Saturday night. There will be 4 bands total, with a wide range of rock music. It'll be at the Metal Haven booth, and will start at 6:00pm. "In Bloom Will Be Playing Live At The Metal Haven Bash Booth At The Benque Fiesta This Saturday 13th of July Alongside Bad Rabbits, Emendo, and Death Suppressor "

Seniorita Flor de la Feria Pictures
Congratulations, Danielli Gutierrez, for being crowned Seniorita Flor de la Feria 2013! They've got 100's af great pictures from the event on their page. Miss Photogenic 2013: Ileani Sansores, Srta. Arcoiris. The evening gown segment, question and answer segment and final look was won by Srta. Agua. The beach wear segment was tied in points with Srta. Fuego and Flora. The cultural segment costume was won by Srta. Fuego!

Feed The Children Fashion Show
The Cornerstone Foundation's Feed the Children Fashion Show will be tonight at the Octavia Waight auditorium. It starts at 6:00pm. Emannuel Mangar will play during the show.

Photographer Damon Russel captured these pictures during the selection of the 2013 Senorita Flor de la Feria in Benque Viejo del Carmen on Wednesday, July 11th.

New Señorita Flor de La Feria chosen
The people of Benque Viejo del Carmen have chosen 17 year old Danielli Gutierrez as the 2013-2014 Señorita Flor De La Feria. Gutierrez was chosen during a pageant held earlier this week. Her selection coincides with the annual Benque Fair which runs this weekend in Belize’s westernmost town.

Soca Rhythms from Calypso Rose and Lord Rhaburn to fill the air on Saturday Night, July 13th, 2013
This Saturday night in Belize will bring back memories for many Belizeans as Calypso Rose and Lord Rhaburn take the stage at the House of Culture. Rose and Rhaburn has been very instrumental in keeping Belizeans moving to the rhythms of Calypso for many September Celebrations in Belize. This weekend is history in the making as they take the stage and entertain Belizeans once again.

Crystal Cave Tubing in Belize | Sophie's World Travel Inspiration
In Belize, I ziplined once again. Love it! This time we were also going crystal cave tubing. I had no idea what that was, but it sounded exciting.

Channel 7

One Jaguar Returns Home
Last night, 7News showed you the decision by National Football Team member Danny Jimenez to return home because of the failing health of his mother, Theresita Jimenez. It’s a tough decision that he had to make because he prioritizes his family at the highest level, but he also is walking away from the biggest opportunity that Team Belize has earned so far. This evening, he arrived at the PGIA at 3:20, and when he came out, he spoke to media about the urgency of his mother’s situation. Danny Jimenez - Member, Belize National Team "I got up 3 o'clock this morning to get the 5am flight from Utah to Houston and then I waited three hours in Houston to get the flight to Belize. Before I left Belize, everyone knew the problem with my situation with my mom and unfortunately the situation turn out drastically and I had to come back. I put family first and I would want to the team out there still and hopefully if everything work to plan, then Monday morning I will fly back to Connecticut." Reporter "It's a hard question to ask but tell me a little about your emotions coming back to Belize, for the reasons you're back."

Nat’l Team Got a Consolation Prize: Respect
And while his mother’s health remains on his mind, he told us that he had difficulty focusing on that match on Tuesday which Belize played against the US. He also explained what he thought happened on the field when the veteran players went up against those big football names on the US National Team. Here’s how that conversation went: Danny Jimenez - Member, Belize National Team "Basically I think it was a lost of concentration for Belize because we were down 2 Nil then we brought to game to 2 - 1 and I think when we scored that goal, the entire team lost focus and I think some of the main players that were to play big for us, didn't play big - for some reason they were nervous and that is what caused them to put that amount of goal against us. All I want to say to the Belizean public is that the team - eventhough we lost 6 to 1 we went out there with our mind to do our best and I know most of us did our all. I just want them to continue follow the team because the team is out there going through a lot of situations. My situation, Kuylen sitaution and a lot of things happened before we left the country and we still went through all of those things and I just want the Belizean public continue to support the team."

Woodrow West Will Start In Costa Rican Match
The Belize Jaguars arrived at the Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy Utah this afternoon at 4:15 pm - almost exactly 24 hours before their game two against Costa Rica in the 2013 Gold Cup . It's the home stadium of the Real ("Re-Al") Salt Lake MLS Soccer Team, a natural grass field in a stadium which seats twenty thousand. We caught the team on arrival and they were upbeat. Ashley Torres - Defender "Yes we're ready, we're all here trying to prepare ourselves for tomorrow's game." Ian Gaynair - Defender "This entire stadium reminds me Costa Rica because it looks similar to Costa Rica one so I think we could even beat Costa Rica here." Jules Vasquez "How do you feel about the natural turf?" Ian Gaynair "Well that's what I'm used to so I think it's like an advantage for us because we're not used to artificial turf so I think we'll have a much better match playing on natural turf." The biggest change for tomorrow's game is that Coach Ian Mork has rotated his goalkeepers. Shane Orio started last game, but this time, the starter will be Woodrow West, who faced the same Costa Rican team in the Copa Ceontroamericana two months ago. This evening at a press conference at the stadium, West and the Coach discussed his starting role:

Captain Eiley Will Play
One other change for tomorrow is that Dalton Eiley is expected to take the field. He's still listed as day to day but last night he visited a Doctor in Salt Lake where a number of tests were performed to find out what’s causing him pain in the lung area. Here's what the team doctor told us this afternoon about the Doctor's visit. Dr. Elfryn Reyes, Team Doctor "We went with Dalton to the Salt Lake Medical Center, basically to get a reiteration and to let the player get the confidence to play on the match on Saturday. He did a chest X-ray on Dalton and the diagnosis was basically what I had initially said - the problem with the acute gastritis and additionally well the Doctors over there thought that he had Pleurisy. Pleurisy is just an inflammation of the pleura a membrane that covers the lung and so when he breathes with exertion or with intense exercise, then he will feel the pain,. So in his condition, we recommended that he stays on anti inflammatory on what I had him on initially, and to control his breathing, so basically this evening we will test him one more time and I think that he will be able to play in the match." Jules Vasquez "A lot of times, seeing the doctor has a psychosomatic effect and especially if the tests were done in hospitals here in the states." Dr. Elfryn Reyes "Exactly, that's what I wanted and I think that's what we got" Jules Vasquez "What are you telling the coach?"

Bze. Immigration Upgrades To PIRS
Since, the Honorable Senator Godwin Hulse took over as the Minister of Immigration; it has seen a major overhaul. One aspect of that overhaul is to introduce stricter requirements to obtain a Belizean Passport, in order to improve the confidence of the international community that such holders deserve to have this very important document, and to try to decrease criminal activities which can embarrass the nation. Well, there’s another to report tonight, which involved the launching of the Personal Identification and Registration System. It was done with a little bit of ceremony, this morning and 7News attended. Daniel Ortiz has that report: Daniel Ortiz reporting This morning, the arrival section of the Phillip Goldson International Airport was buzzing with activity. But, it wasn’t the usual activity where lines of visiting and returning passengers waited to be processed by the Belize Immigration Department. Everywhere we looked around the immigration hall, there were reminders that the cameras, and by extension the media, was not really allowed to be here. But this was no ordinary day.

Deon Bruce Wanted By US
And so, while the Immigration Department enjoyed a great day, courtesy in part by the US Embassy, one Belizean family has had a very poor time since morning. That’s after 28 year-old Deon Bruce was detained by police in relation to the extradition order presented to Belizean authorities, by the US Government. According to the US, he’s wanted for a slew of charges which includes murder. The extradition order was presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on last week Tuesday, and yesterday, Bruce was finally picked up. This caused his family to go into a wave of panic because he was picked up and denied the ability to speak to family, and to his attorney. Our colleagues at Love TV were out there at the police station where Bruce was being held, and they spoke to attorney Michael Peyrefitte who explained the difficulties he had been having with the officers: Michael Peyrefitte - Attorney "The person has a right to make a phone call, the person has a right to consult immediately without delay with an attorney at law. Come to the police station on Queen's street, the duty officer has made it very clear to me that I am not - even as an attorney - not allowed to see Mr. Bruce who is a person who is detained. Mr. Bruce in my opinion is being illegally detained and his constitutional rights are seriously being violated. No police seem to have an answer. Clearly some of the police officers there would for me to see him seeing that that is the proper process. But the direction from Mr. Vidal that absolutely nobody is to see Mr. Bruce - no food allowed, no communication, no attorney and that is something that I feel the need to speak about, that is absolutely wrong. The standard process is that when decent police have people detained - you come here, you ask to see the person, you talk to the person and the police will give you an indication 'Mr. Peyrifitte this person is in here for murder or whatever and is pending investigation and that is fine. You at least know what the person is detained for, you at least get a chance to speak to the person so that the person can give you instructions necessary . But all I got from the corporal is just a bland - 'Mr. Peyrefitte you can't see your client."

Fawda Claims Harrassment By “Political Thugs”
And another man crying foul is the well-known controversial Phillip “Fawda” Henry. That is – according to him – after 2 men, who he says are political thugs jumped him last night and gave him a savage beating. This morning, he told us about the ordeal, where he received a surprise attack from men he was sure was drunk: Phillip "Fawda" Henry - Claims he was harassed "Approximately 5:52, I came down to the city to drop someone off to the bus and also to buy some food for my family. At that time I heard the screech of a vehicle behind me and when the vehicle pulled up I noticed that it was a vehicle from Sports Council . Everyone knows who drives the vehicle from Sports Council and the two individuals are very big supporter of the United Democratic Part and they started to chant out 'see the effin PUP there, we will deal him and kill him' - now I know that nobody can kill me just like that because I will defend myself. So I turned back and didn't pay them attention because I saw that they were drunk in the vehicle. There were four guys and a female at the front with the driver - so I turned around to pay the lady for the food, at the time I turned around, the short guy hits me straight into my cheek bone, dislocated my jawbone and now I have a huge cut in my mouth.

Marilyn Burgess’ House Fell
We’ve showed you the issues that homeowner Marilyn Burgess has been having since February of this year. She lives in her house at Faber’s Road with 9 other people, which has been in desperate need of repair. She’s been desperately seeking help from her area representative, Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez, who has told us that she must wait on a list like every other citizen who is need of government assistance. Well, while she’s been patient, apparently, the structural integrity of her house isn’t and finally after months in disrepair, it fell. Yesterday, her family called us out to the location where they explained the few moments before the house gave in: We contacted the family a few moments ago, who told us that their area representative has given them a minor relief, and has promised to help them as soon as he can.

Costa Rican Coach Watching Belize Closely
As we showed you in the last segment, Belize is preparing to compete against Costa Rica in their second match for the first round of the Gold Cup. The Coach of the Costa Rican team is Colombian Jorge Luis Pinto - who has been head coach of that team off and on since 2004. His current coaching stint started in 2011, so, he has the advantage of greater familiarity with his players. He team also has the advantage of having beat Cuba 3 - nil in their first game - with all three goals scored in the second half. With that, Costa Rica seems poised as a possible finalist in the Gold Cup. But 90 minutes ago at a Press Conference at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah, the coach wasn't looking ahead to that, he said he considers Belize a tough matchup. Costa Rica beat Belize one nil in the recent Copa Centroamericana with a goal in the 55th minute.

Incentives To Produce Films In Belize
Last night, the 8th Belize International Film Festival opened yesterday, and 7News attempted to provide you the viewers with a preview of those films which have been submitted. We contacted the personnel in charge at Institute of Creative Arts, those who are responsible for the festival, but they were apparently unavailable. We did get a call back today, and invited to a workshop being facilitated by one the filmmakers. He told us that Belize may be able to present independent filmmakers with incentives to shoot movies in the country. Here’s how he explained why: The film festival’s highlights take place on next week Monday, July 15th, 2013 at the House of Culture.

Two Summer Camps Bring Neighborhoods Together
Former football player Deon Flowers has been organizing his Third World summer camp for 13 years now for the neighborhood kids living around the Third World Field. It started 2 weeks ago, and he’s been just bearly able to keep the program running. At the same time, Edon “Yellow” Rowley has also been holding his own Football summer camp, which ended today at the ITVET. Well, both camp directors decided to organize a neighborhood bonding sporting tournament, and 7News stopped by today. Here’s what each organizer told us: The Third World Camp continues for the next 2 weeks, and he’s asking members of the public to assist him. He can be found every day at the Third World Field behind the Saint Martin De Porres Primary School.

Belizean American, A Big Jaguars’ Fan
Last night we showed you two Belizeans living in the Northwestern United States for whom the visit of the Belizean National Football Team means the world - and that's whether they win or lose. That's because the team coming to their area gives them a brief sense of belonging in a far flung are of the United States where there aren’t many Belizeans. We met one such fan who was so determined to find the team that he parked in front of the stadium in Utah the day before waiting to see somebody associated with the delegation. And he found them when the LOVE FM Crew stopped by to get their media passes. He stuck with them and found the team at the NIKE Store - which happens to be on the very compound where he works! We took a drive with him to find out what life is like for a Belizean in Portland:

Laugh And Dance For Heart Advocacy
If you don’t have any plans for tomorrow night, The Estelle Cardiac Foundation is offering to tickle your funny bone with international comedian, Michael Blackson. In addition, the foundation has brought in the well-known dancehall artist, General Degree, who will be sure to entertain you with some of his well-known hits. Today, the organizer of the show told us that it is for a worthy cause: Ticket prices are $40 dollars in advance or $50 at the door. There is also VIP seating available for $60 dollars.

Channel 5

Jaguar, Danny Jimenez returns to be with dying mother
On Saturday afternoon, the Belize Jaguars will meet Costa Rica in the pitch at the Rio Tinto Stadium in Salt Lake, Utah. Internationally, the national team is considered the underdogs [...]

Jimenez expresses confidence in the National Team
And while nobody can dispute or disagree with Jimenez’s reasons for coming home, the fact is that his offensive runs in the game between Belize and the U.S.A. provided some [...]

Woodrow West will be the goal keeper in Costa Rica game
Team Belize Coach Ian Mork has announced that he will start Woodrow West in goal against Costa Rica, but his decision to play Shane Orio in goal in the first [...]

Dalton Eiley will play in Belize Vs Costa Rica game
The Jaguars will go up against a very strong Costa Rica on Saturday, and the good news is that both team captain Dalton Eiley and striker Dion McCauley have been [...]

Costa Rican Coach gives Belize Jaguars respect
So Team Belize is ready to roll, and at a press conference about an hour ago in Salt Lake, Utah, Costa Rica Coach, Jorge Luis Pinto was nothing, but respectful [...]

Will Deon Bruce be extradited without a hearing?
On Thursday afternoon, sometime around three o’clock, twenty-eight-year-old Deon Bruce was arrested by personnel from the Anti-Drug Unit before being escorted to the Queen Street Police Station, where he was [...]

Mark Seawell’s extradition still pending in court
In another extradition attempt, the case against Mark Seawell, wanted in the United States on drug-related charges, has been adjourned yet again, following a medical emergency which impeded attorney Arthur [...]

Employee steals the family jewels
Thirty-nine year old Chrysanthus Cal, a handyman employed by the Simon Quan family was today convicted of two counts of handling stolen goods. The goods in question are a diamond [...]

Border management gets PIRS: Personal Identification Registration System
After three years in the planning and pre-implementation stages, today the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy officially launched a new border management system for [...]

Youth Business Trust a bust?
The Youth Business Trust of Belize, a non-profit organization established to assist budding entrepreneurs, has suspended its operations indefinitely.  Y.B.T.B. closed its doors today after citing, among other reasons, difficulties [...]

Throw a line in the workshop for fishermen
The Belize Fishermen Cooperative Association today held a training workshop in Belize City geared towards fishermen and focusing on fisheries laws and regulations, good fisheries practices and product quality. It [...]

Film Symposium discusses movie making and industry
The Film Festival opened on Thursday night with a red carpet event. The stars and stakeholders in the industry posed for photos at the opening at the Bliss Center for [...]

BAVIA says policy changes will grow film industry
The presenters at the BAVIA symposium discussed policies that worked in other parts of the region. BAVIA’s president and the Film Commissioner for the British Virgin Islands but discussed how [...]

Mexican artist drew details of Pat the Great Cat
The Mexican and U.S. Embassies and Pat the Great Cat Literacy Project hosted a presentation by the artist and illustrator for the educational children’s book. The event held at the [...]

PricewaterhouseCoopers helping students and teachers
For the past four years the US firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has teamed up with the international development organization Peacework and the Ministry of Education team for the Belize Financial Literacy Project. [...]


Belize Audio Visual Industry Holds Third Symposium
The Belize Audio Visual Industry Association today held its third annual Audio Visual Industry Symposium in conjunction with the Belize International Film Festival. The President of the Association, Brent Toombs told Love News what the symposium is geared at doing. BRENT TOOMBS, Preside...

Members of Belize National Football Team Getting International Positive Press
Meanwhile two of Jimenez’ teammates have been getting a lot of positive press. Earlier this week members of the Jaguars football team, Woodrow West and Ian Gaynair made public the fact that they had been approached to throw their game against the United States of America in the Gold Cup whi...

Midfielder for Belize National Football Team Returns Home for Family Emergency
Danny Jimenez, the National Football Team’s midfielder is back in Belize. Jimenez traveled reluctantly with the team last Friday, reluctantly because it was the same day that his mother, Theresita Jimenez, fell ill with a massive stroke that has confined her to a hospital bed, and Dan...

Young Belizean Detained Pending Extradition to the US
Last night Love News told you about Deon Bruce, who was taken into police custody after a warrant had been issued on July 2 for his arrest. But Bruce’s detention is not a matter for the local courts but rather for the courts in the U.S.A. Belizeans authorities were reportedly planning to ex...

Educational Sessions for Fishermen Ends Today
Today the last rounds of meeting held by the Belize Fishermen Cooperative Association to educate fishermen ended here in Belize City. The project is entitled “Improvement of Marine Biodiversity through Empowerment of Fishers” and its main purpose is to empower fishermen by training an...

Works of Children's Book Illustrator Showcased in Belize City
Mexican American artist Francisco Mora was today hosted at the Institute of Mexico through the conjunctive efforts of the Mexican Embassy, the U.S. Embassy and the Pat the Great Cat Literacy Project. Mora is the illustrator the children book, Pat the Great Cat: A Jaguar’s Journey. Mora&rsqu...

Firearm Offense Leads Construction Worker in Prison
Twenty-one year old Gregory Goodfellow, a construction worker of Perez Road in Ladyville, was remanded to Belize Central Prison today by Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith after he was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm on a 17 year old boy. Goodfellow pled not guilty to the char...

Long Time Employee Sentenced To Prison After Pawning Employer's Jewelry
Thirty-eight year old Chrisantus Cal, a former employee of Simon Quan Store charged with two counts of handling stolen goods for a diamond ring and a pair of gold earrings, was sentenced to one year for each today by Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after she found him guilty of the charges. Ch...

Belize International Film Festival Kicks Off
There will be lots of fun and excitement as the Belize International Film Festival kicks off. And while many of the movies which will be screened are from abroad, there are some movies that are closer to Belize and its culture. One of these is Garifuna in Peril, a film set in Honduras. ...

New Purchasing Agreement to be Signed Between BSI and Cane Farmers Association
The Belize Sugar Cane Famers Association and Belize Sugar Industries are to meet next week to negotiate a new sugarcane purchasing agreement. The current agreement dates back to 2003. BSCFA Managing Committee Chairman is Alfredo Ortega. ALFREDO ORTEGA “This is an issue t...


Stakeholders Discuss The Benefits Of Renewable Energy
The final Private Sector Forum of three that the Ministry of Energy, Science , Technology and Public Utilities had set up for this year came to a conclusion in Corozal...

Prime Minister Dean Barrow Signs Controversial Statutory Instrument
On June 20th the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Honorable Dean Barrow signed into law Statutory Instrument NO. 63 of 2013 removing all supervisory and/or administrative authority of the...

No Food Handlers Permit, No Fiesta Rama
Fiesta Rama 2013 is right around the corner; to be exact we are just 15 days. The event is organized by the Orange Walk Town Council in order to generate...

Well Known Law Breakers Charged For Robbery Of Corozal Taxi Driver
They did the crime and now they will do time at the Kolbe Correction Facility for robbing a taxi driver from the Corozal District at gunpoint. On July 9th, 36...

Team Jaguars Exposes Attempt Bribery To The International Media
The results of the football match between Belize and USA may have caused certain controversies but one particular circumstance that was not overlooked was that of a match fixer who...

FFB Vice President Rawell Pelayo Detained By The DEA In Houston
The Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize, Rawell Pelayo, is no stranger when it comes to the sport of football in Belize. He was the founder and owner...

Danny Jimenez Of Team Jaguars To Return Home
As Team Jaguars prepare for their second match in the Gold Cup this time against Costa Rica, on Saturday, the team is facing another stumbling block as one of the...

Prime Minister Dean Barrow Signs Controversial Statutory Instrument
On June 20th the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Honorable Dean Barrow signed into law Statutory Instrument NO. 63 of 2013 removing all supervisory and/or administrative authority of the...


Immigration Department unveils new Border Management System
Belize is looking to improve its poor reputation as a haven for shipping of illicit goods and illegal activities, often conducted through our major ports of entry. Minister in charge of the Department of Immigration and Nationality Services, Senator Hon. Godwin Hulse, today helped unveil a Personal Identification and...

Final date set for habeas corpus hearing of Mark Seawell
Today Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin set a final date for the habeas corpus application hearing of drug trafficking suspect Mark Seawell. On Friday next, July 19, if attorneys Arthur Saldivar and Bryan Neal do not appear in court to discuss the progress of the case...

Deon Bruce in court for extradition hearing
Another matter regarding extradition to U.S. courts began today in the No. 1 Magistrate’s Court. Deon Bruce, 28, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith with one of three counsel, Bryan Neal, where he was formally told that the Cook County Circuit Court based in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. wants him...

Outdoor vaccinations as clinic in Belmopan was closed
Yesterday, a vaccination session was hosted in Belmopan, but it was the condition under which the clinic was housed that stirred ire with the public. We were contacted and when we got there, we noticed that the Red Cross Building, where we understand the clinic should have been held...

Philip “Fawda” Henry claims he was viciously attacked
Social Activist, Philip “Fawda” Henry says he was viciously attacked. He has identified his attackers as known supporters of the UDP. Henry, no stranger to media cameras, today told us of the attack. Philip “Fawda” Henry: Approximately 5:52, I came down to the city to drop someone off to...

Constitutional March in Dangriga on Saturday
The series of Constitutional Marches continues this weekend. After drawing massive crowds in the last three districts, the Stann Creek District will host the event on Saturday. Here is community activist Douzie Ifan-yeh-chineke with details. Douzie Ifan-yeh-chineke: this Saturday at 3 o’clock, by the Drums of...

Belmopan Summer Interns at work in the city
Teaching young people the value of work – that’s what the Belmopan City Council has been doing for the past couple years through its summer internship program. This year’s program was launched on Monday, where students in and around the Belmopan area, for six weeks weeks, will carry out...

Belize national selection gaining global respect for rejecting match fixing offers
The Belize men’s National Football Team is tonight gearing up for a face-off against their Costa Rican counterparts, slated for Saturday evening. The Costa Rica team comes off a 3-0 win against Cuba and Belize a 1-6 loss against the US. Following the game, the Jaguars were in low...

Daniel Jimenez returns to be with his mother
National Team Footballer Daniel Jimenez is tonight with his ailing mother Teresita, after having to come home following news of a turn for the worse in her condition. She had suffered a stroke last week but she told her son she wanted him to play in the U.S. He...

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Caye Caulker Chronicles

Yvon Noralez, graduate of Caye Caulker Ocean Academy, wins National and International Scholarships recognizing Creativity and Youth Leadership
Belize’s Yvon Noralez is one of 25 students from 13 countries to be awarded an Adobe Creativity Scholarship administered by the Institute of International Education. The Creativity Scholarship program provides financial support to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, a strong creative portfolio and commitment to pursuing a career in a creative field. Yvon is interested in developing his talents in photography and graphic design. Funded by the Creativity Scholarship, he will start sixth-form Fine Arts studies in the fall at St. John’s Junior College. Yvon was eligible for this full scholarship opportunity because of his participation in the Adobe Youth Voices Program (AYV) classes at Caye Caulker Ocean Academy. AYV follows a creativity curriculum and provides the digital tools, training and professional mentorship students need to develop essential skills such as self-expression, collaboration, flexibility and persistence. All AYV students produce original projects in video, photography, animation and other digital media categories spotlighting issues important to them.


One chopped in the head during argument while drinking; the other stabbed to death by irate car driver. Two men were killed in separate altercations – one in Silk Grass Village and the other in Bella Vista. Blas Alvarado, 39, of Silk Grass, was chopped in his head while drinking in front of a store in the village at about 5:30 p.m. on Friday, and Marlon Anthony Martinez, 32, of Bella Vista, was stabbed in his heart during an altercation at about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday while walking home after a party in Bella Vista. Police said that Fidio Mendez, 45, a Honduran residing in Silk Grass, was arraigned for the murder of Alvarado in the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, July 9. He was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until October 22, when he will be taken to face charges in the Supreme Court, to which his case will be traversed. In the case of the death of Marlon Martinez, Jose Montes, 31, was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder, said Independence police. He was taken to the Independence Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, July 9, and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until October 22, when he will be returned to face charges in the Supreme Court, to which his case was also traversed.

Wright was honored for being a singer, songwriter, artist, poet, community worker, activist and radio personality. The award-winning musician and entertainer, Tony Wright of KREM Radio, has again been awarded for his continued musical contribution and promotion of Belizean music. This time he was acknowledged as a songwriter, singer, artist, poet, community worker, activist, and radio personality at the Los Angeles Caye Fest 2013, at the Hollywood Park Casino. The Certificate of Acknowledgement was presented by the Consulate General of Belize to California, honorable Roland Yorke. The presentation was made on Sunday, July 7, on the Caye Fest stage in front of hundreds of people who went to the fest to enjoy the various performances. Wright had travelled to Los Angeles to co-host the Caye Fest and to entertain the audience. The award acknowledged Wright’s prolific work in the field of music, which started in 1966 in Belize. His first recording was made in California in 1971. It became a hit, and his popularity rose. Wright later recorded other hit songs like “Independence Now” in 1981, which was performed by many bands and singers on Independence Day.

There are some who believe that he was the man responsible for Belize losing its national team head coach Leroy Sherrier Lewis, not long after Sherrier led us to our best performance ever in UNCAF, and to secure our first ever berth to CONCACAF’s Gold Cup. Tonight, that man, FFB vice president Rawell Pelayo, is sitting in a Federal Detention Center in Houston, Texas, after he was denied entry to the US by US Immigration officials and reportedly hauled away by DEA agents. Pelayo was accompanying FFB president Ruperto Vicente to see our Belize national team play its first match in the Gold Cup against the mighty USA, in Portland, Oregon. Vicente said Pelayo was right behind him in the immigration line at Houston, but while the clean-cut Vicente easily passed muster with US immigration officials, not so for Pelayo. Vicente said it was like seeing an alligator swallow up someone next to him, and not being able to do anything about it. Vicente would go on to see Belize lose to the US national team, 6 to 1. Pelayo, who reports first said was denied entry to the US because of visa issues akin to those of national team player Elroy Kuylen, was led into a room and later taken to the federal detention center.

March on Dangriga planned for the weekend. Belize Can founder Patrick Menzies, one of several Belizeans who have stepped to the frontline in opposition to Belize’s Revised Gender Policy 2013, told us that more than 2,000 Belizeans who paid their own expenses attended Cayo’s Constitutional March as a sign of public support for Belize’s Constitution, but also as a signal that they do not support the recently approved policy. Menzies said that those Cayo protestors, as well as the over 4,000 who were estimated to have participated in last Friday’s march in Toledo, were “not a rent-a-crowd,” but people who paid their way to go out on a work day to participate. The people, he said, came out to send a message that they will stand for the Belize Constitution, which acknowledges the supremacy of The Creator. Notably, though, an official of the Council of Churches, one of two prominent Christian alliances (the other being the Evangelical Association of Belize) has indicated to the media that it has not yet taken a formal position; although they are concerned that the policy might pave the way for the legalization of homosexuality in Belize.

Two to be deported and the other gets $1,000 fine. Three immigrants appeared in Belize City Magistrate’s Court today, Tuesday, to answer to separate immigration offenses. Esvely Castro, a 26-year-old Honduran national, was fined $1,000 plus $5.00 cost of court after she pleaded guilty to the offense of failure to comply with a visitor’s permit. Castro legally entered Belize on December 17, 2013 and was granted stay in the country until April 14, 2013, but she never left the country. She was ordered to pay $50 to the Immigration Department for each of the three months during which she overstayed in Belize. The $1,000 fine and the cost of court were to be paid forthwith. Castro was able to make her payments before midday today and was released into the custody of the Immigration Department, where she will remain until she pays her fees for her overstay.

On February 15 of this year, Nicholi Rhys, 22, was acquitted of killing gang boss Andre Trapp, but today, he was back before the court on a charge of harm. According to police, they investigated a report made by Shantel Waight, a resident of George Street, which occurred yesterday. Although we don’t know what type of injury she sustained, it was classified as harm by the doctor who examined her at the hospital. Their investigation led to Rhys’s arrest and he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith unrepresented and pleaded not guilty to the charge. There were objections, but he was offered bail of $500 and one surety of the same amount, with the conditions that he stay away from Waight’s house and workplace, and he must report to the Queen Street Police Station every Monday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. As mentioned above, Rhys was acquitted earlier this year of killing Andre Trapp, the reputed boss of the South Side Gang, on June 10, 2010. It was a sensational show of bravado, as Trapp was shot and killed on the steps in front of the Magistrate’s Court while the courts in the building had been in session.

Today, Wilmar Vicen, 24, Marlon Marroquin, 18, and Geovany Gaberette, 29, were taken before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart and read a total of five charges. Vicen, a salesman, Marroquin, a bakery assistant, and Gaberette, a laborer, all of whom are residents of Spanish Town, Ladyville, were all charged with wounding Henry Samayoa. According to police, Samayoa, 27, at 11:00 Saturday night, was heading home with his stepfather when the three men attacked him. The first man hit him with a piece of 2 x 4 lumber on the right side of his head, and he fell to the ground. While on the ground, Samayoa was hit by the second man with a metal pipe several times on his body, resulting in him suffering a fractured right hand. After assaulting him, that man then allegedly told him, “I will kill you.”

Police said that about 2:50 p.m. on Friday, July 5, they were informed of a robbery of a store at the corner of Hopkins and 1st Streets in Kings Park. According to the storeowner, around 1:55 p.m., three men of dark complexion, one of them armed with a shotgun, entered the store and stole cash, as well as an assortment of jewelry and phones, which together totaled around $2,875 in value. The three men then ran toward the direction of Baymen Avenue. Police investigations continue. As at press time, no one has been arrested, nor any of the stolen items recovered. There had been another incident of robbery earlier that Friday, July 5. According to a 46-year-old man who visited the Queen Street Police Station to report that he had been robbed around 6:14 a.m., he was jogging on St. Joseph Street when two men approached him and took away his chain, watch and cell phone. The chain is valued at $1,500, the cell phone at $1,200 and the watch at $350. Police launched an investigation, but up to press time, no one has been arrested and the items have not been recovered.

Two robbers on the run from Corozal police after stealing a taxi driver’s car and brutalizing him with the butt of a gun were captured in Orange Walk at about 6:30 yesterday morning, Tuesday. The men were travelling in the car, which had been stolen in Corozal, when police apprehended them. Police say that the two robbers are Edwin Bardarez, 26, a construction worker of Belize City, and Robert Hill, 36, a mechanic from Alta Mira, Corozal. When police approached the men to arrest them, Edwin Bardarez allegedly pointed a gun at them, but did not fire it. When police searched the two men, they found with them a Belize passport in the name of Gregorio Monteroso, and a black Motorola cell phone with calling number 607-1962. Police charged Bardarez with aggravated assault for pointing a gun at police, and he was jointly charged with handling stolen goods along with Hill. Hill was additionally charged for handling stolen goods in connection with the discovery of the passport. The men were taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court today and they were remanded at the Belize Central Prison until August 28, when they will be returned to court.

Cabinet commissions more fact-finding before possibly approving Norwegian cruise port at Harvest Caye, Puerto Azul resort at Northern II Caye and Stake Bank cruise development Cabinet held yet another meeting Tuesday to discuss a proposed US$50 million cruise port at Harvest Caye, and while a signal of government’s inclination was expected to proceed at that Cabinet meeting, all that we could glean from that session is that Government is prepared to give a provisional “yes” – which means that unless the investment can solidly meet five parameters Government said is now being applied to all investment proposals, they won’t get Cabinet support. The talks have not only been about Harvest Caye, though. Minister of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, NEMO, and Immigration & Nationality Services, Godwin Hulse, has been appointed to head Cabinet’s Investment Subcommittee, and according to Hulse, they have been tasked to review two other projects: the Stake Bank proposal and the Puerto Azul proposal. The other committee members are Minister of Trade, Investment, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection – Erwin Contreras; Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development – Santiago Castillo; Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development – Lisel Alamilla; Minister of Tourism and Culture – Manuel Heredia, Jr., and the Minister of State in Hulse’s ministry – Elvin Penner.

Third World Youth and Sports Summer Camp coordinator Dion Flowers complained to our sports desk yesterday that contributions are slow in coming in to assist the Sports Camp, which has registered over a hundred children from age 3 to 15 years, male and female. Flowers said he was particularly disappointed when, after much turnaround, he was asked to sign a note for a donation of only $50.00 from the Belize City Council. The camp continues, nevertheless, and this morning we stopped by the Third World field around 9:00 o’clock where we witnessed a group of about thirty children lined up and dutifully reciting a morning prayer, after which, they all sang the national anthem. The kids are being supervised in various games during the day, but, according to Flowers, food and refreshment are needed to help make the camp an enjoyable experience for the children.

Twenty young sailors from Belize City, Placencia and San Pedro skippered Optimist dinghies for 2 days in ideal waters and conditions off Banyan Bay Resort during last weekend’s thrilling Lobsterfest Regatta on June 22-23. For some of the skippers, this was their very first regatta, ever… The sailors were divided into two evenly matched fleets of 10. Each fleet raced four times. The day’s races placed 10 skippers – the top 5 from each fleet – in the finals; however, the other 10 were far from done. On Sunday, they raced against each other in a 2-race, runner-up series. The top three were Tyler Garbutt of Placencia, Davin Puc of San Pedro, and Carlos Villatoro of Placencia. Then the top 10 from Saturday took to the boats for their 2-race final. The first of these two 2-lap races was the most dramatic race of the regatta. Faith Noel of San Pedro, who had sizzled to the top of Saturday’s leader board with one 1st and three 2nd place finishes, looked to be continuing her dominance; however, Jerdon Anderson of San Pedro and the Sea Scouts’ Trent Hardwick would not let her break free of their pursuit. Both Jerdon and Trent had taken a first away from Faith on Saturday, and in this race, the lead changed among these leaders several times. Faith rounded the final mark ahead of Jerdon and Trent. Riding white-capped swells on the run to the finish, Jerdon, not Trent, appeared to be the threat. Then, somehow, Trent, from behind and to the right of the 2 leaders maneuvered between them, but still behind. Suddenly, and barely 15 yards from the finish line, the crest of a wave caught Trent’s boat. He surfed that crest, cutting between his two surprised rivals to a stunning victory. The wave deposited him across the line, barely a second ahead of Faith and maybe a half second more ahead of Jerdon. Attached photos tell the story.

Last night on Krem’s Press Cadogan Sports Show, host Gilroy “Press” Cadogan called for the firing of coach Ian Mork of the Belize national team. And on this morning’s Krem WUB, Belizean educator/activist and patriot Ms. Sandra Coye also called for the immediate dismissal of Belize Jaguars coach, Ian Mork; and, understandably, it is a sentiment shared by not a few disappointed Belizean fans, after Tuesday’s 6-1 Gold Cup disaster against the USA. Last night, Channel 7 News aired the comments of suspended assistant national team coach Charlie Slusher; and, despite his reported previous transgressions, Charlie’s comments are worth noting, as “fish from river bottom.” Perhaps that is because it is pretty much the same thing we had gleaned a few weeks ago from at least 3 players on the national team, and two were defenders. Our players, like soldiers, are trained to follow the coach’s instructions; and, especially now that they are being paid, and have signed a contract as well, it is to be expected that a rebellion is not likely to occur. But some things take time to learn, especially when our football system has not developed our players with the textbook/blackboard approach. Understanding what is on the blackboard, and being able to translate that into action on the field of play is something that takes time to develop. And when you try to change in a couple months, what was learned over a period of years, there can be problems. Perhaps the players feel that speaking up will be viewed as insubordination, and result in being “benched.”

There were two different aspects, at least, to Belize’s Gold Cup game Tuesday night against the superpower United States of America. The first aspect was clearly a sports aspect, and the result was devastating to Belize on that level. We Belizeans had been spoiled, you see. In the 1950s, we watched Ludwig Lightburn, a youth from Lightburn Alley off Hyde’s Lane in old Belize, walk into Madison Square Garden in New York City and beat the best lightweight fighters in the world. In the 1970s, we celebrated the Golden Girls and we celebrated a slim teenaged Belizean girl, Glenda Ellis, as she hit a two-run double to defeat the mighty United States of America in ladies softball, while a humble young lady from Gales Point Manatee, Margaret Usher, held the American bats at bay with her mystifying deliveries. And we Belizeans had cheered two decades ago when a young man from across the street from this newspaper, a young man who had been innocently expelled from Gwen Liz High School, Kirk “Shabba” Smith, fought through all the adversity to lead Utah’s Weber State into the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA basketball tournament. We expected more than we should have reasonably expected on Tuesday night. We Belizeans had been spoiled, you see. Now we understand and appreciate, even more, the greatness of Ludwig, of Glenda and Margaret, and of Shabba. The other aspect of Tuesday night’s game was socio-political, and on that level, Tuesday night, the days leading up to Tuesday night, and the popular Belizean reaction following Tuesday night, have been sweet and spectacular successes. We Belizeans, at home and abroad, have come together in an unprecedented fashion.

At 4-1 in the second half, it was clear that the United States had Belize by the throat on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning is always a tough time for me where this job is concerned, so I really wanted to turn off the television and radio, hopefully then reduce my adrenaline levels and get some sleep. On a night like Tuesday when your national football selection is being bombed, sleep is difficult and troubled, but any sleep is better than no sleep at all. They say when you don’t have anything good to say, then you don’t say anything at all. So, when I got up on Wednesday morning, which is when I usually write this column, I was in no mood to do my column. The game had absorbed most Belizeans for days, so there was no other subject to discuss: the only subject was we against the world. At 4-1 in the second half on Tuesday night, I felt I owed it to our national selection to stay with them until the very end. At 4-1 in the second half, we were about to be “blown out,” as we say in sports. This is a time when your opponent has complete control and you are being attacked by feelings of panic. At times like these on the battlefield, men drop their arms and run. Belize could have been beaten worse on Tuesday night, but our young men did their best under the circumstances: they held up their heads when everything was falling apart. As a Belizean, I owed it to them to suffer through those 20, 25 minutes of hell.

At an official ceremony at Price Barracks, Ladyville, today, Wednesday, the British Army Training and Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) handed over 17 four-tonners to the Belize Defence Force (BDF). Brigadier General David Jones said that the donation resulted from an initial meeting with a member of the Ministry of Defense for the British Government. “I told him that one of the critical lack of capacities that the BDF has is lack of troop-lifting vehicles,” Jones said. “And I noted that BATSUB had a number of these vehicles; they have scaled down and are not being used. We are in desperate need of these,” he added. The initial plan was for the BDF to receive six of the vehicles, but that number was increased to 17 – almost triple the originally planned amount. Each of the four-tonners costs about BZ$300,000. General Jones said that the donation could not have come at a more opportune time, as the BDF has been deploying soldiers in greater numbers along the borders recently and they didn’t have the vehicle capacity for the troops. “With these vehicles we could deploy up to an entire battalion strong,” he said. “In the past we haven’t been able to deploy up to a company with the trucks that we have. Now we can deploy more than a company, up to an entire battalion, probably up to 300 guys we can deploy with this new addition we have.”

Poll says, Ashcroft financed and arranged the whole thing. Do you believe that the Prime Minister’s London trip was facilitated and financed by Lord Michael Ashcroft? Responses: (a) Yes, Ashcroft financed and arranged the whole thing (41.24%, 120 Votes) (b) Partially, I think Ashcroft arranged but taxpayers will pay the bill (26.12%, 76 Votes) (c) I don’t believe that (32.65%, 95 Votes) Total Votes: 291 Our new poll: Should the Government allow the sowing of Genetically Modified crops such as corn and soy in Belize?

It might have begun with this encounter between a member of the homosexual fraternity and a being from another world. He was a brilliant PR man, who had been given the task to find a word to describe homosexuals, hereafter to be referred to as “HMXS.” A word that would make the fraternity think better of themselves and, that would appeal to the people HMXS refer to as “straight.” This was important because, the majority of straight people tend to be kind-hearted and generous, thinking that all homosexuals suffer from an affliction. The PR man was at a desk in his study, where he had been for many hours trying to find the right word. Around him were rolled up note papers strewn all over the floor, containing his discarded efforts. He was getting tired and sleepy. Five long hours without a break. Oh, yes, some of these HMXS are committed, as well as, talented. He was about to get up and retire to wherever HMXS go to retire, when he felt that there was something in his left ear and, a small mouth whispered, “Wait, I have the word you have been looking for.” He didn’t know it but, there was a tiny little demon curled up in his ear, lying on his back, with his hands behind his head, as if he were in a hammock. At another time, the PR man would have jumped up and run out of the house, thinking he was being pursued by a ghost, but now he was desperate and, would listen to the devil himself. “What is the word?” asked the PR man. “You’ll be surprised,” said the Imp. “No, I will not be surprised. Very little surprises me. What is the word?”

2nd annual Ride for Hunger and 6th annual Lucky Dube Tribute to be held in August. Dara Robinson invites the public to be a part of the second annual Ride for Hunger to be held on Saturday, August 3, 2012. The ride is another initiative spearheaded by Dara in support of his feeding program. Registration will begin at 5:00 a.m. on the day of the event. Participants will be charged a $5.00 registration fee. The ride will commence at 6:00 p.m. sharp. Dara said that the objective of the ride is to increase awareness of the hunger which affects many in the community and to fundraise for his feeding program for the upcoming school year. The ride will start and end in front of the Smart office building on the Philip Goldson Highway. There will be a raffle after the ride is completed. The ride will proceed along the Philip Goldson Highway, turning onto the Burrell Boom road, proceeding in the direction of Hattieville Village, then moving onto the George Price Highway heading back into Belize City. Riders will go through the City via Central American Boulevard and Princess Margaret Drive and back onto Philip Goldson Highway and will end in front of the Smart office building. There will be a brief break at the CDS Gas Station on the Boom Road. CDS, incidentally, is donating two 100-pound gas tanks towards the feeding program.

At the Philip Goldson International Airport at 8:00 this morning, Immigration authorities implemented the newly computerized border management system, which Minister of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, NEMO, and Immigration & Nationality Services, Godwin Hulse, has said is intended to improve data capturing and security at all Belize’s border entry and exit points, particularly in cases in which visitors receive visas upon arrival in Belize. Currently, a pen and logbook system is in place, but the implementation of the new system will mean that everything will be computerized. This should ensure that there is better tracking of migrants. “What we are saying is that right now, as you know, when you come in, you go through Immigration but when you go out, you really don’t, and so [we] don’t have any proper data as to who leaves the country. This is what this new system is going to do. So tomorrow, we are launching it at the PGIA, it’s countrywide, at all the border points, so that we will be able to track,” Minister Hulse said.

Another dummy bomb was found in the Carmelita Village area. It has been taken to the Orange Walk Police Station, and will later be taken elsewhere by the officers to be destroyed. The dummy bomb is a military training aid, and poses no threat. The device was brought to the Orange Walk Police Station by a few villagers who discovered it. Police believe that the training device was left behind by the British Forces on the training ground behind the village, near the area of the Sand Pit. In February this year a similar training device was bought by Alvaro Tzul, a recycler for scrap iron from San Andres in the Corozal District. The villagers who saw the device became alarmed and called police, who called the Belize Defence Force bomb experts, who put their fears to rest and assured them that it was a training device and was not designed to explode. The dummy bomb is currently in the possession of the Orange Walk police.

Elrington reports to CARICOM on BZ-Guat relations. Belize was the only member not represented by Head of Government The 34th Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community, held in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago from July 3-6, 2013, concluded over the weekend and a communiqué issued at the close of the meeting highlights the major outcomes. Information provided in the communiqué shows that Belize was the only one of 15 CARICOM countries not represented by its Head of Government. According to the release, Belize was represented by Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington. At the meeting, Elrington updated the gathering on ongoing efforts by Belize to find a final and definitive resolution to the unfounded claim by Guatemala over Belize’s territory. “They expressed concern that Guatemala has reneged on the agreement to hold a referendum on 6th October 2013, in accordance with the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala to submit Guatemala’s Territorial, Insular and Maritime claims to the International Court of Justice of 2008, and emphasized the importance of preserving the Special Agreement which commits both parties to resorting to the International Court of Justice for a final determination of the Guatemalan claim,” said the communiqué issued by the Heads of Government.

Information reaching Amandala today is that Belizean Joseph Budna, incarcerated in Guatemala following a 25-year conviction for kidnapping and extortion—a sentence he is appealing—appeared in court in Petén on Monday, where he was read an additional charge of attempted murder against a team of the Guatemala special police squad. Budna was furthermore charged with the possession of a .40 handgun, which police allege he had used to engage in a shootout with them last September, when they moved to apprehend him on claims that he was a ringleader in a cross-border extortion/kidnapping band. Budna—who has been transferred back to Zacapa jail, located south of Belize, near Guatemala’s border with Honduras—is to return to court on July 22, 2013.

The Belize Times

“Retrograde & Abusive” – New Law removes Central Bank oversight of GOB
The Opposition People’s United Party has described a new legislation which was passed under stealth by Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow on June 20, 2013 as “retrograde & abusive”. Statutory Instrument 63 introduced an amendment to the Exchange Control Regulations Act (Chapter 52) which removes all supervisory and/or administrative authority of the Central Bank of Belize over any and all transactions with Foreign Bank Accounts operated by the Government of Belize. The S.I. declares that the exemption includes “any transactions in relation to any securities or otherwise, or for any other dealings in foreign currency” of all Government Ministries and departments. This is a very unusual law, with an ambiguous and possibly dangerous purpose. The PUP, which is wide awake and always on guard on behalf of the people of Belize, is very concerned. The PUP members of the Public Accounts Committee, led by Chairman Hon. Julius Espat, have launched an investigation into the recently passed S.I.

Face of Brass! – Sports Minister denies funds to National Team, but shows up for game in Portland
The real stunner in Tuesday night’s game between Belize and the United States wasn’t so much the loss at the end of the 92 minutes of play, but that the Minister of Sports Herman Longsworth had ...

Barrow living in a bubble! – PM “sensed” economy was “humming along”, why doesn’t he ask Belizeans
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is living a totally different reality from most Belizeans who are struggling to cope in today’s depressed economy. While the PM flies first class all over the world, Belizeans have been eating ...

Police torture in Belmopan?
29 year old Edwin Paula is in remand at the Kolbe Correctional Facility even though he is bruised and battered and endures severe ear and ...

ANOTHER TRIAL FAILS It was not to be. What unfolded in front of their eyes was evidence that the Belize Police had resorted to torture and coercion to obtain a confession from a minor. No professional investigation. No compliance with the constitution of Belize to afford a person in detention ...

Editorial: The Secret Behind Patrick Andrews
There is seismic political activity in Belize. The right wing Judeo Christian talk show host, Jason Patrick Andrews, has declared his membership in the People’s United Party and his campaign to become the Standard Bearer in the Belmopan constituency. Without prematurely marking the final settlement of his launch, we will all agree ...

Ladyville Jaguars claw Esperanza’s Gentle Touch 3-2
The Ladyville Jaguars enjoyed a big win at the Norman Broaster Stadium when they toppled the 4-time national champs, Esperanza’s Gentle Touch Girls, 3-2 on Saturday, July 6. Shameika Franklin created the Ladyville girls 1st opening when ...

Tuff e’Nuff are 2013 Interoffice Champs
The undefeated defending champs Tuff e’Nuff won their 4th interoffice basketball championship in 7 years as they ran over Oceana No Limits: 91-80 in Game 3 of ...

DHC Excellence wins cricket finals game 1
Defending national champs Double Head Cabbage bowled out Crooked Tree’s Brilliant 84-79 with 6 wickets to spare in Game 1 of the 2013 SMART Harrison Parks national cricket ...

The Masters’ Plan doesn’t include Castle Street
There’s been a lot of talk lately about a “Master Plan” for Belize City. Mayor Darrel Bradley claims that in the chaos of building cement streets haphazardly and poorly, and causing major traffic hazard, he is actually following a “blueprint” that is laid out in a Master ...

New US Ambassador is no fan of UDP’s Denny Grijalva
On Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 US President Barack Obama nominated retired California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno as the ...

AMAZING GRACE – Kingdom and Belize Football
The whole country was glued to their television set last night as our national football team played their hearts out in a match against the United States. One of our players scored an amazing goal that caused me to stand to my feet to do a victory dance! We did ...

Dara plans fundraisers for feeding program
Ending child hunger in Belize will take an enormous effort from all relevant stakeholders, especially the Government of Belize, but until they wake up and recognize the worsening crisis before us, one man is remaining consistent with his goal of building awareness on the issue. For the ...

HOME ECONOMICS – Belize, entrepreneurship, revolution & youth
By Richard Harrison Revolution is the epitome of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the taking of action based on having identified where that action can yield potential gains, over and above the potential risks. There have been calls in certain quarters in Belize, for revolutionary change. This call is mostly from those romantic academic thinkers ...

The 2012 Human Rights Report on Child Sexual Violations
By Dr. Angela Banner Joseph The Belize 2012 Human Rights Report became available for the world to review a few weeks ago. Outlined below is a summary of its findings pertaining to human rights violations that impacted our country's children. It is amazing to note that the issues that I have ...

Concrete Monuments, Cinderella Mayor
The question for Mayor Darrell Bradley is whether he believes he can make a mistake. We bet that he thinks he cannot because he is the protégé of no other than his leader Dean Barrow. Men like Dean Oliver, including ...

Reflections of the Public Square – Football “Unity”
By Francis W. Fonseca National Unity is empty rhetoric in Belize. There are but a few moments in our history that we can point to some semblance of Unity. The death of George Price is perhaps the most recent and clear example of Belizean Unity. We were, for the most part, united in ...

Patrick Andrews announces PUP candidacy
The People’s United Party, as the only viable alternative to the failed UDP Government, continues to attract new blood and energy. The PUP is a revolutionary political movement committed to social justice and people’s development. This ...

Belize Action’s Cayo march draws crowd
It wasn’t anything compared to the massive turnout in Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District on Friday July 5th, but the crowd that turned out to support the Belize Action’s “Constitution March” in San Ignacio, Cayo District, ...

Thank the lord it wasn’t Mark Espat
Dear Editor, We must be proud of our national football players. Not only did they show great courage in the game against the US powerhouse team, but they proved that they are in the Gold Cup for their country and not themselves. Three of the players, I believe Woodrow West, Ian Gaynair ...

How wrong were the pup spokesmen, Jack?
Dear Editor, An article penned by Amandala newspaper Asst. Editor, Adele Ramos last weekend entitled “BATSUB to boost presence in Belize” was very misleading as to the unofficial/official visit/vacation to the United Kingdom by Dean Barrow and his entire family paid for, according to Barrow, by the poor people of this ...

GOB hiding Guatemalan pilot school?
Dear Editor, Unconfirmed but reliable report is that there is a Guatemala Flying Pilot school operating in Belize at the Philip Goldson International Airport. The reported cost of this school is something like $60,000.00 US currency. Report is that a Minister’s two children are enrolled in this pilot school. The question many ...

Frustrated Lands employee writes
Dear Editor, Kindly allow me to vent my frustrations about what is happening at the Ministry of Natural Resources & Agriculture (Lands Department) in Belmopan. Not only are the hundreds of customers who visit the place on a daily and weekly basis extremely frustrated with the service and the run around they ...

Failed Government
Dear Editor, I'm fighting hard not to comment and to just observe how far our government will insist that they should not pick up the tab for our national football team in their quest to be the best at the gold cup tournament in the United States at this eleventh hour. The ...

Black out days are back?
Dear Editor, I woke up upset, mad and outraged on Sunday morning. First I thought I forgot to pay my light bill and that BEL had cut us out, but on a Sunday? I checked the neighbor and they were out too. They were also mad. Then we found out it was ...


A Quick Look Around San Ignacio, Belize – Mr. Greedy’s, The New Visitors Center and More
San Ignacio is the second largest city in the county of Belize…which really just means that its population hovers around 20,000. Belize is a small country. Very small. Population about 325,000, land mass the size of the state of Massachusetts. Look at the scale on the map! But…even though it’s just a few hours from Ambergris Caye (or even less than an hour if you take Tropic Airs relatively new flight), it’s very different. Surrounded by greenery, a gorgeous river and lots to do, a stop in and around San Ignacio along with visiting the Cayes is a great way to see both the jungle and the beach when visiting Belize. And the bonus? It’s a very cool town and a great place to spend a few days. San Ignacio has change quite a bit since I was last there…good changes. They have closed down a main road to all car traffic…pedestrians only. Would LOVE to see a boulevard like that in San Pedro. Tough though with the small size.

Why I want to reduce Global Warming
My name is Briannie Rash and I am 12 years old. I live in San Pedro Columbia Village but I attend big Falls Roman Catholic School. I would like to be an eco-kid because I would like to reduce global warming which causes holes in the atmosphere. All this is due to air pollution which is a result of burning things such as bottles, cans, and other plastic things. This is not healthy for the environment especially for plants which give us oxygen. An eco-kid conserves. Water is essential to life so we should not waste it. We could teach others as well how important it is for our daily lives. Without it we may die of thirst. Water is also important for marine life. The garbage we throw in the water kills the fishes.

Will Carlos Moreno be confirmed as the new US Ambassador to Belize?
President Obama yesterday nominated retired California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno as the next U.S. ambassador to Belize. If confirmed by the Senate, he would be America’s ninth ambassador to the former British Honduras, which became an independent nation in 1981. He would succeed Vinai K. Thummalapally, a scientist and entrepreneur who was an Occidental College classmate of Obama and became the first Indian American to hold an ambassadorship.

“Superstition” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
First job of the day yesterday (well after catching up with the news via my The Times on-line subscription) was to take our golf cart to Captain Shark’s for its first service. I dropped the cart off just after 8 am and then walked the short distance to Estel’s for a hearty breakfast and a bit of ‘quality’ time on the iPad. With breakfast finished I went straight to Atlantic International Bank to pay the electricity bill and then straight on to The Greenhouse to get some of the ingredients for the chicken curry that Rose is making for dinner. I do love Rose’s curries ( that compliment ( a sincere one at that) will hopefully guarantee that she cooks another one very soon). Having done the shopping I took a leisurely walk along the beach back to the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. After peeling the onions (my one culinary duty in the preparation for dinner) I read for a while (still haven’t finished the book yet) whilst Rose made the curry and after she had finished we took the road route and collected the ‘cart from Captain Shark’s and set off immediately to see what progress had been made on our home and got there around 2 pm.

International Sources

Churches and associates using sewing talents for others
With needles and thread, Lubbock residents are touching the world with comfort, charity and a Christian message. Volunteers from Calvary Baptist Church have completed 20,000 pillows in 10 years for medical facilities in Lubbock, troops in Afghanistan, and women in prison in Mexico. Westminster Presbyterian Church has a group called Piece Makers who not only sew clothing for aid to the people of Belize, but they have volunteers who travel to that country as sewing teachers to equip women to make a living. The Piece Makers also attract Catholic, Baptist and Nazarene volunteers, according to Paulette English of Westminster. Vicki Tracy of Bernina Sewing Studio assists in the work in Belize by providing some sewing machines to Westminster, and by serving as a kind of clearing house for donations of fabric and thread. “They have purchased some machines from us, and we have given them some,” Tracy said. “But I am amazed — they have stayed with this program for 14 years.”

Danny Michel performing with Garifuna Collective at folk fest
New album recorded in Belize with producer Ivan Duran... Danny Michel with the Garifuna Collective, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Main Stage performance, Saturday, July 20 at 5 p.m. For complete schedule visit FOR his latest album Toronto rocker Danny Michel decided to do something completely different from anything he’d done before. His new eight-song disc, Black Birds are Dancing Over Me, recorded last winter in Belize, features Michel performing with musicians from the Garifuna Collective. The recording sessions took place over several months but the actual concept for the album started percolating in Michel’s subconscious many years before. “I first went to Belize over 10 years ago on a trip, loved it, and I’ve gone back every year since,” he says. I got more and more involved in the community and started working with a school there and always kept thinking it would be great to make a record there. The music and the vibe has been slowly sneaking into my music over the last few records and this time I thought ‘let’s do it right’ and do the whole album there.” Hanging out on Caye Caulker, a small island off the north coast of Belize, Michel listened to a lot of local Garifuna punta music including records by Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective produced at Ivan Duran’s Stonetree Studios.

Women are the backbone of Garifuna music
Even though it’s been mostly men who have traditionally performed Garifuna music in public producer Ivan Duran says it is the women who are the cultural anchors. “Yes we are,” agrees Desiree Diego, a member of Umalali, The Garifuna Women’s Project ensemble set to perform Sunday at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. “Women are the writers and composers of most of the songs sung by men. The men take the songs to the stage but women are the backbone.” Duran, one of the people responsible for the emergence of Garifuna music on the international scene, started researching the women’s contribution to music more than a decade ago. In tandem with the late Andy Palacio he set up The Garifuna Collective, a multi-generational group of musicians from Belize and Honduras, to investigate all things Garifuna. A few women, including Diego, were used as backup singers on the sessions but considering how important they were to music creation it must have been surprising to Duran how few women were available to perform it. They were busy doing other things. Even before he had any idea of what he would do with the material Duran began recording women singing in natural settings — kitchens, living rooms, in the streets or in the Garifuna temples, usually documenting voices that had never been recorded before. Like Alan Lomax did in the American South, Duran was documenting an unknown sonic world.

Garifuna carry on deep culture work
Interview with Andy Palacio from 2007... Three Garifuna girls pose for the camera as an unseen adult yells at them to get back inside. As his demands grow louder their smiles get wider. Black Carib skin offsets pearly white teeth and precocious manners. They’ve done this before these Garifuna girls — ignoring an elder to get a closer look at strangers from elsewhere. The isolated Garifuna, cut off from the rest of the world on the coasts of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, have been able to maintain their traditional culture well into the 21st century. Despite the constant bombardment of TV and the Internet chipping away at their unique identity they continue to find common ground as a community. And thanks to cultural ambassadors, such as the late Andy Palacio, the Garifuna appear to be in good hands for the future.

Belize players say they refused bribe to fix match against U.S.
Two Belize soccer players say they rejected a large bribe to fix Tuesday's match against the U.S., which the Jaguars lost 6-1 anyway. The Associated Press reports international soccer officials are investigating the allegations by Ian Gaynair and Woodrow West. When an official showed them a photo of a man suspected of match fixing in other countries, the Belize players confirmed it was the same man who approached them Sunday, according to the AP. Belize coach Ian Mork told the AP that the targeted players, who do not play professionally, were approached at their Portland, Ore., hotel by a man who had also been at their hotel in Guatemala City in June when Belize played Guatemala. "He was wanting to become friends and come visit Belize," Mork said, via the AP. "Then all of sudden he also showed up in Portland. It was through this kind of friendship of wanting to support the Belize team. It was obviously part of a plan to target our players."

Belize players praised for refusing to throw match
Belize, the tiny nation bordering Mexico and Guatemala, was already a fan favorite at the Gold Cup given its massive underdog tag. But the national team likely gained even more supporters after players turned down a "large amount of money" to throw a match against the U.S. at the tournament. Two of the players, Woodrow West and Ian Gaynair, told CONCACAF officials about the incident and after an investigation was launched, it led to "positive identification of the individual attempting the bribery," the governing body said in a statement. "We want to thank Woodrow West and Ian Gaynair and recognize them for their bravery and commitment to preserving the integrity of our game," CONCACAF said.

Belizean players demonstrate integrity in rejecting match-fixing
Imagine for a second that you're Belize soccer player Ian Gaynair. You don't make much money in your tiny Central American country, and now a man is in front of you offering you cash to lose a game by maybe a little more than you're already expected to. Who would notice? You're Belize. You're supposed to get blown out by the United States. Who cares if it's by four goals or by six? That was the temptation facing Gaynair and teammates Woodrow West and Andres Makin last Sunday, two days before their Gold Cup opener against the U.S. in Portland. But instead of taking the money, Gaynair refused and reported the incident to his coach, Ian Mork, who reported it to CONCACAF. "I told him, 'We can't take that money,' because at the end of the day our entire country is behind us," Gaynair told 7 News Belize. "We can't just sell out our country for a little bit of money ... We might not be making a lot of money in Belize, but still we have to look at our career and our future." The Belizeans may well be the worst team at the Gold Cup, and they may have lost 6-1 to the U.S., but Gaynair, West and Makin are so far the stars of the tournament in my book. By refusing to become part of global soccer's rampant match-fixing problem, Gaynair, a defender, even scored Belize's lone goal against the U.S., briefly narrowing the score to 2-1 in the first half. How common is match-fixing in soccer? Earlier this year, Europol announced the results of a two-year investigation, saying that nearly 700 matches around the world were under suspicion. In 2011, former FIFA director of security Chris Eaton told me he had information that suggested games in that year's Gold Cup had been manipulated. And in 1997, U.S. players John Harkes and Roy Wegerle refused an approach to throw a World Cup qualifier against El Salvador that was meaningless to the American team.

Belize Government Ignores Maya Land Rights, Grants Oil Permits to US Company
The Belize government has issued permits to US Capital Energy and is allowing the company to proceed with oil development activities on Maya land, despite the fact that the United Nations Human Rights Committee, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and even Belize’s own Supreme Court have given support to the legal and political claims of Maya communities to inhabit 500,000 acres of their traditional rainforest territory. In 2007 the Belize Supreme Court ruled that the Maya villages of Conejo and Santa Cruz have customary title to the lands they traditionally use and occupy, in accordance with their ancestral land tenure system. A similar court ruling in 2010 expanded this right to all Maya villages in southern Belize. Despite the fact that these rulings were never appealed and therefore remain in full effect, the Belize government has issued permits for oil development on these lands, and in doing so is “denying the Maya peoples’ rights to our lands, and is disregarding the authority of the courts and the fundamental tenants of democracy such as security of property and the rule of law.” According to Cultural Survival, US Capital Energy, a Texas-based company, has already cut over 200 miles of seismic trail for oil exploration in the Sarstoon Temash National Park and traditional Maya territories, resulting in forest fires that have destroyed 400 acres of forest to date. It has also been alleged that Capital Energy has attempted to bribe Maya alcaldes, traditional leaders similar to mayors, to support the project.

Belize's Character Proves They Belong on CONCACAF's Biggest Stage
Belize lost to the USA 6-1 in their first ever Gold Cup match. But they've already won in a much bigger game on the world stage, and this game isn't played on the soccer field. TWEET 15 SHARE 442 2 COMMENTS ⋆REC (1) This has nothing to do with how Belize performed against the United States, in the country's first ever CONCACAF Gold Cup game, a 6-1 loss on Tuesday night. This has nothing to do with Belize keeper Shane Orio's solid individual effort in front of goal, despite allowing six on the evening. This has nothing to do with Ian Gaynair's unmarked header in the box in the 40th minute, Belize's first ever goal in a major competition. But this has everything to do with the actions of Gaynair and his teammates Woodrow West and Andres Makin Jr., who were approached by a gentleman offering money in exchange for fixing Belize's first group game against the United States. In an age where match-fixing scandals are rampant in the world - Italy, Nigeria and Asia just to name a few - three Belizean players on a team with only two full professionals on the roster did the only thing that came to their mind. They said no. And they reported the incident to the Belize federation and CONCACAF.

The Black Carib Wars: Freedom, Survival, and the Making of the Garifuna
In The Black Carib Wars: Freedom, Survival, and the Making of the Garifuna (University Press of Mississippi), author Christopher Taylor offers the fullest, most thoroughly researched history of the Garifuna people of St Vincent, and their uneasy conflicts and alliances with Great Britain and France. The book presents documentation of one of the oldest native heritages of the Caribbean, and is the closest thing to a direct link to the region’s history before colonialism. The Garifuna — whose descendants were native Carib Indians, Arawaks and West African slaves brought to the Caribbean — were free citizens of St Vincent. Beginning in the mid-1700s, they clashed with a number of colonial powers who claimed ownership of the island and its people. Upon the Garifuna’s eventual defeat by the British in 1796, the people were dispersed to Central America. Today, roughly 600,000 descendants of the Garifuna live in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, the United States, and Canada. The Garifuna — called “Black Caribs” by the British to distinguish them from other groups of un-integrated Caribs — speak a language and live a culture that directly descends from natives of the Caribbean at the time of Columbus. Thus, the Garifuna heritage is one of the oldest and strongest links historians have to the region before European colonialism.

Louisiana Air Guardsmen help build schools in Belize - KALB-TV News Channel 5 & CBS 2
BELLE CHASSE, La. (KALB News Channel 5) National Guard provides learning facilities for 500 students in Belize, receives valuable training. (Louisiana Air Guardsmen help build schools in Belize: BELLE CHASSE, La.

Go Diving in Belize (Video)
Diving in Belize is unprecedented. It is one of the top activities in Belize, which is known as a top scuba diving and snorkeling destination in Central America, and for good reason.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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