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Today's Belize News: July 17, 2013 #468352
07/17/13 05:49 AM
07/17/13 05:49 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Hon. Saldivar and Mayor Lopez open Belmopan Youth Sumner Camp
A Youth Summer Camp for a total of over 350 students was officially opened this morning in Belmopan. The Summer Camp is co-sponsored by Minister of National Security and Belmopan Area Representative Hon. John Saldivar; Mayor Simeon Lopez and the Belmopan City Council; and the Belmopan Sports Council. Official ceremonies to open the summer camp were held this morning at the Hilltop Basketball and Tennis Court in Belmopan. Speakers included Hon. John Saldivar, Mayor Simeon Lopez and Belmopan Sports Coordinator Angelica Reyes. Master of Ceremonies was Deputy Mayor Joel Westby and the Vote of Thanks was delivered by City Councilor with responsibility for events Victor Perdomo.

Caye Caulker student wins international and national scholarships
Belize’s Yvon Noralez is one of 25 students from 13 countries to be awarded an Adobe Creativity Scholarship administered by the Institute of International Education. The Creativity Scholarship program provides financial support to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, a strong creative portfolio and commitment to pursuing a career in a creative field. Yvon is interested in developing his talents in photography and graphic design. Funded by the Creativity Scholarship, he will start sixth-form Fine Arts studies in the fall at St. John’s Junior College. Yvon was eligible for this full scholarship opportunity because of his participation in the Adobe Youth Voices Program (AYV) classes at Caye Caulker Ocean Academy. AYV follows a creativity curriculum and provides the digital tools, training and professional mentorship students need to develop essential skills such as self-expression, collaboration, flexibility and persistence. All AYV students produce original projects in video, photography, animation and other digital media categories spotlighting issues important to them.

Michael de Feo “plants” smiles with omnipresent flower images on Ambergris Caye
A few months ago, residents on Ambergris Caye began wondering of the origin of the painted flowers that popped throughout the island. Rebecca Coutant of San Pedro Scoop took on the case, digging online in an effort to discover the elusive creator of this great mystery. Her investigative skills creamed the amateur sleuths who had tried to find out about the flowers, and The San Pedro Sun is happy to report that the flower images are the work of US artist Michael De Feo. The graffiti – with a positive message – is painted throughout international cities worldwide and has been De Feo’s work for over 20 years. In an interview with The San Pedro Sun, De Feo explained the purpose of the flowers that has garnered him international attention. “They’re part of a worldwide street art project that I started over twenty years ago in New York. It’s the only image I repeat, the other street pieces and projects I’ve done are all different. The flower image has come to be what I’m most recognized for. It’s about sharing and spreading smiles. It’s also about discovery; since people begin to notice them throughout the city they’re in or throughout their travels. I was already using the streets for my work in the early 1990’s when I came up with the flower image. I stumbled upon it, really. I was warming up for a painting session by illustrating images of butterflies, kittens and flowers. I had filled a wall with these images and this one single flower was situated in the middle of it all. It just seemed to leap off the surface with its presence. I made a silk screen out of it and soon had printed hundreds in all colors of the rainbow. The next logical thing to me was to paste them all over town and share them with others.”

The search at sea continues for a missing San Andres fisherman
Edwardo Dominguez, a fisherman from San Andres Village is missing after the vessel he and a companion was travelling in capsized at sea. The accident happened shortly around 10AM on Sunday July 14th as the two fishermen were heading to an area near Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve located on northern Ambergris Caye. According to Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis, Belize National Coast Guard Operation Officer, after the incident was reported on Sunday they immediately launched a search and rescue operation. “We got a report from the Police at Sarteneja village of a capsized vessel east of village. One Ryan Barahona reported to police that he, along with one Edwardo Dominguez, were on a white 23-foot sail boat named Elena, heading to Bacalar Chico when they capsized,” explained Soberanis. He said that Barahona reported that he managed to swim to shore safely, but unfortunately Dominguez remains unaccounted for. “The Belize National Coast Guard, assisted by local fishermen in the area, is currently conducting search efforts in the entire area to locate Dominguez. Barahona is attributing the accident to bad weather. As you know, on Sunday there was a tropical wave that moved over the country so the weather was not suitable for small craft,” said Soberanis.

Ambergris Today

Security Guard Seminar held for North Ambergris Caye
On Tuesday, July 9 the North neighborhood watch held a security guard seminar for all guards on the north side. The seminar was conducted by ASP Lewis Castellanos with the assistance of community police officer Juan Choc. The seminar began with a Power Point presentation by Mr. Castellanos and consisted of three parts: definition of a security guard, duties of the security guard and what security guards can and cannot do under the law. The power point was followed by interactive role-playing exercises on various identification techniques. This was the first time that the police department gave this presentation, and it was extremely well received by the 27 security guards in attendance. The guards agreed that by getting to know each other and working together, as well as having more information on what to watch out for, will make the north side safer for all. The next step is to implement a radio system to connect every security guard to the other guards on the north side as well as to the police department. Stephen Spiro El Pescador

San Pedro Celebrates Along with Belize International Film Festival
The Belize International Film Festival ran its eighth annual edition from July 11 to 15, 2013, and giving recognition to the top films screened at the end. Opening the festival in Belize City was the critically acclaimed feature film, Home Again, which had reached number one in the Canadian film box offices for three consecutive weeks and making box office history in Trinidad and Tobago. Over 50 other submissions, including music videos and Belizean films were screened at the Princess Hotel and Casino where a panel of judges watched, critiqued and chose the winners for each category. Sitting alongside Cuban Director, Rigoberto Lopez, the Vice President of Creative & Visual Content for Warner Brothers, Denise Williams Watts and Founder and Chair of Film London, Sandy Lieberson was American Actress, Erika Alexander.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Where have our sharks gone?
Winner of the "Best Environmental Film" award at the 6th Belize International Film Festival, "Where have our sharks gone?" examines the plight of sharks and their important role in marine ecosystems, internationally and in Belize. Current research techniques and interviews with fisherman and tourists are presented along with suggested conservation measures. With stunning cinematography and a compelling narrative, 'Where have our sharks gone?' is a captivating tribute to this magnificent creature.

25 Years Ago: Tough Times and Good Times in San Pedro as a Village (Part 2)
Everyplace you might live in has its tough times and its good times. Every generation has its tough times and its good times. Our old San Pedro since it was founded by the Mestizos in 1848 also has had its memorable times- good or bad GOOD TIMES- KITES: Absolutely every aspect of the kite flying process was a lot of fun, so much that you will be surprised at the crazy things we did in order to have fun. It was fun just building a kite- the flat rectangle, the three dimensional box, star, circle, bird, airplane, the fife-foot tiny kite, the giant six-foot kite, to name just a few. It was fun competing for who could fly the steadiest kite, one that would go to sleep and barely move from right to left. Then there was the competition on who could raise the highest kite. What about the singing kite! We also sent tiny pieces of paper with a message up to the kite by letting it slide up the string. We got to say kudos to the guys who would tie a razor blade onto the tip of the tail and succeeded in cutting the lines of several other kites. Then we used to tie a small light object like a piece of coconut husk and release it in the sea to let the kite drag the little “boat” to the shoreline.

Flashbacks: Constructing the First Concrete Buildings and Hotels in San Pedro
We must say kudos to these men and operators of the famous lighters or flat-bottomed sailing boats used for cargo. In the late 1970’s when San Pedro Village was transitioning from wood buildings to concrete, these lighters brought all the river sand, pine ridge sand, gravel or sand and gravel from the mainland to San Pedro. They used to sail up the river and with hand shovels load up the lighter with gravel or river sand. Then they set sail for San Pedro and immediately upon arriving at the main pier, day or night, and proceeded to unload the gravel or sand as seen in this Flashback pic. This was certainly a time consuming, tedious and arduous job but it earned them one hundred dollars per lighter load of some 5 to six cubic yards of material, and on a good week they probably managed up to four trips.

Sports Commentary: Belize's national team has a long way to go
Since the Belize national team played at the Alliance Stadium in Houston Texas years ago, which I witnessed firsthand, and they lost to Mexico 2-0, I have been following up all the games they played so far. I must say that, back in my days in the 1970s, when I played football with Police Invaders, Trial Farm, Caribbean Eleven, Astros, Riverside All Orange Walk Selection, Chito’s Eleven and Ubafu in New York City, there were a lot better football players and teams in Belize. Why? Because back then the players were playing because they loved the sport, were dedicated and played to win by giving it their all. They also came from neighbourhoods in their cities and towns where there was always this youth rivalry and primary school competitions that were intense. I played with and against outstanding players such as Poppy Smith, Theo Lennon, Timmy Bedran, Speedy Henry, Arturo Azuetta, Negro Hall, Contreras, Bucko Torres, West, Marcello, Gene Guild, Mandingo Barnett, Fabian Rivero, Ricky Gongora, Enrique Carballo, Studd Hendricks, Garincha Adderly, Buck Palacio, Orin Orio, Nolbert Moss, Arthur Patur Roches, Raboo Garcia, Patrick Martinez Kalde, William Pine Sampson,


Channel 7

Cuba Crushes Belize, Jaguars Fail To Qualify
Hopes were high when the Belize Jaguars took the field in Hartford, Connecticut today – that’s because there was a mathematical possibility that – even after losing its first two games – Belize had a chance to advance to the quarterfinals – that is if we could somehow win by four goals over Cuba. Now that’s a mighty big “if”, but when it’s eleven versus eleven on the field, hope is all you have. Like thousands of Belizeans, we were watching closely – and here’s how the first half went. Jules Vasquez reporting Belize was represented big time at today's game draping the bleachers in the Belize flag. The mass of them stood behind the Belize bench making the National Anthem audible in the vast 40,000 seat stadium and certainly producing mass cold seed during the Land of the Free. But the game would be played on the field - not on the stands which is why goalkeeper Woodrow West was probably praying for a major miracle - Belize would have to win by four goals to advance.

Coach Mork Says Belize Playing Style Needs To Diversify
It is a disappointing end after so much promise going into the tournament. And after the crushing defeat, Belize head coach Coach Ian Mork was defensive in the press conference – mostly about the changes in the lineup, where he introduced three un-tested players which caused breakdowns in the middle of the field. Here’s what he had to say in the post game press conference 50 minutes ago – we have this courtesy KREM Radio and LOVE FM. Voice of Ian Mork- Head Coach, Belize Team "I'm really disappointed that but I need to explain, it caught up with us a little bit." Reporter "You had changes just like the second game, the changes you made today, were they to give the other guys a break, what happened with the guys like Lennon and 'Cafu' that did not start?" Voice of Ian Mork "We had some changes because the way they were playing was against a lot of those players outside and so we needed to bring in some fresh legs, this is a new experience for some of them, it will make them stronger in the future so we are trying to change the game. I think there were moments that we could have scored some opportunities at a different game but that's football. As a group I feel that this game could have been either way. It wasn't that we played bad throughout the entire match, we had moments when we could have scored goals that changes the entire match but at the end of the game it's obviously changed things and we couldn't get ourselves back in the game.

Christians Take To The City Streets
Today, the constitutional marches led by Belize’s Christian lobby came to Belize City. It is named after the constitution but really speaks about the gender policy. 7news was there today to gauge the crowd and the mood in the country’s biggest population center; Daniel Ortiz has this report:… Daniel Ortiz reporting This morning at 9, the Christian activists gathered near Berger Field on Vernon Street, to prepare themselves for quite a long trek through the city on a hot Tuesday morning. A head count we did put their numbers at around 350 participants who showed up, a decent turnout given that it was a Tuesday. 15 minutes later they moved off traveling through Vernon Street, Central American Boulevard, around the Belcan Roundabout, then unto Freetown Road. The group then moved unto Mapp Street, then North Front Street, over the Bel China Bridge, back unto Vernon Street, then into Johnson Street. From there, they moved all along Cemetery Road, Orange Street, Albert Street, Regent Street, over the Swing Bridge, back on North Front Street, where they finally ended at Memorial Park. The Council of Churches has distanced itself from the Constitutional Marches, but at the rally in the park today, Catholic Bishop Dorick Wright, who is also a member of the Council, blessed the proceedings.

Bringing Ill Repute to The House Of Rep’s? Mace Bearer Charged
Last week, 7News told you about Phillip “Fawda” Henry, who claimed that he was beaten up by Political thugs early Friday morning. Well today, police arrested and charged Brian “Yellowman” Audinett and Allan Kelly with 1 count each of harm, wounding, using threatening words against Henry and assaulting a police officer on PC#1366, Wilbert Chi. They were arraigned in Magistrate’s Court this afternoon, and they were granted bail of $3,000, which they were able to meet. As Henry told us, he was assaulted while buying food at the bus terminal on West Collet Canal. Audinett, better known as Yellowman, is the mace bearer in the House of Representatives and a senior party operator.

Post Mortem Has No Answers For Mystery Body
Police have no answers about the body found yesterday afternoon at the end of Jane Usher Boulevard. It is an unidentified male which was found at 3:35 pm face down in a swamp. Police say that due to the advanced state of decomposition, it was beyond recognition. A post mortem had to be conducted on scene, but no cause of death could be established. So, police are treating it as a sudden death – which does not imply foul play – while they continue to investigate.

Convicted By A Dead Man’s Testimony
55 year-old Guatemalan National Romonio Garcia was today found guilty in the court room of Justice Adolph Lucas of the charge of using deadly means of harm with intent to cause grievous harm. He was accused of chopping off all 5 fingers from Alfredo Herrera’s left hand in April of 2011. Crown Counsel Kayshia Grant could not call the victim to testify because he passed away due to natural causes, so she relied on his written statement that he provided to police. Herrera told police that on that particular day, he went to visit Garcia at his house between miles 12 and 13 on the Western Highway. He said that they began to drink, and he made a comment about Herrera’s common-law wife which made Herrera furious. According to Herrera, Garcia grabbed a machete and chopped him on the arm. He made a second attempt, and when Herrera try to defend himself, the machete sliced off all 5 fingers.

Belize Has Fruit Flies, How To Get Rid Of It?
Belize is under a fruit-fly quarantine after the agricultural pest was detected in southern Belize. BAHA has confirmed that fruit flies were found at various points in the Toledo District, Mango Creek, and along the Placencia Peninsula. The quarantine was implemented on Saturday July 13th and a round the clock checkpoint was set up on the Southern Highway near Silk Grass. It’s imperative that Belize suppress the fruitfly because it could meaningfully threaten exports of papayas and citrus. Today CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture Jose Alpuche explained the threat: Jose Alpuche - CEO, Ministry of Agriculture "Yes, we've detected the Mediterranean fruit fly in Southern Belize, so BAHA had to implement a quarantine from Silk Grass down South to the entire Southern part of the country." Daniel Ortiz "Can you explain to us what takes place when this fruit fly becomes a problem?"

Why Eggs Went Scarce
You may have noticed a shortage in eggs over the last 2 weeks at your local grocery store. And if you were lucky enough to find eggs, either the price was too high or you were only allowed to buy a certain amount. Well there were several reasons behind this egg shortage – President of the Belize Poultry Association, Orlando Habet, explained and told us that things are almost back to normal when it comes to the egg supply. Via Telephone: Orlando Habet - Manager, Belize Poultry Association "Currently there is a shortage, there was a significant shortage and right now the production is going up so that the supply is almost as much as it is used to be before the shortage commenced. Principally the shortage has come down - we had a few problems running where we lost some rare birds in April so the production was slightly low in the month of June and now in July. Secondly, the supply that we have, we have found that there is some from Belize because Guatemala has a shortage and so buyers come from across the border and go store to store to deplete the market and purchase them out.

Fisherman’s Body Found
This morning authorities recovered the dead body of Edwardo Dominguez – a Fisherman who had gone missing in the Bay of Sarteneja. His boat capsized on Sundya morning East of Sarteneja Village. Dominguez held unto an icebox while his partner Ryan Barahona managed to swim to shore for help. The icebox was found yesterday and his body the day after.

The “Win, Lose, Or Draw” Party
As we showed you at the top of the newscast, Belize’s hopes of advancing to the Gold Cup quarterfinals have been dashed with a 4 to nil loss to Cuba today. But, as the faithful fans’ mantra goes, “Belize: Win, Lose Or Draw!” And so, we’d guess that tonight the four or five busloads of Belizean fans who went to the game from New York, will be thronging to the Crowne Plaza Cromwell in Hartford, Connecticut for an after-party – even though their team came in last in the Gold Cup. And that’s the nature of the Belize fans, because everyone know this team had to struggle mightily to get to the Gold Cup – so, just getting there is an accomplishment – and, hopefully, the start of a journey to international excellence and renown in soccer. Hopefully. That’s the kind of spirit that went into the after-party in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jules Vasquez was there and he has this report. Right after the game, this was the scene outside the team hotel in downtown Salt Lake. Following the flag, about three dozen fans, family and well wishers crowded the hotel lobby to mug for photos, get autographs on their team paraphernalia and let their boys know, that win, lose or draw they were with them. "I still feel good because Costa Rica didn't beat us and when I go to the hotel where they are I could tell them 'you know you guys didn't win the game' because you told us you were going to give us 5 and you didn't give us none."

From Brooklyn to L.A. to Belize
And at that after-party we met another one of those Belizean Americans whose story we took an interest in. He is John Mariano Jr and though he’s lived in the States all his life, he’s proudly Belizean and terribly passionate about Belizean football. We found out why. John Mariano Jr "I drove about 8 hours, five hours with the top up and then about three hours with the tope down because I drive a convertible. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and I moved to California but really and truly i claim Belize as my home. I never say I'm a New Yorker or that I'm from the states. I always claim Belize - one love, big up Belize all the time. I was watching the game last week and I was very disappointed because I didn't really know that was a Mariano on the team and they showed the starting line up and I saw a Mariano and all the Mariano in Belize are related, just to let you know. So, I linked up with him, I came down today, I was like 'family, family, family' and he ran over and he was like 'are you a Mariano' and I said 'yes' and he said 'oh, we're family' so right away we started connecting. I go to Belize every Christmas, I try because as a Garifuna I love jonkunu so I go home and dance - wanaragua - one love. " The next step in our coverage is waiting for the team’s return, defeated, but their heads unbowed

Vendors Angry At Altun Ha
Yesterday NICH and the BTB launched the “Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeological Sites” Project on March 20, 2013. The project seeks to achieve the integration of rural communities into the tourism sector through improved infrastructure, improved health and safety standards at the archaeological sites. But as Monica found out, At Altun Ha they are saying “while di grass di grow di horse di starve”:… Monica Bodden reporting Altun Ha is one of the most popular day tours for Tourists who are just passing through Belize City - with hundreds of tourist visiting the site per week, it’s a quick income for these art vendors who are mostly villagers from the surrounding area. But for the past 2 weeks, the 18 vendors who rent these display booths on the compound are all agreeing that business has drastically decreased after the National Institute of Culture and History implemented a list of new regulations. Ann Marie Arana- Vendor

Jaguars At War
And in our last bit about the national football selection tonight – we note that there is some genuine bitterness within the team’s ranks – which, to some extent is inevitable after any crushing defeat, much less three in a row on the biggest stage Belize football has ever been on. Travis “Burger” Lennan, a perennial starter who was benched until late in the second half of the last two games told KREM and LOVE fm when he was leaving the stadium that he’s not happy with the changes. Trevor Lennon "I think I should have played from earlier, I was sitting down for too long." Reporter "why was that?" Trevor Lennon "I don't know why he didn't call me." Reporter "You were physically ready?"

Channel 5

Belize 0 and Cuba advances with 4 goals
It was as though everything came to a standstill this afternoon around the country, when the Belize Jaguars took on Cuba, to watch Belize’s last opportunity to advance to the [...]

Post game conference; Coach talks about shortfalls with Belize Jaguars
Immediately after the disappointing loss to Cuba, which dashed Team Belize’s hopes of qualifying to Round Two of the Gold Cup, Coach Ian Mork faced the media in the standard [...]

Heart failure cause of death of newborn
The postmortem examination has been completed on the newborn that died early Sunday morning at the K.H.M.H.  The infant was due on August eighteenth but the expectant mother, Elvira Ack, [...]

No to Gender Policy road show reaches Belize City
The pro-constitution anti-gender policy movement touched down in the city today, proclaiming the bold message NO TO UNIBAM…YES TO GOD. While the underlying theme has been the condemnation of homosexuality [...]

More challenges revealed by IDB report on Belize’s education system
As we reported on Monday, the results of a recent study published by the Inter-American Development Bank on challenges being faced within the education sector indicate that Belize is underperforming [...]

Roaden Junior believes father was murdered
Seventy-four year old Glen Roaden Senior was reported missing last Tuesday.  He was seen leaving his home earlier that day. But the family was clueless as to his whereabouts…that is [...]

No Justice for Stephen Buckley
Three years ago, Stephen Buckley was shot by the police paralyzing the left side of his body and unable to work. Buckley was promised assistance by the department, but that [...]

Body of fisherman retrieved
On Monday night, we told you about the search being conducted for Edwardo Dominguez, a fisherman from the village of San Andres in the Corozal District. Dominguez was missing since [...]

Though victim died, man found guilty of chopping fingers
A jury of six men and three women deliberated for hours to decide the fate of a fifty-five year old man accused of attacking another man. Romonio Garica was initially [...]

Yellow Man charged for beating up ‘Faada’ Henry
A pair of well-known U.D.P. members, thirty-one year old Brian Edward Audinett, better known as “Yellow man”, along with thirty year old Zone Inspector for the Ministry of Housing, Allan Dale [...]

Placencia Tour Guide Association says emphatic no to Norwegian Cruise Line
The ministerial sub-committee that rejected Norwegian Cruise Line’s request to develop Crawl Caye inside the Belize Barrier Reef was tasked to inspect another proposal by the cruise line company. Harvest [...]

Restore Belize restores student confidence in English and Math
Summer is here and kids are out of school, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t learn. In fact, there are organizations which utilize summer months primarily to catch youths [...]

St. Joseph Student impresses in Mexico art competition
A twelve year old Belize City student has been given the opportunity to tour parts of Mexico because of his participation in an international art exhibit. Ammon Segura, a student [...]

Fox Sports goes deep on location in Belize with the Jaguars
Belize’s journey to Gold Cup 2013 has been described as fairy tale, one in which the Jaguars, a la Cinderella, make their first public appearance to the big dance.  The [...]


Belize Jaguars Speak Out On Their Performance at the Gold Cup 2013
Belizeans at home and abroad are counting down to the kickoff of Belize versus Cuba. That is the final game for the Jaguars in round one of the CONCACAF gold cup taking place in the United States. Sportscaster Ruben Morales Iglesias will be calling the game this afternoon. RUBEN M...

Constitutional March Held Against Gender Policy
A little over three hundred people marched through the streets of Belize City in what is called the Constitutional March. This is part of a series of marches that is being held across the country. At the core of the move is the 2013 Revised Gender Policy issued t by the Women’s Commis...

Coast Guard Finds Body of Missing Fisherman
A Sarteneja fisherman was reported missing at sea and today the family got the sad news. Reporter Arturo Cantun has the story. ARTURO CANTUN “The lifeless body of Sarteneja resident, 27-year-old, Edwardo Dominguez who went missing on Sunday was found this morning. Doming...

Study Done on Issues Experienced in Milpa Rice Production
A fact finding meeting to develop a base line study on issues affecting milpa rice production was held recently in Toledo. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG “Toledo District Agriculture Officer, Flint Wagner spoke of the initiative.” FLINT WAGNER “Pr...

Officials Meet to Discuss Terms of Purchasing Agreement with BSI and Cane Farmers
Cane farmers representatives and factory officials are meeting to discuss a new sugar cane purchasing agreement. Arturo Cantun has the story. ARTURO CANTUN Representatives from the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and Belize Sugar Industries are met today to start negotiating a...

Women's Network Endorses Revised Gender Policy 2013
The Women’s Issues Network of Belize has weighed in on the National Gender Policy. In a press release issued today, Win Belize says that it has contacted its member organizations and has reached consensus on the full acceptance of the Revised Gender Policy 2013. It continues by ...

Small Business Entrepreneurs Up in Arms at Maya Site
Marion Ali, Reporting For the past two weeks, the vendors who rent stall from the National Institute of Culture and History at the Altun Ha Mayan Temple, have been disallowed from hanging their arts and crafts on the walls of their stalls and they say that it has affected them where it matter...

Stabbing and a Hit and Run Reported in Belize's Culture Capital
Let’s now join Correspondent Harry Arzu for police news from Dangriga. HARRY ARZU “Police here say that they do not have sufficient information to make an arrest in connection with a stabbing incident that left an individual hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital. ...

Judge to Render Decision on Charges of Attempted Murder and Attempted Robbery
In a trial without a jury, the trial Justice John Gonzalez today reserved his decision for August 9 for Shawn Edwards, charged with two counts of attempted murder and attempted robbery. According to the case for the prosecution, Edwards and another man entered a bar on Mosul Street around 9:50 p....

Parliamentary Official and Friend Arraigned For Wounding and Harm
Since his services were terminated by the Belize City Council a few years ago, Philip “Fawda” Henry has remained in the news. This week his name comes up again and this time it follows an assault that he faced, allegedly at the hands of two persons, one of whom is a UDP operativ...


U.S Doctors Offer Free Clinics To Residents Of Rural Communities
In today’s day and age, getting the necessary medical attention in any field, is costly. That is why when word spreads that a team of medical doctors from abroad is...

Archbishop Dorrick Wright Leads March Against Gender Policy
The pro-constitution march began here in Orange Walk Town with a little over 200 God-fearing individuals who stood out to defend the Constitution of Belize and say no to the...

Fox Sports Recognizes The Work Of The Jaguars
By now the entire nation is aware of the fact that Team Jaguars will not take part in the second round of the Gold Cup after they lost against Cuba...

More Startling Revelations Coming Out Of IDB's Education Report On Belize
Yesterday we brought to you the first part of our coverage on the Inter-American Development Bank’s report on the Education Sector in Belize. The 43 page independent report brings to...

Trouble Erupts In San Joaquin Over Land Dispute
Early in the month of April there were serious allegations of political victimization coming out of the Corozal District mainly in rural communities represented by the Hon. Florencio Marin Jr....

Team Jaguars Packs Their Bags and Head Back Home
Hopes were high for Belizeans both home and abroad as the game between Belize and Cuba was played today. Everything came at a standstill at 3:30pm, when the game was...

Fisherman's Dead Body Recovered From The Sea
Tonight the family of a 29 year old fisherman from the Village of San Andres in the Corozal District, is mourning his death after his body was recovered from the...

Archbishop Dorrick Wright Leads March Against Gender Policy
The pro-constitution march began here in Orange Walk Town with a little over 200 God-fearing individuals who stood out to defend the Constitution of Belize and say no to the Gender Policy. The March then made its way down south to Punta Gorda in the Toledo District where a remarkable display of the people’s utmost rejection of the Gender Policy was seen. More than 4,000 persons from different denominations joined...


Over 1,250 attend Constitutional Rally in Belize City
It was the Old Capital’s turn today to welcome Christians and concerned citizens who came out in opposition to the Revised National Gender Policy 2013 which was approved by Cabinet in March. More than 1,250 Belizeans assembled at the Berger Field at nine this morning, many carrying signs and...

Belize exits Gold Cup with defeat
The task was always uphill and Belize entered today’s game in East Hartford, Connecticut, with a slim mathematical chance of making Sunday’s quarterfinals with a heavy defeat of Cuba – four goals or more would overhaul Martinique for the final slot. The Leones del Caribe had not won a...

Body of lost fisherman fished from the sea
The community of San Andres Village is tonight mourning the loss of a fisherman after his boat capsized at sea. Eduardo Dominguez and Ryan Barahona were out on a fishing trip on Sunday, when a storm struck. Barahona was at the helm of the 23 foot skiff when he...

Body discovered in canal in Belize City
Another body was taken out of a body of water today. This time, the body was discovered in the canal in Belize City. Sometime around 3:30 this afternoon, the body was seen near the Jane Usher Boulevard Extension in an area approximately 120 feet off the end of the...

Search for missing Belmopan taxi driver continues
Authorities are still looking for a Belmopan taxi man who disappeared this past week. While the search for 45 year old Jose Marin Umana Aguilar stretched into its fourth day, his family is grasping for any lead that could aid in his discovery. His common law-wife, Lucia Aleman says...

Romonio Garcia guilty of use of deadly means of harm
55 year old Romonio Garcia was found guilty of use of deadly means of harm with intent to cause grievous harm. This is after he chopped off five of a man’s fingers after disputing over a woman while drinking together. According to reports. Alfredo Herrera went to visit Garcia...

DPP says there is conflicting evidence in shooting death of Rasheed Elijio
Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Cheryl-Lynn Vidal has told PLUS News that while a ballistic report provided by the Police Department indicates what weapon fired the shot that killed 18 year old Rasheed Elijio in May, there is “conflicting evidence as to who may have been in possession of...

Two men charged for assault on Philip Henry
Last week we showed a battered Philip Henry who says he was attacked on a trip to the old capital. Just before 6 o’clock on Friday morning, Henry says he was buying food in front of the bus terminal, when a grey pickup parked behind him. Allan Kelly and...

COLA coming out in defense of Steven Buckley
Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action (COLA) is coming out in defense of Steven Buckley, a father of four who was shot at by police officers three years ago. Buckley and two other men were leaving their construction site when police stopped them on Kraal Road. As the driver...

Fifth annual Summer Camp program in Belmopan
The Belmopan City Council, The Belmopan Area Representative and the Belmopan Sports Council, in collaboration with the various sporting associations in Belmopan are hosting the fifth annual Summer Camp program for kids between the ages of 7-16. Over 350 students will be participating and though most are primary school...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker Health Committee
The Caye Caulker Health Committee would like to invite the Caye Caulker Residents to attend a Public Peace Corps collaboration meeting on Thursday, July 18th 2013 at 7 p.m. at the Community Center. This is being organized by the Caye Caulker Health Committee along with the Ministry of Health and the Peace Corps.

Present Committees at the Village Council
Anyone wanting to join any of the newly formed committees at the village council can contact the following persons. Events and Culture Committee – Tracy Young – 602-1772 Sports Committee – Ralph Humes – 620-1433 or Julian ‘Neno’ Rosado – 610-3151 Health Committee – Raul Young – 607-1806 Environmental Committee (FAMRACC, Humane Society etc) – Ilda Marin – 607-5466

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Marty Online happy OP

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Couple loses firstborn; hospital has no answers for the death. It seems that even after thirteen infants died during the first 20 days of May in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), with seven of their deaths being caused by an outbreak of an enterobacter cloacae infection in the neonatal unit, tragedy and controversy continue to stalk the nation’s premier public health institution. A grieving couple from the Toledo District, Lawrence Bol, 31, and Elvira Ak, 30, are confused as to what could have caused the death of their newborn baby girl over the weekend at the hospital. Ak said that she went to the KHMH on Friday, July 12, to have her baby. Her water bag had broken only 33 weeks into her pregnancy. Her due date was some time near the end of August. She had her baby through cesarean birth around 8:00 p.m. on Friday. Ak said that her baby weighed four pounds, three ounces at birth, but she was told by the nurses that her baby was healthy. She said that the newborn was checked and they were told that everything was functioning properly. The couple said that the baby was breastfeeding and responding to their touch. Nothing seemed wrong with the baby while they had her in their arms, so they were surprised when they were told by the nurses that the baby had to be taken to the intensive care unit to be breastfed.

Infestation caused by smuggled fruits and vegetables; quarantine ordered. Southern Belize—and specifically the area from Silk Grass to the Sarstoon—is this year reporting an infestation of Mediterranean fruit flies (medfly for short), and the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) has announced a quarantine of part of the Stann Creek District and the entire Toledo District – where, historically, the medfly infestations have occurred, presumably due to the smuggling of fruits and vegetables. The quarantine, which came into effect on Saturday July 13, 2013, will run for at least 6 weeks and possibly up to 12 weeks, depending on the results of our surveillance program, Hernan Zetina, who is the Coordinator of the Medfly Programme in Belize, told Amandala. Zetina said that, “We’ve been having a series of detections since the last week of April.” What the quarantine means is that the fruits and vegetables on a list of prohibited items are not allowed to be transported. If they are found upon searches conducted at designated checkpoints, BAHA officials will confiscate them. A 24-hour quarantine checkpoint has been placed on the Southern Highway at the village of Silk Grass, BAHA has notified. BAHA has confiscated mostly mangoes and citrus since Saturday. Common fruits and vegetables on the quarantine list are apple, apricot, avocado, bell pepper, carambola, ripe coffee berry, dates, figs, grapes, grapefruit, guava, loquat, lychee, mango, nectarine, orange, tangerine, papaya, peach, pear, plum, pomegranate, pummel, sapote, sapodilla, tangerine, tomato, craboo, almond, coco plum, sea grape, chico sapote, malay apple, and caimito.

Massive march against GOB’s Gender Policy 2013. This morning, a militant group of Christian activists are leading a march on the old capital, Belize City – the fourth in a series of “Constitutional Marches” being held during the month of July, which Belize Can, one of the collaborating entities, has designated as Constitution Awareness Month. The Belize City Constitution March departs at 9:00 a.m. from the Constitution Park in the area of Pound Yard Bridge, and moves through the City to Memorial Park, where a rally will be held. According to Pastor Scott Stirm of Belize Action, there will be several speakers addressing the audience in both English and Spanish. Among them will be Pastor Eugene Crawford and Ms. Maria Zabaneh. “Belizeans are stirred by the UNIBAM challenge to our laws, and now the Gender Policy 2013’s inclusion of ‘sexual orientation’ and the clear inclusion of the homosexual agenda. Policy is the last step before becoming law! And the Gender Policy calls for these laws! For these things to become legitimized in law, OUR CONSTITUTION WOULD HAVE TO CHANGE!” organizers said in a statement. They assert that the marches are “a demonstration of NUMBERS and RESOLVE that we will not let our nation go this direction!! We will not allow our elected leaders to TAKE OUR NATION THIS DIRECTION!”

Police on anti-drug operations on Monday, July 1, confiscated over 1,800 grams of weed found in a prayer house latrine in Columbia Village, Toledo. The confiscated drugs were labeled as found property. Police said that they went to the latrine of the prayer house, located on the compound of a church in the village, and found two black plastic bags, which, when opened, were found to contain ganja. The drugs were taken to the Punta Gorda Police Station, where it was determined, after the drugs were weighed, that the ganja retrieved from the latrine totaled 1,814 grams in weight. No one was arrested. The drugs were labeled as found property and will be handed over for destruction by the Toledo police.

The body of an elderly man was found today, Monday, near his residence on Jane Usher Boulevard in Belize City. The body was in an advanced state of decomposition. The man, whose name is being withheld at this time, was said to have been living alone. The body was found in the bushes not too far away from his home by residents of the area, who contacted the police. We will have more details on this incident in our weekend issue.

Immigration officer could not prove that the minor had entered the country illegally. On March 21, Francisca Flores, 50, a resident of Belama Phase 2, was arraigned in court for harboring an illegal immigrant; but today, she walked out of court a free woman, as the charges against her were dismissed after the Immigration Office’s case fell to pieces. On March 20, Irma Hilda Alaz Azmitia was suspected of human trafficking after she was caught with four minors who had fake Guatemalan passports stamped with fake US visas. When the children were interviewed, one of them allegedly told officials that he had been housed at a home in Belama Phase 2, which led them to arrest Flores. At her arraignment, Flores had initially pleaded guilty, but told the court that she didn’t know that the child had entered the country illegally. She was advised, on the basis of the explanation she offered, to change her plea, which she did. She was offered and met bail that same day and today her trial started before Magistrate Clive Lino.

Two women, 16 and 20, of Orange Walk have been released on separate bail in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court today, on charges of grievous harm and threatening words. The girl, a minor, 16, was released on a bail of $3,000 and ordered to return to court on September 23 on the charge of grievous harm, and Corina Panagua, 20, was offered a bail of $1,500 on charges of threatening words and abusive language, and also ordered to return to court on Monday, September 23. Aresteo Cowo, 60, of Orange Walk Town, told police that about 6:45 on Saturday evening, he was at home when the two women, who were intoxicated, came to his house and started an altercation with him. When he tried to stop them, one of the women pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the upper chest, and then began to verbally abuse and threaten him.

Our sports desk joins with the football family in sharing the grief and extending our sincere condolences to our football brothers – “Leechi,” “Cheety” and “Danny,” and all of the Jimenez family as well as the Police United football family, on the passing of our beloved mother, friend and football spirit, Mrs. Teresita Jimenez. The game is love, and may her love for the game spread far and wide across the length and breadth of the Jewel, nurturing other young men to become great football warriors like her sons, Leechi, Cheety and Danny. R.I.P., Ms. Teresita.

It rained so much in Belize City on Saturday morning, all indications were, and conveniently so, that the cricket game in the Belize River valley would be rained out. (We also wanted to see Belize vs Costa Rica in the Gold Cup on Saturday afternoon.) But, surprise, surprise! Just like when we drove from bright sunshine in Belize City a few weeks ago to find the cricket game rained out in Bermudian Landing; so it was on Saturday, that while the city was soaking wet, it was sunny and dry in Double Head Cabbage for Game 2 of the best-of-3 cricket finals to be played. Defending champion, Excellence of Double Head Cabbage had taken Game 1 the previous week in Crooked Tree; so, as our story in last weekend’s Amandala said, “It could end this Saturday in Double Head;” and it did. There has been a tradition in cricket, and a couple weeks ago we were assured by cricket officials that there would be a separate “Trophy Day” on a later date, once a champion had been declared. But there was a change of plans on Saturday, and Excellence team members are likely satisfied with the departure from tradition, as they had waited all year long for their championship trophies for the 2012 season. We missed a really good game, as well as the trophy ceremony. From the reports, Brilliant made an outstanding effort, and pushed Excellence to the limit, forcing them to live up to their name. Our regrets and sincere apologies to all the players in the Finals, and congrats to the repeat champions, Excellence!

Two things have occurred recently which are troubling for hard-core Belizean nationalists. One was the recent visit to Great Britain by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his family. That visit was too colonial, both in its substance and in its appearance. The second troubling development has been the mobilization of thousands in the South and the West by church elements which are more concerned with religion and morality than they are with sociology and economics. The thousands of marching Belizeans did not seem to have an issue with the Prime Minister’s sudden, strange trip to Buckingham Palace and his meetings with the Lord of Chichester. The issue the marching Belizeans had was with a government document called a “gender policy.” Some church leaders consider the document to be satanic in aspects, and it appears that they have linked the gender policy with the UNIBAM lawsuit which is seeking to have homosexuality declared legal in Belize. Except for the incredibly heroic efforts of our national football selection at the Gold Cup tournament in the United States, we Belizeans would now be in psychological shambles. The Queen and the churches have said to us, for those who wish to hear, that Belize belongs to forces which are neither indigenous or authentic. A couple weeks ago, COLA marched in Belize City against criminal negligence at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. COLA’s support was minimal. A few months ago, BGYEA marched in Belmopan for roots land rights. Their support was minimal. But thousands and thousands of Belizeans have come out for “pro-constitution” demonstrations which are targeting the gender policy.

It is possible to look back now and believe that the Americans decided that Belize should become independent because the territory had become an area of political disturbance. In late 1980, an American official by the name of Bushnell came to Belize to tell the PUP government of then Premier George Price that Washington had decided to support Belize’s independence. Belize had become a self-governing British colony in 1964, and the only thing standing in the way of independence was the Guatemalan dispute with Great Britain over the territory. The Guatemalans were the Americans’ most important allies in this region, but Guatemala itself had become a country which was violently divided politically. At the beginning of 1959, the workers and peasants in Cuba had overthrown the business and big landowner sectors and declared a communist revolution. This was a troubling, traumatic development for both Washington and Guatemala City. The relationship between the two political capitals immediately became even closer. And this became a time when Belizeans felt most threatened by the Guatemala claim, because the then Guatemalan president, Miguel Ydígoras Fuentes, was a real fire-breather. One has to believe that he was a real fire-breather on the Belize question because he knew just how much Washington “had his back.”

Stann Creek fishers say communities will be excluded from “traditional use of the very assets they depend on.” Today, July 15, marks the end of a 60-day period for public comment on a proposed coastal zone management plan for Belize—a plan which some fishermen, particularly those in the Stann Creek area—contend would put them at a disadvantage, and could possibly strip them of prized access to parts of coastal Belize. In their submission to the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI), they said that Belize faces many challenges: “Foremost among them is the issue of who can use what, when and where. The submitted plan by CZMAI attempts to address this highly contentious issue, using computer- generated modeling (InVest) scenarios to justify sweeping recommendations that promise significant intrusions & restrictions upon Stann Creek fisherfolk. This, in turn, will exclude the communities from traditional use of the very assets they depend on.” The Dangriga group—which includes Police Superintendent Robert Mariano as president of the National Garifuna Council of Belize; Rosella Zabaneh of BTIA Dangriga; Captain Norlan Lamb; and Mark Thompson, pilot/station manager of Maya Air—has put its concerns in writing, and it is hoping that the authorities take their concerns onboard before the plan comes into full effect. More details can be obtained from the Belize Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (2013), published by the CZMAI, in collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development. (It can be downloaded from Go to “quick links”.)

The bulk of Belize’s renewable energy comes from hydropower, but the Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities (MESTPU), along with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), will soon be inviting proposals from the private sector, calling on them to submit proposals for innovative renewable energy projects for Belize. Speaking with journalists at a private sector forum the ministry held in Corozal Town on Thursday, Minister Joy Grant, under whose portfolio energy falls, said that, “By the end of this month, or very shortly thereafter, the PUC – the Public Utilities Commission – with the ministry and BEL [the Belize Electricity Limited] will be asking for proposals, 50 megawatts of what we call reliable energy and then some 17-20 for renewables.” Grant said that this is a great opportunity for the private sector, with whom they were having their third such meeting, to participate. “If for nothing else, everybody wants their light bill to go down, and we are saying if we go to a larger percentage of our energy needs [being met] from renewables, we could guarantee that the rate will go down,” she said.

This morning, Belize Immigration authorities unveiled a newly computerized border management system, implemented with funding from the United States government. The launch took place at 8:00 at the Philip Goldson International Airport, where Minister of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, NEMO, and Immigration & Nationality Services, Godwin Hulse—allowing himself to be fingerprinted on the new system—demonstrated to the media how the new system works. Hulse likened the system to that used by the US at ports like Miami. Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Belize, Margaret Hawthorne, noted that Belize is a prime tourist destination and over 900,000 tourists visit from the US yearly. “With more people passing through Belize, however, security concerns inevitably arise. Minister Hulse, his ministry and many other agencies work extremely hard every day to ensure that the country remains safe. The US Embassy recognizes that if Belize remains safe, so too does the United States,” she said.

The Belize Audio Visual Industry (BAVIA) held its annual audio-visual industry symposium today, Friday, at the House of Culture. The symposium ran in conjunction with the 8th Belize International Film Festival which started on July 11. Brent Toombs, president of BAVIA, said the idea of the event was to bring together local stakeholders and producers, visiting filmmakers and other people who are interested in film production to discuss ways to improve the film production industry in Belize. This is the third annual symposium to be held in Belize. Toombs said that the symposium is helpful to filmmakers as it brings together a lot of people who are interested in production and develops a certain energy that motivates them and helps them to realise what they need to know or do in order to improve. Two aspects of finance for filmmaking were discussed at the symposium. One was the possibility of offering a set of incentives to attract foreign filmmakers to bring projects to Belize and the other was the prospect of Government making it easier for filmmakers to have access to filming equipment.

Bruce is wanted in the US for murder, attempted murder and other offenses. Belizean national Deon Bruce, 28, was escorted to court where he appeared for extradition proceedings to the United States. Bruce is wanted by the US for crimes including murder, attempted murder, aggravated battery and firearm possession, stemming from an incident which occurred in 2000. Today, Magali Perdomo appeared on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office, and presented the court with a warrant issued by the US for Bruce’s extradition, which was issued on March 30, 2000. The order, dated July 2, 2013, was sent for a warrant to be issued, and it was granted on that same day by the Chief Magistrate, and Bruce was eventually apprehended yesterday, Thursday. Bruce was represented by attorney Bryan Neal, who argued that although Bruce was born on July 20, 1984, the warrant that was issued was for a Deon Bruce, born July 20, 1984, but in the Cayman Islands, while his client was born in Belize.

A search and rescue operation is presently being conducted by the Coast Guard and fishermen from Sarteneja Village to find a fisherman, Edwardo Dominguez, from Sarteneja, who is missing at sea after a 23-foot sailboat he and his friend were travelling in capsized at about 10:00 yesterday morning while the men were heading from Sarteneja to Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, located on northern Ambergris Caye. Barajona (Christian name not given), Dominguez’s companion, told police that when the boat capsized, he swam to the nearby shore for safety, but he did not see Dominguez, who had begun to swim with him but went under the water. Barajona told police that the boat capsized due to the bad weather. The Belize National Coast Guard responded to a missing at sea call after they received a message from the Sarteneja policemen that one of the local fishermen was missing. Lieutenant Commander Gregory Soberanis of the Belize Coast Guard said that so far they have located the capsized boat, but there was no sign of Dominguez. He said that the Coast Guard are looking at the tide and current patterns since Sunday when they began the search.


A Walk Around Caye Caulker – Jam Session at the Sport Bar: The End
This post is getting somewhat ridiculous. Not only is it now four long parts (the last was A Walk Around Caye Caulker: Part 3 dated April 11…APRIL 11!) but I was there many months ago. But rest assured. I was just in Caye Caulker a few days ago… and not much has changed. Just one of the reasons to love this little island. The last thing to wrap up is the very cool Friday afternoon Jam session at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar located beachside (if you are asking around, everyone just calls it the sports bar). Look for this gorgeous chalk sign. It starts at 3pm…ish.

Why I Love the Garifuna Collective
There are many things to love about Belize, and one of them is the music. Brukdown, Punta rock, Paranda, Maya marimba, Garifuna and Creole drumming; those uniquely Belizean styles are as diverse and wonderful as Belize’s stunning landscapes. So it was interesting to hear that the Garifuna Collective has been touring Canada with Ontario singer-songwriter Danny Michel, proving that you don’t need swaying palm trees and sand under your feet to enjoy those majestic sounds. Michel and the eleven member Garifuna Collective have been touring on the back of “Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me”, a 2012 collaboration between Michel and the Garifuna Collective and appeared at the Winnipeg Folk Festival July 12, 13 and 14. Released in Canada, the U.S. and Belize, “Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me” went on to earn a 2013 Juno nomination. Apparently, Mr Michel was vacationing in Belize some 15 years ago when he first heard Garifuna music and fell in love with it, as you do.

Belize's Ultimate Bartender
Traveller's Liquor is having its 60th anniversary this year, and they are looking for Belize's best bartender. They'll be choosing the 2 best from Cayo at Midas Resort on August 13th. For more info, email [email protected] If you're up to the challenge, enter their National Bartender Competition. "Bartenders are being given the chance to showcase their skills at the 60th anniversary for Traveller’s Liquor Ltd. Competition, with talent from 6 districts competing for the title of Belize Best Bartender."

Education is the Only Way Forward
The University of Belize has a special issue of their Bulletin for their graduates, highlighting their accomplishments. It's a short, feelgood issue, with plenty of great pictures in it. Congratulations to German Lopez and Leo Koop for receiving EU scholarships. "'Education is the only way forward for Belize,' declared Senator the Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development and National Emergency Management in his Keynote Address to graduates of the University of Belize at the Seventeen Commencement Exercises on June 15 and 23 respectively in Belmopan and Toledo. This graduation special focuses on the graduates and their accomplishment. Enjoy."

No Churn Chocolate Oreo Cookie Ice Cream
No ice cream tub needed. Simple and easy to make. No ice, no salt and no churning necessary.

Village Expo 2013
BTB's 2nd Annual Village Arts & Crafts Expo

Second training of entrepreneurs and P3Ventures
The second entrepreneurship training was held July 9th – 11th and had participation from 48 Business owners and eight consultants from BELTRAIDE, Sacred Heart Junior College and ITVET Toledo. The work-shop had a total of 70 participants and was the result of three weeks of intensive work by the entrepreneurs to conduct problem observations, problem interviews and solution interviews after which they had to developed a Video Pitch and PPT that reflected the results of their interviews and their immediate next steps. The persons at the work-shop were successful in their presentation. The consultants provided guidance and mentorship to the entrepreneurs leading up to the workshop and provided technical assistance throughout the work-shop. The entrepreneurs will now be required to conduct another series of interviews and observations and develop a work-plan and accompanying budget for their business over a six-month span. The businesses that are successful in this second Video Pitch will receive seed capital.

“Get Down on It” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Problems with the Internet persisted yesterday. On Ambergris Caye it’s always slow when compared to what we took for granted in the UK but this wasn’t just slow. It wasn’t even pedestrian at times. It was crawl speed. Made me think of the idiom “you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone”. You just don’t realise how much you use (and depend upon) the Internet until it is not readily available. Well, it was available but just so (frustratingly) ponderously slow. Becoming ever more frustrated with the speed (or, to be precise, the lack of it) yesterday morning I headed to Estel’s for breakfast. If I had to wait for a search to be completed at least I had something to do- eat! The speed did improve shortly after 11 am but still not as good as before the problem showed itself so I was glad when noon came and it was time for us to get ready and head off to Pedro’s Hotel for lunch which was generously ‘donated’ by Ian Ritchie of Captain Shark’s.

International Sources

VIDEO: Fox Sports' excellent piece on the Belize's football team

In pictures: Stunning images from The Masters of Nature Photography

100 Most influential photographers of all time
From Professional Photographer magazine we find this intriguing post, there is no doubt a list like this will generate some debate but I doubt any of your favourites will be missing Richard Avedon ...

60 Best Photoshop Tutorial Sites
Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. As we all know that at presently, it is the current market leader for photo manipulation software. It is an excelle...

9 Tips From The World’s Most Influential iPhoneographers
A couple of weeks ago I set out to do the impossible. I wanted to create a blog post compiling the best tips and advice from some of the world's most

Late goal lifts Cuba into Gold Cup quarterfinals
Ariel Martinez ended Cuba's long Gold Cup drought with three goals Tuesday, and Jeniel Molina's last-second score lifted the Cubans into the quarterfinals with a 4-0 rout of overmatched Belize. It was Cuba's first victory in 14 Gold Cup games, including 12 losses. The Cubans finished the opening round 1-2 after losses to the United States and Costa Rica, but the four-goal victory allowed them to advance over Martinique as one of the top third-place teams. "For me, it was like winning the World Cup," Martinez said. "It is a great achievement for us and it made me very happy." Belize (0-3), which finished with 10 men, was eliminated. After Martinez completed his hat trick, the Cubans pressed for the fourth goal that would keep them in the tournament. They came close a handful of times, then Molina put in a short right-footed shot and his teammates stormed off the bench into the corner of the pitch to mob him. Cuba advanced one other time, in 2003.

IMF pleased with economic performance of Belize
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the completion of the exchange of the “super bond” for new United States denominated bonds has brought “substantial cash-flow relief” to Belize. The IMF, which recently concluded a review of the country’s economy, said that the new bonds, which will expire in 2038, has resulted in a cash flow of US$130 million over the next five years. Last December, the Dean Barrow government said it had reached an agreement with its creditors on restructuring the country's US$544 million foreign debt, also known as the super bond. Prime Minister Barrow described the agreement as “comprehensive” adding “it is sustainable, and it will provide well in excess of US$150 million in relief to Belize”. Last year, bondholders had rejected an offer from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country on restructuring the debt and said they had hired lawyers after the expiry of a reprieve on legal action. Belize, which said it could not afford to meet rising interest payments on the bond, shocked investors with an earlier suggestion that they take a haircut of up to 45 per cent.

IMF - International Monetary Fund : Press Release: IMF Executive Board Concludes 2013 Article IV Consultation with Belize
On June 21, 2013, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation with Belize. The Belize government's completion of the exchange of its "super-bond" for new U.S. dollar denominated bonds due to expire in 2038 brought substantial cash-flow relief (about US$130 million over the next 5 years). The debt restructuring took place against prolonged legal disputes over the nationalization of two utility companies, Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). No agreement has been reached yet over compensation payments; and the legal dispute may take a few years in court. Output growth is estimated at 5.3 percent in 2012, led by a recovery from the 2011 effects of weather-related damages in commodity exports. Inflation averaged 1.4 percent, as commodity price pressures abated. The external current account deficit widened to about 1.7 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) due to a steep drop in oil exports and higher imports of fuel and electricity. Notwithstanding this deterioration, international reserve coverage is estimated at 3.4 months of imports up from 3 months in 2011, thanks in part to strong foreign direct investment inflows in the sugar sector. Unemployment remains high at 16 percent.

Belize man gets 32 years for kidnapping Gary drug dealer
A Belize man has been sentenced to 32 years in prison for a 2006 kidnapping and armed robbery of a Gary drug dealer. A jury found Tyrone Reynolds guilty in 2011 of kidnapping Glenford Russell for ransom, conspiring to distribute marijuana and using a firearm to commit a crime of violence. In October 2006, Reynolds and seven others ransacked Russell's home looking for marijuana and money. According to court records, Reynolds duct-taped Russell to a chair, beat him and kept him bound for at least 11 hours. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated Reynolds' sentence in May, saying he did not deserve life in prison because there was no proof he demanded a ransom to a third party.

Are You the Nurse?
The day marked my fourth month in Belize. We had spent weeks and shed buckets of sweat turning a dirty, dilapidated corner of a building into a medical clinic. Since then, day after day, for long hours I attended to patients while geckos climbed the walls and termites built fresh trails on the ceiling over my exam table. Though I was a nurse, my duties had expanded beyond providing basic health care. I also disposed of the occasional dead rat on the path to the clinic, swept mounds of dead bugs from the floor and waged daily war against mosquitoes big enough to ride. Once I even armed myself with a machete and battled an opossum that wanted to make my clinic his home. But on this particular day, I was taking a much-needed break from work. I had arranged to spend the day with a young woman, Terese, who I met when I bought a small jippa jappa basket. After chatting with her for a short time, I explained that I would love to watch her weave baskets, as well as anything else she typically did as she went about her daily work. I told her I want to record a day in the life of a woman in her village.

From Belize to the Florida Keys
Kevin Spatz, a senior biology major from Conway, Ark. is spending his summer as an intern with the Mote Marine Laboratory's Marine Microbiology Program in the Florida Keys. Spatz began his internship assisting in field work and spends most of his day performing lab work with bacteria cultures. Currently, he is researching the microbial communities in the mucus of mustard hill coral (Porites astreoides) and sea anemones (Anemonia viridis) to see if the microbe community composition in mustard hill coral changes during spawning. “For the sea anemones, we're looking to see if the microbial communities are different in sea anemones that are close to a volcanic vent versus other anemones that are further away,” he said. “The volcanic vent actually serves as a nice model for climate change and ocean acidification.”

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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
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