The Women’s Issues Network (WIN-Belize) says it has contacted its member organizations and reached consensus on fully accepting the Revised National Gender Policy, 2013.

A statement put out by WIN-Belize says that the Revised National Gender Policy “is founded on principles outlined in the Belize Constitution and in International Conventions and Agreements signed and ratified by the Government of Belize.”

Calling it a “progressive development policy promoting human rights, gender equality and gender equity,” WIN-Belize claims that its members work with the government “to ensure that persons are able to access the services provided and receive relevant information” in the areas of health, education & skills training, wealth and employment generation, violence producing conditions, and power and decision making.

The WIN-Belize press release concludes that “Belize is not a homogeneous society; therefore, the policy speaks to the access and provision of services to all this country’s citizens.”