Santa Elena Public Library refurbished

A Summer Camp at the Santa Elena Public Library in the Cayo District ended last Friday with a sports day for participants. The Santa Elena Library in the Cayo District opened its Summer Camp last Monday with a PowerPoint on endangered animals.

According to librarian Beatrice Moreno, the main objective of last week’s Summer Camp was for children to learn about the extinction of animals in Belize and develop an appreciation for endangered species. As part of the activities to learn about rare species, children created model animals out of clay as well as did some painting. Children also performed some drama during the one week of activities.

At this time, the Santa Elena Public Library is being temporarily housed across from Carmen Street, in Santa Elena Town, while the main building is being refurbished and expanded with assistance from the Social Investment Fund (SIF). The project to renew the library has had been delayed, but assurance came this week from Mike Hernandez, Public Relations Director at SIF, that another contractor to complete the building is being hired.

Whenever the Santa Elena Public Library is completed, its expanded structure will accommodate a network of Internet-ready computers. The library serves the Eden Seventh Day Adventist Primary and High School as well as the Santa Elena Roman Catholic Primary, High School and Sixth Form. Students from other denominational primary schools also visit it, which is a branch of the Belize National Library Service and Information System. The newly fenced library grounds in Santa Elena Town will also offer ideal spaces for Summer Programs into the future. Periodically, the Ministry of Health also uses the Santa Elena Public Library as a launching pad for its immunization programs.

The Guardian