Mexican fighter jets given permission to fly over Belize

Earlier this month, News Five reported on the presence of Mexican military planes in Belizean airspace. At the time there were persistent reports that on June thirtieth at least three planes with Mexican markings had flown as far down as Dangriga within Belizean territory. Lindsay Garbutt of the Department of Civil Aviation did not confirm or deny the presence of the airplanes. With no official comment forthcoming, the matter died a natural death. But today it was resurrected in a question directed to Minister of National Security John Saldivar on a political morning show on WAVE Radio. Saldivar confirmed the reports, saying the presence of the Mexican fighter jets was sanctioned.

Voice of: John Saldivar, Minister of National Security

John Saldivar

“My understanding of the incident, Cap, and I will say as little as possible while giving you a proper explanation, is that the Mexican authorities had requested permission to track an aircraft that they thought would have been entering Mexican airspace. They were given that permission and suffice to say that the aircraft that they were tracking made certain movements and caused the Mexican authorities to follow, not necessarily that aircraft but the ground transportation that they had used perhaps to offload their cargo and it was the Mexican plane that came into our territory with our full knowledge so that’s as much as I can say so it wasn’t an act of aggression. It was the Mexican authorities tracking some movements that came across our country and which they thought were going across into Mexican territory.”

Though Saldivar would not provide more information than that, he was likely referring to an operation involving narcotics being trafficked between Belize and Mexico.

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