To make this fair here is what Dr, Usher had to say regarding the previous post on this matter.

Mrs. Cooper,
Just opened my e-mail and saw yours. Thanks very much for the support. Yes, I can't please everyone even though I try my best. I,m not at all worried about these little negatives that they may say about me. Everything we do is done with all pertinent dental views in mind for the best care to patients. I do that with the greatest of care for the benefit to the patient.Moreover, the patient is always involve in their treatment plan. We keep records of all we do since 1984 and can assure anyone that what we diagnose is not only appropriate but with a long term cost effectiveness. That patient, if it is so,should say exactly what we discussed, what was the extent of his/her dental problem and how was it that his/her treatment would have been.Cheap dentistry is always not the best dentistry, yet expensive dentistry does not necessarily makes it better. The clinician/dentist and the patient working together makes the best result in any treatment.I do likewise share your view, x-rays are not necessary for diagnosis of cavities and certainly not an ultimate means as a diagnosis but as an adjunct for diagnosis.Consistency in diagnosing dental problems and resolving them is what makes great dentistry.
Mrs. Cooper, I thank you very much for the support and I assure you that whatever that person says, he/she is giving their personal one sided view.Feel free to post this entirely or partially on that blog.
Have a great night.
Dr. Usher