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The San Pedro Sun

Robbery in San Pedro Town
On 18th July, 2013 at 1:33pm a 13 year old student of San Pedro Town visited the station along with his father of the same address. He reported that on the same date at about 12:30 pm he was in the company of (3) three friends in front of Patio’s Pier which is located on Beach-front, when they were approached by a Hispanic male person riding a black female bicycle. He further reported that the male person had in his possession an item which resembled a black firearm and cocked the firearm in front of him and demanded their personal items . The male person then reportedly grabbed a white Apple brand I-phone valued at $1,500.00 BZD which was the property of complainant and made good his escape. Police are investigating.

Shooting in San Pedro Town
At 3:00 pm on 13th, July 2013, police visited the San Pedro Poly Clinic where 31 year old Miguel Dominguez, Belizean bartender of Sea Grape Drive was seen with a wound to the left hand near his wrist and to the left side. Initial investigation revealed that 24 year old Daniel Maldonado, manager of San Pedrito area, San Pedro Town, was walking on Angel Coral Street and upon reaching in front of the foot-ball field (Saca Chipas) he was approached by Dominguez who pulled out a knife and attempted to stab him. Fearing for his life he pulled out his license .9mm pistol and fired a single shot at Dominguez causing his injuries. Police are investigating.

Misc Belizean Sources

Airbender on Be the Next Superstar
Cayo's Ashanti Garcia, aka Airbender, was on Be the Next Superstar, and it was a fantastic display of yoga, contortion, and dance. This is worth watching twice. "This is the performance Alex and I did for his performance for the local talent competition, Be The Next Superstar: Season 2. In it you will see a little bit of an artistic yoga performance, break-dancing, hip-hop dancing, and yoga-dancing. The audience enjoyed it very much! It was a great learning experience!"

Blues Nights at Soul Project
Cayo's Soul Project has their Blues Night tonight. Every Saturday they bring in Eddie Allen and Emmanuel Mangar to jam the Blues. The cultural hub of Cayo is known for great music, tasty tacos, and the widest selection of local wines in the country.

Channel 5

Rosewood going cheap! Cheap! Cheap!
The big news tonight is about the Chiquibul Symposium which was held in Belize City today, and we’ll get to that in a few. But first to the issue of rosewood, which burned furiously before settling to a slow simmer. Remember how exporters including the brother of the Deputy Prime Minister were allowed to sell their illegally harvested rosewood? Remember how government said they had struck a deal whereby there would be a fifty- fifty profit sharing agreement after the rosewood was sold? Well there is official verification tonight of just how much government received from the rosewood sale, and you’ll be blown away by that bombshell dropped by Minister of Forest Lisel Alamilla. Mike Rudon has the story. When GOB got flak over its decision to allow exporters to retrieve their illegally harvested rosewood and sell it, they stuck firmly to the story that it was the best option available to them. The deal struck with exporters guaranteed that GOB would be given half of the revenue from sales, or at least that’s what we were told. This afternoon the rosewood conversation with Minister of Forests Lisel Alamilla shed some light on that. Lisel Alamilla, Minister of Forests “A lot of it has been exported already, but remember the amnesty doesn’t require you to export it.


Corozal House Of Culture Hosts 2nd Full Moon Concert
The Corozal House of Culture is well known for organizing activities that promote art and culture in Corozal featuring local artist from across the district. Every year the house of culture hosts four full moon concerts that showcase the talent of those in the music field. This Saturday the 2nd Full Moon Concert will take place and as usual Corozalenos are all invited to take part in the event. Debra Wilkes Gray - Coordinator Corozal House of Culture “We are having our full Moon concert out here in front of the House of culture tomorrow night, starting at 7:30pm and the theme is Reggae Jam so we are very excited and we will have Mr Julian Melody Man Escobar and friends now he is rather well known throughout the country and he has produced Reggae Cd and I think it out maybe a year or so and that is an excellent Reggae CD, so we like to showcase certain artist and Mr Melody Man did live in Corozal for about couple of years and so he is moving around the country and we are inviting him to come back to Corozal.”

Improving The English Subject
A study conducted by the Inter-American Development Bank revealed that the Education system in Belize is facing numerous challenges. It speaks about the high percentage rate of untrained teachers in Belize, compared to the rest of the Caribbean and Latin American Countries. The report also highlights the performance of students in the Primary School Examination which we all know was dismal this year. In the English paper, 47 percent of students scored a grade C or more and 28 percent made grade D. Only four percent made grade A, while 15 percent received B, seeing a decline in the scores for English. But as the Minister of Education Patrick Faber has said, education is everybody’s business and a non-governmental organization in Corozal is taking that statement seriously. Community Restore, opened its doors in March of this year and has taken up the task to assist students who are falling behind in English. The ground is being covered through a summer program that began on Monday.

Banquitas Summer Program Comes To An End
Also coming to an end today was the Banquitas House of Culture 2013 summer program. The activity culminated with participants showcasing what they learnt in the different classes that were offered. From dance, music, and art: the children were able to prove that indeed Orange Walk is filled with talent. Yvette Torres, Coordinator, Banquitas House of Culture “I must say that I am really overwhelmed because we had a very big group coming out today and the parents are in full support and the participation is more than 100% so I am really, really happy that they are here with us today.” Irvin Aragon –Reporter “Now, in terms of the students be recognized or awarded for their hard this entire week?” Yvette Torres, Coordinator, Banquitas House of Culture “Ok, what we are doing this year is that all of them will get a Certificate of Appreciation for participating in this year program apart from that what we are doing this year we are giving a special award to the student who excel in the different disciplines so that is an incentive for them that they would like to continue what they are doing and want to come back next year for the summer program.”

Orange Walk Central Summer Program Huge Success
Today marked the last day for the Orange Walk Central Sports Camp 2013. The camp proved to be another successful venture for its organizers and sponsors with over 80 participants coming together from all areas of Orange Walk Town. As participants received their certificate of participation for their training in the disciplines of football, volleyball and basketball, they told us how proud they were of their accomplishment. Jordelly Carrillo- Participant “Well good because I learn how to goal keep because I wasn’t good at goal keeping and now I know and I like it.” Irvin Aragon –Reporter “So, you enjoy being here at the camp?” Jordelly Carrillo- Participant “Yes!” Irvin Aragon –Reporter “Is this your first time coming to the camp?”

Ambassador Nestor Mendez Named Chair Of OAS, IAC
The Permanent Representative of Belize to the Organization of American States (OAS), Nestor Mendez, took over today as Chair of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI), the main body of the hemispheric Organization with decision making power in matters of partnership for integral development. The Chair of CIDI was held during the past semester by the Permanent Representative of Barbados, John Beale, who concluded his term emphasizing the central role played by development in the work of the OAS. Ambassador Beale highlighted education in particular, and cited as an example of its impact the experience of the Colombian city of Medellin that has achieved "a remarkable turnaround and is now recognized as a major center of entrepreneurship." "All this is due to education," said Ambassador Beale, adding that through better education the people of the Hemisphere can achieve a better quality of life distance themselves from the problems of violence, crime and drugs. For his part, Ambassador Mendez presented a plaque of recognition to Ambassador Beale on behalf of the Council, for his work as CIDI Chair, and said he faces a difficult task to live up to the work of his predecessor.

Robbing In San Pedro
In San Pedro Town a 13 year old student, accompanied by his father visited the station and reported to police that at around 12:30pm yesterday he and three of his friends were hanging out in front of Patio’s Pier located on the Beach-front, when they were approached by a Hispanic male person riding a black female bicycle. The individual was reportedly armed with what appeared to be a black firearm which he used to threaten his victims while demanding that they hand over their personal items. The assailant then allegedly grabbed a white Apple brand I-phone valued at $1,500.from the complainant and made good his escape. Police are investigating.

Former Chairman of San Felipe Exchanges Land For Vehicle
A farmer from the village of San Felipe in the Orange Walk District is up in arms tonight because the land he has been cultivating for the past six years was sold to Mennonite from the community of Blue Creek without him even knowing. While Sifredo Mujica was unable to provide us with any legal document which proves that he is the rightful owner of the 34 acres of land in question, he claims that what is rightfully his is being taken away. Presently, the land is covered with cucumber, pumpkin, and corn, products which Mujica sells to earn an income and sustain his family. But despite Mujica’s investment, the former UDP chairman of San Felipe, David Wicab, allegedly took advantage of his powers and sold the land a few weeks ago without informing Wicab. Sifredo Mujica- Farmer, San Felipe Village “La situación de este terreno es un poco muy larga por el sistema de que el Sénior dio este terreno en el tiempo de que él iba a correr de Chairman después de que el gano vino y me lo, los papeles que metieron hay en la oficina ya no aparecieron, no sé si el los saco de haya entonces el vendió el terreno así bajo del agua a los menonitas de Blue Creek, le dieron un vehículo por él y le enseño a donde no había trabajadero al menona y el vino después a este rumbo y yo gaste aquí como 10 mil a 11 mil dólares en este trabajo, entonces el menona vino y vio y me dijo que iba a ver que iba hacer porque, yo lo que le dije era de que le quite el vehículo al señor Wicab porque no debe de ser así entonces él lo que me contesto que por qué fue el Chairman él se atrevió andar jodiendo a la gente y así es por eso que el andaba vendiendo muchos terrenos entonces yo lo que le dije quítale el vehículo porque este terreno lo vas a perder porque este terreno ya tiene seis años de que yo lo he estado trabajando y así cada ano le meto dos mil dólares poco a poco con el bul porque no tengo el dinero para hacerlo todo de un solo sino poco a poco lo voy haciendo.”

The Belize Times

Bishop vs. Barrow
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has succeeded where even the brutal British Colonial government had failed. His arrogant and egotistic style of governing the country has antagonized every sector in Belize. He has personally and publicly cursed out the Judge of the Supreme Court, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Head of several trade unions, caused the shooting death of a peaceful protesting cañero, and laughed away the scandalous deaths of 13 babies at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Now, finally, the Prime Minister has descended to mock the Church of the land. In secret the Prime Minister and his ministers approved a gender policy, portions of which have sent the churches into public protest from north to south, east to west; congregations by the thousands have marched the streets denouncing the high handed behavior of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister’s behaviour was to throw down the gauntlet on the churches and the citizens of Belize by saying that there is no force on earth that can make him withdraw his gender policy. This Tuesday, Mr. Barrow and his Cabinet were in panic mode in Belmopan. The reason: none other than Right Rev. Bishop Dorrick Wright was leading a parade of thousands through the streets of Belize City against Barrow and his gender policy. As word got out that it was the Bishop himself at the head of the protest, at 9 o’clock Tuesday morning Belizeans were leaving their workplace to make it to the street-side to witness the historic occasion. In offering prayers to the congregation at the rally in memorial park, Bishop Dorrick Wright took on the role of his Pontiff in the Vatican and spoke directly of the Prime Minister’s barefaced defiance of the Church’s concern. He referred in his prayers to Barrow‘s high-handed remarks. His Lordship said as follows: “We ask the Lord to form the minds and hearts of our leaders so they will change their minds, even though it’s been said that nothing on the Earth will change their minds. Lord, we know that you can do it and we ask you to change their minds.”

Faber Exposed! – IDB study reveals growing inequalities in Education Sector
The findings of an Inter-American Development Bank study on Belize’s education sector is damning for the Ministry of Education. The study shows that while millions of dollars is pumped every year into the ...

Another baby dies at KHMH – Pablo Marin MUST RESIGN!
There is another scandal under the disgraceful leadership of Minister of Health Pablo Marin. Another newborn has died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where 13 babies have already died, reportedly from ...

Macebearer & Wallet Man Go Rogue – UDP thugs charged for wounding Police Officer & Activist
Two known UDP thugs who are no strangers to behaving like hoodlums and ruffians took things to a total ...

Football Lessons
Football was the big craze over the past two weeks as our beloved Jaguars broke ground into the realm of higher competition. As one announcer on Fox Sports put it, “this is our World Cup”. To this point he is right but given the encouraging showing of ...

Two left feet in Education
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was created in 1959. It is the leading source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean. The Bank is promoted as having a strong commitment to achieving measurable results, increased integrity, transparency and accountability. Surely this is a formula for a crash course with ...

Cui & Sen win table tennis tournament
Carlos Cui and Sen Sen won the 2013 Brodies Strong & Weak table tennis tournament held under the auspices of the Belize Table Tennis Association at “the home of table tennis”, the ...

Weekend Warriors race results
Team Scotiabank’s Barney Brown, Digicel 4G’s Anwar Barrow and Team Zitro’s Salvador Alvarado won the A, B and C division respectively of the Weekend Warriors’ 40-mile race from Cotton Tree to ...

Excellence wins SMART Harrison Parks cricket finals
Double Head Cabbage Excellence became repeat SMART Harrison Parks cricket champs, bowling out the 4x national champs, Crooked Tree Brilliant, in the championship finals on Saturday. Brilliant batted first but Excellence’s bowlers Orson “Big Dawg” Flowers ...

A Belize/Guatemala OIL ALLIANCE??
According to several online news reports, the Governments of Belize and Guatemala are negotiating terms for a sort of oil exploration alliance along the border area. As highly controversial as it sounds, reports published on various online news websites such as and are that Belize, ...

Pablo Marin shows no confidence where it truly matters
Belize’s national health system has been under constant scrutiny for the past months. This has been due to the outcry of people who have felt that the delivery of quality health services within our public hospitals ...

AMAZING GRACE – Keep Bad Company
The misconception that Jesus is a shy, docile man is prevalent today, especially in a world that refuses to acknowledge Christ as Lord on any occasion but Christmas, where He is represented as an impotent baby. In reality, Jesus Christ was adept at breaking rules, making his followers rebels by ...

Hon. Dolores contributes to summer programs
As the summer of 2013 is now in full swing Area Representative for Belize Rural Central ...

Unity and Will-Power
We have seen how Belizeans naturally come together in unity....when we are under threat from external forces....Guatemala, football, hurricane, etc. UNITY IS STRENGTH. UNITY IS POWER. Unity can protect us, defend us....bring out the best in us...and even heal us. However, I will propose that the greatest threat to our national ...

HOME ECONOMICS – Belize’s Fiscal Reform
Here are TAX MEASURES (CURRENT & PROPOSED) and their NET EFFECTS in dollars and sense! GST: 12.5% on 40% of consumption vs. 10% on ALL consumption (No exceptions nor exemptions) = $210 million vs. $525 million: RESULT of +$315 million Taxes on fuel: 26% ...

Gender Equity: A Girl’s Right to Obtain an Education
“Marriage can wait; education cannot”― Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns We must empower girls to pursue higher education. We need to determine what kinds of opportunities we can provide to allow young girls the choice not to marry young and not to have multiple births, which can ...

STORIES OF A SUFFERAH – Political Inequality
By Sufferah I remember in 1987 when my father got laid off from this company called “Crown Agent”. My mother was a stay-at-home mom and my father was the breadwinner. It was seven of us back then and my eldest sister was getting ready to go to high school, while my ...

SCALES OF JUSTICE – The Trayvon Martin of Belize!
On the night of 28th April, 2010, he, his boss and his co-worker were all unsuspecting occupants in a vehicle of events which would unfold. It was some minutes to nine that night when the trio was returning to their families and homes. Exhausted and hungry after a ...

Chiquibul – Opening a Can of Worms
A national symposium on the enormous threats to the Chiquibul National Park which sits in the Western region of Belize on the border with Guatemala gets underway in Belize City this weekend. The Belize government’s incompetence to protect and ...

WOMAN IN THE HOUSE – Another Abomination
The definition of abomination in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary 2002 Edition is “a cause of disgust or hatred”. I thought I would look it up, because many times we throw words around without regard for their true meaning. It was a veritable abomination when the Mayan Site ...

PUP Marshalls organizes in northern districts
As Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca met with party official and supporters in the Corozal Bay division on Saturday July 13th, the PUP Marshalls President Steve Latchman was leading members of the Orange ...

Airport Fingerprinting: Invasive and Unlawful
In typical UDP style, the Government of Belize, without any notice to the public, has embarked on a scatterbrained scheme of taking fingerprints of passengers arriving at the Philip Goldson International Airport. American officials were at the opening ceremony giving speeches and naturally, that was all the ...

Sinister S.I. 63 – Former Central Bank Governor says GOB must explain purpose of law
Former Governor of the Central Bank Sydney Campbell has described the recently-passed Statutory Instrument 63 as a suspicious amendment that is wide open to corruption and abuse. S.I. 63 is an amendment to ...

Reflections on the Public Square – Problem Solving, Not Personality Politics
Belize cannot afford to lose another decade; if we do not place our country firmly on the path to economic development and progress now, our legacy to future generations of Belizeans may be a Belize that is a failed state. I do not believe that we are consigned ...

Looming Economic Recession?
Economic analysts are warning that Belize’s economy could be staring at the ugly face of a second economic recession after the first quarter analysis of the economy showed a contraction of 0.5%. The first quarter of 2013, ...

Credit Master Systems sets the record straight
Dear Mr. Editor, We would like to dispel any misinformation the public has about Credit Master Systems (CMS). Credit Master Systems provides bad debt collections, investigation and tracking, settlement negotiations, account receivables collections and bad debt information reporting services to the private sector businesses as well as financial institutions and Government of ...

Paul Rodriguez: Rhetoric vs. Truth
Dear Pastor Wade, So, Ms. Alamilla wants to play hardball, attempting to label us as hatemongers, because one person unfortunately chose to hang a UNIBAM representative in effigy. I accuse them of far greater offence than that! What has mankind from time immemorial called any person who helped a foreign group to ...

Dear Editor, On December 17th 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi reached his human limits with life. Like many young and old Belizeans, he yearned for a better life. He worked as a street vendor in Tunisia, as a committed family man at the tender age of 26 years. As his frustrations over his ...

Restless in Buttonwood Bay
Dear Editor, It's good to see some progress going on with the City's streets, drains and two major parks; but how much of it was really urgent, and at what and whose cost? Wouldn't it have been better to select the streets in more dire need of re-building in planned phases, ...

Belize Defence Force exposes Barrow
Dear Editor, Through this medium, we the Senior Officers of the Belize Defence Force reject being the subjects of “jokes” and the manipulation of our BDF by British agents and Prime Minister Barrow. The handing over of some 17 Bedford 4 tonner (4 ton) trucks from BATSUB to the BDF Commander last ...

Another baby dies at KHMH – Pablo Marin MUST RESIGN!
There is another scandal under the disgraceful leadership of Minister of Health Pablo Marin. Another newborn has died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where 13 babies have already died, reportedly from ...


Boy question and a where to get a tasty $3 Burrito
Food first of course. We did not want to turn up hungry at our fishing meeting and we instantly agreed that a stop our new favorite burrito place was in order. I wanted to get Leisa some crispy coconut treat too, it is super yummy and I knew she would be instantly hooked on it like we were. Love at first bite for burritos and coconut treats and returned for more of both within 24h As you are driving down front street look for Belizean Melody Art Gallery and not to far past that you will see a fruit stand with a walk up window kitchen behind it.They have a good variety of local food and their prices are great. $7 stewed chicken with rice and beans, $3 chicken burrito, $4 egg burrito and chicken egg combo $5. If you have reached Belize Bank you have gone too far. I am not a super spicy food fan, the burritos do have a small kick to them but I would rate it not bad. The crispy coconut treats are made with raw sugar and have a sweet and almost slightly nutty taste to them, a pack of 2 will go far unless you are a total sweet tooth.

Chaa Creek’s Eco Kids Set for Educational Adventure
Twenty four young Belizeans are set to embark on a unique educational learning adventure as this year’s Chaa Creek Children’s Summer Camp Scholarship Program, better known as the Eco Kids Environmental Summer Camp, kicks off today July 20 2013. According to Chaa Creek founder and general manager Lucy Fleming, the innovative annual event gives Belizean youth an opportunity to learn about their natural world through a mix of adventure, social interaction, fun and hands-on education aimed at instilling a sense of wonder and responsibility for the environment. “We’ve always believed that a commitment towards environmental sustainability and promoting things like responsible travel go hand-in-hand with eco-tourism, and that education should be an important part of what we do,” Ms Fleming said, “We also felt that if we can inspire and encourage today’s young people to become active in environmental issues, that will translate into a better, more secure future for Belize’s environment.

International Sources

A Return to Belize
When I first visited Belize in Central America more than 20 years ago as a writer for a travel company, I met Emory King, who had, as a young man, shipwrecked off of Belize’s coast while attempting to sail around the world. He liked the country so much, he stayed. King, an author, provided me with this advice: “If you come to Belize without patience, you’ll learn it. If you come to Belize with patience, you’ll lose it.” It was his way of telling me and other travelers to slow down, relax and enjoy the unique culture and ecological diversity Belize offers. Belize, located just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is bordered by Guatemala to the west and south and the Caribbean Sea to the east. About the size of Massachusetts, it was formerly known as British Honduras, gained its independence from England in 1981 and is primarily an English-speaking country. Beginning 20 years ago over the course of eight years, I traveled to Belize at least a dozen times, visiting resorts and meeting friendly people in all areas of the country. After a hiatus of 12 years, my husband and I decided to make a return trip. With a six-day window, we based our stay in San Pedro on the 22-mile-long Ambergris Caye. Once a sleepy fishing village, San Pedro is now a bustling little town catering to scuba divers, snorkelers, deep-sea and fly fishermen, and those who just want to unwind, relax and appreciate the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and the world’s second-longest barrier reef.