40 students received financial education subsidies from the Area Representative Hon. Manulel Heredia Jr. and the Mayor of San Pedro Town, Daniel Guerrero. The students are the first of two groups who have been selected as part of the education assistance program given to every constituency as part of the Government of Belize’s commitment to education. A total of 100 students from Belize Rural South will benefit from the assistance; 21 students from Caye Caulker Village and 79 from San Pedro Town.

“This financial assistance is given to my area for students at the high school level. The Government of Belize gives each constituent certain amount of assistance and for my area a total of 100 students will benefit. I will also be giving out 150 more assistance to students from my area through the Belize Tourism Board,” explained Heredia Jr. The financial assistance granted ranges from between $300 to $400 for 1st and 2nd form students, $500 to $600 for 3rd and 4th form students, $800 up to $1,000 for six form students and up to maximum of $1500 for university students. 25 more students studying abroad are also receiving assistance in excess of $2500.

The selection process is simple; once you have good grades and show that they are in need then they are given the assistance. Their financial capability also determines the amount given to them as well. We are not looking at the political affiliation of the parents, all we are looking at is the financial need and the good grades,” said Heredia. According to Kelsie Chavez, a 1st form student at the San Pedro High School, she is grateful for the help. “I feel very happy that I am getting this assistance. I would really like to thank the Mayor and the Area Representative who showed interest in me and help me access this assistance. I will make the most out of the assistance given to me.” Meanwhile Mauricio Toriz, a 3rd form student studying at Saint John College in Belize City, the assistance will help his parents with his educational expenses. “I am particularly happy for the assistance since it will help in paying off my school fees. My mom doesn’t have to work that hard to find the extra money to send me to college. I will show them (Minister and Mayor) that I will also make the best out of the assistance.”

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