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07/24/13 06:02 AM
07/24/13 06:02 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Costa Maya Festival presents Miss Guatemala
We introduce to you the final contestant for this year’s Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant®: Miss Guatemala. The lovely Andrea Alejandra Morales Teo is 20 years old, 5’ 9” tall, and was Miss Guatemala 2011 when she represented her state of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Andrea also represented her country proudly at the Miss Continente International Pageant held in Guayaquil, Ecuador a year later, in September 2012. The brown-eyed brunette is eager to represent her country once more at the Reina de la Costa Maya® pageant being held on August 1st. Andrea is the last to join the cast of beauties vying for the title of Reina de la Costa Maya® 2013. She will be on stage with Destinee Arnold (Belize), Andrea Rojas (Costa Rica), Fatima Magandi (El Salvador), Monica Elwing Gough (Honduras), Artemisa Montañés (Mexico), Ariadna Melendez (Nicaragua) and Cleirys Velasquez (Panama) on Thursday August 1st.

San Pedro Lions host BCVI summer campers
The San Pedro Lions Club members worked hard on Saturday July 20th when they hosted the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) summer campers for a beach day. The 96 visitors were on a beach picnic at Boca del Rio Park as part of BCVI’s annual camp for the visually impaired in the country. As part of their outing to San Pedro Town, they enjoyed sodas, lunch, and goodies. The purpose of their visit was to enjoy Ambergris Caye and that is exactly what they did – they swam while others took a ride around town on a golf cart. According to Lisa Zelaya, Belize District’s Regional Field Officer, BCVI has planned various activities over two weeks. “We planned these events for BCVI patients who are accompanied by staff members with support from a few adults. It is very important for them since they get to experience for themselves the atmosphere. They also look forward to outings and they enjoy coming to San Pedro Town. On their first day of camp, the first thing they asked is if they are coming to San Pedro. They look forward to the various events we planned,” explained Zelaya. She said that the San Pedro Lions Club members generously hosted them to lunch with soft drinks and even ensured that tables and chairs were set up for them. “We want to thank the local Lions Club. This is not the first time they have hosted us. They are all so accommodating and welcoming to our patients,” commented Zelaya. A few of the visually impaired stopped at the Central Park were they chatted with local wood carvers and other artisans who generously gave a few of them souvenirs.

Lighthouse Lager’s Rock Paper Scissors Competition hits La Isla Bonita
On Saturday July 20th, Fido’s Courtyard was the arena for the National Lighthouse Lager Rock Paper Scissors Competition. The competition is the first of its kind in Belize, and has been sweeping the country by storm. Competitors from each district destination have been partaking in the competition and on Saturday night, the Lighthouse crew came to San Pedro scouting the island for the best RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors) “athlete.” Challengers arrived from as early as 7PM, signing up to secure their places in the competition and of course fuel up on the loads of free Lighthouse! Competitors did a pre game interview (see webisodes here: with the lovely host Melissa Coleman and the Lighthouse crew, giving a bit of insight on their game strategies and even strutted a few dance moves (Joe Chung, we saw you) for all the viewers. Tension was high as competitors put their game faces on to see just whose scissor would cut paper, whose paper would cover rock and whose rock would crush scissor! After several knock out rounds of scissor crushing and paper cutting it, was Shirlee Arnold and Grant Lee that would ultimately face off to represent San Pedro in the national Finals. After the three sets of RPS-ing, the winner of the competition,and taking home a free six -pack and case of lighthouse was Grant Lee.

SP Darts Club host tournament
The San Pedro Lions Club was the venue for the San Pedro Darts Tournament on Sunday July 21st. The all day event brought darts players from various parts of the country, and was organized by the San Pedro Darts Club. The tournament is just one of many events in preparation for this year’s national tournament. According to Jose Mora, President of the Belize National Darts Federation and President of the Caribbean Darts Organization, the local tournament is just one of many that have been organized in various parts of the country to scout for the best darts players. “Events like these will help us to identify possible candidates that can be members of the official Belize Darts Team that will travel next year to represent the country in the USA. Belize is preparing for the Caribbean’s Darts Cup and America’s Darts Cup which will be held in Tampa, Florida USA in 2014. We are happy that the San Pedro Darts Club is supportive of the sports and the Lions Club for providing the venue as well as sponsorship to this particular event,” commented Mora.

Ambergris Today

Costa Maya Festival Announces Miss Guatemala Contestant
Lovely Andrea Alejandra Morles Teo has been confirmed to represent her country as Miss Guatemala Costa Maya at the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant that will be taking place at the International Costa Maya Festival in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Twenty-year-old Andrea Morales has been Miss Guatemala 2011 and Miss Guatemala Continente Americano 2012 and represented her country at the Miss Continente International Pageant in Guayaquil, Ecuador on September 29, 2012. Fatima stands 5’ 9” tall, has brown eyes and black hair, she loves singing and modeling.

Lighthouse Christian Radio Presents “Action Sports Camp”
Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry & Action 20:24 Football, Volleyball & Softball/Baseball (Basic skills, drills, lots of thrills) When: August 5 - 9, 2013 Where: San Pedro High School Yard Time: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Ages: 7 to 13 years old Summer Fun in the Sun Central Park 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Music, Games, Arts & Crafts tons of FUN!!! For more information, Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3 at 226-4673

Misc Belizean Sources

Serious allegations have been made in print and television media in Belize in respect of grant funds provided by the Oak Foundation to UNIBAM. In the Amandala of July 21, 2013, at pages 15 and 30, in a column entitled “Right to the Point”, the columnist states that “that the monetary donation UNIBAM received from a certain foundation came through the Oceana account and was written on an Oceana cheque.” She goes on to state that Oceana was “ the means via which the said foundation siphoned their money to them.” The columnist then goes on to say that “Maybe I should publish a copy of the cheque.” On Monday, July 22, 2013, on the Rise and Shine Show on Plus TV, Louis Wade Jr. referred to these allegations as a “powerful revelation”. He went on to state that according to the Amandala guest columnist, “money for UNIBAM came through Oceana.” He then went on to say that “the money from Oak Foundation did not go directly to UNIBAM, they did not want it to be tracked… the money was laundered, washed, sidetracked through Oceana.” He also says that “the Oak Foundation under the leadership of Imani Fairweather” “channeled the money to Oceana as a legitimate reef issue and then channeled the money to UNIBAM.” In both media pieces, the innuendo is that the process by which grant monies given to UNIBAM by the Oak Foundation via a re-grant from Oceana was done in a clandestine and nefarious manner. Such suggestions are insulting and reprehensible. UNIBAM would not usually respond to such outlandish allegations but values its partnership with both the Oak Foundation and with Oceana and cannot allow these claims to go unchallenged.

IMF's Belize Staff Report for the 2013 Article IV Consultation
[Jul-23-13 - pdf - 67 Pages]. The staff report for the 2013 Article IV Consultation prepared by a staff team of the IMF, following discussions that ended on April 18, 2013, with the officials of Belize on economic developments and policies. Based on information available at the time of these discussions, the staff report was completed on June 5, 2013. The views expressed in the staff report are those of the staff team and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Executive Board of the IMF.

UB and UQROO Finish Exchange Program
The University of Belize and the University of Quintana Roo partnered up to do a student exchange. They went all out at the closing ceremonies. "Closing ceremonies for students from the University of Belize and the University of Quintana Roo, Mexico who participated in a Student Summer Exchange program were held on July 10 & 11 in both countries. The goal of the one-month exchange program is for students from UB to learn Spanish and experience the culture of the country and for students from UQROO to learn English and immerse in Belize’s language and culture. At the closing, students from UB and UQROO spoke in the language they had been practicing, reminisced about their learning experiences, and performed songs, dance, and drama including reading poems. The Student Summer Exchange has served to foster relations between both universities and provide a better learning environment for students. In July, 2012 the agreement was reiterated by the Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the University of Belize and University of Quintana Roo. At the signing Dr. Cary Fraser, President of the University of Belize said the agreement, 'demonstrates the strategic collaboration between the two universities in fostering and enhancing academic and cultural exchanges among students of the University of Belize and Universidad de Quintana Roo.'"

Panerrifix and William Harvey
Musical interlude. Panerrifix played along with William Harvey, who founded and still directs Cultures in Harmony, a non-profit that has conducted over 20 projects in over a dozen countries to promote cultural understanding through music. He's been traveling around Belize, listening to different groups. In related news, the Institute of Creative Arts is having a Strings and Bruckdong concert Wednesday, July 24th, at 7:00pm at the Bliss.

Iguana Maintenance at the SIRH
You don't hear the term 'iguana maintenance' in too many places, but the Green Iguana Conservation Project is one place where you do. The Institute for Sustainable International Studies along with the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic make sure that the iguanas stay in tip top shape by having their veterinary students give them a check-up. Thanks, ISIS and BWRC! "Thanks to the ISIS/BWRC students for helping the Green Iguana Project with regular check-ups and shedding help for all iggies this summer. Here pictures of the last session."

Sauteed Shrimp in Tomato Sauce
This is an easy 7 minute meal guaranteed to satisfy any seafood lover. This meal goes well over white rice or with vegetables of your choice.

Channel 7

SATIIM’s National Park Co-Management Agreement Cancelled
The SARSTOON-Temash Institute for Indigenous Management has been managing the park by the same name since 1997. In fact, the organization is largely defined by the work it does in the park and the adjoining communities; simply put, co-managing the park is its reason for existence. But now the forestry Department has formally cancelled that co-management agreement. In a letter dated 17th July, Forestry officially informed SATIIM that it was formally terminating the agreement and advised SATIIM that, quote, “it is no longer authorized to access the national park and that it is to refrain from undertaking any negotiation or related business associated with the park.” There’s a long story behind it, but that’s the bottom line – and today at a press conference in Punta Gorda town, SATIIM Executive Director Greg Ch’oc responded defiantly to the Forestry Department decision. He said he has written a volume of un-answered letters to the Forestry Minister. Gregorio Choc - Executive Director, SATIM "To Miss Lisel Alamilla - I am saddened that none of these letters have been responded to. We refused to be sidelined, after all and more importantly the Sarstoon-Temash National Park is not only a national park, it is also Maya customary land and so we will continue to manage the Sarstoon-Temash National Park on behalf of the indigenous people of the region. I want to tell the Forestry Department and the Government of Belize that SATIM will continue to manage and protect the National Park because it is our interest and the interest of the Belizean people. SATIM is not only protecting the park - but it is ensuring the territorial integrity of this country. The only thing I ask of the Government of Belize is to say 'thank you' to the people who have made that possible for this country; not a letter that says that 'we can no longer go inside the National Park."

Why Mayan Communities Are Taking Oil Company to Court
As we noted Ch’oc spoke at a press conference held in Punta Gorda Town. Last night we told you that press conference would be in Belize City – but plans had to change this morning due to heavy rains in the Toledo Districts that made a few of the roads from the villages impassable. So rather than bringing the villagers to the press conference, Ch’oc had to activate his plan b and bring the press to the people. In a quite munificent stroke, SATIIM chartered a Tropic Air Plane and flew down 10 press people for the event. Here’s how it went. Jules Vasquez reporting About 115 Mayan villagers crowded into the Social Security Building Hall in Punta Gorda Town this afternoon for a press conference explaining why they are taking on the Government of Belize and US Capital Energy. Village Leaders from Crique Carco, Cornejo, Graham Creek and Midway gave presentations in Kekchi explaining their issues with US Capital Energy. Andres Bol, (through Greg Ch’oc, Translator) - Crique Carco "I want to be clear here that we have never said that we do not want development - we want development but we recognize that it will not occur if we do not alter and change how the equation and how the benefit and the resources of our land is going to be distributed. We don't want the company or the company to say 'yes you're going to get a bridge and benefit' - we want agreements and contract between ourselves and the community so that we can hold them accountable. Words are too cheap and easy to say and we have learned from experiences in the past that it doesn't mean anything in the end."

Rawell’s Woes Mounting
Rawell’s Woes Mounting under grand jury indictment for narcotics smuggling. The allegation is that in October 2010 up to May 2011 Pelayo and other parties smuggled drugs into the US. Pelayo has retained an attorney in the US. Notably, he was granted a US Visa to follow the Belize Team in its Gold Cup Quest. After a long wait – he was granted the visa, but we now know that was only to get him back into the US where an indictment – dated back to April for 2012 was waiting. Pelayo was picked up on arrival in Houston on July 8th.

Changes To Draft Norwegian MOU Still Leaves Head Tax Inequal
Today Cabinet was scheduled to discuss the Memorandum Of Understanding put forward by Norwegian Cruise Line. According to our sources Cabinet agreed to the broad terms of the agreement from last week, and then the draft MOU was sent to the Solicitor General for review. But, those sources say the MOU that has been sent to us is not the current draft, but an earlier, initial version. The revised draft, they say, has additional safeguards plus the option to increase fees at periodic reviews; it also specifies carrying capacity; and it limits the development concession to the construction of the project, not its operation. As for the head tax – which sees 60% going to Norwegian, under the revised terms the company will still get four of every seven dollars paid per visitor but under the new deal, NICH and PACT would not have to pay a portion of their pennies into dubious funds But what doesn’t change is clause 21, that the Government is to quote, “process on an expedited basis, the Environmental Impact Assessment Amendment, all permits, licenses, concessions, agreements, exemptions etc, required by Port.” Now, what this says is that no new EIA is to be done, that the Department of the Environment is to satisfy itself with a previous one which had been approved for a resort on the island. And that’s why environment Minister Lisel Alamilla told the media on Friday that her ministry had not done a site visit and has only had minimal technical input.

Kim Barrow Secures Major Money For Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Today the Lifeline Foundation received a generous donation of 2 million dollars from the Oak Foundation for the construction of a new Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the KHMH. The donation has been a result of over a year of discussion between the Oak Foundation and the Lifeline Foundation – which is founded by THE PRIME MINISTER’S WIFE, Kim Barrow. She explained that 1 million dollars will go towards the purchase of equipment. Kim Simplis Barrow - Belize’s Special Envoy "Lifeline Foundation was able to secure $2 million dollars for the construction of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; one million towards the construction and another million towards equipping the center. We are very very pleased - it's something we've been working on for over a year now and we just got the agreement this morning actually. Because I've been working on two different projects and I kind of knew that we had sufficient monies to get the Inspiration Center running but the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is something I've been working for the past four years. In terms of getting the project proposal, getting the design, working with the doctors and consulting with them to get feedback on the design and what would be easier for the doctors to navigate through everything. It was a whole consulting process that we had to go through. But Lifeline really wanted to - because our focus has been on children - we realized that there was so much need for a Pediatric Intensive Care Unity way before all the major problems started. We are very pleased that the Oak Foundation really took our project proposal and basically accepted it." At this afternoon’s press conference, Mrs Barrow also gave an update on the progress of the Inspiration Centre which is expected to be up and running by the end of the year.

Lady Party Crashers To Court
Last night we told you about a pair of female party crashers whose appearance at a Saturday night party turned into a serious knife fight. Well so far, four females, two sisters and two friends were taken to court on criminal charges. 18 year old Saysha Moody, 18, at whose home the party was held was the first to be arraigned yesterday on two charges of common assault and wounding upon Kendra Smith. She pleaded not guilty to both charges and she was offered bail of $1,000 dollars. Today, 19 year old Lyvette Brown, and 21-year-old Kendra Smith appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. They were read three criminal charges: one count each of wounding, one count each of grievous harm and one count each of use of deadly means of harm with a deadly instrument, namely a knife, upon sisters, Saysha and Sharima Moody.

Basil Back In Jail!
He’s a very familiar face in the courthouse and today 45-year-old Basil Willis was back before the magistrate to answer to a single charge of burglary. Willis is accused of breaking into the wash house of Joyce Clother yesterday in King’s Park area and stealing an assortment of items. Today in court, Willis pleaded not guilty to burglary. But the court prosecutor, Cpl. Dean Augustine objected to bail on the grounds that Willis owed the court and that he has previous convictions for similar charges for dishonestly including handling stolen goods for which he owes the court, $1,500, a wounding in which he owes $1,000 and $500 from 2010. With that, the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith upheld the objection to bail and remanded Willis to the Belize Central Prison until August 27, 2013.

Restore-ing Reading
The "It's Time... Time to read" literacy programme is one of the flagship initiatives of RESTORE Belize and it is now up and running in its first summer camp. Today Monica Bodden visited to find out more: Monica Bodden reporting It’s called "It’s Time... Time to Read" - a public education campaign launched by Restore Belize. Mary Vasquez - Director, Restore Belize "Literacy has been identified as one of the core needs since Resore Belize just began. In all our stakeholder meetings, the school drop outs, the fact that students are graduating from Primary School and not being fully literate and the fact that people are going for job training and they are not literate - so even when we take someone who is a High School dropout and try to put them in a training programme; if they don't have the basic literacy and numeracy - they still won't be equipped to compete in the work place and they still won't be equipped really to manage their own finances and their own lives suitably. Another big thing that comes up is that when they have children they are not able to create a family environment that is conducive to literacy and academic work. Some of our young people have mentioned that when they became interested in literacy it is when they realized that as a father - they would not be able to provide assistance to their children. So we have all of these situations that came to our attention so when we wrote a strategic plan, literacy and success in Primary and Secondary School which is based on literacy competence - those were priority strategic actions for us. So we approached the Embassy of China/Taiwan with a proposal for computers, as well as self taught literacy and numeracy programmes."

The Lovely, the Elegant…
She was crowned the Queen of the Jewel Miss Belize 2012 – after competing against 8 other contestants – and now Destiny Arnold is the Belize delegate for the upcoming Costa Maya International Pageant. The beauty queen arrived at the PGIA this afternoon – and the media was there to greet her and find out what’s her strategy going into this pageant. She explained - Destinee Arnold - Miss Belize "Well I'm here to represent Belize in Miss Costa Maya." Reporter "Tell us about the anticipations for the competition that's coming up in the next two weeks." Destinee Arnold "Well I anticipate a memorable experience of course and I am hoping to bring the crown home and keep it on home ground." Monica Bodden "Tell us about the preparations for this pageant." Destinee Arnold "Well I have been studying Spanish, studying on the Mayan Culture and studying my speech as I was on the plane I was practicing it five times and if I got it wrong the third time and if I said it wrong I would start all over again and recite the speech again. I'm just really trying to make sure I know all my facts about the Maya and be ready for this competition because I do plan to win."

Female Impersonator Crowned Miss Gay Goddess 2013-2014
And while that Queen will be competing amongst some of the most elegant females from the Central American Region, this weekend there was another very different kind of pageant. It’s the Gay Belize National Pageant and according to a press release, female impersonator Adrian Candy Lemar was crowned Miss Gay Goddess 2013-2014. The event – which the release says was held at a private location – was the subject of controversy for weeks leading up to the event. The release adds that "Gay Belize National pageant is in no way link to Unibam but is a private organization owned by Gay Men in Belize, one that, quote, seeks to create a positive and productive space for members of our group to express themselves.” Unquote. And of the queen it says that quote, she is expected to conduct 120 hours of Community service in this country during her one year reign and her next stop will be Panama City where she will participate in the International Centroamericano Gay.

Channel 5

SATIIM and communities file injunction to stop oil exploration
One of the largest environmental groups is taking government to court. The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management known as SATIIM and four Mayan communities in the Temash National Park [...]

What happened to SATIIM’s co-management agreement?
While that action is before the court, there is another matter with SATIIM and the Government of Belize which will need to be resolved sooner rather than later. The co-management [...]

Rawell Pelayo charged with importing and conspiring to import cocaine
Football Federation of Belize Vice President Rawell Pelayo never made it to the Gold Cup 2013 games that the Jaguars played earlier in the month.  On July eighth, Pelayo and [...]

Memorandum of Understanding gives NCL a sweetheart deal
The Norwegian Cruise Line proposed development of a mega port at Crawl Caye was rejected by the ministerial committee headed by Godwin Hulse. The island was part of the Belize [...]

Oak Foundation gives millions to construct pediatric intensive care unit
In December of last year, Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis-Barrow announced the undertaking of a project to construct a new pediatric intensive care unit at the Karl [...]

Construction of the Inspiration Center underway
The Inspiration Center, also the brainchild of Kim Simplis-Barrow, founder of the Lifeline Foundation, is scheduled to open its doors to children with disabilities in January 2014.  Construction, according to [...]

UNIBAM not the only organization to get funding from OAK via Oceana
The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM), the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender advocacy organization has taken its case to the court to have section fifty-three to be amended to legalize [...]

Tomlinson taking Belize and Trinidad to the C.C.J.
Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin is yet to rule on the UNIBAM challenge to amend the Criminal Code, but there is another case that the government will answer to. A gay [...]

Following IDB Education report, Ministry implements corrective measures
Since the release of a comprehensive study conducted in Belize by the Education Division of the Inter-American Development Bank over a five-year period, findings in the report have been presented [...]

Parents should be involved in education
According to Leacock, parents should be equally concerned about and involved in the quality of education their children are receiving by holding the schools responsible for their output.   David [...]

Where are the Romero siblings?
Tonight there is not much new to report on the disappearance of siblings Fanny and Jairo Romero from the village of Cowpen in southern Belize. Last week Wednesday they were [...]

Costa Maya is here, and Miss Belize ready to represent the Jewel
From August first through to the fourth, La Isla Bonita will be ram jam packed for the biggest International Festival.  Aside from big names in entertainment, the La Reina de [...]

Superstar performances on stage at the Bliss
Stay tuned tonight to this station because group A of Be the Next Superstar returns to the stage for another round of elimination. Eight hopefuls in dance, singing and drama [...]


Credit Union Sponsors Creative Writing Competition
The Belize Credit Union League has been in existence since 1956 and represents all but one credit union in Belize. One of the credit unions that form part of the league is the Holy Redeemer Credit Union which is sponsoring a creative writing competition for students between the ages of twelve and...

Restore Belize Gets Funding From Taiwanese Ambassador
In November of last year, RESTORE Belize received a donation amounting to three hundred and twenty thousand Belize dollars from the Embassy of China on Taiwan. The donation was made for RESTORE Belize to purchase computers and software to establish a computer-assisted literacy and numeracy progra...

OAK Foundation Gives Lifeline Foundation Grant for Pediatric Unit
Today the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, shared very good news in regards to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. During a quick press briefing this afternoon, the Special Envoy announced a two million dollars donation contributed by the OAK Foundation to the Lifeline Fou...

Police In Western Belize Investigate Village Robbery
Belmopan Police are investigating a robbery in Tea Kettle Village. Correspondent fem Cruz has the story. FEM CRUZ “Forty five year old, Jose Navarro, a naturalized Belizean of Teakettle Village told Love News that on Monday, July 22 at around 7:45pm as he was about to close his aunt...

Young Girl Missing From Southern Belize
A 13-year-old girl has been reported missing. 32-year-old Angelica Garcia of Trio Village in the Toledo District told Police on Saturday night she left for church and left her 13-year-old daughter Maria Esmeralda Rivera along with her father. She said while at church, she was informed...

Indigenous Movement Takes Government of Belize To Court
Today a press conference by the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management, SATIIM, planned originally for Belize City was re-scheduled for Punta Gorda Town because flooding in southern Belize prevented busloads of people to come by road. Media representatives were flown to PG for ...

Renovation Contract Signed for Central Medical Laboratory
Last week the Ministry of Health on behalf of the Government of Belize signed a contract with Gutierrez and Associates Architects for the renovation of the first floor of the Central Medical Laboratory. According to the CEO in the Ministry of Health, Doctor Peter Allen, two hundred and ninety-fiv...

Lower Priced Butane Sale in Corozal Free Zone Is Legal
Love News received a complaint from a butane supplier in the Corozal District who stated that two other suppliers are selling their product at the Corozal Commercial Free Zone at a much lower rate, below the standard price control for the entire country. Love News was provided with a receipt of o...

Four Women Face Charges Following Stabbing At House Party
Two women, 21 year old Kendra Smith and 19 year old Linette Brown, who were allegedly involved in a stabbing incident at a party, were charged with three offences when they appeared in Court today. The offences were wounding, grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm. Magistrate Dale Cayetano...

$500 Bail For Driving Off In Another Man's Vehicle
Twenty-nine year old Andrew Suazo, a resident of Gibnut Street, who allegedly took a Mazda car belonging to Israel Gonzalez, was charged with taking a conveyance without authority when he appeared today before the Chief magistrate Anne Marie Smith. Suazo pled not guilty to the charge. Chief...

Remanded to Prison After Recent Release
Forty-five year old Basil Willis, who was released on bail from prison last week, went back to prison today after he was arraigned on a charge of burglary before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. She denied him bail and remanded him into custody until August 27. According to the allegation, yest...

Employee of Utilities Commission Charged Following Domestic Incident
Forty-nine year old Kingsley Smith, an employee of the Public Utilities Commission, was charged with aggravated assault and wounding when he appeared today before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Smith pled not guilty to the charges. He was released on a bail of five hundred dollars and ...

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Teaching Life Skills Through Sports
A free two-weeks program, for children ages 8 to 14, funded by several organizations including the Corozal Sports Council is presently underway in Corozal. The New Horizon Summer Camp Program...

BAHA Implements Cattle Movement Control Checkpoints
Back in August of 2012 the Belize Agriculture Health Authority, BAHA, launched a cattle sweep project in the north. The pilot project was expected to be carried out on one...

Corozal Town Council launches Summer Job Program
As a student there are a few things better than that feeling of hearing that bell ring for the final time, or taking that final exam and knowing that summer...

Amidst The LGBT Controversy Gay Pageant Is Held In The City
While Audrey Matura Sheppard lashed out at her former employer for donating funds to UNIBAM, the Miss Gay Goddess Belize 2013 was held at a private venue in the...

UNIBAM Says, Oceana's V.P Knew About Donation
And late this afternoon, the United Belize Advocacy Movement, UNIBAM, issued a press release negating and denouncing all allegations written in the Article. UNIBAM says that on Monday July 22nd...

Audrey Matura Shepherd Reveals Oceana Gave Money To UNIBAM
Audrey Matura-Shepherd is approximately one month shy of officially parting ways with Oceana Belize. The very vocal activist became the face of the organization in Belize and as the Vice...

Autopsy Confirms Ten Year Old Drowned
This morning ten year old Johan Schmitt, from the Mennonite community of shipyard in the Orange Walk District was laid to rest by family members. As mentioned last night,...

Rawell Pelayo Charged For Violating Narcotic Laws Of The U.S
Today makes 16 days that FFB Vice President Rawell Pelayo is detained in the U.S and as time goes by it seems that his release is nowhere close. Latest information...


Children reportedly abducted in the Toledo district
The village of San Marcus, in the Toledo District was rocked in August of 2010, when a brother and sister pair vanished while out selling fruits. Three years have passed and the Rash family is still searching for answers. But tonight, another family plans to leave no stone unturned...

Police Officer acquitted of shooting death
30 year old Police officer Lazaro Catch was acquitted in the Supreme Court today in connection with the controversial murder/shooting death of a Jamaican national living in Belize, identified as O’Neil Anthony Jones, aka “Jew”. Jones was allegedly shot by a police officer on February 13, 2010, more than three years...

Constitutional Rally in Corozal attracts over 300 participants
The series of Constitutional Rallies came to an end this Saturday. Corozal was the final host district, where a crowd of over 300 persons took to the streets requesting that government amend the 2013 Gender Policy to join in accordance with...

Money sent to UNIBAM through OCEANA
Audrey Matura Shepherd has let the cat out of the bag regarding money wiring to UNIBAM. In Sunday’s Amandala, Audrey in her colum “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword,” disclosed that monetary donation from an unnamed foundation have been sent to the organization through OCEANA, written on an...

Ten year old drowns in Shipyard Village
A family in the Shipyard Village of Orange Walk is tonight grieving over the unexpected death of ten year old Johan Schmitt. Police say that on Sunday, around noon, Schmitt and five friends headed out to Camp 10 Shipyard for an afternoon swim. Few hours later, around 2pm, he...

Felicia Chen in court for murder of three of her children
Felicia Chen, the mother of Mile 8 on the Western Highway who police claim is responsible for the murder of three of her four young children in April of this year was today before the court to get another adjournment. She appeared before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton in where all...

Knife fight at party leaves five injured
Party crashers reportedly started a knife brawl that left five persons injured. About 2:40 on Sunday morning, cops were called out to the KHMH, where the women and a minor were being treated for multiple stabs wounds. Investigation revealed that a party was being held at the residence of...

The Belize Road Safety Project goes nationwide
Last week, 34 participants from the West and South learned the basics of road safety and today it was the turn of traffic and municipal personnel from the North who met in Belize City. The Belize Road Safety Project aims not only to upgrade Belize’s roads to world-class standard,...

Embassy of Mexico in Belize offers 25 scholarships
The Mexican Government is offering different scholarships for Belizeans, 15 for undergraduate degrees and 10 postgraduate degrees in different universities across Mexico in any area of studies. The scholarship is granted for the length of each program and covers registration and tuition fees as well as food and accommodation...

International Youth Leaders Camp in Georgetown Village
An International Youth Leaders Camp was inaugurated in Georgetown Village today. Our Dangriga correspondent Harry Arzu was on hand and filed the following report. Harry Arzu – Dangriga Correspondent: An official ceremony to make the opening of an International Youth Leaders’ Camp was help today at the Georgetown Technical...

Cooking classes for children at YWCA Belmopan
After being in Belize City for 57 years, the YWCA branched out to the City of Belmopan, where it officially opened its doors in March of this year to serve Belmopan and the wider Belize Community. With summer here, the Belmopan Branch decided to create a cooking program for...

Belizean recording label releases album by Bethany Ann
Many kids dream about becoming a musician, getting signed by a music producer and performing concerts all over the world. However, most never make it that far, especially not in Belize. It is a sad truth that our talented Belizean artists find it exceedingly difficult to make a name...


Five women suffered varying degrees of injury early Sunday morning, July 21, at about 2:30, when two women crashed a party at #3799 Iguana Street Extension, and a stabbing “free for all” erupted among them and three women from the party. The women were taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where four were released, but the fifth complained of pain in her chest after she was stabbed in her upper breast. Saysha Moody, 18, a resident of #3799 Iguana Street Estension, was charged today, Monday, after a report was made against her that she caused a wound to Kendra Smith’s left wrist. According to police, on Saturday night, Moody was having a party at her residence when Kendra Smith, 21, and Lyvette Brown, 19, showed up at her party uninvited, and attacked her. Police later recovered two knives from the scene of the fight. The first to have attacked her was Brown, followed by Smith, after which a fight ensued when some of the party-goers attempted to intervene on Saysha’s behalf.

A warrant for the arrest of Belizean Michael Silva, 28, of San Ignacio, for murder has been issued by INTERPOL. The warrant for the arrest was announced on Friday, July 19. Police said that about 10:00 on Thursday night, September 23, 2011, Silva’s girlfriend, Maritza Santos, 19, was found dead in his room in his home in San Ignacio, in the Kontiki area. She had been beaten in the head with a blunt object. Police said that Silva was also at home, and had drunk a herbicide in an attempt to commit suicide. He was rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital, however, and later rushed to the Belize Health Care Partners Hospital in Belize City for further treatment. He later was sent for further medical attention abroad, but since departing Belize, he has disappeared. He has not returned to face charges for the death of his girlfriend. Police said that the warrant issued for his arrest is for the murder of Maritza Janet Santos, 19.

Belize’s virgin forest inside the Chiquibul is fast disappearing; xate nearly decimated. If the Government of Belize does not act to stop the mounting incursions by Guatemalans into the Chiquibul Forest—an asset valued conservatively at $3.4 billion: more than the nation’s GDP—it could vanish within just two decades, according to information presented at a symposium held today in Belize City. Dubbed Alarming Threats to Biodiversity, Peace and National Stability, the event was a standing-room-only showcase which attracted people from all walks of life in Belize: students, public officers, teachers, environmentalists, businesspeople, and politicians. Belize’s Governor-General Sir Colville Young took a front-row seat to hear just what these alarming threats are. Apart from the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, the Chiquibul forest houses Belize’s largest protected area — the Chiquibul National Park (CNP), which according to Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), covers more than 264,000 acres of tropical broadleaf forests. It is also the area through which passes the Chiquibul River, which meanders into Guatemala and comes back into Belize as the Mopan, Macal River, and Belize Rivers – three major waterways that help sustain Belize’s population; including providing a source for hydropower generation.

Grandfather is believed to have stolen Fanny Romero, 9; brother Jairo, 8, on July 16. Two children, Fanny Romero, 9, and her brother, Jairo Romero, 8, of Cowpen in the Stann Creek District have not yet been found after being reported missing at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 20. The children were last seen in the village in the company of a woman who is unknown to their family, who supposedly took them to their grandfather, The family told Amandala that the children were walking home after watching television at the home of a neighbor when the woman approached and took them, reportedly on Tuesday, July 16. Felix Romero, the father of the children, who neighbors say is a good provider and a loving father to them, told police that he believes that the children were kidnapped by their grandfather, Juan Evangelista Jovel, who lives in El Salvador, but has visited them frequently over the past two years. The children were sighted in the Pomona Valley area in the company of an older man who the father believes is their grandfather, Jovel, who may be trying to take them out of the country to live with him.

Edelmiro Oliver, a resident of Belize City, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison today, Friday, after he was denied bail for a charge of aggravated assault of an indecent nature on a minor. Oliver pleaded not guilty to the charge but the prosecution objected to bail on the grounds that his being incarcerated would ensure the protection, not only of the victim from Oliver, but also of Oliver himself from the victim’s family. Oliver was remanded until his adjournment date on August 30, 2013.

Lemmot took police to where the purse was hidden by Holy Redeemer Primary School. Tonight, Denfield Lemmott is spending the first night of a five-year prison sentence which was handed down to him this afternoon by Magistrate Dale Cayetano. Lemmott was charged with theft and handling stolen goods after police investigated a report made by Lavern Staine, an employee of the Supreme Court. Staine reported that on Friday, Lemmott visited her office at the Supreme Court and stole her brown purse, which contained over $1,350 in different currencies. After investigating the matter, police apprehended Lemmott, who, after being questioned by police, reportedly told them “I think I wah kerr yoh weh I throw di purse.”

Post-mortem results say Jose Umana was beaten in the head with a blunt object. An onsite post-mortem carried out on the decomposed body of missing taxi operator Jose Mario Umana of Belmopan has revealed that he was beaten in the head with a blunt object, which led to his death. The autopsy was carried out on Wednesday, July 18, in an area near the Hector Silva Airstrip by the George Price Boulevard, near the George Price Highway. At the conclusion of the autopsy, Umana, 45, was taken to Valley of Peace Village, where he was buried immediately. Umana had been missing for 5 days when he was found decomposed under a cohune tree in the area by his brother-in-law, Martin Aleman, about 4:30 that Wednesday evening. Police said that the death has been ruled as murder, and that they are following many leads. Lucia Aleman, of Belmopan, Umana’s common-law wife, told police that she last saw Umana alive at about 9:30 Saturday morning, July 13, when he was eating at her stall at the Belmopan Market, while attending to his taxi.

Ramos had changed his plea twice before finally deciding to plead guilty to attempted murder of Michael Young, 33. This morning, Francis Ramos, 38, was sentenced to 7 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to attempting to murder Michael Young, 33, a relative’s boyfriend at the time of the incident. On July 5, after changing his plea twice, Ramos finally decided to plead guilty after he was positively identified by the victim and main witness, Young. Young testified that he was in the living room of the house located on Banak Street, when his stepchildren asked him for money to go to the shop. When he got up to get the money, Ramos allegedly grabbed a knife and stabbed him three times, once in the left side of the chest, before Young managed to kick him and avoid further injury. After Young’s testimony, Ramos changed his plea to guilty and the judge then stopped the trial and adjourned the court to July 18, when Ramos would be sentenced.

Catch was arrested with Cpl. Jorge Lemus after O’Neil “Jew” Jones was shot to death on February 13, 2010. Today, PC Lazaro Catch, 30, was able to walk out of court a free man after his lawyer, who incidentally is Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, made a no-case submission, which Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez upheld. In the early morning hours of February 13, 2010, O’Neil Anthony Jones, aka “Jew”, 41, was fatally shot in front of Ruba Bar located in Lords Bank, Ladyville. Jones was allegedly intervening in an argument when one of the persons involved in the argument started arguing with him, and that was when he reportedly left the area. But by that time, police had already arrived in the area and when Jones was told to stop, he refused and allegedly pointed something that resembled a gun at the police. It was later revealed that the object that Jones allegedly pointed at the police was in fact a bicycle ”goose neck” wrapped in a black sock with black electrical tape.

Jedd Burgess, a 21-year-old student of the University of Belize, appeared in Belize City Magistrate’s Court today, Friday, for a murder arraignment. Burgess was charged for the murder of Jamaal Neal, 21, who was shot and killed on July 8, 2013 on Banak Street in Belize City. Burgess, a resident of Tibruce Street in Belize City, appeared unrepresented in court on a single charge of murder. No plea was taken due to the nature of the offense and Burgess was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September 3, 2013. Reports are that Neal was with a group of friends on Banak Street on the evening of July 8 when two men on a motorcycle rode up to Neal and one of them fired several shots at him. Police have identified Burgess as the triggerman. Neal suffered multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

It was originally planned for today, Monday, and our first thought was, “what a waste of a real opportunity for showtime in sports.” But, thankfully, it seems that wiser heads have prevailed. Yesterday, during the Press Sports Show on Krem Radio, Fresca Lady Rebels owner/manager Leslie Rogers called to inform us that the fifth and deciding game in the best-of-5 games Finals series for the Belize City Female Softball championship takes place this Friday, July 26, at Rogers Stadium, beginning at 6:30 p.m. That is because defending Belize City champions, Fresca Lady Rebels, who trailed national champions Belize Telemedia by 2 games to 1 going into last Friday’s Game 4 encounter, pulled out a narrow victory to tie the series at 2 games apiece and force a deciding Game 5 . For the past few years, Belize City softball has been all about the rivalry between Hall of Famer Raymond Lashley’s team, Belize Telemedia, and the Fresca Lady Rebels team belonging to former football star Leslie Rogers. Telemedia is a star studded squad, featuring a number of All Belize players, while the Lady Rebels depend heavily on the stellar pitching of ace Lanisha Jones and the enthusiasm of a strong fan base. Lashley has been missing from the Telemedia dugout lately, reportedly due to illness. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to brother Raymond, so he can be at the helm of his team in the critical Game 5 for the championship this Friday.

The Belize District Volleyball Tournament, which got underway on June 1 at the Belize Elementary Auditorium in Belize City, with Female (F), Male (M) and Interoffice/Firms (Fr) categories, has already reached the Finals for the Females. In games played last Thursday, July 18, in a Female Semifinals Game 2, (F) Lady Jaguars defeated Lady Warriors, 26-24, 25-12, 25-19. Next were two Firms encounters. (Fr) BTL def. Belize Bank, 25-13, 20-25, 19-17; and (Fr) Simon Quan def. First Caribbean Bank, 25-15, 25-20. On Saturday, July 20, in the Female Championship Game 1, (F) Lady Jaguars defeated Moen Stars, 23-25, 25-15, 23-25, 25-18, 15-8. Next it was, (Fr) Scotia Bank over Police, 25-22, 17-24, 16-14, and (M) Jaguars over Scorpions, 17-25, 25-14, 21-25, 25-19, 15-12.

There is a mountain range in Guinea which is estimated to be worth U.S. 140 billion dollars because of the raw iron ore it contains. An Israeli billionaire named Beny Steinmetz got ahold of the rights to that iron ore, which is the raw material from which factories manufacture steel, for a few hundred million dollars. He supposedly bribed the fourth, and youngest, wife of a dying Guinean dictator in order to get those rights, which he then sold to a Brazilian-based company for a few billion. An honest ruler has emerged in Guinea who is trying to recover the rights to the iron ore in the Simandou range so that a fair deal can be made which benefits the poverty-stricken people of Guinea, a West African nation-state. The honest ruler, however, is slowly becoming heavy-handed, because greedy and dishonest people are seriously trying to overthrow him. The saga in Guinea, which is the subject of a recent article by Patrick Radden Keefe, is a classic tale of how absolutely difficult it is for poor Third World countries to have the masses of their people benefit from valuable natural resources the territory may contain. Mining iron ore is a complicated technology, and requires huge amounts of capital, neither of which the Guinean people possess. So, First World businessmen and corporations which have access to the technology and investment capital, routinely exploit the situation in poor countries which have potential wealth in the form of natural resources.

Dear Editor, I am a concerned citizen of this nation who only seeks to point out a very upsetting issue that affects us directly and indirectly. For the past week I have been observing the way morning talk show hosts act. I have found it very disappointing to hear their gibberish and have found their show a waste of time. As I tune in every morning I find myself listening to these hosts discussing political issues which foster hate in our citizens. It alarms me to hear these people talk politically about each other in this way. Many hosts talk around the issues instead of dealing with the true issues. Instead of turning every single national issue into a political affair, they should concentrate on informing us, the public, of the issues that directly affect us, be it positive or negative. For decades our nation has been taught to be biased and politically divided. All I hear in these shows is the UDP supporters talking about the PUP representatives and vice versa. Instead of focusing on how a policy makes an impact on us, they make it a political/personal issue. There is always a clash between people of our nation because of political affiliations.

Grieving parents Lawrence Bol, 31, and Elvira Ack, 30, took the body of their firstborn child back home to Toledo today, Friday, for burial. The couple lost their baby girl on July 14, 2013, just two days after Ack gave birth to the premature baby at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Ack said that she was told her baby was doing well but the child was still taken to the intensive care unit. Despite the fact that she was reassured that the child was well, and although she saw encouraging progress in the baby’s condition, however, she was informed early in the morning on July 12 that the child had died. At first, the couple were not given any explanation as to why their baby died. They were only told that the baby had stopped breathing and they would have to wait until a post-mortem was conducted to confirm the cause of death. Both Bol and Ack made public how they felt about what transpired and said that they wanted some form of justice for their child because they do not understand how their healthy child could have suddenly died.

Two more persons came public last week saying that they had been abruptly terminated by The Kolbe Foundation, which manages the Belize Central Prison. The Belize Central Prison Coalition, an ad hoc group that has been trying to get prison workers unionized, told our newspaper today that they have yet to hear of the final outcome of an investigation which Minister of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development and National Emergency Management and Immigration and Nationality, Godwin Hulse, had commissioned Labor Commissioner Ivan Williams to undertake, in light of the allegations against Kolbe. Today, Williams told Amandala that he has completed his investigation and last week, the final report was turned in to the minister. Minister Hulse confirmed that he received that report late last week, and he will also pass that report over to the National Trade Union Congress of Belize. Hulse told us that he doesn’t yet have any comment on the Labour Commissioner’s report, because although he had seen the draft, he has not yet had a chance to read the final report himself. Williams has also declined comment on the final report. He told our newspaper today that it is for the minister to decide what to do.

A 10-year-old boy of the Mennonite Community of Shipyard in the Orange Walk District drowned in a pond in which he and others were swimming at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, Sunday. Police said that they went to Shipyard and saw the body of Johan Schmitt, who appeared dead; he was taken to the Orange Walk Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival. Schmitt’s friends told police that they were swimming in the pond when they saw Schmitt go under, and did not resurface. They immediately went for help, and people from the village began a search for him. At about 3:00 yesterday evening, his body was found in the pond, with no signs of violence. Police have declared the matter death by drowning.

They say that they have complained repeatedly to the Barrow administration that they have been denied access to Maya ancestral lands upon which US Capital Energy has been doing petroleum exploration works. The Sarstoon Temash Institute of Indigenous Management (SATIIM) and the buffering communities of the Sarstoon Temash National Park, which include Conejo and Crique Sarco, today filed a lawsuit in the Belize Supreme Court challenging the lawfulness of the Barrow administration’s decision to permit drilling inside the protected area. SATIIM’s Executive Director Greg Ch’oc told Amandala that the filing was done urgently, because US Capital, one of the oil companies which have a contract to explore for petroleum in Southern Belize, is getting ready to drill. Ch’oc told our newspaper that whereas one suit was filed today, a second suit is pending. The claimants have retained Eamon Courtenay, SC, for the suit filed today, but according to Ch’oc, Lisa Shoman, SC, will represent them in a separate lawsuit, which is pending. More details, he said, will be disclosed at a press conference scheduled for tomorrow at the Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City.

Belize’s Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS), Nestor Mendez, has assumed the chairmanship of the OAS Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI). According to the OAS, the purpose of CIDI is to promote cooperation among its member states for the furtherance of their integral development and, in particular, to help eliminate extreme poverty. Mendez said that integral development is a fundamental element in fighting the ills that afflict our society, such as violence, crime and insecurity. “Those things can best be combated by the creation of access for economic opportunities for our people,” Mendez commented. The Belize Ambassador took over the chairmanship of CIDI from John Beale, Barbados Permanent Representative to the OAS, who held the term for a year. At the conclusion of his term, Beale highlighted education, in particular, and cited as an example of its impact the experience of the Colombian city of Medellin that has achieved “a remarkable turnaround and is now recognized as a major center of entrepreneurship,” said an OAS release.


How I Go Magazine Shopping in Belize
People often take things for granted when they are starstruck and daydreaming about living on a tropical island. Something so simple as getting a magazine can be a difficult chore or a fun adventure depending on how you look at it. I say how could it not be fun when it involve a 15 minute plane ride and a comfortable taxi through Belize City. Ordinarily I would have gone straight to San Pedro Books, but sadly they are no longer, which is a shame as I know I would have found what I wanted there. A few months after seeing copies of 2 year old Parents Magazines for $17.95 bzd at Island Supermarket, I crossed them off my magazine store shopping list until I see otherwise. The only other place I know o that sells magazines in San Pedro is Caye Supplies, they sell Belize News Exchange Magazine, but that is not what I needed this time. Since I had to fly over for to a meeting, I decided to tie that in with a shopping in Belize City and see what I kind of deals I could score in the area of my favorite magazine store.

Eco Kids learn about The Ancient Maya
It looks like the Howler monkeys decided to overnight in the trees over a couple of the cabins, as we were treated to another one of Nature’s alarm clocks at 5:30 am. While a couple of campers rolled over and went back to sleep, several others got up and played a full game of volleyball before 6:30 in the morning! At the morning muster, everyone was quite excited to find out that today’s theme was the Ancient Maya. Some campers even ran to grab their shoes right away when they found out that we would be hiking to the nearby Chaa Creek maya site and getting a in-depth presentation from Mayanist Joe Awe. While waiting for the hike to begin, campers took a stab at sewing their own beanbags. Some of the boys had very nice stitching, and some even got requests from the counselors to sew them one! Our hike today was one of the longest ones that we would have at the camp, up a couple hills through the jungle and onto a flat area dotted with Mayan mounds. At the site, Mr. Awe gave an amazing rendition of the Mayan creation myth, and an overview of the entire site, as well as providing campers with a photo opportunity over the lookout. Some of us even saw the top of Xunantunich peeking over a hill in the distance. Once we arrived back at Chaa Creek, Mr. Awe gave a presentation on the history and culture of the Maya, from their origins as hunter-gatherers crossing the Bering Straits, to the decline of their civilization thousands of years ago. And just to make sure the campers were paying attention, he split boys and girls into two teams and gave a pop quiz at the end. It was a close call, but the girls scored higher by one point!

Eco Kids Summer Camp Day 3 – Medicinal Plants
Surprisingly enough, the howler monkeys did not wake us up at 5:30 am, but most campers were already up and at it by 6:00! I wonder if they all wake up this early at home. Of course, they could just have been super excited about today’s Medicinal Plants theme. I mean, how often do you get a presentation from Mrs. Salome about the uses of medicinal plants, and then get to hike a medicine trail to spot them up close? And then to go horseback riding afterwards? Man, even the counselors were excited about that. Of course, there was maybe a little too much energy for 7:00 in the morning, but a couple morning games of Dodgeball (after a big breakfast of toast and sausages) helped to burn a little of that off. While waiting for Mrs. Salome, campers worked on the pet rocks they had grabbed yesterday from the canoeing trip up the river. Some were quite excited to take the rocks home, especially when counselors mentioned that they never needed to be fed or walked.

“My Kind of Town” (San Pedro is) in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Up and out on the veranda with my black coffee and the iPad just after 05.00 hours yesterday morning and straight in to The Times online to find (disappointingly) that Arsenal have still to make a major signing. Getting worried now that Arsene Wenger is not going to bring in any one of real quality before the season starts. I then finished of the ‘change of address’ letters for various institutions in the UK that I have to notify of our imminent move to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. With the letters finished I showered, shaved and dressed and went (yes, regular readers, you’ve guessed it) to Estel’s for breakfast to ‘kill’ the time (any excuse I know) until Gekko Graphics opened and I could get the letters printed (when we move in to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we will get our own printer (and bang goes one of my reasons (excuses)) for breakfast at Estel’s!) but until then any printing requires a visit to Gekko Graphics (and Estel’s!). By the time I had got home (well the temporary home that the condo we are renting is) I had received an email from Fabro’s Glass Limited providing a quotation for the mirrors we want for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. A quick ‘phone call for a bit of price negotiation and we had a deal and I placed an order. The mirrors should be with us on 2 August.

UPDATE on the TWO Missing Belizean Children
Children are suspected to have been abducted by their grandfather Juan Jovel with the assistance of an unknown and unidentified woman (source Capital Newspost, Belize) Missing: Fanny Romero – girl Missing: Jairo Romero – boy Name of Parent: Felix Romero Missing From Cowpen Area, Stann Creek District, Belize Central America Last Seen: Wednesday July 17, 2013 Reports: Reports of two children of similar Description with older man in Western Belize however Belize is small so they could be in any area of Belize. Please look at these children faces carefully. Many times the kidnapper may attempt to change appearances by cutting hair or changing clothes. Please be on the look out and if you see anything suspicious: call the nearest police station by dialing 911

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Travel To Belize
From since I started blogging about Belize, one of the most frequently asked questions has been: why Belize? Why should someone choose to travel to Belize opposed to another place? For me, the reasons are pretty simple. A Belize vacation is relaxing and soothing. It’s also physically and mentally stimulating. Many visitors love it so much that they later choose to retire in Belize. Let’s see if I can convince you. 10 Good Reasons Why You Should Travel To Belize 1. The key to having good conversations is having interesting stories. How about adding scuba diving with whale sharks to your recent activities? They are gentle and docile creatures but something about having the words whale and shark next to each other makes it sound intimidating. Or maybe that’s just me?

July 14, 2013 - July 20, 2013 Fishing Report
The tagging expedition finished its work here at El Pescador, which was named an official research center this week! Please join Bonefish Tarpon Trust to keep this research going!

Antonio Beardall: How much can I get for this?

Belizean Artist, Sharon Martinez releases her new track for Belize Carnival 2013 in September

International Sources

10 Awesome Beach Bars Around the World
Rojo Beach Bar, Belize Located just steps from the water, the open-air Rojo Beach Bar is kept cool by ocean breezes -- but if you get too hot, a refreshing infinity pool awaits. The icy cocktails and frosty beers will keep you cool as well, of course. Sit at the bar or stake out one of the hammocks, and make friends with the local patrons and dogs that hang around.

Danny Michel brings a taste of Belize to folk fest with Garifuna Collective
Having criss-crossed Canada and beyond for more than 20 years as a singer-songwriter, it’s not as if Danny Michel is a newbie when it comes to dealing with the headaches of touring. But the 42-year-old does sound legitimately frazzled on the phone from Vancouver, where he is taking a break from unravelling the tangled logistics involved in organizing a seven-week jaunt with Belize’s Garifuna Collective. As with many indie songwriters, Michel is used to the lone guitar-slinger approach. So he may be little out of his comfort zone. Today’s dilemma is the dearth of large rental vans available in Calgary for when this unwieldy group of 10 arrive to play the folk festival at Prince’s Island Park. It’s just the latest challenge for the ambitious tour, which has already taken the act to Winnipeg and Vancouver’s folk festivals. In the past few weeks, Michel has had to deal with booking expensive accommodations (“It costs us $1,000 to sleep, every night,” he says), helping secure visas, finding transportation and — perhaps most unexpectedly — addressing the concerns of government officials. The latter was due to some of the percussion instruments the Garifuna musicians were bringing into Canada, specifically rattles made of turtle shells.

VIDEO: Island Life; How to Live in Paradise
Ben Popik and his wife used to live in Brooklyn, now they work remotely from a beautiful island in Belize. Expatriating isn't just for retiring Americans and we talk to young people who've opted out of the U.S. for a more tropical lifestyle.

Belize crude output continues dip
Belize saw first half crude production drop 23.2% to 419,189b from 1H12, BNamericas has learned.Output in the first six months 2011 totaled 725,546b and 776,920b...

Caracol and Xunantunich on Trip Advisor Top 10
Caracol and Xunantunich both made's top 10 list for Central American landmarks. Caracol was ranked 4th place, and Xunantunich was 7th. There were 4 other Mayan sites listed, with Altun Ha in the 8th place and Tikal next door in Guatemala on the list twice.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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