Emergency Committees Activated

NEMO Toledo remains activated in connection with flood emergency measures. Here’s Correspondent Paul Mahung with the full story.


“NEMO Toledo Coordinator, Kenton Parham along with other public offices are currently on standby as part of flood emergency operations in Toledo.

KENTON PARHAM “Since yesterday morning we have been experiencing quite heavy rains in the Punta Gorda areas and the low lying areas such as Jordan, Blue Creek, Aguacate area; we are monitoring the situation since yesterday and we have put shelter management teams on standby in the Punta Gorda area since last night since we are anticipating more rains. We also took precaution and activated the search and rescue committee with the BDF and prepositioned them in the areas of Blue Creek and Jordan just as a precaution if any evacuation is necessary; they spent the night out there and they will remain out there for the duration of the day as things improve and normalize. The NEMO District Committee remains open and activated to deal with any further developments as it relates to flooding in the areas for the remainder of the day and if anything changes, we will continue to remain activated to deal with any other threats.”


“Parham said that NEMO Toledo advises all residence living in low lying and flood prone areas to be on alert for fast rising water and to take necessary precautions.

A noontime meeting with members of the NEMO Toledo Emergency Committee focused on updates of flooded areas and standby plans for emergency assistance to flood victims. Persons affected by flood waters or flooding emergency in flood prone areas can contact NEMO Toledo District Emergency Committee at telephone number 630-9787.“