Taiwan helps establish Disaster Management Information System

Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan) have long shared close ties of friendship and  cooperation, resulting in financial support a wide range of national interests. On Monday, that partnership extended, as Belize became the recipient of a grant funding to establish a Disaster Management Information System. The system will contribute in enabling the processing and displaying of information and geographic data, all in an effort to help increase resilience to the effects of natural disasters in Belize, while at the same time, contributing to the country’s sustainable development. It will also provide information on natural disasters through risk analysis and strengthen coordination among the Central American countries. Receiving the cheque of $213,188.00 BZ was Minister in the NEMO Senator Hon. Godwin Hulse.

Senator Godwin Hulse – Minister, NEMO:

vlcsnap-2013-07-30-07h27m40s103This program from the Republic of China, Taiwan, has been also rolled out in other central American countries from 2003.  So we’re really in a way playing catch-up. Indeed it is absolutely necessary and timely, as we have set about in this Ministry to improve the capability of NEMO far beyond where it is now.  Our goal in the long term is to be able not only to forecast properly, but to be able to clearly calculate even before we have a disaster, what the potential impact of that will be, so that we can prepare.  That is our goal.  We can not only prepare by moving our people, but protecting shelters and everything appropriately.  The long-term object would be clearly, if we could forecast these impending storms in such a way that we not even use shelters in the trajectory of the storm.  That would be the most important thing, if we could.

During his presentation, the Minister further spoke on the objective of the program.

Senator Godwin Hulse – Minister, NEMO:

vlcsnap-2013-07-30-07h57m25s119The objectives will be: to establish this Disaster Information System, and it will enable the processing and display of information and geographic data, in an effort to help to increase resilience to the effects of natural disasters, and subsequent  contributing to the countries sustainable development; to make available  information on natural disasters through risk analysis, and strengthen coordination among neighboring countries.  The implementing agency, of course, will be NEMO, in cooperation with the respective National Emergency Management Committees, and all public and private agencies.  It is established to preserve life and property throughout the country of Belize in the event of an emergency threatened or real, and to mitigate the impact on the country and its people.

The funds will be used for training technical personnel and purchasing equipment and acquiring critical data and information related to natural hazards.

Senator Godwin Hulse – Minister, NEMO:

The key activities will be the procurement of equipment that will allow Belize to establish the basic technical infrastructure for the development and operation of the Information System, and the procurement of technical personnel to support data acquisition, development, and harmonization, and the acquisition of critical data and information to help establish the system.