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Today's Belize News: August 6, 2013 #469654
08/06/13 06:05 AM
08/06/13 06:05 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Los Yonics brings out a large crowd to Costa Maya Festival
The island was packed on Saturday August 3rd as the International Costa Maya Festival continued. The highlight of course was the international concert by Mexican artists Jose Manuel Zamacona Y Los Yonics. Sharing the stage for the night was Belize’s Tanya Carter and Grupo Crash from El Salvador. Visitors began invading the festival grounds early and they enjoyed the entertainment before the main performance. Tanya Carter’s smooth vocals and fun performance was well recieved and Grupo Crash brought street dance alive on stage. The much anticipated concert attracted a large crowd from all over the country who wanted to see Los Yonics perform live for the first time in Belize. The band members were greeted on the festival grounds by the Minister of Tourism and Culture Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero. Following a short chat with the Mayor Guerrero and Minister Heredia, the group took their spot on stage entertaining their audience with some of their best music.

Ambergris Today

Costa Maya Festival Rocks San Pedro Weekend
The San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival did it once again for San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and Belize; it managed to jam-pack the island with visitors from around the nation and around the world. Its popularity has become synonymous with a party weekend at the island for many Belizeans and a full line up of fantastic performances at the festival grounds. The San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival kicked off of August 1, 2013, with the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant in which Miss Belize Destinee Arnold brought the crown back home after six years. The pageant always brings much hype and attention to the festival with the participation of eight gorgeous beauty contestants from around the Latin American region. The second night of the festivities saw the participation of international performers that included the Ballet Folklorico de Quintan Roo. that conducted the traditional flag dance, the always energetic dance presentations by Grupo Crash with their mix of cultural and modern dances and comedic show of Juan Manuel, both from our neighboring El Salvador.

Puma Donates To Belize National Football Team
On July 2, 2013 Puma Belize embarked on a fundraising venture to assist the National Football Team “Belize Jaguars” who were on their way to the 2013 CONCACAF GOLD CUP. Puma’s ten branded service stations countrywide participated in this initiative by donating $0.05 from every gallon of fuel sold during the period of 2nd -16th July, 2013. A total of BZD$12,000.00 was raised from this initiative. Puma Belize Corporate Office also donated $5,000 to the Belize Jaguars. On July 30 Mr. Freddy Flores, Deputy General Manager for Puma Energy Belize, presented a check for a total of $17,000 to President of the Football Federation of Belize Mr. Ruperto Vicente and Senor Vice President Mr. Sergio Chuc.

Flashbacks: Simplicity San Pedro Style
When Al Felly took this shot in 1971, he was impressed by the simplicity of Island life in San Pedro. All of the fishermen and tour guides carried small locally built mahogany skiffs powered by small outboard engines. So simple that they could leave their skiffs moored at the hotel pier and nobody would bother them except for children who begged for leftover sardines for their own fish bait. Life was so simple and safe that you could leave your day’s catch on the pier and go take a shower and return to clean your fish. So simple that five gallons of gasoline could take you to your fishing grounds and back and everything you caught was prepared for your evening supper at Holiday Hotel. And look at the native Island boys paddling their canoe for a joy ride, a refreshing swim, or to go fishing right in front of the village. This dory ride was quite likely without mom’s permission, but who cared? After all they were in San Pedro in all its grandeur yet simplicity. This is the life of San Pedro that has won the hearts of our visitors over the years.

25 Years Ago: Strange Belize Home Remedies for Portuguese Man of War, Warts and Hiccups
AGUAMALA (Portuguese man of war) If there is one thing San Pedro children and fishermen and tourist guides also are almost sure to encounter once in their lives it is an encounter with a jellyfish (pica pica) or a Portuguese man of war (aguamala). Years Ago when there were no swimming pools, man of war attacks occurred even more frequently because children swam in the sea a lot. So what do you do when you get stung by a man of war? Doctors today recommend flushing the area where the venom was injected with alcohol, vinegar or even meat tenderizer. But who in the world goes swimming and take these things along with him? What to do? It is hurting! Well pee on it. That is what we did 25 years ago in San Pedro. It helped of course and now we learn that the urea in urine contains some form of ammonia and that is another recommended remedy for a hurting sting of a jellyfish or a Portuguese man of war.

Pic of the Week: Lemonde Anyone?
The weather has been really heating up on Ambergris Caye lately and everybody is looking for ways to keep cool. On this week's Pic of the Week you can see these island kids coming together during their summer break to make a little cash by selling some delicous cold lemonade. We see some young entrepreneurs in the near future.

Belize: A Nation at Risk
My favorite and most often used Chinese proverb reminds us simply that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Thirty years ago the Education Department of the United States of America published a report, “A Nation at Risk”, to urge an overhaul of how/what their young people were taught in schools. Why? Data gathered over many years showed that young students in that country were “behind” where they should be in Education. The Report was a “wake-up call” for the country. As of today, educators in that country are still working to keep the spark alive of that school reform movement. It has been more than 30 years since Belize achieved its Independence. What has Belize (Education Department) done to make its schools its own – instead of keeping the exact system of Education used under Colonial Masters before 1981?

Misc Belizean Sources

NTHU Visits Xunantunich
The Taiwanese student group from NTHU took a day off from visiting local primary schools to visit the Xunantunich archaeological site. They had a great time exploring the site, which should be seeing the opening of its new visitor's center soon.

Belmopan Day Chess Tournament
Belmopan celebrated it's 43 anniversary this weekend with their Belmopan Day. The East Cayo Chess Association had a chess tournament there. "Yesterday there was a chess tournament in Belmopan that included young children all the way up to adults. This was the first tournament held exclusive by the East Cayo Chess Association and it went very well - big congrats to the 20+ participants and, in particular, all those that volunteered to make it happen."

Channel 7

Khaled El Turk Escapes Extradition, Court Rules
After almost 10 months on detention and facing extradition to the United States, 36 year-old Lebanese Belizean Khaled El Turk is a free man tonight. Viewers may remember that he was detained on October 18 last year on a warrant from the United States for the pseudoephedrine importation into the US. He’s been strongly resisting the extradition request in the Magistrate’s Court, and today, he got the best news. After being brought in court in shackles for the past 10 months, the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith handed down her final decision that El Turk should be freed because the Government of Belize failed to establish a prima facie case for his extradition. It is a most unexpected turnaround, and today 7News spoke to his attorney, Anthony Sylvester, who explained the Chief Magistrate’s written judgment after months of tedious litigation. Anthony Sylvester - Attornet for Khaled El Turk "The decision of the Magistrate is that Mr. El Turk is discharged and he is free to go. The decision was made after consideration of the arguments put forward by both the attorneys for the Government of the United States and Mr. Flores (Senior Counsel) and on behalf of Mr. El Turk.

GOB Engages Buckley To Talk Compensation, He Wants 2 Mil
Steven Buckley has been much in the news recently – after the KHMH sent him a bill for services he received after police wrongfully shot him in the head. The story has great poignancy because here’s a man who was so badly injured that he lost his ability to work; police gave him no compensation and now he has to pay his own medical bills!? It’s an outrage which seems to speak to everything wrong at so many levels of officialdom – but with mounting public pressure – something is finally being done about it – more than three years after he was shot in the head. After the media put that to Prime Minister Dean Barrow last week Friday, he agreed that Buckley should be compensated, and he promised to intervene to expedite the process. Well today, the next available weekday, representatives of the Government of Belize met with Buckley, his wife, and his attorney Dickey Bradley at the Racoon Street Police Headquarters. The media was out there in full force, and after the meeting, Dickey Bradley told us that GOB has decided that they will settle this matter outside of a civil court, and Buckley will be compensated. According to Bradley, Buckley and his family will get a large sum, as part of a partial payment before the end of the week.

Samer Akil, The Salvadorean Bust And The Corozal Free Zone
Tonight, there is more information about the major drug bust made in El Salvador and its connection to Belize. As we reported on Friday, the drugs were destined for a company called Grupo Sol, registered in the Corozal Free zone. Well, local authorities did not want to release the name of the registered owner of those companies, but it is all over the Mexican news. He is Samer Akil Ralda, and, it turns out, he’s a big name in the Corozal Free Zone – so much so that up until May of this year, he was on the Zone’s Board of Directors. In fact, he’s still pictured on the Zone’s website as a Director – mugging for a photo along with leading public officials such as the Comptroller of Customs and the Commissioner of Labour. He was recently voted off the board, but now Mexican Media reports that he hasn’t been seen in the zone for two weeks sicne the bust was made. Our local information say that he is the owner of two companies in the Zone, Grupo Sol and Excel, while Mexican media reports that his stories are named Sol Fashion and Cargoyo. Both the stores and their warehouse were searched last week – when a shipment of frozen pineapple came from Costa Rica.

Benque’s First Murder In Two Years Is Vicious
There was a murder in Benque Viejo this weekend – where a 51 year old was apparently beaten to death. It is the first murder in the quiet western town in two years – and it’s an especially vicious one. But as Monica Bodden found out when she went west today, the victim Pedro Antonio Vasques had a history of violence against him- Monica Bodden reporting The body of 51 year old Guatemalan National Pedro Vasquez was found lying on this side of the road with 2 large cut wounds, one on the left and one on the right side of his forehead. Also a deep punctured wound on the left side of his nose. Still breathing but barely holding on to life, his body was discovered around 4am on Sunday morning on the side of Churchill Street. He was rushed to the San Ignacio Community Hospital but died shortly after. Assistant Superintendent, Denzel Thompson - Officer In charge, Benque "What it appears so far is that yes he was inflicted with some blunt object, however, at this present moment - the body is in Belize City, a post mortem is being carried out and it should be concluded sometime today. That should be able to determine what has caused the death and at that time it could give us areas to continue to follow in the investigation. We have questioned a couple of people who we believed could have assisted us in the investigation but nothing has been coming in so far other than the ones questioned. He was a Guatemalan, 51 year old and he was living in Benque Viejo at the time of his death."

Customs Officer Caught On A Contraband Move
Police have an operation called “U-Turn” – they won’t say what it’s about, but we do know that it turned up a nice stash of contraband – and a customs officer in the mix! On Saturday morning at 11:00, police stopped a Plymouth Grand Voyager minivan with three men inside. Police found it stacked with boxes of contraband vodka, namely: 15 cases of Absolut Vodka and 1 case of Grey Goose Vodka – all liter bottles. Each case of Absolut contained 12 bottles and the case of Grey Goose Vodka contained 6 bottles – so that’s a total of 186 bottles of top shelf vodka. The three men were detained pending investigations – and they remain held tonight. 29 year-old Carlton Humes, a resident of Iguana Street; 25 year-old Rondale Bailey, a Customs Officer from Hattieville, and 21 year-old Davon Bailey, a student of Raccoon Street, are awaiting an arraignment at the Magistrate’s Court on contraband charges, specifically, acquiring possession of unaccustomed goods, and reckless concern in carrying unaccustomed goods. The cargo is valued at $15,862, and as a result, the men were charged with 3 times that value, a total of $47,586.

“Lucas Magnus” For Cayo Central?
He’s not what you would call a top draft pick – but Luke Espat is a die-hard PUP, and now the long time behind the scenes orchestrator is getting into the forefront of electoral politics – and he’s going to do it in Cayo Central. Espat told a gathering of the Cayo PUP committee leaders on Saturday that he’s officially offering himself as a candidate. Today he told us that he did his homework and of the 17 available seats in the PUP, he decided to go, quote, “where the most work was needed.” As for Senator Collet Montejo, who is the current divisional caretaker and came within 44 votes of beating UDP incumbent Rene Montero, Espat says he consulted with everyone – and they told him to, quote “do his thing.” We aren’t quite sure what that “thing” is – since, politically, Espat is untested, and he has a less than stellar public image – after various legal and business entanglements, most recently with the Belize Bank. He promised us an interview tomorrow….

Chamber Supports Hon. Julius’ PAC Plan
Last week, 7News told you about the motion which the PUP’s Julius Espat wants to table at the next House Meeting, scheduled for Wednesday. As we’ve told you, he wants to remove majority control of the committee from the ruling party in Government, which hold 4 seats, while the Opposition holds 2. He wants to restructure it so that Government gets 2 seats, Opposition gets 2 and 3 come from the Senate. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has told us that he will make procedural objections if Espat attempts to bring it to the House Meeting, but the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry is hoping that the PM will change his mind. In release today, the Chamber agrees with Julius Espat in principle saying quote, “The current structure of the PAC undermines its purpose as control of the PAC ultimately rests in the hands of the majority of the House of Representatives – the very body responsible for approving the country’s budget.” The BCCI continues, “In effect, the Government’s spending of public funds is therefore being scrutinized by a Government-controlled PAC. This is particularly disconcerting since Ministers who are in the Cabinet are bound by the principle of collective responsibility and so cannot go against any decision of Cabinet.”

Re: Today's Belize News: August 6, 2013 [Re: Marty] #469655
08/06/13 06:05 AM
08/06/13 06:05 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 80,498
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here

Channel 5

Luke Espat eyes Cayo Central
Businessman, Luke Espat, is no stranger to political or financial circles in Belize. He’s generally stayed in the background of politics in the People’s United Party even as he is [...]

Cordel Hyde coming home to P.U.P.?
And even as Francis Fonseca’s response to Luke Espat’s political intentions seemed lukewarm at best, he appears ready to roll out the fatted calf for a prodigal son who might [...]

Guatemalan and resident of Benque is murdered
Turning to crime news, there was a vicious murder over the weekend in Benque Viejo del Carmen. A Guatemalan national who made the border town his home for at least [...]

Khalid El Turk happy not to be extradited to the U.S.A.
Several persons including Mark Sewell, Rhett Fuller and more recently, Dion Bruce, are currently behind bars at the Central Prison, as they are fighting extradition to the United States. Well, [...]

Government will pay settlement to Stephen Buckley
Stephen Buckley was shot in April 2010 by an on duty police officer, Inspector Denis Lopez, in the Port Loyola during a police operation. Buckley was not armed, but was [...]

Cop shot Buckley and victim happy not to beg anymore
Buckley was thirty-seven years old when the shotgun blast penetrated his skull and the shrapnel embedded in places that surgery would not help. Doctor Joel Cervantes, the neurosurgeon in his [...]

Cop still faces serious charges in court for shooting Buckley
Much of the media attention over the past few years have focused on Buckley’s recovery and mounting medical bills, but little has been heard of Inspector Dennis Lopez. Lopez is [...]

P.U.P. withholds support from Norwegian Cruise Line
Earlier in the newscast, we told you about the Luke Espat bid and Cordel Hyde’s possible return into the P.U.P.  The Party Leader, Francis Fonseca, also spoke about other pressing [...]

P.U.P. Leader supports PACMAN’s move for reshuffling accounts committee
Last week, the P.U.P. submitted a motion to be included on the order papers for this Wednesday’s sitting of the House. The motion proposed a change in the structure of [...]

Customs Officer busted with unaccustomed goods
A van loaded with uncustomed goods was busted over the weekend. According to the police, the bust took place on Saturday morning when Operation U-Turn, along with a police mobile [...]

Construction worker spared jail time for harming ex-wife
A forty-seven year old construction worker was spared jail time today for harming his ex common-law-wife. Darrington Williams was arraigned in court this morning for injuring Shawn Armstrong on Saturday [...]

Barrow’s important meeting with the evangelical churches
On Friday, News Five aired comments by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on a variety of pertinent front-line issues. We’ll have some more from the PM tonight, but first to the [...]

Association of evangelical churches will soon have their input to the controversial gender policy
While the gender policy wasn’t at on the agenda for that meeting, it certainly hasn’t gone quietly into that goodnight. That fiery ball has been lobbed by government onto the [...]

Sports Guru James Adderly awesome weekend highlights
Good evening I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday. The FFB’s female interdistrict football competition saw two arch rivals take to the arena as DFC Gentle Touch took aim [...]


Shot in Head Three Years Ago by Police; Government Will Settle Out of Court
Last week Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke to the media about the case of Steven Buckley who was shot in the head by a police man on duty. He commented to reporters that he believes Buckley should be compensated quote “for the wanton destruction almost to his life” end quote.&nb...

Home Invasion in Southern Belize
A woman was injured during a home invasion in the Stann Creek District. Correspondent Harry Arzu has the story. HARRY ARZU “38-year-old, Yeanora Rodriguez, a resident of Noralez Extension area in Independence Village, Stann Creek District reported to police that on July 26 at ...

Belize Chamber of Commerce Says Yes to the Public Accounts Committee Restructure
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry issued out a release supporting the revision of the structure of the Public Accounts Committee. In its release, BCCI reiterated the responsibilities of the Public Accounts Committee which is to oversee the deposition of the country’s finances. The...

Police in Southern Belize Investigate Armed Robberies
A delivery truck was held up and the driver robbed of an undisclosed amount of money. Once again we join correspondent Harry Arzu. HARRY ARZU “Dangriga police are investigating an armed robbery that involved a delivery truck that belongs to Bowen & Bowen Distributors, Stan...

Belize's Transport Facilities May Be Upgraded Shortly
If you are a person that uses public transportation to commute on a daily basis, you’ll know that Belize’s transportation system needs a major tune up. Well, that major upgrade is being prepared following a meeting between a South Korean delegation and the Ministry of Energy, Science,...

Officer Faces Disciplinary Measures After Going Missing
Last week it was reported that Police Constable Martin Bustillos who had been reported missing had made contact with his family and colleagues. Today the Police Department said Bustillos reported for work on Sunday and has been dealt with disciplinarily for his absence. ...

Island Resident Gets Ninth Conviction in Court
Forty year old Robert Popper, an unemployed of San Pedro who had seven convictions for dishonesty and was released from prison in April, got two more convictions today when he appeared in Court and pled guilty to two counts of obtaining property by deception. Magistrate Dale Cayetano sentenced hi...

Teenager Caught with Drugs Hidden in His Back End
A 19 year old man who had three point two grams of cannabis tucked between the cheeks of his buttocks, pled guilty to possession of a controlled drug when he appeared in court today. He is Darrel Mayen Jr, an unemployed of Faber’s Road. He was fined five hundred dollars by Magistrate Dale C...

Belize Courts Denies Extradition of Lebanese National
An extradition request by the US Government for 35 year old Kalid El Turk, a naturalized Belizean originally from Lebanon, was denied today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Turk, who was detained by police on October 16, 2012, was set free. Turk was wanted by the US Government for the a...

Customs Officer and Two Others Charged for Uncustomed Goods
Three persons including a Customs Officer have been charged with acquiring possession of uncustomed goods and recklessly concern in carrying uncustomed goods. This follows the discovery of a number of what is believed to be contraband liquor. Police say on Saturday they conducted a search o...


BEC Assists At Risk Children In Belize
Children are always referred to as the future leaders of tomorrow and indeed they are yet there is no doubt that for them to reach that stage they need much...

DAVCO Orange Walk Elects New Executive Members
Twenty four villages in the Orange Walk District will be receiving much needed assistance to further develop their community. That assistance comes through the guidance of a new board executive...

Harvest For Kids Is Back
Approximately one thousand five hundred children from across Belize City are today enjoying the benefits of the Harvest for Kids Project carried out last year by the Belize Camping Experience....

NGO Says Gender Policy Is Good For Belize
Are you for or against the Gender Policy? We are sure that you have asked yourself that question. But before you come to a decision, there is an organization that...

Police Constable Faces Tribunal For Missing Work
He was declared missing after he failed to report to work and did not get in contact with his family for eight days. Tonight Police Constable Martin Bustillos, attached to...

Businesses In The Free Zone Linked TO Drug Bust In El Salvador
Samer Akil Rada, that’s the name of the man identified as the owner of Grupo Sol and OXCEL in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. The same company that is being...

The Reporter

If the Government of Belize allows the festering Maya protest in the south to go to the Caribbean Court of Justice, there is a good probability that GOB will lose again!

Tourist Board defends $50 million Norwegian Cruise port at Harvest Caye CaCaye
Cabinet approval has been granted, and signing is imminent for the Memorandum of Understanding between the government of Belize and Norwegian Cruise Lines for a US$50 million cruise ship port on Harvest Caye just offshore south of Placencia, but the conditions of the MOU do not sit well with many [...]

PAC Chairman: Accounts Committee needs upgrade
Public Accounts Committee Chairman Hon. Julius Espat will propose changes at next Wednesday’s Sitting of the House of Representatives that could improve his committee’s ability to function.

Dengue outbreak in Honduras could impact health in Belize
The death toll from dengue fever stands at 16 in Honduras and 10 more in the rest of Central America with nearly 40,000 persons infected, so Belize’s Ministry of Health has issued an public advisory even as it executes its Dengue Prevention Plan.

Solid Waste Transfer Station opened
The once unpleasant-looking, pungent-smelling dump site at mile three off the George Price Highway that bordered the Caribbean Sea and the Port Loyola community, and that once posed a serious health hazard and fire threat to residents in the Collet, Port Loyola and Lake Independence divisions has now been transformed [...]

Belize Action not U.S. funded– Pastor Stirm
By William G. Ysaguirre Belize Action, the local movement that organized several nationwide “Pro-Constitution” marches, is not funded by religious-right groups in the United States, BA’s Pastor Scott Stirm affirmed Monday.

Taiwan students teach Cayo kids computer skills
A delegation of 11 students of the Belize Educational Service Group from the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, including two Belizeans, are teaching schoolchildren in the Cayo district an introduction to computers.

Three prisoners escape, two apprehended
BELIZE CITY, Aug. 1st, 2013 Two of the three juvenile prisoners that escaped from the Wagner’s Youth Facility last Sunday have been recaptured. Guatemalan Roqael Teul, 17, who was serving a five-year sentence for illegal firearm possession, is the only one of three teens that is still at large. [...]

Family arrested for drugs and amo stashed in Church roof
Six members of the Jones family were remanded to prison, after they were arraigned before Magistrate Dale Cayetano on Monday.

Taiwan gives $213,000 for Belize to manage natural disasters
The Government of the Republic of China on Taiwan has donated to Belize $213,188 to use the latest information communications technology to set up a system to manage natural disasters. Belize’s subtropical climate makes it especially vulnerable to tropical cyclones, a susceptibility exacerbated by climate change and rising sea levels.

Prevent foot odour this summer
Your feet beg to be let loose during the steamy summer season, and with beautiful sandals and nail polishes on the market, who are you to argue?

Full moon distrupts sleep quality?
A full Moon can disturb a good night’s sleep, scientists believe. Researchers found evidence of a “lunar influence” in a study of 33 volunteers sleeping in tightly controlled laboratory conditions.

Pakistani TV show gives babies away as prizes
Plumbing new depths in the battle for television ratings, abandoned babies are being given out as prizes on a controversial prime-time game show in Pakistan.

Pope Francis on gays: `Who am I to judge?’
Pope Francis said Monday that he will not “judge” gays and lesbians – including gay priests – signaling a shift from his predecessor and offering another sign that the new pope is committed to changing the church’s approach to historically marginalized groups.

Easy Does it, Buttercup & Mel’s United win in Belize Rural Softball
Easy Does It of Flowers Bank, Buttercup Uprising and Mel’s United of Double Head Cabbage all posted big wins when the Belize Rural Softball Competition continued in Flowers Bank on Sunday, July 28.

Camalote Blazers & Roaring Creek win in Cayo Softball Semifinals
Undefeated Camalote Blazers and Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy enjoyed victories in the semifinals as the Miley Garcia Softball Competition organized by the Cayo Softball Association began at the Denbigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote on Sunday, July 28.


Weekend forecast was laid back and relaxing with scattered weekend pictures
I made up my mind this weekend was going to be laid back and relaxing. I spent Saturday morning doing a Project Runway Marathon and decided the afternoon was perfect weather for a joy ride to town – Hot and Sunny. I texted Dick to see if he had any errands to run. I had a date with tacoboy lined up for Sunday and I wanted to find a few outfit for the occasion. The plan was to go north for lunch to Aji Tapas bar but we both agreed if we were tired that spending time together at home would be just as nice. We headed out and while I went to a few of my favorite stores, he went hardware or grocery shopping. I scored a two tops and two dresses and he scored olive oil, meat and mangoes. All in all a successful shopping trip, so was my date. Tacoboy appreciated my new outfit and we had an ultimate lazy fun date day. We started out going junk food shopping at Super Buy South, got chicken fingers and fries at Sunny’s and headed back home to continue the Project Runway Marathon in bed. The following pictures on our Saturday afternoon drive.

Saturday is Market Day in San Ignacio, Belize
San Ignacio is a very pretty town located on the Macal River in Central Belize. The coral reef and sandy beaches seem thousands of miles away (rather than just about a hundred)…the area is lush, green and peaceful. Every Saturday is market day and people from all over Cayo come to town to sell and to shop. We arrived by canoe… at about 1pm, when things were winding down but there were still tons of fruits and vegetables (about 1/2 the San Pedro price), lots of souvenirs, clothes, food and all sorts of things on display. Here’s what I saw at the San Ignacio market. I should have immediately emptied my suitcase and filled it with pineapples. SO CHEAP!

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013 Pictures
Chaa Creek's Eco Kids Summer Camp is over, and they have tons of great pictures on their page. Looks like the Eco Kids had the time of their lives, and learned a lot about nature, culture, and the world at the same time. "Twenty four young Belizeans embarked Saturday on a unique educational learning adventure as this year’s Chaa Creek Children’s Summer Camp Scholarship Program, better known as the Eco Kids Environmental Summer Camp, kicked off on Saturday July 20th 2013. According to Chaa Creek founder and general manager Lucy Fleming, the innovative annual event gives Belizean youth an opportunity to learn about their natural world through a mix of adventure, social interaction, fun and hands-on education aimed at instilling a sense of wonder and responsibility for the environment."

Who We Are & What We Do
The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) is a statutory body of the Government of Belize mandated to perform functions and duties related to: 1) Trade Development and Promotion 2) Investment Generation and Promotion 3) Enterprise Development and Facilitation BELTRAIDE operates within the portfolio of the Ministry of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development, and Consumer Protection. Our Mission Enhancing Belize’s prosperity by fostering investor confidence, entrepreneurship, business growth, and innovation. Our Vision Enabling a dynamic and competitive business environment for Belize’s Socio-Economic Development.

2013 BTB Village Expo

“So You Win Again” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Slowly getting back to normal but have started writing this edition Sunday lunchtime. The reason for the early start on it is that I have an appointment on Monday at the Dental Center in Belize City at 08.00 hours. The appointment , which is with Doctor Hernandez who visits the Dental Center once a month,will result (hopefully) in a solution being diagnosed for the implant that didn’t ‘take’ (I’ll let you know in a future edition if one was found or not). Having made a start on this edition I took time out to watch Arsenal play against Galatasaray in the Emirates Cup (before my ‘friends’ in the UK rush to post a comment, yes I do know that we (Arsenal) have to run our own cup competition to try and win something). We didn’t play particularly well and it was no great surprise that we lost to two Didier Drogba goals (he always scores against Arsenal). Whenever he plays it is a case of shouting ‘so you win again’. If only he had played for Arsenal! Time now to step back a day and let you know what Rose and I saw when we went to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize at around 15.15 hours on Saturday.

International Sources

Belize Needs You To Speargun Poisonous Lionfish In The Face
The good people at Hatchet Caye Resort in Belize are fed up with the Lionfish -- the population is exploding, it's not even indigenous to their waters, they're eating up all the much prettier fish, and they're basically ruining EVERYTHING. So they're asking for your help to keep the species under control. Your mission: Jump on a plane down, grab a speargun and guide, scuba over to where those aquatic assholes are lurking, and pump a blade into their faces.

Lesser known travel destinations
Islands at Belize: The Caribbean nation of Belize has more than 200 islands or “cayes.” While many visitors are content to spend all of their time in the more heavily trafficked northern cayes, such as Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, venturing to more distant, southern islands, such as Tobacco Caye, gets you closer to the eternal deserted-island fantasy. Getting to most of the country’s more “remote” cayes requires no more than a three-hour journey from Belize City. From the unsurpassed beaches of South Water Caye to the pulsating nightlife of San Pedro (on Ambergris Caye), these offer the best in Belizean island hopping. Don’t forget to check out the sunrise over the Caribbean sea.

Five Private Islands You Can Rent for Under $500
Situated in a plum spot behind the Belize Barrier Reef, French Louie Caye is about a two-hour plane ride from most East Coast American cities. The two acre island gives you a coral sand beach, mangrove ecology and a place to call home. A 4 day/3 night package is $1,300 for two people and includes a cabana or tent, all meals catered to taste (alcohol not included), transportation from Placencia Village, snorkel gear, and kayaks. And yes, you can stay additional nights at a per diem.

10 Bogus Excuses People Use When They Steal Photos from the Web
So you think you have a good reason or excuse to use a photo you found on the Internet without asking the photographer who took it? Let’s see if it can stand the test. 1. There was no “copyright” logo or any other watermark on the photo Copyrights exist by default. As soon as an amateur or professional photographer (or anyone else, for that matter) hits the shutter button, all the power of the copyright law is now associated with the photo. Therefore, a photographer does not have to specify on the photo or on his/her website that the photo is protected by copyright. Unless specified otherwise, consider a photo to be copyrighted.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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White Sands Dive Shop - 5 Star PADI Dive Facility - Daily diving, SCUBA instruction and Snorkeling
Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
We handle all aspects of the purchase of your Real Estate in Belize. From in depth property searches to your final closing.
Click for Ian Anderson's Caves Branch, Welcome to a World of Adventure
Lil Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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