There are reports of an attempted murder stemming out of San Pedro on Saturday August 3rd. Love News understands that two women from Belize City, both twenty one years old and alleged to be lovers, were celebrating one year of their partnership in San Pedro for the weekend, when they were involved in a fight while they were in the sea. The incident reportedly occurred around 4:30 p.m. in front of Cholos. It is reported that one of the women sat on the back of the other and kept her submerged for a while.

When the people on the beach realized what was happening, one man went into the water to save the victim from drowning. Further reports say that CPR was performed on the victim twice before she was placed on oxygen and transported to the San Pedro Polyclinic. Meanwhile, a Coast Guard and Traffic Officer escorted the other woman to the Police Station.

According to police, the woman who allegedly attempted to drown her partner was heavily intoxicated. Police then visited the polyclinic but they could not find the victim. She was later found and also escorted to the police station, but she refused to press charges on her partner and the partner was therefore released. We understand both women were under heavy influence of alcohol when the incident occurred.