Her dancehall single “Ex Boyfriend” became an instant hit when it first debuted in Jamaica. Since then, the song has been blasting on radio station across Belize and the Caribbean.

It is a definite breakthrough for Tanya Carter who got a chance to work along with some of the biggest producers in the Jamaican dancehall industry. And now, she may be riding the wave of another breakout hit on a hot rhythm track. The stylish new video for her new single “ DJ Boy” launched last week, and today she told us about it:..

Tanya Carter - Dancehall Reggae Artist
"I had so much fun doing this video - I just put out a status on Facebook and said that I needed pretty girls and that I didn't care what they looked like - they just had to look Belizean and I had a whole lot of messages in my inbox and we carefully picked out the females that were going for rehearsals, models, dancers, we had the area that we wanted. We wanted a nice fresh look - not so clubby, that's why we went to Six Lounge to get this high top view and we just basically did a video with willing people that came out for the ride. The song is called Dj Boy and me and my partners wrote this song - I had more help with this song, it was co-written by Version - he's an artist in Jamaica and we compiled this song for the love of DJ’s. We wanted to have a song that specifically shouts out my own Belizean DJ’s so in the video I had to get DJ’s so I sent out a status on Facebook trying to get DJ's to come give a little cameo in the video and most DJ’s came. I had some Belizean artists as well who came to do a cameo and some dancing so it definitely tied in very well with what was said - the DJ 'turn up the song'. It's just a feel good video, hype without being too Jamaican; I think it really hit that good party vibe. A lot of people don't know but that rhythm was made for me and when the rhythm was made - they called me and asked me if I had a problem if other artists are on it. I told them 'No' - that's better for me, they then said that they would do it as a rhythm, I hadn't done one of those in a very long time. I think the rhythm was amazing so he then - we didn't even have to go to Knoshens or TOK or Voicemail - the guys then came to him. It was interesting to see, I'm there - he made this rhythm, it's awesome, it's perfect and then these guys come over to voice the rhythm - it was a blessing actually."

The video is directed by Carlo Habet.

Tanya will be leaving for the US in this month where she will be touring cities including New York and LA. She returns home in October.

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