Picture this: a family in their living room, enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon. All of a sudden, a government tractor comes crashing into the master bedroom. It happened on Saturday afternoon when a front end loader assigned to the Ministry of Public Works crashed into a house in Camalote village. No one was injured in the incident, but the house belonging to Gertrude Palacio sustained major damage.

The tractor was quickly removed from the scene of the incident and the family says they were given a verbal assurance that the Ministry of Works will be making amends and repairing the damage. Unofficial information suggests that the tractor was being driven at the time of the incident by someone who had no authority to have been in control of the vehicle.

Unofficial information also suggests that the tractor had no brakes and had been in operation for quite some time without brakes. No one was available at the Ministry of Works on Saturday evening to answer queries about the incident.

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