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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofers: Head Nurse
Dick is in hospital with an oxygen mask on - so of course, his speech is a bit garbled, especially when he asks his nurse an important question.

San Pedro AIDS Commission says THANK YOU!
On behalf of the San Pedro AIDS Commission it gives me great pleasure to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who in one way or another helped make El Show de las Estrellas 3 a successful fundraising event. I applaud the members who worked hard to ensure the success of this affair and salute the “friends” of the AIDS Commission who lent a helping hand. Great job guys! You know who you are! Special mention must be made of our generous sponsors who were instrumental and supportive towards this fundraiser – our respect and admiration for: Mata Chica Resort, Tropic Air, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Castillo’s Hardware, Cuello’s Distillery, San Pedro Holiday Hotel, Ellos Exclusively for Him, Romantic Travel Belize, Councilor Wally Nuñez, Councilor Gaby Nuñez, Island Torch Bar & Grill, Fido’s Restaurant and Bar, Grand Belizean Estates, Captain Shark’s Marine Center, Pete’s Enterprises, San Pedro Belize Express, The San Pedro Sun, Reef Radio, Ambergris Today, Reef TV, San Pedro Town Council and Domosa Decorations (Chetumal, Quintana Roo). We also say kudos to the ever-jovial Rompe Raja for providing the lively music and to David Marin for his DJ skills used during the show and Mr. Chris Nuñez and Mr. Silva for helping out with the electrical work.

Doctor Love: New Business Owner
Owning a business on the island can be challenge. A new business owner needs advice...

Misc Belizean Sources

La Puerta Negra by BMA
Musical interlude teaser. The Benque Marimba Academy has been playing a lot lately. Here's them doing La Puerta Negra. Thanks to the Benque House of Culture for the videos. Keep up the great work, guys. "Benque Marimba Academy 'La Puerta Negra' teaser."


Belize Celebrates International Youth Day
On Monday August 12th, 2013 Belize will join the rest of the world in celebrating International Youth Day under the theme, “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward”. This year’s observance of International Youth Day focuses on the issue of youth migration. Of the annual total of some 214 million international migrants, young people constitute more than 10 percent, yet too little is known about their struggles and experiences. According to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, poverty, crowded and unsanitary living conditions and the challenges of finding decent employment are regular features of the migrant experience. These challenges are exacerbated by the current global economic and financial crisis. Migrants are also often accused by communities and politicians of taking jobs from local people, exposing them to further risk of discrimination. In other cases, young people left behind by migrating parents face psychological and social challenges and greater vulnerability.

Corozaleno Ask The General Public For Assistance
In six months a 36 year old man form the Corozal District has lost 100 lbs but is not because he is on diet. Eliazar Coc, a resident of San Narciso Village in the Corozal District, is suffering from an unidentified sickness which is causing him pain extreme pain and making him lose weight rapidly. The Court Translator is in dire need of medical attention and his intentions are to fly out to Guatemala City. But Coc is in dire need of financial assistance to make it to Guatemala. With that in mind, his family joined hands with a local radio station from the Corozal District to carry out a radiothon and raise funds. According to Coc’s brother, Alexander, Eliazar began complaining of abdominal pain some six months ago. Thinking that he was simply suffering from an upset stomach, Eliazar ignored the pain.

Belize Receives Cultural Grant From IDB
Since 1994, the Cultural Development Program of the IDB Cultural Center has co-sponsored cultural projects in the 26 countries of the hemisphere. These projects include: training communities surrounding archaeological sites to help them preserve and manage their cultural patrimony; restoration of historical sites for educational and economic purposes; docent and youth educational development through the arts; implementation of literature, poetry, theater craft making and dance performances workshops in areas never reached by development projects before. This year seven Caribbean Community countries, including Belize, are benefiting from the Cultural Development Program. Humana People to People, an organization in southern Belize is one of 45 regional partner institutions that will receive financing and technical assistance to assist in cultural development projects. With the assistance of IDB, the organization will facilitate the promotion of traditional Garifuna drumming and dancing in Barranco village. The IDB grants were awarded based on the project evaluation which relied heavily on their viability, educational scope and the effective use of resources.

Belize's Under Fifteen National Football Team Heads Out To Cayman Island
Just a few weeks ago the Jaguars made a historic presentation in the Gold Cup and tonight the good news is that Belize will once again be represented internationally in the sport of football. This time though, it will be by the National under-fifteen male selection who will take part in the CONCACAF under-fifteen Championship tournament. Eighteen under-fifteen youths from all parts of the country, will leave on Monday August 12th, to the Grand Cayman Islands to participate in the tournament. We are proud to announce that two of the eighteen players are from Orange Walk, Marlon Garcia and Randy Serrano. These two are well-known for their participation in previous under fifteen tournaments representing Belize. Accompanying the team is the technical staff, which comprises of the head coach, Renan Arturo Escobeda, Assistant Coach, Alex Jason Noralez, Physical Trainer, Dennis Dale Serrano, and Equipment Manager, Herbert Trapp Jr.

Search For Elias Ku Continues..
The dark waters of the New River, particularly the area near the Independence Plaza, here in Orange Walk, now holds the mystery of the whereabouts of 32 year old, Elias Ku. Ku’s family continues to comb the river in hope of finding his body and give him a proper burial. The 32 year old left home on Tuesday the 3rd of August and was last seen wearing a red and black shirt, jeans pants and red tennis shoes, those were found in the area where it is believed he was socializing with at least two more persons. And this is where it gets a little bit confusing. It was not unusual for Ku to stay away from home for days. On Tuesday night his family was informed that during the course of morning, while socializing with two of his friends, Ku fell in the New River. Immediately a search was launched for Ku’s body and the same can be said for the two individuals who were last seen with him. But similar to Ku, they are nowhere to be found. While Police continue to investigate the circumstances leading to Ku’s disappearance and possible demise, his family continues to guard the river should his body emerge.

Samer Akil Rada is a genuine and legitimate investor at the Corozal Commercial Free Zone, who came to Belize over a decade ago in order to, by his honest labour, dedication and business savy, grow and develop his legitimately obtained capital or investments in Belize. That is how Rada is characterized in a joint press release issued today by two of his companies, Grupo Sol Oxcel located in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. Rada’s picture was plastered all over the local and international media after his name was linked to the seizure of close to one thousand pounds of cocaine destined for the Corozal Free Zone and tonight he is looking to clear his name from a number of falsifications and distortions of the facts being created by various irresponsible members of the media both local and international. The release states that Venezuelan-born businessman Samer Akil Rada is not a shady businessman operating out of the Corozal Commercial Free Zone and connected with any drug cartel and/or terrorist organization. Rada, according to the release has never been knowingly involved in any illegitimate or illegal business transactions involving the trafficking in narcotics, arms/weapons trafficking, or human trafficking, the laundering or facilitation of drugs or terrorist derived or destined monies, nor the promotion or facilitation of any other criminal organizations, terrorist organization, or other criminal groups – and neither plans or desires to ever be a part of such illegal businesses or criminal organizations at any time in the future.


Mexico to Belize: Our First Border Crossing
It is hard to believe but Sarah and I have already been back in Mexico for 6 months. And because tourist visas here only last for 6 months, this means we had to leave the country and come back in to get another 6 months. The perfect excuse to take our new car for a proper road test. Farewell Mexico, hello Belize. *At the end I do a run down of crossing the borders with a car, click here to go straight there. I had heard a lot of things about Belize, and not much of it good. Sure everyone talks about the islands and how great they are for diving, but Belize itself gets a pretty bad rap. I like to think that I have the ability to appreciate the small things when it comes to new cultures and countries, and often Sarah and I manage to wander around a new environment appreciative of the nuances which make it a new environment. And this is how it started in Belize. The first thing I noticed and which took me by surprise is just how different Belize is from Mexico. I mean the two of them are separated by an imaginary line, so surely they would be almost identical, especially near the border? This could not be further from the truth. Aside form the sudden use of English over Spanish as the primary language, Belize has a true Caribbean feel which is not as readily noticeable in Mexico.

Cockscomb Basin Hike – Hopkins, Belize
While in Hopkins we heard or some hiking close to the village we wanted to checkout. Most of the tours were pretty pricy, especially for just two of us, and all they are is pretty much a ride to the park. So we decided to get a car a drive ourselves. Plus we like the freedoms of doing a few things in the area. First off a four wheel drive vehicle is a must, the entrance is only about 3 miles from the highway outside Hopkins, but before you get the park check in you have about 10 miles of roads that a determined to break your vehicle’s suspension. We were excited when we hopped out of our rental, the village is very chill, and probably even more so in low season when we were there so we needed a little excitement, so of course we signed ourselves up for a 2 km “Strenuous” hike, the tiger fern trail.

Village Life – Hopkins, Belize
Unless you have traveled through this area you probably haven’t heard about the Garifuna people. Along the coast of Belize you can find communities of Afro-Carib people known as the Garifuna, Hopkins is where we first got a chance to see and taste their culture. Rhythm One of the most entertaining ways experience the culture is to go an see a drumming show. Just about every night of the week you can find a group drumming at a bar or hangout spot. The drumming is accompanied by signing in their language, even though you can’t understand the words there is something very catchy about it. Definitely worth checking out while in Hopkins. Food Most villages are fishing or agriculture based, so seafood is common to find on the menus. Influences come from all over the world that shaped this part of the country and culture. The dishes are a mash up African, Spanish, Mayan favorites. One of the best we sampled while in the village was Hudutu: red snapper in a coconut broth, with mashed plantains and cassava.

Exploring Belize’s Underworld Actun Tunichil Muknal
Trekking through Actun Tunichil Muknal (“ATM”), also known as Xibalba and the Cave of the Stone Sepulcher, is one of the more memorable experiences we have had while traveling. Belize has a wealth of ancient Mayan sites as well as adventure activities. Belize’s ATM cave tour is a combination of both! The caves can only be visited with specially licensed tour companies. We chose Mayawalk Tours, the first company ever to lead tours through the ATM caves. Tour groups are small, consisting of six to eight people. This adventure involves hiking, swimming, and caving. We were picked up at our hotel in San Ignacio in the morning and driven to the Tapir Mountain Reserve. The drive included some off-roading in the small school bus. The adventure started with a long hike through the jungle which included fording the river four times. We then arrived at the cave entrance. There is a deep pool of water at the entrance which we had to swim across to enter the cave.

Getting There: Travel Days in Belize and Guatemala
We call them Travel Days, even though you might think all our days are traveling days. On our Travel Days, we are not visiting a place, but actually on the road (or in the air) moving from point A to point B. There is nothing to be done. We have clipped and zipped our bags and everything we have is on wheels or on our backs. We expect no communication with the other world, we embrace uncertainty, and throw ourselves at the mercy of the people and schedules around us. Travel through Belize and into Guatemala was especially free-form, depending on taxis and buses and tidbits of information. After a short stay on the Belize River in central Belize, we were headed to San Ignacio in the west. Despite some discouraging words from the Black Orchid Hotel manager, who’d rather have sold us a tour, we caught a taxi to Hattieville in order to catch a bus to San Ignacio. It was Sunday, Mother’s Day, and no two people had the same information about how often the buses might run.

International Sources

Readers recommend: songs about the Caribbean – results
Whether you want rumba rhythms or Bahamian beats, check out this week's Caribbean-flavoured playlist, picked by Fintan2. Ah, the Caribbean. Blue waters, blue skies and white beaches. Someone to fetch your drink. Hey, let's jump a plane and go. That's what Bobby Bloom is all about in the jaunty Montego Bay. Just what you need to fill your dreams during those cold winters back home. Less likely to comfort you would be a trip to meet Exuma, the Obeah Man. Obeah is practised on many of the islands, and what Bahamian Tony McKay (aka Exhuma) is conjuring might not be suitable for tourists. At the other end of the island, there is no one to serve your drink in Trenchtown, but plenty of love, companionship and the promise of a better future to go around. So, as Bob Marley says, No Woman, No Cry. Carousing the Caribbean ports is certainly nothing new. We're still singing the exploits of the Sloop John B, a real ship that, perhaps to no one's surprise, was sunk in Governor's Harbour in the Bahamas, in about 1900. The Beach Boys tell the tale. Care to dance? Your feet may have no choice when zouk (Guadeloupe carnival music) grabs hold. Kassav's Zouk La Sé Sèl Médikaman Nou Ni will do nicely. Let's stay on the dancefloor for Arrow's Rhumba Again, 'cause in Caracas one is never enough.

Traits Of Genuine Medical Center Belize City Investors
Up to date, people have not understood how to define a hospital. To some they are bad and to others, they are fair enough. As for medical Center Belize City investors, the answer should be based on the quality of service received since a hospital is just a structural building. One of the traits defining them is a friendly nature. This is the manner in which they manage to woe clients. For those with kids, there are no second thoughts once they identify people who can relate with the young ones. This is one of the easiest ways to gain the confidence of patients. While hiring the workers, make a point of selecting those who show some dedication and commitment. If everyone was to play their role accordingly, chances of experiencing queues would be less. The idea of waiting for long hours while experiencing pain is not pleasant. After all, those with appointments expect to be attended to with immediate effect. The experts should not laze around or take long breaks in between.