Tonight, the Belize City Council has a 13 shiny new Special Constables who have been trained by the Belize Police Department.

Its been quite a while since weve heard from this effort at community policing, so today, we attended their graduation and passing out into active duty.

Heres how the Senior Special Constable explained his confidence in these new officers:

Clifton Perez - Senior Special Constable
"I am confident that they have learned these things and that the practical implications when they hit the streets tomorrow, Sunday or next week that they are prepared for any challenges they face."

Andrew Morgan - Special Constable
"As one of the 13 candidates who took and completed the special constable course which was held from the 5th - 16th of August, 2013. This course was timely as enforcement officers, we were taught the basic art of policing."

Darrell Bradley - Mayor of Belize City
"This is indeed a great honor for me because it represents another step of our City Council empowering our capabilities to be able to deliver better services to members of the public. The special constable unit of the Belize City Council is a very important arm of the council's work, it is an arm that enforces the law, it ensures that our city is able to grow and thrive in the area of advancement and development. They deal with the so call quality of life issues."

ACP Miguel Segura - Officer Commanding Eastern Division
"On behalf of the Commissioner of Police and our ministry, these are sorts of the program that we want to establish countrywide and this concept of special constable has been on and off the ground with several little challenges but it is nothing new because in several other countries that have been exposed to the policing efforts - this program is well accepted by the city, even municipal police because they don't only assist us but we have more ears and eyes on the ground."

The new constables will begin active duty tomorrow.

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