Belize is known to be a paradise for many people who have been there, given the natural beauty of the place. The hot sun and the cooling waters of the beach coupled with various places of interests and fun things to do make the place truly a nice addition to anyone’s travel bucket list – even for those with kids.

Yep, the picturesque sunsets and beaches give the place a romantic air about it, but those are not the only things that Belize can offer as it also has various activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Belize Wildlife

Okay, so you’ve seen zoos in your locality or in any other place that you’ve visited, but for sure this particular zoo will be one of the (if not “the”) most memorable one that you’ve gone to. So what sets apart Belize zoo from the others? Well, for one, they take care of animals which are endemic to Belize, so you get to see a collection of animals that live and thrive only in the place. These include gibnuts (looks like an overgrown mouse that can grow about two feet long) and coatimundis (a racoon like animal that can measure up to four feet from snout to tail). There are other animals there of course like pumas and birds like macaws. However, it is not just the animals that makes the zoo peculiar, but the zoo itself. Accordingly, you may find that there are more animals walking around the place than there are in the cages. These animals are not part of the zoo’s displays, but rather visitors from nearby forests. So don’t be surprised when you see and bush rabbit hopping in front of you or a snake slithering past the bushes and trees.

Cave Systems

There are several caves in Belize, and if your kids aren’t afraid of entering dark and scary tunnels, then this is an adventure that you shouldn’t miss. There are generally two ways to explore the various cave systems of the place. First is by trekking and entering the caves by foot or by rappelling down like in the Black Hole Drop. You can easily spend an hour or so just walking in the caves and admiring the stalagmite and stalactite formations. Another way of exploring the caves is by tubing, since some of these caves have rivers passing through them, like the seven-mile long River of Caves.

Mayan Ruins

If your kids are of the explorer type, then they will surely love the visits to some of Belize’s famous Mayan ruins. There are several of such ruins to be visited like the Xunantunich, which is the second tallest ruin in the place and stands about 130 feet high. There is also the Cahal Pech, a residence of a Mayan Royal Family a long time ago. Hiking and touring these ruins are not physically demanding, so your kids shouldn’t have a difficult time climbing and walking.

So the next time you go to Belize, don’t just think about relaxing in the beaches and watching the kids play in the water. There are many fun things to see and explore in the country, perfect for the little adventurer in your family.