Top 10 Reasons why Belize makes for Honeymoon Bliss Infographic

There are many good reasons to visit Belize, that sunny little Caribbean jewel in Central America, and having a honeymoon holiday in paradise is certainly one of them. Why honeymoon in Belize?

While destination honeymoons set in exotic tropical locales have been growing in popularity in recent years, new-kid-on-the-block Belize is experiencing an increase in romantic couples seeking affordable luxury in an idyllic setting, according to the Lodge at Chaa Creek’s wedding and honeymoon planner.

Chaa Creek’s Denise Duran said that she believes positive word of mouth combined with the desire to do something different is behind the increase in enquiries and bookings Belize is experiencing.

She also said that Chaa Creek has just announced new complimentary “add-ons” to their all-inclusive Belize Honeymoon vacation packages to make a Belizean honeymoon even more attractive.

“Honeymoons are such an important life event for couples that they’re willing to go that extra bit more to share something extraordinary, and more and more they’re discovering that Belize offers the same level of quality and service that more established destinations do, but at a lower cost.

“The novelty factor of doing something fresh and exciting is also important, but couples don’t want to take chances with something so important, especially when travelling abroad. Now that Belize has matured as a romance destination and has generated so much positive word of mouth, people feel more comfortable about coming here, even though we’re still off the beaten track and much less crowded compared to other places,” Ms Duran said.

Why honeymoon in Belize? Here are ten good reasons:

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