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Today's Belize News: August 27, 2013 #471113
08/27/13 06:12 AM
08/27/13 06:12 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

SPJC welcomes new students
San Pedro Junior College (SPJC) has grown dramatically in alumni since its inception 13 years ago. SPJC was created to provide quality tertiary education in a convenient location for students working in the day while attending classes at night. This year students were welcomed back with a fun orientation night on Friday, August 23rd. President of SPJC, Angel Nunez delivered an inspiring speech, where he challenged the students to strive for success. He also urged them never give up on their goals and aspirations. The students were also briefed on new the new rules and regulations of the institution that will be implemented in order to maintain the quality of the school up to par with the other tertiary schools in Belize. Among these new regulations were dress code policies and student conduct.

New Garifuna Council in San Pedro Town
The Garifuna Council San Pedro Town Branch has received new faces to serve the community of San Pedro Town.Elected earlier this year at a general meeting held on June 30th in the presence presiding officer, Mr. Matthew Martinez, the new council is as follows: Elroy Castillo (President), Mario Chimilio (Vice President), Francis Arana(Secretary),Danica Noralez(Assistant Secretary), Joseph Elijio (Treasurer), Amancia Martinez (Assistant Treasurer), Tomrose Augustin (Counselor) and Simeon Chimilio (Counselor). The council aims to work together with the community to keep the Garifuna Culture alive and boisterous in San Pedro Town. The San Pedro Sun congratulates and welcomes the new council!

Ambergris Today

Tropical Wave Brought Wet Weather and Minor Flooding to San Pedro
In San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, there was beach erosion, water under some houses, water in streets due to pot holes and no proper drainage, water running across streets due to close proximity to the lagoon, and water in some homes due to street improvement. Several room rentals were flooded and tenants had to find refuge elsewhere.

Ministry of Health to Implement Dengue Control Campaign in San Pedro Town
After speaking with the Dr. Jerry Lanza, Medical Director of the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic II in San Pedro last week, Ambergris Today was able to confirm that there has been a small outbreak of dengue on the island. This week, the Ministry of Health sent out a press release stating that they are doing more and as part of its ongoing countrywide Dengue Prevention Campaign, the Ministry is introducing an operation in San Pedro Town. The campaign includes ultra-low volume (ULV) spraying, thermal spraying of houses, premises inspections, spraying of drains and issuing of bed nets to homes in high-risk areas for dengue. A team of personnel from the Vector Control Unit was dispatched to San Pedro Town on Tuesday, August 20, to investigate and assess suspected cases of dengue that were reported in areas such as DFC, Boca del Rio and San Pablo.

Pic of the Week: Using Belikin Beer to Get the Perfect Tan in Belize
Have you heard that soaking yourself in beer is a good way to get a sun tan? I bit smelly we think, but some swear by it and say that beer gives you a great even tan. Others say it's not such a good thing to use. If you are brave enough to try it and overcome the smell of beer all over your skin, make sure you also us a good UV protector. We don't want you damaging your skin. Pictures above is Miss Mexico Costa Maya pouring some Belizean Best Belikin Beer on Miss El Salvador Costa Maya during the Costa Maya Festival that took place earlier this month. "You get the perfect tan," said Miss Mexico.

25 Years Ago: Back to School in San Pedro Many Years Ago
It was not very elaborate nor expensive as it is today, but indeed there were some preparations to go back to school many years ago in San Pedro. The Beginners and Infants I and II would be all too busy trying to get their slates and lead pencils and that was it. There was neither book list nor huge back pack that could fit all the school supplies needed for the first day of classes. A slate was a small rectangular writing tablet kind of like a mini blackboard except that was made of slate. On that slate (see photo) kids learned their A B C and Counting Numbers as well as basic mathematics, spelling, and phonics. Oh yes the children were expected to bring a small bottle with some water and a small piece of cloth to be used in erasing the writings on the slate. If they forgot they would probably be licking the slate or spitting on it to do the erasing and teachers did not like that to occur. It is to be noted that a slate was quite fragile and easily broke if dropped on the floor or used to hit someone during a children’s dispute. At the beginning of classes most children replaced their broken slates which cost 15 cents but had to be purchased in Belize City.

Misc Belizean Sources

Dugu for tourism is an insult to Garinagu, but its potency could be useful elsewhere
“Colonialism not only deprives a society of its freedom and its wealth but, of its very character, leaves its people intellectually and morally disoriented.” (Franz Fanon, 1966). Several members of Garifuna communities in Belize and the diaspora, as well as many other Belizeans, have expressed through radio, TV and social media, their outrage at the recent news that the proposed Norwegian Cruise Lines $50 million investment on Harvest Caye would include the dügü in its Disney-like theme park as part of its marketing strategy to attract cruise tourists to Southern Belize. For those who are not aware, the dügü is the most outstanding feature of Garifuna spiritual life. This sacred ritual is conducted as a private affair for families to commune with the hiyuruha, spirits of the ancestors. It is not a public cultural event and remains closed to outsiders. Regardless of their profession, occupation or standard of education, family members who are called by the ancestors through the buyei, (shaman) are usually obligated to travel to the dabuyaba (the sacred temple) from wherever they reside in Belize or foreign countries to participate in this week-long ritual.

Miss Chiquitita 2013
They had the Miss Chiquitita pageant in Benque, and D Russell Photography was there to capture it.

BTB Banters with Breaking Bad
The Belize Tourism Board scored one on 'Breaking Bad' with the best possible reply to a negative comment involving Belize. Funny! Looks like the cast will be paying a visit to Belize themselves.

Galen Eagles Band at Carifesta XI
Carifesta has finished, and the Galen Eagles Band had a great time playing there. Check out some of their pictures from the week long fiesta. Have a safe trip back.

Channel 7

7 Year Old Presumed Drowned Near Isabella Bank
Tonight, a family from Sand Hill Village is grieving for their missing daughter, who is presumed to have drowned yesterday in Isabella Bank Village. The grief is already tough enough to handle, but the desperate search to recover her body is quite another. 7News joined the team this morning on the Belize River and Daniel Ortiz reports:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting 7 Year-old Chelsie Smith went under the water yesterday morning at around 11 and since then divers from the village and from the Coast Guard have been diving the Belize River to recover her body. But, because of the flood waters from the Tropical Wave which passed over this weekend, the river rose quite substantially between yesterday and today. The divers couldn't locate Chelsie's body today.

Female Held For Major Weed Bust In City
The GSU made a major weed bust in the city early this morning – and a woman stands accused for it – she’s seen here with the masked GSU and all the weed they say she had stowed in her apartment. It happened just after midnight when they searched an apartment at 152 Antelope Street Extension occupied by 31 year old Therese Elizabeth Eligio also known as Tanisha YOUNG. The GSU found a large red crocus sack and a large black garbage bag under a bed. The red sack contained 89 small parcels of cannabis inside separate black bags with a total weight of 9.8 kilos or 21 pounds. The large black garbage bag had 24.8 kilos or 54 pounds of compressed cannabis. Add the two up – and that’s a total of 75 pounds of weed. And police could have checked it right on scene because two scales were also found next to the drugs in the room.

Belize And Mexico To Sign Multiple Agreements
Mexico’s Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade was in Belize for a quick visit yesterday. First, he flew by Mexican state helicopter down the Rio Hondo for a visit to the border marker at Aguas Turbias, which is considered to be the intersection of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. He also visited the new Santa Elena border crossing, and then he flew to the PGIA. From there, he shuttled to the Biltmore where he had a lunch meeting with his Belizean counterpart Wilfred Elrington. After that they had a joint press conference where Minister Elrington said it is a visit that has been long in the making:… Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Belizean Minister of Foreign Affairs "The Foreign Secretary has made a very special effort; he's exceedingly busy to be in Belize today so that we could put together a kind of agenda for a way forward. We want to come up with an agenda of matters of importance to us."

Mayor From Sister City Chetumal Visits
Belize’s Mayor Darrell Bradley is all about building sister city relations. But every Belizean’s favourite sister city has to be Chetumal – in fact, if you go there on a long weekend right after a payday, you might think that’s actually a Belizean City! But the City of Chetumal is very Mexican and within the wider municipality of Othon P. Blanco. Its new mayor, Eduardo Espinosa Abuxapqui visited Belize City today. by Mayor Darrell Bradley and his council warmly welcomed him and held a press conference to highlight the purpose of his visit to Belize. Mayor Bradley also uses the visit as an opportunity to discuss recent projects of his council. Mayor Darrell Bradley - Mayor of Belize City "We wanted to exchange relations and greetings - of course you know that Belize City and Chetumal have a sister city relationship, this is the oldest and most productive sister-city relationship that we have and it yields a lot of potential benefits being that Chetumal is so close.

Mayor Says Streets Held Up Through Flooding
According to the Mayor, all the streets built by the council have held up stronger without any damage even with the amount of rainfall over the weekend. He mentioned that the problem the council is facing with damage to streets and flooding are as a result of bad drainage caused by the older streets. Mayor Darrell Bradley - Mayor of Belize City "Well after the rains occurred over the weekend, what we did is we deployed our people. I was out of the city for the greater portion of the weekend and when I came back I did a tour around the city and we were talking with our technical staff. One of the things that I wanted to say that the streets that the City Council has built has held up so that none of those streets that have been constructed have been damaged (86 streets so far). You will see that there is a serious issue with the intersection with Vernon street and Youth for the Future Boulevard - that area received major damage just over this weekend with the last rains; that's an area that we're looking at to concrete.

Chamber To PUDP On PAC, “Can’t You All Just Get Along?”
Last week, the Prime Minister’s Office sent out a press release laying out its position on the Public Accounts Committee. The PUP Chairman Julius Espat counter-proposed, and the public now faces another political stalemate with both sides vowing to do things their own way. Today the Chamber of Commerce sent out a release responding to the Prime Minister but not taking sides in casting blame. The release simply says that the Chamber of Commerce quote, “vigorously renews its call on both the Government of Belize and the Opposition to ensure a fully functioning Public Accounts Committee.” And, again, without endorsing any formula for composition of the P-A-C, the Chamber urges that quote, “The fundamental concern of the Chamber is to ensure that (The auditor general’s) reports are thoroughly reviewed and reported upon so that appropriate corrective measures regarding resource expenditures are taken where necessary by the Government and all its departments.”

SATIIM & US Capital Face Off
Things are getting testy between SATIIM and US Capital Energy. On Friday we told you how police tried to run interference on a SATIIM Boat that was heading out on a patrol along the Sarstoon full of alcaldes and Chairmen. Well, the police must have known that patrol were heading for to US Capital Energy’s Temash #2 Drill Site where police were waiting along with US Capital personell. US Capital sent out a release today saying that SATIIM knows full well that permission needs to be sought before entering the site because it is an active and dangerous worksite. But SATIIM issued a release today saying that, quote, “We will not be told how and when to traverse our traditional lands. We will go where we decide we need to go as we have traditionally done. US Capital or the Government of Belize will not determine our movements on our traditional lands.”

56 Year Old Accused Of Sex With Minor
56 year old Errol White is on remand at the Central Prison after he was taken to court for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a fifteen year old minor According to police, at 3:45 last Thursday evening, they visited a house at the corner of Nargusta Street and Central American Boulevard where they found the White with the minor, who was reportedly nude. The minor was taken to the hospital with a guardian to be examined and a doctor confirmed that she was carnally known. As a result, he was charged with carnal knowledge, and he was arraigned before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton.

Police Charge Joyriding Teenager With Multiple Offence
On Friday we told you about a 16 year old who was joyriding when he flipped his truck on Coney Driver and careened into a drain. Well, police say it all started at 8:40 am when a patrol on the Northern Highway spotted a white pickup hit 32 year old Mervin Moore between miles 2 and 3. MOORE was pushing a cart and the pickup truck did not stop and render aid. Police pursued the pickup truck told the driver to pull over on the megaphone but the he refused. The driver of the pickup turned left around the Grace Kennedy roundabout heading towards Coney Drive where he lost control and the pickup overturned with the four wheels in the air in a drain. Police formally arrested and charged the 16 year of a Magazine Road address Belize City for the offences of Negligent Wounding. Drove Unlicensed Motor vehicle, Drove Motor vehicle not covered by third party risk insurance, Drove Motor vehicle without driver’s license, failed to report an accident and Failed to stop and render aid.

U-15 Team Returns To Hero’s Welcome
Belize’s Under-15 Football Team did us proud in Cayman. As we reported last week, they went three and one, scoring 11 goals while only giving up three – and in so doing, becoming the first international team from Belize to win three games in a CONCACAF tournament. More than that, they were also recognized for their discipline and good conduct and allowed to stay in Cayman for the championship game – where they were hosted by the organizers. And in the interim the Belizeans in Cayman took them all over the island for recreation and sightseeing. They had a grand time, and today, when they returned home, they were welcomed as heroes with a motorcade:… Daniel Ortiz reporting Family, friends and fans gathered at the airport to welcome Belize’s U-15 National Football Team, a.k.a. the Junior Jaguars. And when they finally exited, applause erupted from the gathering, but the team, couldn’t really wait to greet to their well-wishers.

At Last, A New Cycling President
A dispute that started raging ten months ago in the Cycling Association ended without controversy on Sunday. Dion Leslie was elected president winning over one other candidate with a comfortable margin. That candidate was not former President Emil Moreno who lost his bid to contest when the Cayo Elections were ruled by the National Olympic Committee as irregular and had to be –re-done, boxing Moreno out of the balloting. So, after 10 months of being in the wilderness, there is now some normalcy in cycling and a new National Executive. Leslie told us today he hopes they can move forward:.. Dion Leslie - President - Belize Cycling Association "Basically, it's the future of cycling because now it means that we can move forward. We were at a standstill since October of last year, back and forth - the uncertainty in cycling when it came to sponsors, cyclists, when it came to fans and now since we've passed this point now, we've had fair elections and it was over seen by national Olympic committees' electoral body - we can move forward now. I said it already that this doesn't mean that new people are in meaning the old crowd goes out - I've said it that the crowd that was in, Mr. Moreno himself, Mr. Swift - all the people who didn't support our efforts - we will extend an olive branch to them and bring them in. Their experience in cycling, I probably won't have for another 10 or 15 years. It's not about me, not about the people who oppose Mr. Moreno, it's about the sport itself and about the cyclist and the fans.

Teenager Remanded For Stabbing
19 year-old Demoris Pook is at Prison tonight, after he was taken to court for allegedly stabbing another man on Friday. According to police, Anthony Mejia reported that while he was passing through a yard in Hattieville, he got into a quarrel with Pook, which escalated when Pook pulled out knife and stabbed him in the left side of the chest. As a result, Police arrested and charged Pook with attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. He was arraigned today before Magistrate Clive Lino who remanded him to prison due to the nature of the offences. He will be brought back to court on October 17.

Teenaged Robbers Remanded
19 year-old Justin McFoy and his 16 year-old brother are on remand tonight for allegedly robbing 3 persons According to police, 2 men and a woman reported that on Sunday, August 18, they were leaving Princess Hotel on New Town Barracks when 2 men ambushed them with a gun. The men robbed them of 2 cell phones, and a cap and ran off. Police investigated for a week, and they charged McFoy and his brother with robbery. They were arraigned today before Magistrate Clive Lino today, where they pleaded not guilty to the offence. 
Due to the nature of the offence, they couldn’t be granted bail, and they were remanded until their next court date, which is set for October 16.

Tonight, 28 year-old Prison Officer Ajany Smith Jr. is at prison after he was allegedly busted with weed inside the prison facility. According to police, just after 11 on Saturday morning, Smith was at work and he started to complain that his right foot pained him. He was on his way to the medical center when he was stopped and searched by one of his co-workers who found 2 plastic bags containing marijuana in his pants pocket. The drugs were weighed in his presence which amounted to 54.6 ounces – or 1.93 ounces of marijuana, and as a result, he was charged with drug trafficking. He was arraigned today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano who granted him bail of 3,000 which he was able to meet. He is expected back in court on October 23.

Channel 5

Punta Gorda Magistrate’s is gutted by fire
The Punta Gorda Magistrate Court closed today for proceedings as the Fire Department investigates the origins of a blaze. Officers on patrol of the area came across the blaze at [...]

Coast Guard continues to search for the body of a young girl
Here in the Belize District, the Belize National Coast Guard is conducting an intensive search of the Old Belize River near the village of Isabella Bank in the Belize River [...]

Channel Five nabs 2 Regional Awards…
Great Belize Productions has won two major awards from the Caribbean Broadcasting Union. The awards were announced at the recently concluded annual general meeting of the CBU held in Georgetown, [...]

…Marleni Cuellar and Isani Cayetano, award winning journalists
As I mentioned, the team of Isani Cayetano and Chris Mangar walked away with the award for Best News Feature for their story entitled ‘Support Continues to Flow for Decriminalization [...]

Baby jaguars given a hero’s welcome
The Under-Fifteen Football team returned to the jewel this afternoon to a warm welcome that climaxed with a motorcade through principal streets. The team performed remarkably well winning three of [...]

SATIIM and Maya Leaders risk going into the Temash without authorization
In the south…On Friday morning, a mission comprised of park rangers employed by the Sarstoon and Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM), as well as community leaders from several Maya [...]

Mexican Foreign Minister Visit: commits to reconstruct City Center
Mexican Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade Kuribena was in Belize on a brief working visit on Sunday afternoon during which he made a call on Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred [...]

Major drug bust by GSU
The Gang Suppression Unit is reporting a major marijuana find.  At midday today, the GSU searched a one bedroom apartment on Antelope Street Extension whose occupant is Therese Elizabeth Eligio [...]

56 year old charged for the carnal knowledge of 15 year old
A fifty-six year old Belize City man appeared in court this morning following an allegation of sexual abuse made by a fifteen year old minor.  Reports are that the minor [...]

Mark Seawell back in court…
Today arguments continued at the Supreme Court in the extradition case of Mark Seawell. The US has applied for Seawell’s extradition on the grounds that he and his brothers operated [...]

Belize City Council Strengthening Sister City Relations
The City Council joined up today with a visiting delegation from Othon P. Blanco, from the neighboring state of Quintana Roo. Both municipalities continue to enjoy the longest running sister [...]

Exclusive Performance by Lova Boy at Be the Next Superstar!
Earlier we told you about our award winning stories that have gain regional recognition. Well tonight, there is an award winning artist, entrepreneur, businessman and musician. He is called the [...]

James Adderley and the Weekend Sporting Highlights
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The long awaited election for the 1st national president of the Belize Cycling Association was staged at the UWI [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: August 27, 2013 [Re: Marty] #471114
08/27/13 06:12 AM
08/27/13 06:12 AM
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Posts: 82,906
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Mexican Delegation on Working Visit in Belize
A delegation from the Southern Mexican municipality of Othon P Blanco in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico, is in Belize on a working visit. The delegation, headed by newly elected Mayor, Eduardo Abuxapqui, will discuss with its Belize City and San Pedro counterparts areas of trade and other relations. Following a morning ceremony at City Hall today, Mayor Darrell Bradley spoke to reporters about the scope of the discussions. Darrell Bradley, Mayor, Belize City (3-24) (Mexico) “We wanted to exchange relations and greetings; of course, you know that Belize City and Chetumal have a sister city relationship; this is the oldest and most productive sister city relationship that we have and it yields lots of potential for benefits being that Chetumal is so close. Of course, even without a formal relationship between municipalities, Belizeans and Mexicans already share their close kinship; Belizeans always go to Chetumal – it’s their favorite vacation spot and so when Mayor Abuxapqui was elected, we extended an invitation for him to come to Belize City so we can renew gestures of friendship. We already have a formal sister city relationship but we wanted to extend greetings to him, congratulatory remarks on his recent win and we also wanted to express our commitment to really working with him in a hand of friendship so that we could discuss very specific ways that we could promote more relations.

Coast Guard Continues Search for Young Girl in Belize Waters
A search team was in Isabella Bank in Rural Belize today seeking for the body of a seven year old girl from Sandhill Village. Chelsie Smith and her mother, Pamela Olivera travelled to Isabella bank Village for a birthday party but on that morning, while fishing, the little girl drowned and tonight the family is desperately seeking for her body. It’s a very unfortunate incident and reporter Hipolito Novelo and cameraman Brian Castillo were in Isabella Bank today for some answers. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING Seven year old Chelsie Smith along with her mother, Pamela Olivera, arrived at Isabella Bank Village on Sunday morning to attend a birthday party but as the day progressed the festivity turned into tragedy. The seven year old was along with her mother and couple of other children fishing alongside the banks of the Belize Old River that Sunday morning at about 11 o’clock. While the other children kept to the shallow part of the river, Chelsie strayed to the deeper end and suddenly was submerged into the murky water. As the father, Christopher Smith, explained, Chelsie fell off an underwater trench.

Foreign Affairs Offices for Belize and Mexico Meet On Border Security
On Sunday, a Mexican delegation led by Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Jose Antonio Meade Kuribena arrived in Belize to meet with Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington and other relevant key personnel. Belize and Mexico are close neighbors but according to Elrington and Kuribena that closeness is only due to geography and so both countries are looking to strengthen the bond between each other. According to both Elrington and Kuribena, the plan is to design, formalize and implement a bilateral legal framework that will benefit both countries. HON. WILFRED ELRINGTON “Things that we will have to be doing is enter into legal arrangements, legal framework to allow us to do trade with each other and to protect that trade we have to a special agreement protecting the investment of our investors; double taxation treaties, we will have to enter into; extradition treaties, we will have to be getting into. We want to develop more cooperation in terms of education, in terms of security, in terms of health. There are some things that we are presently doing and there are some things that we want to do in the future and so we came together at this meeting to try to formalize those matters.”

Minor Hits Pedestrian and Attempts to Elude Police In Chase
A 16 year-old of Belize City finds himself facing a heap of traffic offences after he reportedly knocked down a man with a vehicle and then refused to follow police orders to stop, resulting in a second incident. Police say that the incident happened at around eight-40 last Friday night when they were on mobile patrol between miles two and three on the Phillip Goldson Highway. The white Chevrolet 3500 pickup truck which the youth was driving towards Belize City, reportedly hit a 32 year old Mervin Moore, who was pushing a cart in the same direction. But police allege that the youth did not stop and they engaged the police overhead lights, pursued the vehicle, and instructed the driver to pull over. Police say that the driver refused to comply and instead, turned left around the Grace Kennedy roundabout heading towards Coney Drive where he lost control and the pickup overturned in the drain with its four wheels in the air. The youth has since been charged with Negligent Wounding, Driving an Unlicensed Motor Vehicle, Driving a Motor Vehicle Not Covered by Third Party Risk Insurance, Driving a Motor Vehicle without a Driver’s License, Failure to Report an Accident and Failure to Stop and Render Aid.

Delivery Truck Loses Control and Overturns
A traffic accident took place this afternoon on the Phillip Goldson Highway, about a half mile away from the Haulover Bridge when heading in the direction of Ladyville. What happened is that a Tutsi truck, that is a small truck carrying Tutsi Ideals overturned on the highway. The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle and slid down the highway. From what we observed it didn’t seem that the truck slid such a long distance. The driver of the truck was unhurt and giving his report when we arrived at the scene. We were told that there was another person in the truck, the side man who was transported into Belize City. We understand he was unhurt but still shaky about the incident. Luckily no other person in the area was hurt and there was only minimal damage to the truck and a couple burst ideals on the road. Police and firefighters inspected the area and questioned the driver at the sight. The driver would not give an interview so we were not able to get his name. The incident occurred shortly before 3:00 p.m this afternoon.

Female Minor Says She Had Sex with Elderly Man
Fifty-six year old Errol White, a.k.a. “Pepes”, a resident of Croton Lane, was charged with unlawful carnal knowledge of a female 15 years and 8 months old when he appeared in court today. No plea was taken from him because the offence is indictable. Neither could the court offer him bail because of the nature of the offence. He was remanded into custody until October 16. The incident occurred on Thursday, August 22. The girl reported to the police that she went to White’s house and White had sex with her. The police conducted an investigation which resulted in his White’s arrest.

Opposition Calls Press Conference in Capital City
Last week we told you about the statement from the Office of the Prime Minister in response to the restructuring of the Public Accounts Committee as requested by the Chairman of the Committee, Julius Espat and supported by the National Trade Union Congress of Belize and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the release from the Prime Minister’s office, it stated that proposal to restrict PAC is inconsistent with the spirit and letter of the Standing Orders of the House. Today the BCCI sent out another response. In its release, it states that quote, “The Chamber vigorously renews its call on both the government of Belize and the Opposition to ensure a fully functioning Public Accounts Committee,” end out quote. As explained in the release, the functions of PAC are to examine, consider and report on Government’s financial accounts including the report of the Auditor General. The Chamber’s concern is to ensure that the reports are quote, “thoroughly reviewed and reported upon so that appropriate corrective measures regarding resource expenditures are taken where necessary by the Government and all its department,” end out quote. In related news the People’s United Party has called a press conference for tomorrow morning at the steps of the national assembly building.

Prison Officer Caught Smuggling Weed
Twenty-eight year old Ajany Smith, a prison officer who allegedly attempted to smuggle 54.6 grams of cannabis into Belize Central Prison, was charged with drug trafficking when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. Smith pled not guilty to the charge. He was released on a bail of three thousand dollars and his case was adjourned until October 23. The incident occurred around 11:20 p.m. yesterday. Police reports are that Smith reported for work last night and when he walked into the prison limping, complaining of pain in his right leg, he was taken to the prison’s medical center. Upon his arrival he was searched and the search resulted in the discovery of the cannabis in two black plastic bags in the right front pocket of his pants. As a result, the police were called in and Smith was taken into custody and charged.

Hattieville Resident Arraigned for Attempted Murder
Nineteen year old Demores Pook, a laborer of Hattieville, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared in court today. Pook was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. No plea was taken because the offences are indictable. Neither could the court offer him bail because of the nature of the offences. Pook was remanded into custody until October 17. The incident occurred around 8 a.m. on Friday, August 23. The complainant, Anthony Mejia, a resident of Hattieville, reported to the police that he was walking through a yard when he met Pook and they had a misunderstanding which led to an altercation. Mejia said during the altercation, Pook pulled out a knife and stabbed him in his chest. Mejia was taken to KHMH where the doctor who examined him classified his injury as dangerous harm.

Police News: Arson and Burglary
A nurse from Ladyville reported to police that her home a forty feet by twenty feet bungalow cement structure was burglarized on Friday August 23,. The burglar or burglars gained access by prying open the window louvers. The stole over five thousand seven hundred dollars- worth of items which include, jewelry, electronics and personal items. A case of suspected arson is being investigated in Belize City. A Professor from the University of Belize and resident of Buttonwood Bay, reported to police that on Friday August 23, sometime around 11:30 p.m, he heard the neighbor’s dog barking and shortly after heard a loud bang on a Nissan Pathfinder which was parked beside his house. He reportedly made checks immediately and when he looked through his window he saw that there was a fire outside, next to the vehicle. He immediately called for police assistance and triggered his house alarm to alert neighbors. He then allegedly came out with water to extinguish the fire and saw a broken Belikin bottle with a cloth which smelled of kerosene or gasoline on fire. He extinguished it and made checks around the house and saw no one in the immediate area. The vehicle was not damaged.


Children Of Corozal Bay Go Back To School With New Haircut and School Supplies
Children in the Corozal District, specifically those residing in the Corozal Bay Division, received much needed school supplies. One more week remains before classes re-open across the country and at...

LICU Empowers Entrepreneurs Through SSEDAT 2 Program
Students and local entrepreneurs from the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts received much needed assistance to pen down their ideas to make it money-worthy. The business proposal writing training workshop...

Chamber Of Commerce Reiterates Support For Restructuring of PAC
Tonight the fight for the restructuring of the Public’s Account Committee continues and it seems its one which will go on for quiet a while as more organizations are coming...

Mother Asks For Justice On Anniversary Of Her Sons Death
Most hit and run accidents in Belize have gone unsolved especially those that occur in the dark pitch of the night. Included among the list of unsolved cases, is that...

BCVI Burglarized , Criminals Escape With Two Computers
Recent statistics for the Orange Walk District show that up to the end of July, 48 burglaries have been recorded. Tonight, it’s safe to say that, that number has increased...

Heavy Rains Batter Orange Walk, Flooding Recorded
Over the weekend the District of Orange Walk was battered by heavy rains caused by the passing of a Tropical Wave. The downpour caused flooding in many areas across...


SATIIM charges intimidation of Park Rangers by Police
On Friday morning PLUS News was informed, via text message by Executive Director of the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management, that “Police attempted to intimidate SATIIM traditional leaders from patrolling their traditional lands.” SATIM has refused to sign on to a co-management agreement with the Government of...

Commissioner of Lands receives death threat
The Commissioner of Lands, Wilbert Vallejos, has been the recipient of a death threat. Reports to PlusNews are that sometime last week, Mr Vallejos received an envelope addressed to him. Inside that envelope was a matchbox. On opening the matchbox, Wilbert Vallejos found a 9 millimeter bullet inside. Written...

Magistrate says he believes accused over cops
The case of 21-year-old Freetown Road resident, Deon Vernon was on trial on Friday. Mr Vernon was charged with insulting words and wounding of police officer, PC Jaidomiro Patt. But 23 pictures showed in court on Friday suggested a different story, leading Magistrate Lucas to rule in favor of...

Minor flips over Flatbed Truck
It may not be news that a minor would steal a parent’s car to go “joy-riding”, but it is news when that minor ends up in a speed chase with the police. That is exactly what happened Friday morning around 9:15 on Coney Drive. It appears that police observed...

Man attacked in Mahogany Heights home
Some minutes after midnight , Kenneth Flowers, a resident of Mahogany Heights Village along the George Price Highway, was home alone in his bedroom when a man entered his room and inflicted several chop wounds to his face. When the police arrived at the scene, Kenneth Flowers...

One person detained following stabbing of taxi driver
Police have one person detained following the stabbing of a cab driver. Last night we reported on the incident but police have now issued a release with more details. Yesterday afternoon, the driver, Nigerian 33 year old Uguchugu Christopher picked up a young man who asked to be taken...

Re-activating the Port of Dangriga
Last week Thursday, the Government of Belize reclaimed possession of the Port at Commerce Bight, which was at the time being managed by the Port of Belize Limited. Government charges that owners Port of Belize Limited have failed to properly manage or develop the Port, including promised dredging of...

Gwen Lizarraga High School introduces “Open School” program
Gwen Lizarraga High School in Belize City has hosted an “evening division” for would-be students who are seeking higher education and skills. That program will be boosted by the launch of a technologically based “open school” that takes education beyond the walls of a standard academic institution. The high...

Police QRT teams get specialized training
I Is Belize becoming a major transit for drugs and weapons? That’s what various outside sources have been suggesting. And local authorities are hoping to catch these criminals if and when they engage in illegal trafficking. Since Tuesday, a group of 11 personnel from the...

Police report decrease in major crimes
In more positive news coming out of the Police Department, this week, the crime statistics for the period of January to July were released and it shows a notable decrease in major crimes. The offense that saw the greatest reduction is robbery – last year recorded 302 cases while...

Orange Walk pastor missing after allegations of impropriety
On Friday night the search continued for a former pastor in Orange Walk accused of soliciting money and sexual favors from women at the congregation he once led. The women, who are still coming out in numbers, allege that the former head of Ministerios Zion Central Assemblies of God...

Project focuses on improving children’s health and nutrition in the Toledo District
In 2011 a group called the Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF) in collaboration with the World Bank and the Ministry of Health in Belize embarked on a project to improve children’s health and nutrition in the Toledo District. This project mainly targets children in the...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Letter to the Editor — I enjoy Chris’ pieces
I would like to congratulate long time island resident Chris Roggema for putting thoughts to paper and sharing them with the Caye Caulker Chronicles. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his pieces, and would like to encourage him to publish more of them. I would also like to encourage any other readers who have thoughts they would like to share to please send in their contributions as well. It is only through expressing our thoughts that we can learn more about each other and what makes our community unique.

The Reporter

Major crimes down by 12.7% countrywide
The number of major crimes has generally fallen up to the end of July, compared to the same period of 2012. And the police say that the decrease is as much as 12.7%.

Will BISL “pay to play”?
By Aaron Humes Freelance Reporter The Government of Belize removed the International Merchant Marine Registry (IMMARBE) and International Business Companies Registries from the control of the Michael Ashcroft-allied Belize International Services Limited (BISL) in June, alleging that the previous administration had signed an invalid extension to the original agreement. [...]

Maya want to be consulted on Harvest Caye project
By Aaron Humes Freelance Reporter Norwegian Cruise Lines’ interest in a US$50 million development on the island of Harvest Caye just south of the Big Creek Port in the South Stann Creek District is causing disquiet for the Garifuna and Maya communities, whom project director Hugh Darley said will [...]

FECTAB to GOB: NCL project a big mistake
Federation of Cruise Tourism Association of Belize (FECTAB) objected Wednesday to Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government and Norwegian Cruise Line for the development of the Harvest Caye cruise tourism port in southern Belize.

Fight over Public Accounts Committee continues
The Prime Minister’s Office took an official position against the proposed changes to the Public Accounts Committee; however, PAC Chairman Hon. Julius Espat says the reasons are “bogus.”

National Garifuna Council to NCL: Dügü is sacred
The National Garifuna Council condemned Norwegian Cruise Line’s announcement that it will use the sacred ceremony of ‘Dügü’ as a daily tourist attraction. This week the NGC issued a release saying that the idea to use the ceremony as an everyday attraction is “indicative of arrogance and ignorance on the [...]

Taiwan donates Bz. $1.3 million for Tilapia project at Central Farm
On Tuesday this week the Republic of China (Taiwan) donated $651,725 USD to the Ministry of Agriculture for the GOB-ROC (Taiwan) Aquaculture Project. The cheque was presented by the Republic of China’s (Taiwan) Ambassador, His Excellency David Wu, to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture Hon. [...]

Convicted child molester, Nicannor Fermin will spend 18 years behind bars
Nicannor Fermin, 41, who was convicted last month on multiple counts of carnal knowledge, was sentenced to 64 years in prison, after a mitigation hearing in the Supreme Court of Justice Troadio Gonzalez, on Friday.

Pitbull attacks mother and child, both escape with wounds
Three-year-old Alicia Guardado escaped sure death in the jaws of a pitbull at around six o’clock on Saturday morning when the dog pounced on her during a barking frenzy among dogs in the yard where she lives at 56 Iguana Street Extension in Belize City.

Beefing up the FIU with laws to meet international standards
The Government of Belize has been taking the necessary legislative measures to bring the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) up to level with international standards to fight money laundering and terrorism, FIU Director Marilyn Williams told Reporter on August 14.

CWU and stevedores agree on way forward. President Gonzalez to retire!
The embattled leadership of the Christian Workers Union (CWU), which came under fire from Belize City stevedores, who demanded the resignation of its president and general secretary, managed to agree on an exit strategy on Monday.

Human Rights and Law Enforcement
Cynthia Pitts Trustee, Human Rights Commission of Belize Many times you hear and see on the TV and other news media injured young men relating disgusting incidents of violence against them by the GSU or regular police officers. Shortly after, there would be a response either denying the accusation [...]

Cocoa might prevent memory decline
Drinking cocoa every day may help older people keep their brains healthy, research suggests. A study of 60 elderly people with no dementia found two cups of cocoa a day improved blood flow to the brain in those who had problems to start with.

Marijuana pill may be better for pain relief
A pill form of marijuana provides greater pain relief than when a person smokes it, according to a new study. The study was conducted by researchers at Columbia University in New York and published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. The pill, known as Dronabinol, contains the active ingredient of marijuana – [...]

Guatemala advances by 1-0 win vs Belize in CONCACAF U-15 championships
Belize scored two goals early in the first half and went on to defeat Jamaica, 3-1. The result improved the Central American side to 2-0-0, while Jamaica lost for the first time in three games (2-0-1, 6 points). A fifth minute strike from Alvin Sifontes – his second goal of [...]

Belize loses 7 at PanAm’s Women’s Softball Games
Belize’s participation at the VIII Pan American Softball Championships at in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico last week has been a learning experience for the national women’s softball team, which failed to qualify to the second round. The team as did not win a single game in seven outing. and returned home, [...]


Expat Living – Finding a way to live and work in Belize
Often I get emails from people who are ready to fulfill their dreams of moving to Belize. Not everyone is in a position to make their move abroad, retire and drink Belikin beer or rum punch on the beach all day. A husband and wife team who recently wrote me from Biloxi, Mississippi are in process of doing their research to see if they can “make it work” and enjoy the tropical lifestyle while still making a decent living. Scott and Monique, I know you will find Tamara’s answers to my questions below helpful in putting your puzzle together. For those of you who want to do the same, Quicksilver Messenger service offers relocation services and information, helping to make your move to Belize easy. Dianne Lawrence can help you with anything from accommodation assistance and opening bank accounts to utility hook-up, land title acquisition, assistance with vehicle permits and more. 1. What made you choose a trip to Belize in the first place? My parents first traveled to Belize and Ambergris Caye in 1976. My first visit to the island was in 1978 when I came along with them on vacation.

Placencia, Belize: Lovely, Charming Beach Village with PLENTY Going ON
Why oh why did it take me over 6 years to visit Placencia? It is SO easy to see in only a few days why so many people are in love with this area. Tiny, friendly, great food, fanatastic bars, amazing wildlife, an endless beach, a real feel of community and a real love of its history as a fishing village…and it’s not just history. Placencia, in many ways, still feels like a fishing village. They’ve just grown into so much more… And I absolutely LOVE that I feel like I am on vacation, in a totally different world, less than 100 miles away from San Pedro. It’s one of the coolest things about Belize. I’m a sucker for a cute kid. Here is a good map of the immediate area. The town is all the way at the end. I am now “above the airstrip” at The Inn At Robert’s Grove…near Seine Bight Village. And feeling pretty lucky about that too. The tiny village of Placencia oozes Belizean charm…that’s the only way to say it. And I extended my stay just one more night because…well…I’m loving it.

The Beauty of Southern Belize – a few thoughts
It’s amazing how far Belize has come in the last few decades. Prior to independence in September 1981 (and stay tuned for more word on the upcoming annual Belize Independence Day celebrations) the former British Honduras was virtually unknown as a tourism destination and was still struggling along with an agrarian economy. Having been blessed with such rich, fertile land and a Caribbean seacoast teeming with fish and marine life, it was often said that Belizeans may have been poor, but never desperate, as it was almost impossible to starve amid such natural abundance. Even in Southern Belize, which I first visited in the 1970s, life was good. The bad roads meant that the remote part of the country seemed a very long way from what little luxuries Belize City and Belmopan could offer back then, but one was immediately struck with how clean and orderly the little villages were, and how self-sufficient the people were.

Horchata (pronounced Or-cha-ta) is a drink made from rice and milk. This drink is mostly found in Latin American countries. The drink is very tasty and satisfying.

How to make sure there’s a market for your Business Idea!
You’ve got a killer new product or a service that will have the world beating a path to your door. But is it really something people want? Or is it just something you think they want? Having solid information about what your customers want to buy — rather than what you want to sell them — can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as peace of mind and sanity.

Invest in Belize
The government of Belize aims to provide an enabling environment for private enterprise, to attract investments in Belize by both local and foreign investors. A series of legislation was enacted in the early 1990s to allow for a range of incentives for those looking to invest in Belize. The conditions to qualify for the different incentives vary, as do the investment incentives themselves–e.g., a tax holiday, or import duty exemption, or a combination of both. Benefits, however, are dependent upon the type of incentive awarded to the potential investor. Export-oriented activities, which lead to increased employment, and the development of local, technological infrastructure, are particularly favorable to the authorities. The government supports joint venture and partnership investments as a preferred mechanism, however it also allows 100% foreign ownership of an enterprise. Importation of highly skilled personnel to compliment the Belizean labor force is facilitated providing that appropriate training programs for nationals are established. Generally, the government hopes to see one local counterpart assigned for every skilled foreigner employed by the company.

International Sources

There'll be a change in the weather
Years ago, when I wanted to pack up and move to Belize, my Closest Companion squashed the idea because, she said, she loves the changing of the seasons in New Jersey. It wasn’t that she was particularly fond of winters, but that she appreciates the changes — how a gorgeous summer can turn into a majestic autumn, and how a bitter winter can evolve into a brilliant spring. I wanted to go to Belize, buy a 45-foot power boat and open a charter business. Belize is not only a Central American land country — there are hundreds of small islands that are part of Belize, which has a major coral reef offshore. It’s a diver’s paradise and all those divers need a way to get from island to island and to dive points. That’s where I would have come in. I wanted to do some writing, too. My Closest Companion objected, saying she didn’t want to become a galley slave. I told her I’d make plans to ensure that didn’t happen. I wanted to advertise all over the country for college students to work aboard the boat. For $100, lodging and food, they could handle cooking and boating duties. And, attractive college students in bathing suits would make for good charters. To my regret, my Closest Companion didn’t buy my idea, so, here we are, all these years later. Belize has now become a major tourist attraction, which it wasn’t back then, and we are here enjoying the changing of the seasons in New Jersey.

BCB Holdings to sell Caye Chapel
BCB Holdings has agreed to sell Caye Chapel, a resort island in Belize, for $30.0m to Yumi Limited, a British Virgin Islands company funded by private equity. The terms of the transaction provide for an initial non-refundable payment prior a due diligence period from 1 September to 14 November and a final closing on December 20, 2013. The disposal valuation is in line with book value.

Mass Dolphin Deaths Linked to Measles-Like Virus
From New York to Virginia, dead dolphins have been washing ashore in unusually large numbers this summer. As of Aug. 20, nearly 300 stranded bottlenose dolphins had been reported in the region, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, nearly seven times more than normal in some places. As experts continue to investigate the cause, the leading contender is an infection called morbillivirus. Related to human measles and canine distemper, the virus seems to cause sporadic epidemics among dolphins. Many years, there are no detected cases, but when the virus hits, it can hit hard. The last epidemic struck off the Atlantic coast in the winter of 1987-88, killing more than 740 animals from New Jersey to Florida. For now, there is no official announcement to confirm that morbillivirus is the culprit in the current outbreak, though experts involved in the investigation say that the virus has been confirmed in at least some of this year’s stranded dolphins.

Wife of Belize PM to visit Taiwanese charity groups
The wife of Belize's prime minister, Kim Simplis Barrow, will visit Taiwan to learn more about efforts by Taiwanese charity groups to care for disadvantaged groups and explore further cooperation on humanitarian aid, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Monday. During her Aug. 27-Sept. 1 trip, Barrow is scheduled to meet with Dharma Master Cheng Yen, who established the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation in the eastern county of Hualien to help the poor and relieve suffering, the ministry said in a statement. The foundation, one of the most-renowned Taiwanese charity groups, now has offices in more than 40 countries.

Obama considers plan to bolster Mexico's southern border
3-layer security line 140 miles from Central America neighbor to fight drug, human trafficking. Obama administration and Mexican government officials recently discussed creating a three-tier security system designed to protect Mexico’s southern border from drug and human traffickers, according to U.S. officials. The border control plan calls for U.S. funding and technical support of three security lines extending more than 100 miles north of Mexico’s border with Guatemala and Belize. The border security system would use sensors and intelligence-gathering to counter human trafficking and drug running from the region, a major source of illegal immigration into the United States.

This Saturday night Team Belize and Team Mexico take it inside the octagon for MMA Style Fights
This Saturday night Team Belize and Team Mexico take it to the octagon for another exciting night of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) style fights very much like the UFC. Get ready for the excitement as you will witness all the techniques as these two teams battle it out to see whose team will emerge victorious. You can take a look at the last Championship fight here.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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