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Today's Belize News: August 28, 2013 #471212
08/28/13 06:11 AM
08/28/13 06:11 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Massive fire destroys Ramon’s Village Resort
Ramon’s Village Resort, an iconic tourism institution on Ambergris Caye, located on Coconut Drive, has suffered major damages after a fire ravaged through its grounds. The fire started shortly around 8PM on Tuesday night, August 27th when a building in the southern section of the resort caught fire. It took almost 2 ½ hours before the fire was brought under control, at which time about 2/3 of the resort was completely destroyed. Neighboring structures received damage and electricity to the entire island was interrupted for nearly an hour. Up to news time, the estimated loss is unknown as the investigation is yet in its early stage. Last year, the resort completed major renovations, an investment that was estimated to have cost millions.

Pesca con Mosca wins the 5th annual Tres Pescados Slam Tournament
The 5th annual three-day Tres Pescados Slam Fishing tournament ended on Saturday August 17th. A total of 19 anglers competed in this year’s tournament, which saw the participants applying their fishing skills in both good and bad weather conditions. The purpose of the fishing tournament is to highlight the importance of the three species of protected fish in Belize – Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit. At the end of the competition, the team Pesca con Mosca topped the other anglers. “The tournament raised $12,000BZ for the newly formed CARLOS MARIN FOUNDATION in Belize. These funds will be used locally in Belize to benefit the bonefish, permit and tarpon fisheries, their habitats and the protection of both. On hand for the awards banquet were all our teams as well as many of our sponsors and friends,” ended the release. The organizers take the opportunity to thank those who made the event a huge success for sport fishing in Belize. Those

The Chamber responds to the Prime Minister’s position on the Public Accounts Committee
The Chamber vigorously renews its call on both the Government of Belize and the Opposition to ensure a fully functioning Public Accounts Committee. The functions of the PAC according to the Standing Orders of the House Representatives are to examine , consider and report on: a. The accounts having the appropriation of of the sums granted by the National Assembly to meet the public expenditure of the country; b. Such other accounts as may be referred to the committee by the House or under any law; and c.The report of the Auditor General on any such accounts. The fundamental concern of the Chamber is to ensure that said reports are thoroughly reviewed and reported upon so that appropriate corrective measures regarding resource expenditures are taken where necessary by the Government and all its departments.

Misc Belizean Sources

Technology experts to help defend Belize against internet attacks
The Caribbean is not immune to the recent global attacks on computer networks and systems by Internet hackers. This was the view expressed by international technology expert Bevil Wooding in an interview on the upcoming sixth regional meeting of the Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG) to be held in Belize City, Belize, from September 22 to 25. "As governments and businesses in the Caribbean increase their dependence on information and communication technologies, they must at the same time build greater capacity to manage and protect technology assets," Wooding said. He gave various examples of volunteer groups of "ethical hackers" who mobilised and collaborated to help protect local networks around the world.

BBG Bird and Plant Identification Course
The Belize Botanic Gardens are having a free bird and plant identification training course from September 16th through the 20th. There's room for 25 people, so reserve a space now. In Related news, the BBG is having their Professional Gardeners' Training Programme starting on September 30th. The deadline to sign up is September 6th.

Ervin Gordon Tribute Concert
The Tribute for Hick, Ervin Gordon, local bass player, was Sunday night at the Cayo Welcome Center, and quite a few musicians, including the World Culture Band, Emmanuel Mangar, and Eddie Allen, came out to play some songs in his memory. RIP, Mr. Gordon. "many artist came to play a gig in the memory of our local bass player Hick, the Welcome center was jamming with young and old school telent."

SIPL Poetry Night
The San Ignacio Public Library is having their poetry night tonight, Wednesday, August 28th, at 6:00pm. "The Santa Elena Public Library in collaboration with the San Ignacio Public Library are holding a poetry night at the SIPL. Authors who would like to share their poetry to the community are welcomed! Confirmed Poetry Night Authors: Mrs. Melba Marin Velasquez, Ms. Tifanny Simplis, Mr. Hamner Bush, Mrs. Ruth Gutierrez."

Channel 7

Chelsie’s Body Found
Last night, we told you about the search for 7 year-old Chelsie Smith, the child who was presumed to have drowned in Isabella Bank on Sunday. Well, after 2 days of gnawing uncertainty, her body was recovered from the Belize River this morning, quite a distance away from the area she went under. It is the confirmation of the worst news for the family, who must now find closure in her burial. We went back to Isabella Bank today, where we got a chance to speak with Chelsie’s family. Here’s what they told us about how the body was discovered today: Carol Leslie - Family Friend "We found the body approximately 10:10am, after the boat was driving slow - we had about six of us in the boat, we were looking both ways and the driver saw something on the edge by the bushes and he turned around and we went back. While getting a closer view, we saw that it was baby Chelsie in the water. Her hand was hooked on one of the tree limbs and underneath the tree and when we went closer that is when we identified that it was her."

PUP Sign to PAC Declaration
The Public Accounts Committee – for decades, nothing happened with it, no meetings were held, important public work was left undone, only few noticed and hardly anyone complained – but ever since PUP Deputy Leader Julius Espat raised the idea for a radically re-constituted P-A-C at the end of July, it’s become an issue of great public discourse and debate. The Chamber of Commerce was the first to endorse it and then the NTUCB, but in a release sent out yesterday, the Chamber seemed to have cooled off considerably on the Espat plan, and basically urged both sides to just get the P-A-C working. With that tepid reaction and the fact that the Council of Churches has not gotten on board – the effort for radical re-constitution of the moribund committee might have seemed to be losing steam. But politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum and just as things were starting to lag, the PUP Representatives went all-in today, starched up those Guayaberas and headed for Belmopan from as far as Punta Gorda and Orange Walk. There, on Independence Hill they made a declaration on the PAC – and 7news was there for it.

Cabbie Can’t Come Up With Teenaged Son’s School Sneakers, Almost Gets Chopped!
It’s back to school time, and the pressure is on for parents who have to come up with the new books, bags and footwear. And, one Belize City taxi-man who wasn’t coming up right narrowly escaped a beat down from his two teenaged sons. Yesterday afternoon at around 1:00, 61 year old taxi driver, Elihue Bailey pulled up at his Raccoon street Extension home, and went upstairs where he was confronted by his 13 year old son who asked him when will he get his tennis for school. The taxi-man replied “next week”, but the teenager wasn’t having that and threatened to smash the windshield of his father’s vehicle with a two by four. The taxi-man retreated, but by then his other son, who was cutting cane in the back of the yard came to the front with a machete. Bailey told police that both of them tried to assault him – one with a stick, one with a machete. He scampered into the car, and they missed him but hit the top of the driver’s door. Police recovered the 2ft long machete, and the four foot long two by four. They detained both minors but they were later released into the custody of their mother. Bailey also dropped the charges.

Alleged Lady Drug Trafficker Sent To Jail
Last night, we told you about the 31 year Therese Elijio, aka Tanisha YOUNG, and 33 year-old Karim Bood who were busted yesterday by the Gang Suppression Unit with separate stashes of marijuana. The GSU searched Eligio’s apartment and found a total of 75 pounds of marijuana. Eligio was charged with 2 counts of drug trafficking. She pleaded not guilty when she was arraigned today before Magistrate Clive Lino. Due to the amount of marijuana, and because she owed the court for previous convictions, she was remanded to prison. She will be taken back to court on October 18. Bood was busted by the GSU in his apartment adjacent to Eligio’s. They saw him throwing plastic bags through the louvers of a bathroom window, and when they recovered the bags they found 3.52 pounds of marijuana, so the GSU charged him with drug trafficking.

GSU Gets SSG Gun
And while the GSU Believes that Therese Eligio is an associate of the Mayflower/Ghost Town gang, today they report that they’ve arrested and charged 4 men they believe are members of the Southside Crips Gang. This afternoon at around 1:45, they conducted a raid on the residence of Michael Anderson, located on Guerrero Street in Port Loyola. Anderson was not there, but inside the yard, the officers found Ian Craig, Eion Myers, Keon Lacayo, Gilbert Wade, and a 16 year-old minor. They searched an old shack in the yard, where they found a .38 revolver which was loaded with 6 live rounds of ammunition, from which Scenes of Crime personnel lifted 2 fingerprints

Will Dan Silva Return to The PUP
Former PUP Minister of Agriculture Dan Silva has been shading the political background ever since he walked away as PUP Deputy Leader in January of 2011. But the former two term Cayo Central Representative is still considered the “big-man” for the PUP in that division, even if his interest in politics is on-again, off-again. Well, it’s on right now as Silva recently posted on FACEBOOK his interest to offer himself for Cayo Central. Party Leader Francis Fonseca and his would-be convention opponent Luke Espat commented on that today in Belmopan:… Hon. Francis Fonseca - Leader of the Opposition "Like every other candidate, Dan Silva will have to apply to be a candidate, if he intends to run in Cayo Central and his application will have to be vetted by everybody else. Dan Silva, obviously, has a long history and relationship with the People's United Party in Cayo so certainly that is something that we will have to look at very closely." Jules Vasquez "Will it factor into your considerations that his son there's an interpol want for killing a female in Cayo Central?"

PUP Leader Says Amin Hegar Has Some Catching Up To Do
Another former PUP Minister who’s declared an interest in re-entering politics is Amin Hegar. He told us last week why he’s retracting his endorsement of Patrick Jason Andrews in Belmopan. But, Deputy Leader For the West Julius Espat says that Hegar can’t run because he’d be going back on his word. But what does the party leader have to say? We asked him today:… Hon. Francis Fonseca - Leader of the Opposition "The door is not closed on Mr. Hegar, he has not yet applied for Belmopan despite everything you've been hearing. When Mr. Hegar applies then his application will be vetted by various committees of the party and the National Executive. What I said earlier s that his actions over the past two weeks have to form a part of that discussion." Jules Vasquez "Will that factor into the deliberations?" Hon. Francis Fonseca "Well, it's in my view not a mis-statement because he spoke with me on the matter directly and in fact very recently has met with me again. I would not characterize what he did as a mis-statement and I think all of his actions in respect of withdrawing and publicly endorsing another candidate - those are issues that I deem relevant to the application process."

An Officer, A gentleman, And A Politician?! Major Mira Explains His PUP Passion
And while Hegar is fighting to get back into Belmopan for the PUP, a newcomer is hoping to come from behind the steal the show. He is Oscar Mira, a major in the BDF, who’s leaving his military career to get into politics. Seems like a big gamble to us, but Mira explained why he’s getting into the race:… Jules Vasquez "Mr. Mira tell me why are you leaving an excellent career in the military to go into something as speculative as politics?" Major Oscar Mira (Ret'd) - PUP Aspirant for Belmopan "Jules, I've been thinking about this for a long while. It has been over 21 years in the Military - the first course that I did the motto was 'Serve to Lead' and I have been serving my country and I have done everything to serve my country for the past 21 years and I believe that there is another way that I can serve the people in the country of Belize." Jules Vasquez "Deputy Leader for the West, Julius Espat, has his favorite candidate who is Mr. Andrews so then it would appear that you're entering as an underdog." Major Oscar Mira (Ret'd) "Well, I wouldn't want to speak for Mr. Espat and who he is supporting but I believe in a democracy you are free to support whoever you want. At the end of the day, the people in Belmopan will decide."

Man Found Guilty In Civil Court For Selling A Bad Car
Whenever buying a used car in Belize, the warning is always to let the buyer beware – and if you’re paying under five thousand dollars, the chance that you’re getting, at best, a fixer-upper, or, at worse, a “hunk of junk” increases exponentially. And that’s the chance a Cayo woman took when she Bought a Nissan Altima for four thousand dollars in December. Shortly after she bought it, the car started having major mechanical problems. She filed civil suit in magistrate’s court against the couple she bought the car form – and, in a surprising outcome, she won: the couple has to re-imburse her. Jessie Castillo is the one the action was taken out against, and he told us about this strange legal ordeal which almost landed him in Jail!:… Jessie Castillo -Sued for selling defective car "In December, a woman bought a car for my wife and like two weeks after that she came back and said that the timing chain was popped so my wife offered to replace the chain and then my wife gave her the money. She came back like two days after that and said that the whole head of the engine was cracked or bent and that it needed to be replaced. My wife told her that if the head was bent prior to her buying the car the she wouldn't have been able to move it."

The Unbreakable Janay’s First Day At High School
At approximately 7:45 this morning, the Blue Toyota Camry pulled inside the compound of Comprehensive High School- Sticking out from its trunk was this blue wheelchair, belonging to 12 year old Janea Matute – Today was Janae’s first day of High School at Belmopan Comprehensive. With the help of her mother and her big sister Amy, her wheelchair was removed from behind the trunk of the car and then 70 pound Janae was hoisted from out of the back seat of the vehicle and into her chair. -this is just a small part of their daily routine for the next 4 years. Born with cerebral palsy - which is damage caused to the motor control centers of her brain- due to what the court said was medical malpractice - Janae has been a local hero for many and is highly admired for her zest for life.

Human Rights Rapporteur Writes GOB On Mayas
The Mayas of southern Belize have been agitating for their rights and in April the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food has sent a letter to the government of Belize, US Capital Energy in Belize and its parent company in the US. The nine page letter speaks to a number of issues and gives the government 60 days to respond before the communication becomes public. No response was made and the letter is now being made public. It warns the government about the impact of oil concessions on the access to food, the communities’ lack of consent to activities happening in their traditional lands, and the Government’s disregard for rulings of the Supreme Court and the Inter American Commission on Human Rights.

Road Safety Strategy Cemented
7News has been closely following the establishment of Belize’s National Road Safety Strategy. It is an initiative funded by the Government of Belize, and the Caribbean Development Bank to make Belize’s highways safer. We’ve told you about the first phase of the project to establish defensive driving, and now, the project is move along with the launching of the National Road Safety Committee. Today, there was a small ceremony to note importance of the committee, and the CEO of the Ministry of Economic Development explained its mandate: Ms. Audrey Wallace - CEO of the Ministry of Economic Development "The establishment of this committee is a condition of the finance agreement between the government and Caribbean Development Bank with respect to the road safety project - it is a condition but it's also a very important link forward in terms of government's plan in the area of road safety, citizens' security. This project is expected to serve as a launch pad in a comprehensive and longer term road safety strategy.

Red Cross Flags Up
The Belize Red Cross Flag is flying this week at the Flag Monument at the City’s entrance. It’s part of the organization’s 30th Anniversary Celebration as a non-charitable organization in Belize. So, yesterday, bright and early 14 scouts led by 3 scout leaders of the Belize Scouts Association, mounted the flag at the Flag Monument.

Channel 5

Michael Silva allegedly coming back to explain his side of the story
In July, INTERPOL issued a warrant for the arrest of twenty-eight year old San Ignacio resident Michael Silva. Silva is wanted in connection with the September 2011 murder of nineteen [...]

Dan Silva intends to reclaim Cayo Central
And while Michael Silva is allegedly coming back…Dan Silva is coming back for sure. The successful former politician and P.U.P. Minister says he intends to reclaim his old stomping grounds [...]

Luke Espat says he is excited and ready to contest Cayo Central
But Silva won’t be back, at least not officially, until he gets past the P.U.P.’s vetting process. That process should be applied to all persons who aspire to contest conventions [...]

The opposition continues to seek for the restructuring of the PAC
The new and improved Public Accounts Committee is still just a proposal which never made it past the floor of the House of Representatives. The Opposition is seeking the restructuring [...]

Seven year old drowning victim’s body is found
After scouring the Old Belize River since Sunday night, the body of a seven year old girl was found this morning. The Sand Hill school girl was at a birthday [...]

Jaguars yet to receive payment for participation in Gold Cup
The flare of Gold Cup 2013 has dwindled since the annual CONCACAF tournament concluded in Chicago a few weeks ago.  Despite a less than stellar debut in the regional competition, [...]

SATIIM condemns action taken by government
On Monday, the Sarstoon and Temash Institute for Indigenous Management, SATIIM, condemned the actions of the Government for allowing the police to dispatch armed officers into the Sarstoon/Temash National Park [...]

Neighbors going to the Belize Central Prison
Two neighbors will be spending their first night at the Central Prison. The Gang Suppression Unit, on Monday detained a Belize City woman and a man who live next to [...]

He stole a bike to buy HIV/AIDS medication
A Belize City resident told the court this morning on arraignment that he is afflicted with HIV AIDS and had to steal for medication. Thirty-four year old construction worker, Kenroy [...]

Five adults and one minor charged for gun and ammunition
On Monday, the Gang Suppression Unit made a surprise raid at Antelope Street Extension; it yielded them some eighty pounds of marijuana. This afternoon, the GSU executed a search at [...]

Third annual Back-to-School Drive; get free grooming at Fabers Road
The third annual Back-To-School Drive, organized by Brian Dena, a community activist of the Fabers Road area, kicks off this Friday.  But Dena is wasting no time in appealing to [...]

P.U.P. party leader says Amin Hegar’s actions are going to be taken into consideration
There is much political soup bubbling on the fire in Cayo Central with the announcement of the re-emergence of Dan Silva. But there is also some measure of controversy in [...]

Revisiting the award winning Decriminalization of Marijuana
Last year, a former minister of government introduced into the national discourse a proposal to decriminalize the possession of small quantities of marijuana. A committee was formed to look at [...]

Who will Be The Next Superstar? We find out tonight!
It is here…The grand finale of Be the Next Superstar and shortly, the winner of the Season Two will be revealed at an event that will celebrate talent and creativity. [...]


Dog Attacks Toddler in Western Belize
Last week Love News reported on the vicious mauling of a three year old girl and her mother by a pit-bull dog. The incident occurred in the Iguana Street Extension area of Belize City. But the problem it seems is not confined only to Belize City, as another three year old was bitten to the face by a dog in the Cayo District as well. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ “A three year old was viciously attacked by a dog in Armenia Village on the Humming bird Highway. The mother, Elsa Lemus reported to police that on Monday around 3:30pm while she was inside her house, her three year old son went outside to pick up craboo under a tree in the yard. A few minutes later, she heard her son crying out; when she ran outside she saw her son bleeding on his face; about a yard away from her child she saw a black dog. Children who were nearby told the mother that the dog bit her son. According to the mother this is not the first time that the dog has attacked residents.” Like the case we reported last week in Belize City, the owner of the dog has reportedly stepped out to assist the victim’s family.

Fight Ensues At A Municipal Office Over Money ‘Owed’
A man was injured during a misunderstanding at the Orange Walk Town Council office today. Reporter Dalila Ical has the story. DALILA ICAL “One man is injured during a misunderstanding at the Orange Walk Town Council. Love News understands that Orange Walk resident Oscar Calderon visited the Town Hall and approached the office messenger. Things got heated on the second floor as we understand Calderon started to demand money owed to him by the Council for work he had done. The situation quickly escalated and become physical between Calderon and the Office Messenger. We understand that Calderon first assaulted the Messenger and in the process attempted to take his gold chain but only managed to pull it off from around his neck. The Messenger, we are told, in his defence pulled out a machete from under the counter and inflicted a wound onto Calderon’s head. The incident stirred a big commotion as other employees at the council arrived to restrain Calderon who remained irate. The police were called and eventually arrested Calderon. He was treated for his wound and will be charged for threatening words. As for the messenger who inflicted the wound, Love News understands he will not be charged as he acted in self-defence. Love News has also been reliably informed that Calderon has not been employed at the Council and no money is owed to him.

Young Girl’s Body Retrieved from Belize Waters and Laid to Rest
The body of seven year old Chelsie Smith was found today after a three day search was launched. As we reported, Smith drowned in the Belize Old River on Sunday Morning whilst at Isabella Bank Village in Rural Belize. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING “Almost two days later following the disappearance underwater of seven year old Chelsie Smith, her body was retrieved from the Belize Old River. As we reported, Chelsie along with her mother, Pamela Olivera, and four other children were fishing alongside the banks of the Belize Old River in Isabella Bank Village on Sunday morning when the tragic incident occurred. Chelsie fell off an underwater trench and subsequently drowned. A search team comprised of the Belize Defense Force, the Belize Coast Guard and family members set out to recover her body. After diving into the murky waters for the past two days, it was not until this morning at about ten minutes after ten o’clock that the body was located by family members. Carol Leslie is Chelsie’s godmother.

Former Speakers of the House of Representatives Register Disgust with Conduct in Recent Sitting
The People’s United Party today shared a letter written by former speakers of the House of Representatives, Sylvia Flores and Elizabeth Zabaneh, and addressed to the current Speaker of the House, Michael Peyrefitte registering their disapproval with the conduct displayed in the House. A sentence in the letter reads quote “we write you to register, for the record, our strong disapproval and dismay regarding the conduct publicly displayed in the House of Representatives over several months and in particular the behavior of the Member for Mesopotamia at the last House meeting” end quote. They also say that they believe that the behavior represents a “low point of conduct” and should not be allowed to continue in the House. The letter continues saying that the business of the people must be carried out with cordiality and respect saying quote “The authority and dignity of the House should never be brought into disrepute and we, therefore, insist that an atmosphere of respect for the Speaker and for both sides of the aisle has to be restored” end quote. In the letter both Flores and Zabaneh also let Peyreffitte know that the Belizean public has been expressing their disgust at the offensive behavior and disrespect toward the woman member of the House. They close with quote “For our democracy to remain vibrant, all Members of the National Assembly must be able to expect that there will be civility, respect and due regard for their human dignity. We therefore, trust that you will take these, our serious concerns, into account. The letter which is dated the 21st of August was also copied to Governor General Sir Colville Young, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, and leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca.

Most Trusted Employee Runs Away with Company’s Day Sales
A man goes missing in the Orange Walk District on Monday but as his employers searched for him, they realize they were robbed. Dalila Ical has the story. DALILA ICAL REPORTING Nazira Romero and her husband who run ER’s Icy Treats, an ice pop business in Orange Walk Town began their search for one of their vendors, Roejlio Balam after he failed to report back in after five Monday evening. Romero told Love News that they found it “strange” that Rojelio Balam, a born Belizean and a trusted employee who has been with them for over a year would not report in without notice. Romero says they naturally became worried. NAZIRA ROMERO “The time they usually come is 5 – 5:30 and we always worry because they are out there and they are like part of our family. When we realized he was missing, my husband went looking for him and we started making phone calls to different villages to see if someone had seen him; we even put it on our Facebook page to see if customers had seen him because he is one of the most known vendors. About ten that night after calling the police, we decided that we should put it on the radio.”

Convict Stole Bicycle to Pay For HIV Meds
A 34 year old man who said he stole a bicycle in order to purchase medication because he is HIV positive, was given a fine instead of a custodial sentence when he pled guilty to theft today before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton. He is Kenroy Brown, a construction worker residing on Central American Boulevard. Brown was fined seven hundred and fifty dollas and was given until October 15th to pay. If he defaults on payment he will serve 6 months. Brown, who has a wife and 2 children, said the free medication does not work for him and he was told by a doctor that only the expensive medication can help him. The incident occurred around 6 p.m. on Friday, August 23. The complainant, Christian Samus, an employee of First Stop Pawnshop, located at the corner of Mosul Street and Orange Street, reported to the police that he was closing the shop when Brown jumped on his bicycle and rode away. Samus said he pursued Brown and caught up with him on Water Lane. A police mobile patrol was passing by at the same time and Samus stopped it and reported the theft. As a result, Brown was taken into custody and charged.

Six Months in Prison for Third Theft Conviction
Twenty year old Jason Cawich, a fisherman with 2 convictions for bicycle theft, got his third conviction today when he pled guilty to theft and was sentenced to 6 months by Magistrate Leslie Hamilton. Cawich owes the court over two thousand dollars for fines for which payment is outstanding. Magistrate Hamilton stipulated that the sentence of 6 months is to run consecutively to any other sentence. The theft occurred around 12:55 p.m. on Sunday, August 25. Twenty-six year old security guard Jason Lature reported to the police that he went to work at Heritage Bank, located on Princess Margaret Drive, and he parked his beach cruiser bicycle at the back of the bank near to the restroom. He said he then noticed the defendant jump on his bicycle and ride off. Lature said he pursued the person and caught up with him in front of Jamboree’s Restaurant on Mercy Lane. Lature apprehended Cawich and held him in custody until the police arrived. Cawich said that it was a friend who he met in front of Pallotti High School who told him that the bicycle parked at the bank was his. Cawich said the friend told him to go get the bicycle and that was why he rode off on it.

Fifteen Year Old Says She Willingly Had Sex; Construction Worker Charged with Carnal Knowledge
Twenty one year old Victor Castañeda, a construction worker of San Roman Village in the Corozal District was arrested and charged by police for the crime of unlawful carnal knowledge following a report made on Friday. The report was made by a fifteen year old girl of Xaibe Village in the Corozal District, in the company of her mother. She reported that she had sexual intercourse with Castañeda of her own free will at her home. Medical examinations conducted on her certified that she was indeed carnally known.

Opposition Party Wants Ruling Party to Quit ‘Political Games’; People’s United Party Weighs in on Aspiring Candidates
The UDP Government and the Opposition have been at odds lately over the PUP’s intention to see the Public Accounts Committee undergo some level of reform. And last week, the Prime Minister’s Office took a formal position against the PUP’s proposed changes. Since then the Committee’s Chairman, PUP’s Cayo South Representative, Julius Espat, has said that the Government’s position is hogwash. The Government has claimed that the proposed changes to the Committee would be in concert with the Standing Orders of the National Assembly because it requires that the ruling government have majority seating on all Standing Committees. Well today, the People’s United Party took their fight to no less than the same National Assembly or at least in front of it where the party leader and the Committee Chairman spok to the media.

Indigenous Mayan People in Southern Belize Claims Disrespect
Last week SATIIM reported that its rangers and community leaders were prevented by BDF from patrolling the Sarstoon Temash National Park. But according to the representative of US Capital Energy Belize Limited, Alistair King, police intervened because SATIIM rangers and the community leaders were headed to US Capital Energy’s Temash Number two Drill Site. King says that no one can visit unless permission is granted. Yesterday SATIIM, condemned what it called “continued use of heavily armed police and BDF to intimidate SATIIM and the community leaders of the Sarstoon Temash Region. The organization goes on to say that Government and US Capital are engaged in illegal activities on Maya Customary Titled Lands. King told Love News that US Capital Energy Belize operations are being carried out under regulations and the company is not breaching any law. Today the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage, sent out a press release expressing their outrage what they said was the imposition of force by the Security Forces onto the Indigenous Mayan People of Belize in an attempt to force them off lands.

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Child drowns in the Belize District
7 year old Chelsie Smith of Sandhill, Belize District, drowned in the Belize Old River on Sunday morning According to police, the mother, 33 year old Pamela Olivaria, was in Isabella Bank attending a function and decided to go fishing with her children, who...

Fatal traffic accident on the George Price Highway
There was a fatal traffic accident on the George Price Highway over the weekend. The incident happened on Saturday evening at about 5 pm. According to reports, 35 year old Walter Alexander Gonzales was driving his 2004 Toyota Prado from his home at mile 32 on the George Price...

Armed robbery in Belmopan
There was an armed robbery in Belmopan on Friday night. Barack Trading Center on Mountain View Boulevard was the latest business targeted by armed thieves. According to the proprietor, 39 year old Adil Wheed Butt, a naturalized Belizean businessman in Belmopan, he was inside his store on Friday night...

Tropical Wave causes flooding in many areas
There have been heavy rainfalls over the past few days due to a tropical wave crossing the country. Those rainfalls have caused localized floodings in various areas of the country. The National Emergency Management Organization issued an advisory regarding the flooding situation saying that...

Two Belize City residents report encounters with gunmen
Two Belize City residents are tonight fortunate to be alive after they had separate run ins with gunmen. The first happened shortly before 9:00pm on Sunday night. A 19 year old told Police that he was at a Chinese store located in the area of Curassow Street and Cemetery...

Mexican Secretary for Foreign Relations visits Belize
Dr. Jose Antonio Meade Kuribrena, the Mexican secretary for foreign relations, visited Belize this weekend and was hosted by his Belizean counterpart Wilfred Elrington. In a short press conference on Sunday afternoon, Dr. Meade noted that Belize and Mexico have had a long relationship, but much of it is...

Mark Seawell’s extradition case continues
Attorneys for Mark Seawell, the Belizean accused of drug trafficking and criminal conspiracy in the U.S. state of Ohio in the 1990′s, have vigorously opposed his extradition to the United States. Mr Sewawell’s attorneys are charging among other things that the U.S. is relying on improperly gathered evidence that...

National Road Safety Committee established
The Government of Belize is currently undertaking the Belize Road Safety Demonstration Corridor Project which will be co-chaired by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Ministry of Works and Transport. The project was officially launched on the 14th of March. To oversee the project’s implementation the...

City Children experience farming and eating fresh corn
“What you reap is what you sow” is just one the life lessons the Harvest for Kids program seeks to teach young children. The program was birthed out of The Belize Camping Experience, which operates in Belize City. BCE is an organization whose mission is...

Male and female national football teams return home
With different fortunes, the male U-15 and female U-20 national football teams returned home on Monday. The men won three of four games played in the Cayman Islands and lost the other narrowly to Guatemala, an eventual finalist. The women lost all three games they...

Dion Leslie is new BCA President
After months of internal wrangling and dispute, the Belize Cycling Association met on Saturday in Belize City to elect its national executive. The delay had been caused by a court case involving former president Emil Moreno, who was challenging a decision by the Belize Olympic Association to disallow the...


“Government of Belize and US Capital’s display of force last week Friday demonstrates the lawlessness of their intention in the region …” “…when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” Maya community leaders of the buffering villages of the Sarstoon-Temash National Park, where US Capital Energy is gearing up to drill for oil in Toledo, were on Friday met by a group of police officers—armed, at least in one instance, with what appears to be an M-16 rifle—when they attempted to gain access to the drill site. The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) and the Maya communities’ leaders have issued a public statement, condemning what they contend is “the continued use of heavily armed police and BDF to intimidate SATIIM and the community leaders of the Sarstoon Temash Region.” “Government of Belize and US Capital’s display of force last week Friday demonstrates the lawlessness of their intention in the region and is symbolic of what is to come later. Every oil company operating in [the] world has its operations guarded by military and paramilitary forces; and it seems to us that it will not be any different in Belize,” said the SATIIM statement.

Miss Amber Reneé Rivero is the new reigning Miss Earth Belize 2013. Belize International Pageants Limited crowned the 21-year-old student of the University of Belize at ceremonies held on Saturday, August 24, 2013, at the Royal Orchid Hotel in Belize City. As Miss Earth, Amber is the official environmental ambassador of Belize. She will be representing her country at the Miss Earth International Pageant to be held in Manila, Philippines, in November 2013. According to a press release sent by Belize International Pageants Ltd., the previous queen, Miss Jessel Lauriano, gave her final address and passed on the torch to the newly crowned queen, Ms. Rivero, who said that she is proud to be able to showcase Belize’s natural wonders and help to make her country take its rightful place on the international scene. The release states that in her acceptance speech, Amber promised “to promote Belize positively in any and every opportunity.” At the very least, her hopes are “to change the way people in Belize think about the natural beauty in their own backyard.” This is because she trusts that “if you change your mind, you can change your life”. Furthermore, in closing, Rivero stated with conviction, “This is not the symbol of beauty or superficial claims, but instead, a declaration of our shared hopes for the future, for a change in Belize.”

Director of Health Services, Dr. Michael Pitts, told Amandala today that the Ministry of Health hopes to have a final report on investigations into an alleged sex scandal at the acute care psychiatric facility, housed at the Western Regional Hospital, by the end of the week. DHS Pitts said that if the allegations against a hospital driver—suspended last week on allegations that he was having an affair with a vulnerable psychiatric patient—are confirmed, the acts, he said, would be “totally disgusting and out of order.” That investigation is being headed by Bernadette Nicholson, hospital administrator and acting regional manager – who was in an emergency meeting until very late today, our newspaper was told. Pitts said that he has confirmed that the driver in question has been suspended, pending the outcome of the investigations, but he said he has no information to indicate that any of the psychiatric staff has been transferred from the facility.

Mejia was stabbed in the left side of his chest after a long-time issue with Pook. Today, Demoris Pook, 19, a resident of Hattieville, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison after he was charged with the attempted murder of Anthony Mejia. According to police, Mejia reported that he and Pook had had a long-time animosity between each other, but on Friday, it escalated into something physical. Mejia told police that as he was walking through a yard in Hattieville, he saw Pook and they got into an argument, which turned into a fight. During the fight, Pook allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Mejia in the left side of his chest, and managed to cut his own left index finger in the process. The offense is indictable and will be heard in the Supreme Court, so no plea was taken from Pook. He was not offered any bail either, and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison. He is scheduled to appear back in court on October 17, 2013.

A man is presently on life support in the Intensive Care Ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), after he was chopped several times while sleeping in his house in Mahogany Heights at about 12:30 Friday morning, August 23. Police say they responded to reports of a chopping incident in Mahogany Heights and went to the home of Kenneth Flowers, 26. When they arrived at the house, they found Flowers in a sitting position, bleeding from three large chop wounds to his face and head. Police investigation revealed that a man gained entry into Flowers’ home after midnight on Friday, by way of the bedroom where Flowers was sleeping, and chopped him several times. Flowers was alone in his house at the time.

Welch was charged with aggravated assault after he attacked his common-law wife with a machete. Wayne Welch, 45, a taxi driver of #13 Rivero Street, is at the Belize Central Prison today because he was unable to pay an outstanding fine and could not be bailed after being charged with aggravated assault until this fine was paid. Welch appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano, where he was charged with aggravated assault upon his common-law wife, Tanya Matura, 30, also a resident of #13 Rivero Street. According to police, Matura reported that she returned from Melchor at about 12:45 p.m. on August 12, and about five minutes later, Welch arrived home. She said that when Welch came into the house, he approached her in a threatening manner, with a machete in his hand.

Unconfirmed reports are that the minor was found nude with White when police arrived at the house. Errol White, 56, a resident of #4255 Croton Lane, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison today after he was charged with having sexual intercourse with a female minor, age 15. According to police, at 3:45 last Thursday evening, they went to a house located at the corner of Nargusta Street and Central American Boulevard, where they found White and the minor. Unconfirmed reports to Amandala are that the minor was found nude when police arrived at the house. The minor and a guardian went to a hospital, where a doctor examined her and she was certified to be carnally known.

The two allegedly stole two cell phones and a cap, all totaling $820. This morning, Justin McFoy, 19, and a minor, both residents of #16 Wilson Street, were each charged with three counts of robbery when they appeared before Magistrate Clive Lino. According to police, Kaylie Bailey, Clive Hyde and Aaron Smith were leaving a club located near the Princess Hotel on August 18, 2013. As they exited the club, they were approached by the two robbers, one of whom then pointed a gun at them and demanded what they had. The three handed over a ZTE Boost Mobile touch screen cell phone valued at $400; a blue-colored LG brand cell phone valued at $350; and a grey NEW ERA cap valued at $70, all totaling $820 in value. The two pleaded not guilty to the three charges and were unrepresented in court. However, the minor’s mother was present when he was arraigned.

Smith was at work when he was caught with 54.6 grams of suspected cannabis. Ajany Smith, 28, a prison officer at Kolbe Foundation, was taken before Magistrate Dale Cayetano where he was read a charge of drug trafficking this morning. According to Hattieville police, they responded to a prison report, and Smith was handed over to them. They were informed that at 11:20 Saturday night, after Smith had reported for work, he started complaining of pain in his right foot. When he went to the medical center at the prison, he had to be searched – a procedure that has to be conducted on all those who are taken there, including workers. It was then that prison officials found two black plastic bags inside the right front pocket of Smith’s pants. Inside the bags, which were opened in his presence, the prison officials found what they suspected to be cannabis and when weighed, the suspected drugs amounted to 54.6 grams.

After a rest day yesterday, the Belize Junior Female team came back against Panama today and played the most exciting game of the tournament so far. It went 5 very close sets, with Belize needing extra points in the deciding set and winning 19-17. Belize won the first 2 sets very close, 25-23 and 25-22, but then lost the next 2 with very close margins, 24-26 and 23-25. In the 5th set, Belize took a 3-point lead late in the set, but Panama came back. The Belize team remained composed and pulled it out 19-17. Maurissa Williams was top scorer with 15 points (8 kills, 3 blocks, 4 aces). Sherika Burton had 13 points (all kills). Jashema Saunders and Leandra Betson each had 5 kills and 2 blocks.

The Belize Male U-15 National Team returned home early this afternoon to a hero’s welcome at the PGIA, including a motorcade through the city streets and a press conference at the Radisson, after recording an unprecedented 3 wins 1 loss record at the inaugural CONCACAF Under-15 Championship in the Cayman Islands. Our “Baby Jaguars” finished 2nd in Group B, and the team they lost 1-nil to, Guatemala, lost in the championship finals, 2-1, to Honduras. The Baby Jaguars beat St. Lucia, 1-0; defeated Jamaica, 3-1; then lost, 1-nil, to Guatemala; and finished with a 6-1 victory over Grenada. Only a couple hours later this afternoon, our Belize Female U-20 National Team also touched down at the PGIA, returning from Honduras, where they had made a very good showing, despite losing all 3 games. They lost 1-nil to host Honduras, and by identical 4-3 scores to Guatemala and El Salvador. It was a pre-qualifying tournament for the CONCACAF Women U-20 Championship in Cayman in January next year, which is a qualifying tournament to the FIFA Women U-20 World Cup Canada 2014. For once, our Belize National Women team was not a pushover for our Central American opponents, and have served notice of better things to come.

From time to time, you will hear us criticize the two major political parties in these pages. These are very important organizations, and they are the engines of our democracy. At this newspaper, we respect the PUP and the UDP. Because Belize does have a functional democracy, this newspaper can criticize the major political parties, and live to tell the tale. Because Belize has a flawed democracy, we simply have to criticize the PUP and the UDP. Most of the times, we will criticize a political party when that party is in power, and the issue then is usually corruption, or incompetence. Infrequently, we criticize the party which is in Opposition, and that is when they are not bringing enough heat on the government, or when they speak disrespectfully or dishonestly of us. In order for it to function properly, parliamentary democracy absolutely must have an Opposition, you know, and the stronger the better. There has never been an Opposition party in this country with which Amandala has had as much wrangling as we have had with this Opposition PUP. This wrangling began back in 2004, when the PUP was still in power, and for us on Partridge the argument was and is about development philosophy. There are high ranking people in the PUP who believe that Belizeans are still in the 1960s mentally, when a lot of the political discourse was personal, so they have focused on the personal side of their argument with Partridge Street for the last nine years, and counting …

What became apparent to all economists was that the “free competition” led to a paradoxical situation: each time there were less economic units that survived both the cyclical crises and the competition itself. That is, competition tended to negate itself. By the late nineteenth century it was clear that companies existed that were true monsters which controlled an entire branch of production or all phases or levels of an industry: the trusts and monopolies or oligopolies. The property tended to be concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the prices are no longer settled in the struggle between buyers and sellers, but are the result of unilateral decisions or agreements between the monopolies. These trends coincided with one another: capitalism becoming global. Another, of great significance for all forms of capital, which was becoming a dominant issue, was financial capital. In the early twentieth century there was already a fact that economists – not just Lenin, who was fundamentally a political revolutionary – called “imperialism.” Imperialism is a new era. It is not an exclusively economic, but political, cultural and military reality. It is still valid today the general characterization made by Lenin, based on Hilferding, that imperialism is the epoch in which capitalism dominates the sphere of the planet, in that financial capital is dominant, and the major powers are political and military instruments of those great interests in the struggle for the control of markets for commodities, capital and labor, territories and access to wealth. The same logic operation of the system led to wars of plunder and domination of the world’s peoples.

Whereas the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) is meeting this evening to formulate its position on a declaration from the Office of the Prime Minister that no reform of the Public Accounts Committee is necessary; and that the committee can move ahead with reviewing the Auditor General Reports in two series: pre-2008 and post-2008—the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry made its unequivocal position known via a press release issued today: that is, PAC’s work needs to proceed. “The method by which it is done is still open to question, and we are reserving the right to see how the PM’s proposal proceeds,” president of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kay Menzies, indicated to our newspaper today. The Office of the Prime Minister issued a statement on Wednesday, August 21, announcing that, “the Government side of the Committee will insist now that the Chairman calls an urgent meeting of the PAC to agree to a schedule for consideration of all the outstanding Auditor General reports. Such a schedule should see the work divided into two: examination of pre-2008 reports; and examination of post-2008 reports.”

Some members of the cycling family insist that it will be no big deal when they host another Albert Street-Regent Street September cycling criterium, which has become a traditional feature for city dwellers. They say that it will just be a little sharper curve at the end of Mule Park, since the wide turn around Belize Bank has now been blocked off. Perhaps, if the cyclists run into difficulties, they might just forget about the old downtown criterium and resign themselves thereafter to Marine Parade. But there may be other problems down the road on account of the removal of the old Mule Park crossing. There have been some historic court cases in Belize that drew large numbers of our citizens into the street in front of the Supreme Court building, waiting anxiously for the verdict. One recalls the UBAD Seditious Conspiracy trial of 1970; and older folks also remember the Sedition trials of the 1950’s against Philip Goldson and Leigh Richardson, and later on, George Price.

A girl drowned over the weekend while swimming with her family. Chelsea Smith, 7, of Sandhill, was swimming with relatives around 11:00 yesterday morning in the Belize River at Isabella Bank, when she went under the water and did not resurface. Despite the best efforts of her family, friends and the Coast Guard, Chelsea has not yet been found. Pamela Olivera said that yesterday about 5:30 in the morning, she and her family went to Isabella Bank from Sandhill to attend a party at her relatives. While at the function, she and her five children went fishing at the Belize Old River situated in front of their relatives’ residence. The children were swimming in the river when she saw her daughter go under the water. She went to assist her, but the strong river currents pulled her under, causing her to struggle for her own life. She managed to save herself, but was not able to reach her daughter, who disappeared, Olivera said.

The habeas corpus hearing of Mark Seawell, 43, proceeded today in Supreme Court No. 1 in Belize City. The hearings are to decide Seawell’s fate in regards to an extradition request that has been issued by US authorities, who have accused Seawell of being involved in a drug smuggling ring that transported cocaine to the US through Mexico. He is also accused of being engaged in the sale of marijuana between 1994 and 1997. The case began on August 15 with Seawell’s attorney, Arthur Saldivar, presenting his case before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. Saldivar spoke for about three hours before the case was adjourned until today so that the Government’s attorney could present its case.

Dear Editor, EVERYBODY DANCES OR NOBODY DANCES! I borrowed that phrase from an article I read in the last few days on Cuba and its cultural tourism. I thought how apt, how fitting, how timely. From what I gather, the tourist industry is a fact of life and here to stay. Worldwide it surpasses even automobiles and chemicals in economic might. To quote a statement by UNESCO, that tourism can be a deadly foe or a firm friend is a well-known fact. Right now in Belize it is sure looking like a foe, a deadly one. I’ve been listening to, more specifically, reading about the concerns and outbursts surrounding the MOU between GOB and NCL for the development of Harvest Caye and the introduction of cruise ships to southern Belize. I thought I’d get my two cents in. Spokespersons for the Garifuna population at home and abroad were aghast that their sacred dance, the dϋgϋ, would be featured as entertainment and, in no uncertain terms, lashed out at IDEA, the designer for the project.

— by Rand Taylor Dear Editor, Belize has been blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, the world’s second longest barrier reef, and a treasure of biodiversity both in the sea and on the land in all directions. This is a sacred gift, entrusted by God to the people of Belize for as long as the sun may rise. You are the guardians of this treasure now and for future generations yet to be born. And right now your love of country and the natural environment that makes it so magnificent is being tested. Some of your misguided politicians have been seduced by the false promises and barefaced lies of the gigantic cruise ship industry. These people that you elected to help protect your country and its future have sold you out. They have agreed to let these giant cruise ships belch into your pristine waters of Southern Belize and destroy everything in their path that is worth saving. If you don’t act now to stop this massive scam, your world is doomed to follow the devastation that has wreaked havoc across the Caribbean in the last decade. Once lost, this beautiful world cannot be restored. You hold the future in your hands.

— by Robert Turton Dear Editor, Kindly allow me a little space in your newspaper to ask the Mayor of Belize City a few questions. First I would like to congratulate him for taking steps to improve the infrastructure of Belize City, Something that the PUP central government and municipal government never thought of doing because they were too busy doing “other things.” And it seems like the UDP Central Government is somewhat following suit because maybe they are a bit embarrassed by what all you have been doing with such little resources at your disposal. Recently we have been getting a lot of rains and I have seen the majority of the recently cemented streets totally covered and saturated in water. Now I am no structural engineer, but my common sense tells me this will shorten the life of these streets. So rather than cementing street after street with the possibility that they may not last for the intended lifetime, why not explore ways to improve the drainage?

— by Chriss Roggema Dear Editor, What, Mr. Chriss is quoting the Pope? Having had my kids going to school here in Caye Caulker was sometimes conflicting with what I was raised with. Not being Catholic, I would allow my boys to decide for themselves if they wanted to be part of the religious practices at the CCRC Primary School. That made a lot of people conclude that I was anti-Catholic. Being raised Dutch Reformed with old-fashioned Mennonite roots absolutely did not resonate with me anymore when I became a more conscious boy at 14. The Dutch Reformed were the supporters of apartheid and that was totally against what I felt was right for me. The first Catholic priest I met sexually molested me and only because I reacted so quickly did I escape being raped. So later in life priests, pastors, preachers were not my favorite people I would want to socialize with. Organized religion really turned me off because of my experience with their representatives.

— by Jose Perera In our society the male of the species need to take up its normal position as its leader and defender. Maintaining good command of our Language, good grades in Math, Science, and Physical Education, while empowering our population, are essential & relative to the success of a nation. Dear Editor, Parents, the Departments of Education, Sports and Youth, and the Churches, besides prioritizing Math and the Sciences, we need to place Physical Education in the school curriculum permanently. All institutions of learning should have paid physical instructors. Good Science and Math results in school must be priority. The males of the specie are naturally more disposed to Math and the Sciences than their female counterparts. It has become repetitive from the mouth of male students that Math is difficult. This is effeminate influence, specifically from their teachers.

The August 25th, 2013 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE


Three Pictures That Sum Up My Day – Maya Beach, Placencia Peninsula to Ambergris Caye
Here are the three pictures that sum up my day of travel from Placencia, Belize back to San Pedro. The route? Maya Beach to Dangriga to Belmopan to Belize City on the bus (4 hours) and water taxi to the caye. (1.5 hours) Waiting for the 6:30am Express bus to take me from Maya Beach to Belize City. My Laura Ashley luggage set circa 1991 has served me very well. Always easy to find in a luggage heap. And my bag matches beautiful with The Green Parrot. The express quickly came to an end when we blew a tire just outside Dangriga. I did not enjoy it when my seat mate whispered “hang on” and then clung to my arm.

Horrific Fire Ravages Ramon’s Village in San Pedro, Belize
Ramon’s Village, one of the oldest resorts on the island of Ambergris Caye, started on fire this evening and burned out of control for over an hour. The structure is mostly wood and palapa and went up quickly. I hear from reliable sources that the fire started in the laundry room and the fire department was called. The fire became out of control before they arrived and the restaurant and most of the resort has burned. The power in town was out during most of the blaze. The fire could be seem as far north as 7 miles past the bridge. No other houses or buildings around Ramon’s have caught fire. The blaze is now UNDER control and I am hearing that no one was hurt. I certainly pray that is true. Here are pictures of the fire.

Belizean Eco Resort Offers Aaron Paul his own “trip to Belize”
Is Jesse Pinkman getting a jump on Hank Schrader’s trip to Belize? The Lodge at Chaa Creek, a popular Belizean eco resort, said it was happy to see Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul’s tweet that he’s considering taking advantage of an invitation to take a trip to Belize. Chaa Creek’s marketing director Larry Waight said he saw the Aaron Paul tweet after the Belize Tourism Board issued an invitation to the creators and cast of the popular American television series to visit Belize following a curious reference to the country during which the character Saul asks Walter White, ‘Have you given any thought to sending him on a trip to Belize?” as a euphemism for murdering Hank Schrader. “Send him to Belize? I’ll send you to Belize!” the White character, played by Bryan Cranston, responded. While some people felt the reference was disparaging, Mr Waight said Chaa Creek’s management found it funny.

Self medicating in San Pedro
It is not difficult to self medicate in San Pedro, in fact a pharmacist told me no because I needed a prescription and when I explained I only wanted one pill, he turned around and gave it to me. I am sure there are lots of meds they will give you here that you could not get without a prescription in other parts of the world – definitely a double edged sword for some. Recently it was a stubborn cold that had both tacoboy and I in it’s grip. We waited a few days to try and get over it but I was still dizzy feeling, and we were both coughing up green goblins. Thankfully decided to check up on me Dr Al while he was not so patiently waiting for A day in Corozal Town part 2 post. When he found it was not clearing fast enough, he emailed me the following advice – “Listen homie. You are in a hot humid place. So bacterial overgrowth from a cold is more common than if you were here. Do the 5 day deal. Don’t be difficult.” I knew he was right and it was time to self medicate so Paul went to the pharmacy and got us a round of Zitro-500 aka Z-pack. This helped a lot but did not knock it out completely and I still feel like sleeping all day every day.

“My Best Friend” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
After the extremely inclement weather on Saturday, the last two mornings on the veranda have been very pleasant. Back to normal in fact. So, ideal conditions for my continued searching on the Internet for the things we want to buy in Miami (an ideal gateway for shipping the purchases to Belize) for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. I’ve taken the approach of making at least two selections for each of the items we plan on purchasing and now only have a few more to go before Rose and I can sit down and make the final choices. Then we can make application (this so that tax and duties are waived) to the “BTB” (Belize Tourism Board) to import them under the “QRP” (Qualified Retirement Program), order and pay for them (ouch) and organise shipping. As I have mentioned previously, possessions that we have had in store in the UK since we moved here in May last year are en-route and Rose’s daily routines now include monitoring the progress of the Philadelphia Express (the ship that they are on).

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