Reflects On Tough Year

And while Frankie Reneau is going back into the past to re-work a classic, punta rocker Lova Boy is zooming into the future with his new album "Victorious."

Yesterday, we sat down with Lova Boy to discuss the new album, his new outlook on life and the bogus sexual battery allegations that hounded him last year:�

Lova Boy - Release New Album, "Victorious"
"The album is a very triumphant and celebratory album, so I felt like there was no better time release an album like that. Victorious in itself right, the meaning of the album and the concept behind the name and what the album represents is basically saying that Lova Boy is in a place in his life whereby I am ready to acknowledge and own the fact that I won't make it to be gazillionair yet but however I have been victorious and successful in life. Once I am able to own that place, in term I will be in a better position and bestow blessing from within and help other people be victorious in their own life. I want to be very clear that why Lova Boy does make party music - I invite anybody and to listen to the content of the music - I don't make music that really degrades women. The rhythm is a party rhythm, that doesn't mean it's not spiritual - it moves people."

Jules Vasquez
"A lot of people would say why - a lot of the messages in your songs have to do with having fun, having sex."

Lova Boy
"I wouldn't say that it's really about having sex, it's really more about having fun but why I can't say have fun and be blessed? Why, what is the problem? I feel tat it is a very blessed album."

Jules Vasquez
"This past yeas has been particularly trying for you - especially with the difficulties you face with turned out to be something that was completely bogus."

Lova Boy
"There's nothing that could make you appreciate life more than a near death experience. Do you ever watch someone that has almost died? They just appreciate things more than you, or someone that just came out of Prison. I feel so refreshed, reborn and in a way it has been trying, we were talking about how I got married but at the same time I must left the audience, the fans, that Lova Boy has been on tour since a year ago. It has impacted my life in a very critical way and I'm lot more alert. I'm more careful in terms of the people, stuff that has always been small but we even would call it 'tunku'. Right now I'm making a conscious effort to create balance in my life because I realize that I am a more productive person if I practice a more healthy balance. Right now I'm very focused on my upcoming album victorious and at the same time, I'm a single father so my son just start school and it happened on the same time. I'm working on it, I'm not perfect but I am working on it."

And while Lova Boy is finding balance in his life, he had some interesting remarks to make on the Belizean music scene, which he said is kind of off balance? Why? Too much Jamaican influence. He explained how that factor and the lack of depth in Punta lyrics makes for a troubling situation:�

Lova Boy
"We have a very negative conotation when it comesto punta rock. People think that we don't have anything to say but I believe part of that is part of our responsibility to make sure that we are saying something. In that way people can't stand up and say that we are not saying anything. Our problem has never been talent, we are talented - our problem has always been identity and I believe that the satae Belize is in right now - Belize have to stepped up, Belizean videos look very beautiful. Belizean performers are at a different level and I'm so proud - in the same I will say this that I believe something that will even push us further is we leave alone the Jamaican thing. Leave alone people thing and really do our own thing - sometimes you see people that are so talented and then they start talk in Jamaican. That's basically saying that we are not good enough - your dialect which is so close is not enough that you have to wear this next person - you embrace this person's culture so much that they believe it. I believe that's where we need to step it up, get our identity better because once you go into the world, it becomes a joke - I've seen Jamaicans laugh at Belizean people because you're talking like them and they can see right through you. They want to know what do you have to offer."

Lova Boy's new album is out on September 20�.

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