Residents of five villages in the Orange Walk District are presently receiving much needed medical assistance. Visiting the doctor is often very costly especially for people living in rural communities but today in efforts of closing that gap, free medical services were provided to residents of Guinea Grass Village. Although it is not the first year that the U.S medical team visits Belize, the administrator of the mission says Belize is like their second home. For them, it is all about the love for what they do and that is taking care of people’s health.

Bernadine Peters, Administrator, Belize Medical Mission

“The people are beautiful they need a lot of medical services, the adults, we usually take care of their diabetic medications if they need anything for blood pressure for pain, for the arthritis, for vision we bring them reading glasses for the children we do a lot of deworming medications, for children we see that they are up to date we ask their parent if they are up to date with their vaccinations and if they have fever, colds, cough and we have other teams coming, special teams coming. The sister here, sister Lupe, the Ministry of health nurse we right refer to ent, refer to cardiology or refer to surgery she will continue with that so we love coming to Guinea Grass it is a great village and we are able to do this every year so we are able to do continues here.”

Irvin Aragon– Reporter

“So, how many people are in this team?”

Bernadine Peters, Administrator, Belize Medical Mission

“We have thirteen people so we have two pediatricians and we have two adult doctors and they are all from the Cresview area and we have a business gentlemen who has volunteered his time and donations and we also have Travis he is a police inspector and he also comes and give of his time and we have a respiratory therapist, a nurse so it makes the whole team complete and I am a dieticians so we are able to teach some healthy advice and ask the people how to cook and eat healthy.”

The team arrived in the country on Wednesday and immediately got to work in the Village of Santa Martha. The Villages of Tower Hill and Chan Pine Ridge were next. And today it was residents from Guinea Grass that benefitted form the free medical checkups.

Tomorrow the team heads out to the Village of San Estevan after which they will depart home on Monday. Important to note is that these groups of professional men and women forsake their family, work, and country to do these acts of ministry in other countries that are in dire need of such assistance.