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Today's Belize News: September 4, 2013 #471826
09/04/13 05:56 AM
09/04/13 05:56 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

SP Lions work to restore Mosquito Coast Park
A small group of San Pedro Lions Club members participated in a work-a-thon at the Mosquito Coast Lions Park on Sunday September 1st. The activity was aimed to improve the conditions at the widely used park. “The intention is to fix the slides and paint the bathrooms and warehouse at the park,” said Rigoberto Kumul, the San Pedro Lions President. The metal frame holding the slide, along with the step access had deteriorated and posed risk for the children that utilize the park. In addition, the newly built warehouse was unpainted, while the bathroom’s color had faded.

Solani Graniel is Miss San Pedro 2013-2014!
Beautiful and poised Fatima Solani Graniel is San Pedro Town’s newest beauty ambassador. Solani was chosen as Miss San Pedro 2013-14 on the night of August 31st during the “Passport to Paradise”-themed pageant. Vying for the title were Yanira Lara, Gabriela Varela, Jordana Segura, Venancia Choc, Shantell Pascascio and Solani Graniel. All six lovely young ladies were worthy of the title, but only one could take the crown. Leading the show were masters of ceremonies Eiden Salazar Jr. and Wilema Gonzalez (Miss San Pedro 1989). After instructing the audience to fasten their seatbelts as they awaited transport to paradise, Yanira, Gabriela, Jordana, Venancia, Shantell and Solani took to the stage with their opening dance. It was a choreographed event meant to showcase the beauty of Belize.

Ambergris Today

Miss San Pedro Pageant Flies Sky High
Presented under the theme “Passport to Paradise”, the Miss San Pedro 2013 Pageant flew sky high as six lovely delegates ushered the rapturous spectators through various aspects of Belizean life. Solani Graniel, Miss Castillo’s Hardware, was selected as the new Miss San Pedro on Saturday, August 31, 2013. The pageant commenced with a group dance which depicted island life in paradise where the contestants set the mood for the show. From the dance the pageant moved on to the costume segment which brought to life the Mayas, Animals of Belize, the Floral Rain Forest, The Great Blue Hole, Faces of Belize, and the Water Falls. Announcer Clive Welch did the honors in narrating the ‘flight’ which offered a passport to paradise and which set the background for the various segments of the pageant/show.

Fighting Fires Years Ago in San Pedro Village
Many years ago in San Pedro every house and every kitchen in San Pedro was built of pimento or palmetto sticks with a thatch roof. Furthermore, the mode of cooking was by way of the fire hearth or ‘fogon’. Those of you who know how a fire hearth functions know that there are a lot of live and large flames, and many times lots of sparks when fanning the fire. With this you would have thought that there was bound to be many fires in the little village of San Pedro. However, I can safely say that there were indeed very few fires caused by these normal conditions. In fact the very few fires that we had in San Pedro many years ago have practically been forgotten. The very first one that I can recollect was a very small thatch house belonging to Mr. Adriano Ramirez where Belize Bank is today. It was funny but the whole village was at the Scout’s Room which was part of the Church building. It was about seven at night and they were looking at a government documentary film which we used to call a movie. It was during this movie that someone hollered “Fire”, and hell broke loose. People were jumping windows and those on the stairs also jumped off or fell off in the pandemonium. Obviously people thought that the fire was at the Scout Room. The fire was one block and a half away on Front Street and when we got there one wall was on fire and climbing. Immediately the men formed the bucket brigade while one or two climbed unto the roof with sticks to beat the advancing flames. Unbelievably, the fire was put out in a few minutes with about one half of the small hut burnt. This fire was probably caused by a mouse knocking down a candle which was used for lighting at that time.

Misc Belizean Sources

The National Bank of Belize was established this April with the House of Representativves approving a motion for the Minister of Finance to execute the necessary documents to channel $20million BZD into the new financial institution, which Government asserts is intended to provide concessionary credit to public officers, teachers and other needy Belizeans. As announced in yesterdays launching, the maximum loan to be given will currently be $100,000.00 BZD per loan applicant. The $20 million will purchase for the Government of Belize 200,000 shares in the National Bank of Belize. A statement sheet provided to the media at a press conference held by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Minister of Finance, earlier this year, indicated that the start-up capital for the bank would come from funds on-lent from the Petro-Caribe funds.

Capiital Newspost congratulate's Belize's Marie Sharp on the launch of Marie Sharp Pepper Sauces in Mexico.

Education in Belize: Enthusiasm! How long can/will it last?
A family member of mine recently commented to me how very enthusiastic his youngest son is to be returning to Primary (Elementary) school this week, after a long summer vacation away from school. My first thought about that comment: How wonderful to see a young student enthusiastic about returning to school to continue disciplined learning! My second thought: I wonder how long that enthusiasm will last… My concluding thought: What should we educators and parents keep doing to instill and maintain that enthusiasm for learning in all students, everyday all year long? It is very sad that today Education and learning do not always conjure thoughts or feelings of enthusiasm in many students and/or parents. However, we are living in a difficult and complicated age now in the 21st Century, not in Utopia – whether we live in Belize, a Third World (underdeveloped) country, or in a developed country. When the majority of working parents must think of Education (especially Secondary) for their children in terms of, “How will I be able to afford tuition, books, fees and all the many expenses just to register my child for a new school year?” there is not much room left for enthusiasm about learning. How then, do we adults, parents or educators, feed our children with enthusiasm for school and learning, no matter at what level they may be studying, and keep it alive and robust all year long?

Garlic Bread Sticks
These garlic bread sticks are very simple to make. They can be a nice snack or as a part of a meal. They use simple ingredients and cook in no time at all.

What it really takes to be the Customer’s 1st choice :)
To get exceptional results in sales, you must gain an understanding of people, what they want and not only build trust, but also certainty with them. Old school selling was simply based on understanding the customer’s needs and building trust to close the deal. Today with information available everywhere, your buyer seeks third party sources to give them the certainty of what to purchase and how much to pay. Once a buyer has done their research, they still always buy products and services for one reason: to solve a problem. They need to be certain. No one makes a buying decision when they are uncertain. When a buyer is uncertain they stall the process.

Veterinarians undergo accreditation training
Over a dozen veterinarians from all over the country today began a four-day accreditation training course. Opening ceremonies were held this morning at the conference room of the Faculty of Agriculture (University of Belize) in Central Farm. The training is being conducted with funding provided by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). At the end of the course on Friday, the participants will be given a certificate, but organizers say they must continue the training regime as well as sign a contract with the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA).

Channel 7

Stake Bank On the Horizon; NEAC Considers Addenda To 2006 EIA
For weeks now, all the fuss has been about Harvest Caye and the proposed cruise destination that Norwegian Cruise Line wants to build on the island in southern Belize. But while that discussion has dominated the national discourse, the proposed Stake Bank project has slipped completely under the radar. That project, proposed by the Mike Feinstein Group would see the development of two islands off Belize City, Stake Bank for Cruise Tourism and Northern Drowned Key as a tourism destination. It’s major because it proposes to build a berthing facility where cruise ships can dock right off Belize City – and a causeway right through the Swallow Caye Wildlife sanctuary to shuttle them to and from the city and beyond. Indeed, it is as promising as it is controversial, but it’s similar to Harvest Caye in that it is relying on an environmental impact assessment which was done years ago. Stake Bank first came to prominence in 2006 – and that’s when the EIA was completed. Now, the re-loaded version of the project is relying on that same EIA with a few addenda. Those addenda were before the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) today. If approved, it would give Stake Bank the green light by approving an environmental Compliance Plan. The group led by the Chief Environmental Officer met for a marathon session today, starting at 9:00 and continuing until after 5:00 pm. At the lunch break we spoke with Chairman Alegria to find out about their deliberations:..

Big Busses Will Be Back, But Maybe Only Briefly
Last night we showed you the angry city bus drivers complaining after their busses had been pulled off the city streets. They say they provide an essential service – which was particularly missed on the first day of school. The mayor on the other hand says that Belize Transit Services which runs the busses had been warned since 2009 to use smaller busses. But today, members of the public started calling in to the talk shows saying how they needed the big busses, especially on Faber’s Road. That set the stage for a meeting this morning with the bus operator and the city’s traffic manager. Phillip Jones of Belize Transit Services told us how it went and what he hopes will come out of it:… Phillip Jones - General Manager, Belize Transit Services Ltd. "Well I had the meeting this morning with the traffic manager and the councilor for traffic and basically what I did was try to have an extension for the ceasure of the busses in the city. I showed them the need for the bus at the moment, I stressed that I'm willing to work with the council and we know the city is growing and there will be times that we need to downsize but I just asked for a little grace period or an extension for a compromise to have the city flowing and for the workers to have something to do and for the commuters to not be affected at the same time.

Weighty Weed Busts
Police have made some major marijuana busts – and they did it with K-9 assistance. This morning at ten, a special joint team comprising Special Branch, the Mobile Interdiction Team, the Special Patrol Unit, the Anti Drug Unit and the K9 Unit searched a home at 2368 Samuel Haynes Street in Belama Phase 1. Nothing was found, but police saw one of the residents, 28 year old Adrian MYVETT toss a black kit bag in the river behind the house. Police fished it out of the water and found two black plastic bags with 4.23 kilois, or 9 pounds five ounces of cannabis. Myvett and three others were in the house, namely, 28 year old Steve ZELAYA, 23 year old Marcellie HALLIDAY and 32 year old Tricia MARSHALLECK. All 4 were arraigned today before Magistrate Cayetano, where they pleaded not guilty and were granted bail of $5,000, which they were able to meet. Earlier in the morning, at 8:30, the K-9 unit did the nose-work to come up with another, smaller bust. Police say the dog led the team to look beneath a grey Volvo parked on Oleander Street in Belize City. Police found a plastic bottle with 111 grams, about four ounces of suspected cannabis. No one was around so it was labeled as found property.

“Bullitt” Craig Got His Car Back Faster Than A Speeding…
Tonight, well known taxi driver and Belize City character, Roy “Bullet” Craig, is fortunate to have his gold Saturn taxi car after it was stolen from him on Sunday evening. The senior citizen is an avid follower of the carnival mas camps and on Sunday he got out of his car to look at some camp practice. Not expecting anything to happen, he left it unattended for a short while before someone grabbed his key, which was on his dash board, and drove off. After a day of fretting, police found the car yesterday. He told us today how the police found it, and why he believes that the thief intended to scrap it: Roy 'Bullet' Craig - Taxi Car was stolen "I was on the next avenue and Euphrates Avenue where the kids were practicing carnival, I dance carnival and I was trying to entertain the children and I parked my car where I could have seen it, I did not leave the key in the ignition -

Internet Brings New Dimension To Consultative Healthcare
Often in our newscast, you see needy persons seeking help to get abroad to do important life-saving surgeries, which cannot be performed in Belize. It costs thousands of dollars to get the outside medical help, but the KHMH wants to provide those services at home. In a world where communication is instantaneous, the hospital is trying to catch up with the rest of the world in making cutting edge medical interventions. So today, they launched their telemedicine initiative. Daniel Ortiz has this report: Daniel Ortiz reporting Today, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital opened up a new portal of service to the public with the launch of their videoconferencing capability. It may seem ordinary or even mundane, but what it offers is telemedicine, the ability for KHMH doctors to consult about patient care with world - renowned medical specialist outside of Belize, in real time while the surgeons are operating. The first medical institutions that have agreed to assist KHMH in this capacity are the Carolinas Healthcare System’s International Medical Outreach program and Carolinas HealthCare System’s Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute: Dr. Adrian Coye - Medical Chief of Staff, KHMH "This technology allows us to do that in a very real time manner and it you can't get it better than that, embracing all the benefits, how we are advancing, where technology is concerned. People have twitter, facebook and all of that and I think Telemedicine is going to be able to take away those physical barriers for countries like Belize, which not everyone can get on a plane and go and get healthcare elsewhere."

O-W Teacher/Union Leader Jacked At His Home
Otilio Munoz is well known as a teacher and union leader in Orange Walk. But on Friday night at around 7:30, he became just another victim of crime. Munoz and his wife Alma were getting home, not knowing that two robbers were waylaying them. Munoz told Orange Walk’s CTV-3 that they caught him off guard and he has his neighbors to thank for not coming to serious harm. Otilio Munoz - President, Orange Walk BNTU "When arriving at my home, exiting our vehicle, we were shocked to see two persons there with masks and a gun pointing at me and telling me not to move or else they will shoot me. At that point in time I realized I was being assaulted, I panicked as usual - everybody would panic and I decided to run instead of freezing and I ran and the same time my wife ran on the other side because she exited through the other door of the vehicle. When she realized that there were two men trying to assault me then she cried out for help and the neighbors heard her and they acted fast and they came out. When I intended to run, I dropped because it was so slippery because it had been raining and when I fell that is when two of them came on top of me and I got hurt on my hand so I couldn't move. One of them pointed the gun at me and then the other one stole the chain on my neck and they just ran away. Thank God that I have my life, that is the most important thing - material things you can get it back but your life is precious."

In Defence Of The Memorial Park “Panades Shacks”
Last night we told you about the opening of the Belize City Fort Point Pedestrian Walk, the centerpiece of which is the Memorial Park. With funding from the IDB, the park has gotten a thorough makeover and re-design. And while it is probably now the premier public space in the city – there are elements that can come off as unappealing. We contemplated the good and the bad when we spoke to the project director at Saturday’s Launch:….. Christy Mastry - Project Director - STP "Then we really wanted to create a significant portion of the park to really commemorate the Memorial that had always stood there, with the granite memorial and the top of it was there for several year that had been damaged. We wanted to restore that and the namesake."

Craft Fair Was a Buffet For The Senses
The Village Arts and craft expo was held to coincide with the opening of the Memorial Park. The event made effective use of the walkway to show off craft makers from all over the country. It was like a buffet for the senses and 7 News was there:… Jules Vasquez reporting Over 180 arts and craft makers from throughout the country filled up the eastern flank of the Memorial Park on Saturday for the Village Arts and Craft Expo. All sorts of exotic creations were on display, from traditional Cuxtal Maya bags to cacao, coffee and Carambola wine with mango jam: Sally Evans - Steadfast Village - 'Rainforest Women' "Well di jam, it's the first time Steadfast village has lots of mangoes, so we decided to use mangoes, using the ripe mangoes to make these jams" Angelita Can - Aguacate Village "This is grind pepper, this is what the Kekchi people mostly like. If they don't have meat they eat it with corn tortilla." Julio Saqui - Che'il Cacao , Maya Center "Everybody goes for chocolate." Jules Vasquez "And you make different varieties?" Julio Saqui "We are only making five flavors at the moment, doing regular milk, mint, doing coffee, ginger and the Sweet, bitter, dark

Iron Lions On Parade
And while that was one event on the September Celebrations schedule, another is the Lionman Triathlon. In its 14th year, the Lionman is a fixture of the Celebrations schedule, and this year, two storied past champions each had a test to face. 7news was there:… Australian and first time competitor Dimity Gannon was the first out of the water on Sunday. From there it was into the city’s concrete streets – here, Giovanni Froggy Leslie is competing in the team event – and blasting off at close to 30 miles an hour. Out on the road, defending and three time male champion Smokes Gladden was holding his own, while the defending and five time female champion Shalini Zabaneh was in an unusual position working form behind to make up space on Dimity Gannon. But, by the time she completed that lap, Shalini was back in the lead and Smokes Gladden was right where he wanted to be, but if he seemed to be coasting, it’s because he needed to change his back tyre.

Mayan Communities Speak On US Capital
Yesterday, we showed you a small part of the media tour organized by the SATIIM last week Friday and Saturday. Its purpose was to provide the public with what’s at stake with US Capital Energy’s oil exploration plan inside the Sarstoon Temash National Park. But the leading personalities who have spoken out against the development are those from SATIIM, and more importantly Greg Ch’oc. Well, Ch’oc who has his own controversial approach, intended to show that the mandate with which he speaks comes from the Mayan Communities who has named him their spokesperson. Our news team followed him around for those 2 days, and Daniel Ortiz put together this report: Daniel Ortiz reporting The Executive Director of SATIIM took us to 2 of the 5 Mayan Communities in the buffer zone to so that they themselves could change the impression that SATIIM is the only organization heading the resistance against US Capital. According to the Crique Sarco and Midway Villagers we spoke to, SATIIM is only a messenger; the villages are the ones who are headstrong that Government and US Capital are violating their rights.

Belize Youths Compete Competently In Regional Sports
Tonight, we have regional sporting news to report on. First, the Belize National Under 18 3 by 3 basketball team placed 4th in the U 18 3x3 FIBA Americas Championship held in Washington DC. Belize beat Puerto Rico and Guatemala to advance to the semifinal round where Belize lost to USA by a score of 21-16 and then lost to Canada in the bronze medal game. The National U 18 3x3 basketball team qualifies to participate in the U 18 3x3 World Championship to be held in Jakarta Indonesia from September 26-29th. And then in volleyball, the Belize Youth Female National Volleyball Team is in Guatemala for an under 16 competition. They won today against El Salvador, 3 sets to 1, 25-23, 25-20, 21-25, 25-19. Kevanna Sebastian led Team Belize with 20 points while Mya Musa had 10 points. Belize has 6 points and is in the chase for a medal.

Channel 5

NEAC Meets to Discuss Proposed Stake Bank Tourism Development Project
Government has confirmed that it will be entering into a binding agreement with Norwegian Cruise Lines for a fifty million dollar tourism development at Harvest Caye. But there’s another tourism [...]

2009 Environmental Impact Assessment May Help to Expedite Proposed Harvest Caye Project
The Stake Bank Project is on the environmental table for dissection and analysis. But while the NCL project proposed for Harvest Caye in the south is very much in the [...]

Residents of Buffer Communities Near Sarstoon-Temash National Park Agree to Legal Representation By SATIIM Lawyers
As we reported on Monday, a team of journalists and videographers from various media houses was given an exclusive tour of the Sarstoon-Temash National Park over the weekend.  The purpose [...]

And our Question for tonight is……
And our question for tonight is: Do you support changes to the composition of the Public Accounts Committee? Yes or no. Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones [...]

Police Investigate Mysterious Circumstances Into Death of Sand Hill Resident
Police are investigating the death of a Sand Hill resident that occurred sometime after eight p.m. on Monday. While there appears to be telltale signs of a suicide, Ladyville Police [...]

FFB Still Pondering Fate of Head Coach Ian Mork
Since suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Cuba during the Jaguars’ do or die match in the recent CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament, nothing has been heard from head [...]

Belizean Athletes Continue to Represent the Jewel Regionally in Volleyball and Basketball
But there is good news in volleyball and basketball. In Guatemala City today, the Under-twenty female national volleyball team beat El Salvador in three sets to one…that places Belize six [...]

Belize City Man Remanded for Burglarizing Home of Cannon Leroy Flowers
A Belize City construction worker is on remand tonight for the offense of Burglary. Forty-one year old Daun Anthony Myers is accused of burglarizing the house of Cannon Leroy Flowers [...]

Jose Ricardo Hernandez Remanded for Aggravated Assault
Thirty-five year old Jose Ricardo Hernandez, a driver and resident of Muhammadali Street in Belize City was also remanded to the Belize Central Prison this evening after he was slapped [...]

San Ignacio Police Discover Over Eighty Pounds of Weed in Vacant Lot
Police are also looking for the owners of a large quantity of drugs which were found on Monday. Acting on information received, San Ignacio cops visited an open lot on [...]

San Ignacio Police Look for Owner of Found Items
San Ignacio Police are looking for the rightful owner of several ink cartridges, an HP mini-printer, a play station remote control and a digital power capacitor. The items were recovered [...]

Mayor Bradley Discusses Coney Drive Roundabout
On September eighth Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley and his team will reach the halfway point in their three year term. For residents of the Old Capital that eighteen months [...]

Progress Report on Hundred Street Infrastructure Project
Believe it or not, eighty-six streets have been cemented or paved since the Belize City Infrastructure Project got under way. The Mayor promised one hundred, and that is a goal [...]

Salud Mesoamerica 2015: Maternal Health Care Initiative Launched in Belize
Salud Mesoamerica 2015, a regional health initiative being carried out by the Inter-American Development Bank with funding from a number of charitable organizations, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, [...]

Carnival Mas Camp Kicks Off In Belize City
The carnival this year clashes with the Expo Market place organized by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and industry. Both events attract huge crowds and are popular events in the [...]

El Dorado Rum, Guyana’s Best, Comes to Belize
The Guyanese famed El Dorado rum is making its debut in the Belize market. The rum is being imported into Belize by Grace Kennedy which today organized a training for [...]

Village Expo Showcases Handicrafts From Around the Country
The September calendar is traditionally packed with a host of activities that range from concerts to carnival to official ceremonies. Just about everyone will find some activity to attend. Over [...]


School Supplies for New School Year From PUP’s Standard Bearer in Port Loyola
Over two hundred deserving parents in the Port Loyola area of Belize City, yesterday benefitted from school supplies for their children, donated by the Gilroy Usher Sr. and the People’s United Party Port Loyola Committee. The packs donated included back to school supplies such as exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and sharpeners. Usher said he felt happy to provide the funds for the donation as part of his ongoing effort to promote education and to uplift spirits in Port Loyola. The parents thanked Usher and the PUP Port Loyola Committee for the donation which was right in time with the opening of the new school year and they assured that their children would make maximum use of the items. The supplies donated amounted to one thousand three hundred dollars.

Patient Claims He Was Almost Killed by Hospital
A resident from the Cayo District is displeased with the health system after he said he visited the hospital in San Ignacio as he suffers from high blood pressure, but was reportedly given medication for diabetes which he says almost caused him to die. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with the patient. FEM CRUZ “Mr. Rudy Itza, a resident of San Jose, Succotz in the Cayo District spoke to Love News on an incident that happened to him last week at the San Ignacio Community Hospital where he was given the wrong medication belonging to someone else.” RUDY ITZA “I went to the hospital on Monday morning to get medication for high blood pressure and I wasn’t feeling well with my breathing. The pharmacist gave me the wrong medication which I drank Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday morning they rushed me to the hospital barely alive and I did not receive any apology from the hospital and I would like the Ministry of Health to do something about this issue because I nearly lost my life.

Expo For Small Entrepreneurs Planned for Southside Belize City
The Centre for Community Resource Development is an organization that provides opportunities for the people of the St. Martin De Porres area in Belize City, to share knowledge and skills and showcase their talents in order to build good citizens and a more positive neighborhood. Under the CCRD, a woman’s group, Community Action Network, was established to host community activities and fundraisers for the area. For these September Celebrations, CAN has decided to host a community Expo in that area. Love News spoke with the Chairman of CAN, Olga Gordon OLGA GORDON, Chairman, CAN “We are the CAN members, Community Action Network. We work in our communities with young people and with older people; we have a program where we visit senior citizens and we try to raise funds so we could give them some groceries. We are working towards December where we could give them some goodies and small bags of groceries. We have always wanted to do something for the St. Martin’s area since we have always wanted to do something for the people of St. Martin’s; so, we have decided on doing an expo where the people from St. Martin’s who make things to sell can come out and sell their stuff so that they can make some money to help themselves. Since we are in September, we wanted it to be a September celebration initiative’ so, if people cannot take out their children to see the parade, we will have singing and entertainment for the children.

Police Classifies Suspected Suicide As A Homicide Investigation
Police have classified the death of a man in Sandhill as a homicide. After receiving information about an apparent homicide in Sandhill, Ladyville police visited Mile nineteen and one fourth on the Phillip Goldson Highway, in Sandhill, the residence of twenty nine year old Emir Bailey and eighteen year old Kayla Augustine sometime after 8:00 o’clock last night. According to Police, Bailey was seen hanging by the neck with what appeared to be an electrical cable which was tied to a wooden beam inside the bedroom of the house. He was apparently dead at the time. A cement block was reportedly seen hear his feet. Bailey’s body was taken down and transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where it was pronounced dead. It now awaits a post mortem examination as police continue their investigations.

Belize’s Basketball Teams Scheduled to Return Abroad for Championship Games
The Belize National U 18 3×3 basketball team returned to Belize yesterday after placing fourth in the U-18 3X FIBA Americas Championship held in Washington DC. Belize won against Puerto Rico and Guatemala to advance to the semifinal round where Belize lost to USA by a score of 21-16 and then lost to Canada in the bronze medal game. The National U 18 3×3 basketball team qualifies to participate in the U 18 3×3 World Championship to be held in Jakarta from September 26 to 29th. Belize is also scheduled to participate in the U 14 COCABA Championship to be held in Honduras later this year.

Liberal Arts Tertiary Institution Opens in Western Belize
Last month the Government of Belize gave the green light to John Paul the Second Junior College to open its doors to provide secondary education in Benque Viejo del Carmen Town. The Junior College opened its doors last week Monday with an enrollment of thirty students. According to the Dean of the Junior College, David Ruiz, the institution will offer three specialties focused on the liberal arts. DAVID RUIZ “The whole concept of junior college in Benque goes back about ten years ago from one of the pastors in Benque. John Paul the Second Junior College is unique in the sense that it is fully liberal arts. The idea has matured over the years and about five years ago we carried out a market study with the intent to find out if there is a need for it in the Cayo west area and we found out that the people were receptive and that is how we went ahead and did it.

Teenagers Await Charge for Robbery
Thirty two year old Roderick Matura reported to police that he was robbed by teenagers last night. Matura reported that sometime around 9:10 last night, he was riding his black beach cruiser on Fairweather Street heading into Queen Charlotte Street. When he reached the corner with Waight Street, he reportedly felt someone grab his bicycle’s rear wheel, causing him to fall off. He immediately turned around and allegedly saw to dark skinned young men in their late teens. One of them reportedly held him while the other punched him on his face and stomach and tried to take away his phone. Matura also reported that one of the teens managed to grab his brown leather wallet containing thirty dollars in cash and his social security card. The assailants then escaped onto Fairweather Street but were quickly apprehended police who were on mobile patrol in the area. They also recovered the stolen items. The Nineteen year old construction worker of Supal Street and a sixteen year old of Fabers Road Extension are now awaiting charges of robbery.

Police Reports Thousands of Grams of Marijuana Confiscated
Police has taken over four thousand grams of marijuana of the streets. It began on Monday morning when a police mobile patrol unit saw eighteen year old Francis Orvin Pollard riding his bicycle towards their direction. Upon seeing the police officers, it is said that Pollard threw away a black plastic bag he was holding and as a consequence for his action, police got suspicious and immediately apprehended and the bag retrieved. The bag was opened and in it was one hundred and twenty eight point three grams of cannabis. Pollard has since been charged for the crime of Drug Trafficking.

Teenager Arrested and Charged for Drug Trafficking
Eighteen year old Francis Pollard a resident of Arlington Drive in Belize City, was arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking. According to police, they were on mobile patrol yesterday around 11:57 am, when they saw a dark complexioned man later identified as Pollard, riding his bicycle in their direction. When Pollard saw them, he threw away a plastic bag he had been holding. Police immediately apprehended Pollard and retrieved the bag which contained one hundred and twenty eight point three grams of cannabis. He was then formally arrested and charged.

Video Conferencing Introduced in National Hospital in Belize
And while the National Bank that was opened on Monday has a cash-flow of 20 million for first-time home owners getting mortgage loans, Prime Minister Barrow says that he will make another investment shortly into the bank’s finances to keep the business flowing. RT. HON. DEAN BARROW “I am certainly going to be prepared to do some additional treasury notes as a way of helping to top up liquidity but as a way as well of helping to drive the infrastructure financing that I spoke to you about. At the time when the point was made, the first quarter of the year, the economy did not grow; as I have told you, in the second half of the year, this economy is going to grow by leaps and bounds because of this huge infrastructure push that government will make and as I am saying, I have the wherewithal to fund.”

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National Bank of Belize is unveiled and reveals a super low interest rate
The National Bank of Belize Limited, which is seeking to revolutionize banking in Belize, opened its doors on Monday in the Capital City of Belmopan. The bank intends to provide an affordable credit system to lower and middle income Belizeans – particularly public officers, teachers and...

PM says PAC can and will work
While the inauguration of the National Bank was at the top of the list Monday morning, the PM accommodated the press’ questions on a couple of other pressing national matters; one being the Public Accounts Committee. The committee, which has been lying dormant since its inception was thrust under...

Greg Choc will not be leaving SATIIM right away
Greg Ch’oc is not leaving SATIIM; at least not yet. There has been widespread speculation that executive director Gregory Ch’oc of the NGO Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) was leaving his post to study law. Last week a four-page letter from an unnamed source titled “Concerned Maya...

PlusTV tours the Sarstoon Temash National Park with SATIIM
The two-day media tour of the Sarstoon Temash National Park and surrounding buffer communities got off to a late start on Friday due to unforeseen circumstances, but in the afternoon the group set off for the Temash River and the entrance to the Temash 2 drill...

Not all Maya communities support the SATIIM
Earlier we told you of the Media trip to Rural Toledo District organized by SATIIM. And while there are many Maya communities that support the efforts of SATIIM, there are also exceptions. During the media’s tour of communities surrounding the Sarstoon Temash National Park, we observed clear problems of...

Five star hotel planned for Caye Chapel
On Monday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed that an agreement for the selling of Caye Chapel is inching toward completion. Yumi Limited, a British Virgin Islands Company is seeking to purchase the island from BCB Holdings Limited for $30 million US dollars to reportedly establish a five star hotel....

One person detained for Brodie’s robbery
In Police News, Police have detained one person for questioning in relation to the robbery of a huge bank deposit belonging to popular downtown supermarket James Brodie and Company Limited. The security guard who was in charge of depositing a total of $46,064.42, at First Caribbean Bank was robbed...

Large amount of cannabis found in San Ignacio
Cayo Police have found a large amount of suspected cannabis but no one was around at the time of the find. Acting upon information received the San Ignacio Police Officers visited an open lot on Back Street , San Ignacio Town where the following findings were made: one black...

Burglary in Corozal and firearm search in Belize City
On Monday September 1st, at around 2:50 a.m. Corozal Police received the report of a burglary in progress at Alpha Lodge Hall situated on College Road, in Corozal Town. Corozal Police acted quickly and apprehended Rosendo Guy, a man who fit the description given to them. Upon searching Guy,...

September celebrations begin
The Battle of St. George’s Caye turns 215 years old this year and for the fifth consecutive year the official launch took place on the little island where Belize was born, St George’s Caye. Belize’s first Capital lies eight miles east of Belize City and guests had to travel...

Annual Battle Regatta at St George’s Caye
While on land there was commemoration of the Battle of St. George’s Caye, on the waters surrounding the island there was a different sort of battle between crews of young sailors, at the annual Battle Regatta. Now in its third year, the event seeks to promote the continued development...

Solani Graniel is Miss San Pedro 2013-2014
This Saturday San Pedro hosted their annual beauty pageant. Six lovely delegates competed for the crown of Miss San Pedro and though all six delegates wowed the crowd with their beauty and charm, only one could come out victorious. It was a magical...

Belize City Mayor gives update on garbage payment situation
The Belize City Council and Belize Waste Control signed an initial agreement in July to address the matter of a million-dollar debt ordered to be paid by the court. As part of the agreement the Council agreed to enforce the existing contract particularly with regard to exclusivity of garbage...

Preliminary hearing on James Norales murder postponed again
Orel Leslie, Tyrone Meighan and Brandon Baptist are on remand charged with the November 2012 murder of James Norales, a BDF officer alleged to be involved in gang activity. On Monday their preliminary inquiry was set to take place but it was postponed yet again. Attorney for Mr Meighan,...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Island gearing up for celebrations!
The Caye Caulker Village Council is out and about decorating the island for the annual September Celebrations. Hats off to this hard-working crew!


A male security guard and a female supervisor of Brodies Superstore on Albert Street were jacked at about 4:30 Saturday evening in front of the FirstCaribbean Bank on Albert Street, as the two employees were taking over $46,000 to deposit in the bank, which is almost directly across the street from Brodies. The security guard and the supervisor told police that as they reached the bank after crossing Albert Street from Brodies, a gunman approached them from behind, pointed a gun at the security guard and demanded the money bag, which was a black plastic bag that contained four cash bags containing a total of $46,064.42. The security guard, whose name police did not release, told police that he became fearful and handed over the money bag. He said that the thief quickly grabbed the bag and ran into Church Street, where an unknown person gave him a bicycle at the corner of Duck Lane and Church Street. The thief then rode away across the Church Street bridge and disappeared into the George Street area.

Chimilio told the court that he is unemployed and only gets a monthly allowance of $500 to $600 from his wife. Yesterday, Bertie Chimilio, former president of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), was summoned to appear in court due to claims by the Income Tax Department that he owes them for taxes that went unpaid during his period as FFB president — a whopping $33,310. The matter was adjourned until today, allowing the department to call Ann Castillo, of the department, to testify about the interviews that she had conducted with Chimilio before the department decided to turn the matter over to the court. This morning when Castillo appeared before the court, she testified about the difficulty she experienced while trying to create an assessment of Chimilio’s salaries, since there were few records available that could provide an accurate picture of his total revenue.

She went out after locking her two children in the house, which caught fire. This afternoon, Shantel Robinson, 25, a resident of #1946 Cannondale Drive, Apt. # 7, was taken to court, where she appeared before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton and was charged with two counts of child abandonment. According to police, reports indicate that at 11:00 Thursday morning, Robinson left her house, locking her daughter Shaniqua, 4, and her son Shevonne, 3, inside the house by securing the front door from outside. At 11:25 that same morning, other tenants of the apartment complex observed flames coming from out a window of her apartment, and heard the children screaming for help. The children were unable to come out of the room on their own because the door had been locked from the outside.

Ayala Wilson is accused of making arrangements to kill her estranged husband. This morning, a timid-looking Frances Eve Ayala Wilson, 39, a resident of #197 Guanacaste Street, San Ignacio Layout, San Ignacio, Cayo, was taken before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton and charged with abetment to murder. Ayala Wilson is accused of liaising with one Natisha Usher and offering her $10,000 to kill her estranged husband, Glencoe Wilson. Allegations were that she made that proposal on April 24, this year. Glencove Wilson was informed of the attempt being made to kill him and reported the matter to police, who were able to corroborate the story with Usher. After that report was made in May by Glencoe Wilson, Ayala Wilson allegedly went into hiding and was not located until after Glencoe Wilson, against the advice of the police, posted some flyers offering a reward for her capture. Ayala Wilson was located in San Ignacio, where she was living with her father. Ayala Wilson was represented by attorney Simeon Sampson this morning when the charge was read to her. No plea was taken from her, and that was when the prosecutor made two objections to bail.

Our last headline announced an agreement by BCB Holdings to sell the resort island property of Caye Chapel to Yumi Limited of the British Virgin Islands—a US$30 million deal for the purchase of the 265-acre property described as “a true trophy property.” Today, Amandala asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow to comment on the reported sale of the island, and he indicated his support for plans by the investors “to put the first five-star hotel in Belize on Caye Chapel.” Barrow said that while he does not know who Yumi is, the person who bought the island is the same person who sold Harvest Caye to Norwegian Cruise Line: Cyril Dennis. He said that he had met Dennis and had spoken with him about the project. Dennis, said Barrow, had also brought representatives of Six Senses to Belize, just before he did the purchase agreement with BCB Holdings.

It had been postponed for a week due to some players performing with the National Team in Honduras at the UNCAF Women U-20 Championship, and on Saturday, August 31, at the MCC Grounds in Belize City, Game 1 of the Atlantic Bank National Women Football Finals finally got under way, ending in a nil-nil stalemate between Ladyville Jaguars and Triple B of Belmopan. The decisive Game 2 will reportedly be this coming Saturday, September 7, at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. And Ladyville will be without the services of their two biggest stars. Captain Shanell Gentle was red-carded at the 73rd minute of Saturday’s Game 1; and their outstanding sweeper Sarah Arzu is scheduled to report for training duty with the Coast Guard, and might therefore also be unavailable for Game 2 this coming Saturday.

In Third World countries like Belize, the politicians always say they are for the poor. They say this because the poor are more, and in order to win elections you need to get a majority of the votes. In parliamentary democracies like Belize’s, the poor should have a lot of power. Theoretically, all they have to do is unite, and then the poor can elect leaders who will work for the poor. The reality in Belize is, however, that the poor do not have much power, and that is because our democracy has been subverted by something called campaign financing. Recently, in a poor constituency in Cayo, a multimillionaire PUP crony offered himself as a political candidate. It would have been humorous except that the gentleman took himself very seriously, and he took himself seriously because he knows he will have adequate campaign financing. The rich have taken over Belize’s political parties and parliamentary democracy because they provide the campaign financing. Poor Belizeans have generally given up on the possibilities for change and progress through party politics, so all they are looking for at campaign/election time is a handout.

— by Nick Pollard, Jr. Dear Editor, These pictures were taken in front of my home on Seashore Drive, Buttonwood Bay. It is the largest tarpon I have seen in many years! It measured 6 feet and I believe could very well have been over 200 pounds. The fish had no injuries, but lay dead near the stone wall on the grass. It looks to me like the tarpon was feeding on sprats or shrimps and was attacked either by a shark or crocodile and when it jumped to escape, it jumped straight on shore and could not get back into the sea ….so unfortunate. Nick Pollard, Jr.

— by Russell Czarnecki Dear Editor, The story, “Arrests of 3 mayors reinforce Florida’s notoriety as a hothouse for corruption,” certainly reminds me of Belize…and as I say in my letters to Amandala, Belize NEVER sends their crooks-in-suits to prison…but America does, and increasingly so. Best luck and strength in the struggle! Russell Czarnecki

Barrow adamant: “…there will be no restructuring of PAC!” Last week, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) issued a statement insisting that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) must be reformed in order to serve the purpose it needs to, in acting as an oversight body to review public spending; however, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow told journalists today that “there will be no restructuring to the Public Accounts Committee.” Barrow went further to say that the agenda put forth by Cabinet will be “forced” by the ruling party members – who, he insists, hold the majority of seats on the six-member Committee. “We will press on and there will be no restructuring of the Public Accounts Committee, so as to make it unwieldy and so as to violate, not just the standing orders but the core principles of democracy,” said Barrow. A meeting of the Public Accounts Committee is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 4, 2013. We asked the Prime Minister what he anticipates will happen, since PAC Chairman, Julius Espat, has proposed an agenda to look only at the 2010-2011 Audit Report.

$100,000 maximum for first-time owners, PM Barrow says. The National Bank of Belize—which plans to offer mortgage financing at a concessionary rate of 5.5% for a maximum of $100,000—was launched in Belmopan Monday morning, and according to Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow, who inaugurated the facility by announcing the new rate, the bank would be open for business as early as Monday afternoon. “Our lending rates will be unbeatable, because our bottom line is people and not profit. That is why our introductory offer to the Belizean people is an unbelievably low 5.5%,” Barrow announced to the gathering. He said that the competition the national bank would give the commercial banks redounds to the advantage of the Belizean public. Barrow said that it is no coincidence that as soon as Government made the announcement that it would open the new bank, the commercial banks—which have maintained what he characterizes as an “unacceptable” spread between borrowing and lending rates—moved immediately to lower their lending rates.

Councilor unapologetic; says the bus drivers knew about the changes over a year ago. Traffic in Belize City has become increasingly hectic, largely due to the re-opening of schools this morning. This causes commuters who use the city buses to have to wait for long periods before they are able to catch a bus. The situation was made even more time-consuming for some commuters in the city today, as five city buses were reportedly taken off their regular runs and impounded by the Traffic Department. Bus driver, Dexter Hemmans, told KREM News that this morning, traffic officers came and told them that they needed to go to Mr. Jenkins’ office (Jenkins is the head of the Traffic Department). Hemmans said that when he went there, he was told by Jenkins that his bus could not run because it is a 48-seater, and only 30-seaters and smaller buses were permitted to run. Hemmans said that he explained to Jenkins that he (Hemmans) has obligations he has to deal with, like loan payments. He said Jenkins then told him that that was not the concern of the Traffic Department and that the bottom line was that his bus couldn’t run.

Ceremonies to mark the official opening of the September Celebrations in Belize commenced at St. George’s Caye today. Scores of people ventured out to the island for the opening ceremonies, which began at approximately 11:30 a.m., and included a welcome address from the president of the St. George’s Caye Committee, John Searle, Jr. In his speech, Searle mentioned that St. George’s Caye was the first British settlement and its original name was “Cayo Cocina”, which when translated, means Cooking Caye. Chairman of the National Celebrations Commission, Hon. Manuel Heredia, Jr., also gave an address that included a short history of the island. Heredia said that it struck him that whenever Belizeans think of the Battle of St. George’s Caye, they often think that it was a battle that was fought primarily between the British and the Spaniards. He noted however, that historical records and archeological research on the national landmark have established that this was certainly not the case. He said that the settlement included Africans, free Creoles, the British and various people of diverse European origin, including Spanish and Portuguese in the year 1798. Heredia also said that the captain of one of the British Honduran boats was also an American, who got shipwrecked on the reef.

A man from San Narciso, Corozal, who was a victim of a traffic accident but prematurely discharged himself from the hospital, has died. Oscar Gustavo Carrillo Castaneda, 45, a farmer, was found near the Philip Goldson Highway suffering from massive head and body injuries at about 10:00 Wednesday night. He had been knocked down while walking along the highway that night. Castaneda was taken to the Corozal Town Hospital by a teacher of the same village, to receive medical attention, but he later discharged himself. On arrival at his home, however, he began to complain of pain in his head and body, and on Thursday he returned to the Orange Walk Hospital. He then was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but died there about 9:00 Sunday morning.

Police have found two computers which had been stolen from the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired’s Orange Walk Branch office, which had been burglarized last weekend. The computers, which are essential to the work of the BCVI Orange Walk Branch, were found along with their accessories wrapped in plastic bags in some bushes in the Louisiana Area of Orange Walk Town around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, August 31, but no one was found in the area at the time. BCVI said that the office, located on Jabiru Street, was broken into sometime over the weekend of Friday, August 23, to Monday, August 26, but they believe that the burglary occurred at some point during the night of Friday, August 23, when a tropical storm battered the country.

Two people hurt in the collisions, one seriously. Two people who were riding in a golf cart in San Pedro escaped with their lives after the cart they were in collided with the side of another golf cart, then ran into a fence, before crashing into the side of a building, knocking off a portion of the building’s exterior. The two occupants of the cart — Julia Maheia, 19, a waitress of San Pedro, and Giovanni Guerra, 25, a tour guide and also a resident of San Pedro — were injured. Maheia was thrown out of the cart and landed on the pavement, unconscious. Guerra was also thrown out of the cart, and was injured as a result. Maheia was rushed in an unconscious state to the San Pedro Poly Clinic II, and later taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. She suffered injuries to her face, mouth, teeth and left leg, and her left ear was severed. Doctors said that reconstructive surgery will be needed for Maheia’s face. Guerra suffered a broken left hand and complained of pain in the chest. The incident occurred at about 2:30 Friday morning on Barrier Reef Drive and Caribeña Street.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” – quoted by Greg Ch’oc, Executive Director of SATIIM from southern Belize who relentlessly fights for the rights of the indigenous Mayan communities of the Toledo district. US Capital’s rep could not explain exactly how a spill in the Temash River would be contained By now, most Belizeans are aware of the ongoing impasse between the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) and US Capital Energy Ltd. over the oil exploration activities that were permitted by Government to take place at the Sarstoon Temash National Park in the deep south of Belize. A few weeks ago, on August 7, SATIIM’s Executive Director, Greg Ch’oc, promised to take the major media outlets from Belize City to the site where the oil drilling is scheduled to be conducted. The reason for this, as Ch’oc explained, was so that the wider public could get an actual view of US Capital’s proposed drill site, which happens to be located 600 meters inside the Sarstoon Temash National Park.

Retired American Mary Stivers, 62, a resident of Corozal who was originally from Ohio, United States, died after she was rushed to the Corozal Hospital at about 5:00 Saturday morning. Edward Stivers, 61, also a retired American, who was staying with his wife at Copa Banana Guest House in Corozal, told police that he was awakened from his sleep early Saturday morning by sounds coming from Mary’s room, and he went to see what was happening. He said he saw her grasping for breath, and quickly rushed her to the Corozal Hospital, but she died shortly after. Doctors reported that Mary suffered from high cholesterol and hypertension. Police do not suspect foul play in the death, and the death has been declared as having been caused by a massive seizure.

The court prosecutor asked for another adjournment and it was granted. Tyrone Meighan, Orel Leslie, and Brandon Baptist arrived at court today with hopes of going home after the last adjournment of their murder case on August 21, 2013. The three men were accused of killing James Norales, 28, on November 23 last year. Norales was gunned down at the intersection of Fabers Road and the George Price Highway. Police arrived on the scene to find Norales with multiple gunshots to his head, neck and body – left for dead in the middle of the road. The families of Meighan, Leslie, and Baptist were “beside themselves” on the scheduled date of the hearing, which was August 21, after learning that no removal orders were sent for the trio to appear, which is something they believed to be a deliberate act on the prison’s or court’s part. According to what was relayed in court, there was a mix-up in the dates, in which the figure “1” was mistaken for the figure “7”.

Police found the suspected cannabis inside a pillowcase. Barbara Ogaldez, 38, a resident of #22 Allan Pitts Crescent, was charged with drug trafficking when she appeared before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton this afternoon. According to police, earlier that morning they visited Ogaldez’s home to conduct a search for illegal firearms, but no illegal firearms were found on her premises, inside her house, or on her person. However, as police were conducting the search, inside a pillowcase they found what they suspected to be cannabis, which when weighed, amounted to 106 grams.

Police on anti-drug operations in the city between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Friday conducted searches within Precincts I and 2, and were focused on searching possible drug bases and uncovering concealed firearms and ammunition. They primarily targeted those with a criminal profile. Police said that they searched 10 houses, and as a result 4 persons were arrested — 3 of whom were charged with possession of controlled drugs and one of whom was charged for drug trafficking. Two of the persons charged are sisters who were busted with drugs when their house on Allan Pitts Crescent was searched. One was found with 29.4 grams of cannabis and was charged with possession of a controlled drug, while the other was found with 103.6 grams of cannabis. She was charged with drug trafficking.


Astrum Helicopters and The Best of Belize on the cover of Southern Boating Magazine
It is always exciting to see when Belize gets in media and magazines, especially a cover shot. Congratulations to Gustavo Giron Jr and Astrum Helicopters for landing the cover shot for the September issue of Southern Boating Magazine. Here is an exerpt from the Best of Belize article that was published in the magazine: There is a lengthy list of sensible reasons why Belize belongs on the must-do list when it comes to Caribbean cruising. First, a two-hour flight from the United States to Belize City makes it easy to travel to, English is the official language and it is one of the most affordable destinations in the Caribbean—the U.S. dollar is widely accepted and is worth twice the Belizean dollar.

National Bank of Belize Opens
The National Bank of Belize opened in Belmopan yesterday, just in time for the September Celebrations. It is being celebrated as the people's bank, and will give loans at terrific rates. "The National Bank of Belize - Of the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE!" In related news, the Belize Bank in San Ignacio will no longer be opening on Saturdays starting September 14th.

Special Constables Receive Flashlights
The special constables received flashlights recently, which will help them perform their duties better and safer. "On the 2nd September 2013 the Cayo Special Constables Association handed over flashlights the the special constables present. Mr Alberto Palma the chair man of the association did the handing over. This was made possible thru fundraising the SC did. Mr Palma would like to thank all those persons who supported them. Several of the flashlights where donated by the Cayo Neighbourhood Watch Association. The flashlights will be used by the SC's while performing duties along with the San Ignacio Police."

Melonie Gillett Pop the Bottle
Melonie uploaded 8 songs to Soundcloud today. They are from The Dreamer cd, which can be purchased on CD Baby. Thanks Melonie, and great work. "Melonie’s trajectory as a singer/songwriter reached a new plateau with the launch of 'The Dreamer'. She has shared the stage with well-established international talent including Jamaica’s Konshens and Etana, as well as many top Belizean stars. Melonie has dedicated her time and talent to causes such as HIV awareness, improving youth and education services, as well as the fight to eradicate cancer, for which she wrote the stunning single 'Be Her Breath'. Melonie’s versatility and innovative spirit have definitely made her one to watch. She is an award-winning artist whose music and videos shine with a level of creativity that makes her a true original, a star!"

Crested Caracara Reserve
One of the most amazing views of Cayo can be seen from the Crested Caracara Reserve, which is in Central Farm. Definitely a great spot for a small party or meeting. You can see for miles and miles, and even beyond Spanish Lookout from the deck of the palapa. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel does bird watching tours there too. "The Crested Caracara Reserve, behind Running W on the George Price highway, has some spectacular views. They have trails up the mountain if you want to get some exercise while seeing a variety of wildlife."

International Sources

One of Astrum Helicopters's pictures made the cover of Southern Boating Magazine.
“It’s unBelizeable!” One of the Caribbean’s best, best-kept secrets There is a lengthy list of sensible reasons why Belize belongs on the must-do list when it comes to Caribbean cruising. First, a two-hour flight from the United States to Belize City makes it easy to travel to, English is the official language and it is one of the most affordable destinations in the Caribbean—the U.S. dollar is widely accepted and is worth twice the Belizean dollar. Second (or fourth, depending on how you count), electricity is the same as in the U.S., and you can drink the water. (Visit for details.) But most of all, besides all of the sensible reasons to visit Belize, the country’s overwhelming draw is the natural beauty of its islands, waters and rainforests, along with its intriguing Mayan culture, all of which are wrapped up in an intoxicatingly relaxed way of life. Belize is the pioneer of sustainable tourism and, proud of its abundance of natural wonders, it pampers them and shows them off well. Boating on ancient Mayan waterways brings one close to water birds and crocodiles. The country is chock-full of limestone caves and sinkholes to hike and swim in, some of which even contain Mayan treasures. Belize has a baboon sanctuary and one of the only jaguar preserves in the world. Howler monkeys and toucans peer out of its verdant rainforests. With hundreds of offshore islands, beachcombing, diving, snorkeling, and boating are superb.

Today in Latin American History
Today in Latin American history, the Treaty of Paris was signed permitting British settlers to cut logwood in Belize in 1783. While Spain first allowed by the British to engage in the logwood industry during the 1763 Treaty of Paris, the British introduced slavery to Belize. They imported thousands of slaves from Africa to cut logwood. The Treaty of Versailles in 1783 affirmed the boundaries set by the 1783 Treaty of Paris to cut logwood and later extended by the Convention of London in 1786. Later, British Honduras was formally declared a British Colony in 1871.

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