An unpredicted rain left the villages of San Roman, Santa Clara, San Narciso and Louisville in the Corozal District under a couple of feet of water yesterday afternoon.  Sometime around 1:30pm, torrential rains fell over the villages for a span of approximately two hours causing water to rise 3 to 4 feet in the yards causing a few homes to become inundated.

When we visited the area, we found heavy machinery working as quickly as possible to ensure that drains were properly dug out and cleaned so that the flood water could flow out the houses.  Corozal DEMO Coordinator, Willard Levy, told us that assistance was quickly dispatched to aid those affected.

Willard Levy- DEMO Coordinator.

“Well, we had a flash a quick rain yesterday afternoon about 1:30 causing some heavy flooding into those villages.  Every year we have that same situation with especially with Santa Clara and San Roman and also Louisville. I got the advice in the evening that we had flash flooding and the chairpersons of the different villages called me and we then immediately arrange that if there is any need to mobilize  any families that are flooded to be move over to a safe and dry area and anyway we didn’t had that happening but yesterday the chairman for Louisville asked for assistance in machinery and ministry of works has already assisted them this morning in doing some quick drainage clearing up so that in the future we have any rains they won’t be able to have the same problem as yesterday, in term of Santa Clara and San Roman it is a constant problem because of the culverts that are on the main road moving over behind from Santa Clara, the amount of water that falls into those villages is too much for the culverts , however, after a few minutes the water flows away quick so we don’t really experience that of a long flooding issue in those villages, is a quick flash flood and as quick as it come it goes by.”

Levy stated that although the flood waters had already resided when they arrived, there is a need for additional culverts to be installed to avoid any future flooding.  But where does all that water go?  Well, most of today’s work was concentrated in the Libertad Village due to the natural runoff which takes the water to swamps located near the village.  When the water settles there, it leaves residents in the villages of Libertad and Concepcion with heavy flooding.

Willard Levy- DEMO Coordinator

“My concern right now is actually Libertad because whenever the waters from that area moves over to the savannah behind Santa Clara then that water stand to move over into Libertad so at this point the chairman of Libertad has not called so I guess it is a signal that the savannah is relatively dry and has absorbed those waters up to now but probably in the future we will some kind of flooding problem in Libertad because of that.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Residents of Libertad if in due case water would rise due to the fact of the flash flood yesterday, for instance, what should they be prepared for?”

Willard Levy- DEMO Coordinator

“Well, be on the alert, they already know the problem when it comes to water coming from behind Libertad. What happens is that the chairman is always on the ball moving around and checking that people aren’t flooded out, every time I call him he is always on the ball moving around and I check and see listen what is the position with Libertad and he says don’t worry I am circling around and I don’t seen no problem so far but in the event that there is well we have the community center that the people use because we have to remember that at this point we have schools open already so we cannot use the schools right now as shelters, villages that have community shelters and are available to be used for flood incidence then we use it an those village that may not have a community center we mobilize these people into the closest community center that they may have in the area.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“In a recap, how many hurricane shelters are registered here in the entire district of Corozal?”

Willard Levy- DEMO Coordinator

“We have 43 shelters in the entire district.”

As we prepare to enter the most active period of the Hurricane Season, Levy says they are prepared for any storm Mother Nature sends our way.

Willard Levy- DEMO Coordinator

“In the event we have any future occurrence these villages will be assisted in terms of mobilizing people that are flooded into safe areas and in terms of arranging any infrastructure that is the work of the ministry of works to deal with, at this point in time is a matter of just quick fixing things in the villages.  The ministry of works has to find ways how to mitigate in the sense of preventing any future occurrences but that is something that ministry already know that it is just a matter of them to be doing that but in the time being NEMO has to respond to calls made by people affected by these floods. In Louisville the ministry of works is working on the drainage system sto alleviate the flooding problem.”

We will have more with DEMO Coordinator Willard Levy in tomorrow’s newscast.