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The San Pedro Sun

First round of Interoffice Volleyball Tournament begins
On Sunday August 1st, 2013 nine teams gathered at the Angel R Nuñez Auditorium to take part in the long anticipated 6-a-side-interoffice Volleyball Tournament held by the San Pedro Volleyball Association. Signed up for the tournament are the three female teams: Butterfingers, Lady Jaguars (SPHS), and Lady Rebels and six male teams: Captain, SPHS Males, Legends, Lions, Tropic and Coco Beach. There were a total of four games played and winners were determined by the best out of five sets (first team to three winning sets). Game 1(Female): Butterfingers (winner) vs Lady Jaguars (SPHS)- 3 sets to 0. Set 1:25-13, Set 2: 25-29, Set 3: 25-13.

Island businessman is unhappy with process of investigation
A resident of San Pedro Town is complaining that he was assaulted earlier in August and authorities on the island have refused to bring the person responsible to justice. Mario Cervoni, businessman of Ambergris Caye, claimed that on Wednesday August 7th, he was injured when someone threw a Guinness glass bottle at him on Barrier Reef Drive. It has been almost a month after he filed a report at the San Pedro Police Station, and despite providing police with information to have the culprit detained, he has been met with constant restraint by the police. But the island’s police force is denying such allegations, claiming that all possible leads have been fruitless. According to Cervoni, sometime around 3:45PM on August 7th, he was in front of the San Pedro Town Hall, standing and about to make a phone call when a pedestrian threw a glass bottle with the “intention to hurt” him. The bottle shattered into pieces when it hit the crossbeam of the front of his parked golf cart causing several small abrasions to his face and hands. “I gave chase behind him as he ran on the beach and when I was about 40 feet behind him, the guy turned around and that is when I managed to see who he was,” said Cervoni. The dark skin male of about six feet in height managed to escape, but not before he was seen by a few people who had witnessed the incident unfolding.

Misc Belizean Sources

House for rent in Corozal
If you want to stay in Corozal for an extended period, an American owned house is available for $350 U.S. per month. It is 2 bedroom, one bath, fully furnished, fenced, situated less than 2 miles from the center of town. Minimum lease is 3 months.

Guinea Grass Resident Shot By Park Ranger
A resident from the Village of Guinea Grass in the Orange Walk District is tonight hospitalized at the Northern Regional Hospital after he was shot by a park ranger employed by Programme For Belize. Reports reaching CTV3 News are that on September 4th, 2013, 25 year old Humberto Santos was encroaching in the Rio Bravo Area protected by Programme for Belize when he was shot in the left ankle by the park ranger whose name is yet to be released. Today reporter Victor Castillo contacted Edilberto Romero, Executive Director for Programme for Belize who related what transpired that evening. Edilberto Romero Executive Director for Programme of Belize “Actually more than our rangers involved in that incident were patrolling and they found illegal activities in our reserve, in Lake Bravo, and so as special constables they have powers to arrest and the confiscate equipment and what they found in the reserve where illegal logging was occurring and they were confiscating the equipment and in that process they were attacked and I don’t know the details of the attacks that they suffered but somehow somewhere there was a weapon involved and somebody was shot I understand someone o the illegal gang that was involve was shot and I understand he is in the hospital right now.”

Planning Strategically To Obtain Funding To Combat HIV/AIDS
Many Civil-Society organizations participated in a workshop today to analyze and further draft a module or framework to stimulate funding from donors and the government of Belize for the fight against AIDS. The session, carried out at the Best Biltmore Hotel in Belize City, was made possible through the National AIDS Commission and the UNAIDS whose core purpose is to globally set policies in place. The organization is also the source of HIV-related data. UNAIDS brings together the resources of the organization’s Secretariat and 11 U.N members for coordinated and accountable efforts to unite the world against AIDS. In addition, UNAIDS works to build political action and to promote the rights of all people in order to acquire better results in the areas of global health and development.

Peace Corps Dispatched To Rural Communities
This morning 16 Peace Corp Volunteers that will be dispatched to the Cayo, Orange Walk, Toledo and Belize Districts, to assist in a Rural Family Health Programme, headed by the Ministry of Health, were sworn in Belmopan at the George Price Centre. The volunteers, who will be in the country for a period of two years, will carry out their work alongside community health workers. The main purpose of their work-mission is to provide support to persons living in rural communities, adopting positive practices that contribute to the improved health of women and children. Areas being addressed at a community level include; preventing and caring for children with common illnesses, improving feeding practices and raising awareness on the prevention of non-communicable diseases. The pioneer team arrived in Belize on June 26th and was immediately enrolled in an intensive orientation and training program which ended on August 13th.

Ministry Of Health Lunches Text Blast Campaign
The Ministry of Health has been under constant fire and more wood was added to the inferno when 13 babies died at the Karl Huenser Memorial Hospital in May of this year. Seven of the infants died from a bacterial infection called Enterobacter Cloacae contracted inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Pan American Health Organization was invited to assess and investigate the hospital. When its findings were released, a long list of shortcomings throughout the hospital was brought to the public eye. With hell to pay, it seems that the Ministry of Health does not want history to repeat itself. In an effort to promote healthy living, the Ministry of Health is embarking on a text messaging campaign aimed at educating the public on relevant health topics. The Ministry is inaugurating its text blast campaign on the topic of Dengue Prevention due to an increase in Dengue cases in neighboring Honduras and Guatemala. With the initiative, the Ministry hopes to encourage citizens to practice preventive measures and precautions at personal and community levels.

The Container Collection Is Launched In Belize
“The container collection” that is the name of a new book that was officially launched this morning in the Old Capital. The aftermath of two projects; ZERO and Landings, was developed and produced during the course of about three to four years. The Landings project concluded in the year 2009 but it was not until May of this year that the actual book was published portraying the life of our zone, referred to by the coordinator as the Hurricane Zone. Irvin Aragon – Reporting The Hurricane Zone is a philosophical and political concept that reflects the passing of a destructive force through a geographical area, one that consumes, digests, and vomits in its path, leaving behind crumbled infrastructures, destroyed natural resources and the displacement of people. Quick recovery is futile, for as soon as one leaves, another passes through.

Price For A Hundred Pound Cylinder Of Butane Goes Up By $4.00
The last time Belizeans saw a decrease of $3.00 in the price for a hundred pound cylinder of butane was back in the month of April 2014. Tonight, the news is not good because instead of reducing even more, the price of liquid petroleum went up by $4.00, meaning that consumers will have to dig deeper into their pockets to purchase the commodity. Effective today, prices for a one hundred pound cylinder of butane are as follows: In Orange Walk the price went from $114.00 to $118.00. In Belize City and Corozal the hundred pound cylinder will now sell for $117.00, $119.00 in Belmopan and San Ignacio, $120.00 in Benque Viejo Del Carmen and Dangriga and $122.00 in Punta Gorda.

Well Known Corozal Criminal Is Back Behind Bars
Samir Vivas, a Corozal resident who has had several run-ins with the law is once again behind bars. This time he is being accused of grievous harm. At around 1:30pm on Saturday August 10th, 58 year old Emir Lizzaraga, Belizean laborer of Joseito Layout, Corozal, was at home when he heard someone calling out his name. That person resulted to be Samir Vivas who approached Lizzaraga as he walked outside. But Vivas did not stop by for a quick friendly visit, he had other plans and that was to attack Lizzaraga. Reports are that Vivas punched Lizzaraga repeatedly in the face causing his eyes and nose to bleed. He then left the area but was later arrested by police. Lizzaraga was taken to the Corozal Community Hospital where his injuries were classified as grievous harm. As a result, the 21 year old was charged for the crime of Grievous Harm. Vivas appeared before the Orange Walk Magistrates Court yesterday since the Corozal Magistrate was indisposed. He was denied bail and remanded to prison until October 8th 2013. Corozal Police also suspect that Vivas has a lot to do with several of the burglaries and thefts committed in that district.

The Belize Times

Belize is rapidly sliding down a slippery slope of dictatorship. Belizeans can now see that the country is led by a dangerous regime that believes the democratic authority given to them through elections gives them the right and might to do whatever they want. What took place at the National Assembly in Belmopan on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 is evidence that Belize’s democracy is under attack. The Barrow Administration is making every effort to not be placed under the light of transparency and accountability. It governs in darkness and makes decisions in darkness. This is the reason the UDP rulers have stifled the work of the Public Accounts Committee and have resisted the Chairman’s recommendations for the body to go under reform. The tyranny of the UDP was in full display on Wednesday. PAC Chairman Hon. Julius Espat’s attempt to democratize the Committee was sabotaged viciously. The Chairman had called a meeting to which the public was invited. But the UDP members who are the majority: John Saldivar, Michael Finnegan, Erwin Contreras and Herman Longsworth blocked the public’s participation with armed police officers standing at the doors. No member of the public was allowed to enter and witness the proceedings. Neither was the media allowed to cover what was designated by the Chairman to be an open meeting to discuss the nation’s business.

National Bank….Designed to Fail!
If Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s latest political gimmick, called the National Bank of Belize, is as promising as ...

PUP Leader brings HOPE to Cayo Northeast
PUP leader Francis Fonseca brought hope to the people of Cayo Northeast Constituency during a successful visit on Friday ...

Blinded by UDP incompetence
Donovan Reneau is undoubtedly one of Belize’s amazing wonders. Although blind since his youth, Donovan has learnt to overcome ...

Remembering Edward’s Park
By G. Michael Reid I was born and raised on what has been designated as Southside Belize City. I attended Holy Redeemer School which is of course, on the North side of the city. Back then, most kids walked to school and just about all of us went home for lunch. ...

Did You Hear That Too?
Barrow’s interview at the opening of the National Bank was the worst and most telling since he became Prime Minister in 2008. This is bad timing for him. So early in this second term, he seems tired, hunted and without a compulsion to polish or be diplomatic. He has become openly blunt ...

Triple B’s faces Ladyville Jaguars in Atlantic Bank football finals
The Belmopan Triple B’s will host the Ladyville Jaguars for Game 2 of the Atlantic bank football championship finals at the Football Federation of Belize Stadium in Belmopan on Saturday, September 7. Game 1 of the finals ...

Kent Gabourel & Shalini Zabaneh win 14th Lionman triathlon
Kent Gabourel Jr., Shalini Zabaneh, Dr. Ramon Figueroa and Jordan Santos won the Men’s open, Female, Masters and Junior categories of the 14th annual Lionman Triathlon held along the Marine Parade in ...

Mexico regains Championship MMA Belt
The Mexicans came ready to rumble and their mixed martial arts fighters of Chetumal, Quintana Roo won 5 of 8 fights on the Belize Shotokan Karate Academy’s fight card in the caged octagon at the Belize ...

UDP turmoil in Caribbean Shores
There is a battle in Caribbean Shores about who could build the worst streets and drains. The battle is also about who puts on the best make-up and looks best for tv ads. The battle is between two UDP drama queens. Santi is the elected representative in Caribbean Shores. ...

Government ignores Maya Land Rights despite Court Ruling
In its 25 July 2013 decision in the second Maya Land Rights case, the Court of Appeal upheld the Supreme Court ruling that the Maya people of southern Belize own our land through our customary land tenure system, and that this property is protected by ...

AMAZING GRACE – Christian Misconceptions
In our beautiful country Belize, one topic that was being circulated was the issue of a super-bond. Blame was being cast between the two political parties. Without trying to cast any blame though the reality is that we have a loan that we are paying back. My big question today ...

The CONTAINER unloaded
The Container has landed. No, not of Rosewood, neither freshly cut nor burnt. Not even zero-rated stuff called food like Ramen or Grace Chicken Sausage shipped to a rich country of poor people. ...

NICH clueless about Garinagu rites
By Norris Hall Belize’s National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) appears to know more about Bozo the Clown and the Carnival road march (both imports that should be insignificant to NICH) than they do about the national folklore, cultures and customs of our diverse ethnic groups. Important events in the ...

The Need to Strengthen Our Educational System
“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits is sweet.”-Aristotle By Dr. Angela Banner Joseph I have been introduced to many different learning institutions and have studied the plight of our nation’s children in our educational system. What I have learned in the preparation for this brief analysis on the issue ...

SCALES OF JUSTICE – Why the rat can’t mind the cheese!
By anthony sylvestre Anybody will tell you that it doesn’t make sense: you can’t have the rat minding the cheese. It defies logic and common sense and it’s bound to fail. Which is the point the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the House, Hon. Julius Espat and many Belizeans ...

Emperor Dean
It is clear to see after witnessing Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s latest rhetoric and actions that the Office of the Prime Minister of Belize has been replaced with the Office of Emperor Dean. Emperor Dean’s recent remarks were a harsh scolding for the National Trade Union Congress ...

By Francis W. Fonseca This past week, the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) celebrated its 10th year of existence. NICH is first and foremost a Belize success story but it will undoubtedly be recorded as one of the most meaningful, lasting achievements of the PUP Administration of Said W. ...

Playing God
Dean Barrow and the UDP have officially hit rock bottom when it comes to playing politics in this country. Thousands of hardworking Belizeans have lost their land titles and tens of thousands have lost their jobs simply because they are known supporters of the People’s United Party. ...

Young People Need Discipline & Self-Growth
Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your reputable newspaper to share my perspective on positive development of morals and values in young people. Many of our young people are lacking the values of respect, discipline and self-growth. Parents are either busy with their jobs, trying hard to earn a dollar to ...

Hard headed Mayor!
Dear Editor, It is my humble opinion that we have most hard headed, chanciest and faciest Mayor. All of his decisions have hurt the small people in Belize City, and even when we bawl out, he doesn’t seem to be bothered at all. Last week it was us, the Albert St. Taxi ...

The truth behind the Barrow’s new bank
Dear Editor, Let me tell you the truth about Dean Barrow’s National Bank. It does two things. One, politically it will be used as a vehicle to get votes. Two, it was set up to appease our teachers and government workers as a sweetener to the failed promise of a raise ...

BTIA Past Presidents buck heads with Prime Minister
Hon. Dean. O. Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, 3rd Floor, Left Wing, Sir Edney Cain Building, Belmopan An Open Letter to the Prime Minister As six past presidents of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, we have participated in our industry's growth from its struggling infancy to its present status as the nation's ...


San Pedro Town & The Scoop Will Be Looking Our Best For September Celebrations
It is a two post kind of day. Just a few hours ago, I posted pictures of San Pedro town decorated for the September holidays. Well…I was just back in town this morning to buy some more red and blue flair and found so much more! I LOVE IT. My friend John getting a head start. Perhaps my very favorite so far. Even Belikin is looking festive to me. At A&R they are really running low. But a belt? I want a Belize bet! And this one is cool…but a bit cheesy. Icky vinyl. And it whispers. I want to SCREAM Belize.

Sun & September Celebrations: There is Still Time to Book Your Ticket!
Belize goes all out for September celebrations. It’s an awesome mixture of Belizean pride, the local love of a great party and just the newness of it all. Don’t forget…the country of Belize will be only 32 years old this year. 32! Yesterday was a gorgeous HOT September day… And decorations are starting to go up all over town. If I haven’t mentioned it before, September is my favorite time of the year in Belize. By far. If I am every going to have a heart issue, it will be during a September 21st Independence Day parade. I’ll be a giant cornball right now and just admit it: My heart almost bursts each year. For the pictures of past parades, check out the posts below. Or for why YOU should be here September 21st or for information on September 10th… The town is getting ready. The Marin house goes all out for every holiday. Perfection. The town was just finishing with their banners.

Meeting Belize's First Lady In Taiwan, R. O. C
On my trip to Taiwan, Republic of China, I had never dreamed that I would be meeting the First Lady of Belize. We are friends via Facebook but had never met face to face. I arrived two days previously and was surprised to get an e-vite to visit with Mrs. Barrow who also happened to be in Taiwan on humanitarian work. Arriving at her hotel, the first thing that jumped out at me was her dynamic personality and her vivacious spirit…stronger than ever, with her hair pulled back in a bun, she was the epitome of gracefulness. Kim Simplis Barrow recently returned from a trip to the UK and Nigeria as part of her humanitarian work for women and children of Belize. In the UK, she created ties between London Children’s Hospital and she also hosted a very successful fund raiser for the new pediatric wing at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City.

“It’s a Mystery” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Regular readers will know my routine and yesterday wasn’t much different. Up early and straight (well after making a mug of black coffee) on to the veranda for a couple of hours with my iPad. Boring? Not at all. I thoroughly enjoy it. With my ‘fix’ of news taken care of I took care of my ablutions, dressed and had breakfast (at home and not at Estel’s – my routine does have a degree of flexibility in it!) and then set to tackling some administrative stuff. First off was to make contact with the removal company (Excess International Movers) we are using to ship our stuff from the UK to Belize. Rose has been following the progress of the ship and informed me that having docked in Norfolk, Virginia it was in the North Atlantic Sea. Heading back to Europe! Were we ever going to see our stuff?

International Sources

Waiting ... to become a library
After visiting the rural fishing village of Sarteneja in Belize while on vacation, Kern returned to the United States with a mission. A retired nurse with a passion for reading, Kern is in the process of starting a public library in Sarteneja, a project made possible — in part — through book donations from Friends of the Sierra Vista Public Library. “I first visited Belize looking for a place to retire,” said Kern, who was born and raised on a ranch in Palominas. The village of Sarteneja is located on the tip of the Sarteneja peninsula on the Mayan ruins and is famous for its fishing and shipbuilding. “The village has a population of about 3,500 and the people there are just delightful, very friendly and accommodating,” she said.

A Touch of Luxury in Belize
Belize is a small country that packs a big punch for adventurous travellers who want to experience the outdoors. However, modern facilities and comforts aren’t the norm here as you’re probably used to. You don’t have to ‘rough it’ as there are some excellent luxury resorts here. Accommodation in Belize has many options from non-air conditioned hostel rooms to multimillion dollar beach front mansions. Lets take a look at three resorts from Belize’s most popular vacation destinations. Portofino Beach Resort – Ambergris Caye This resort is secluded from the busy San Pedro town, located on its own private stretch of turquoise beach. There is less than 15 rooms at this resort so you’ll never feel crowded. With the seclusion from town your’re left feeling at ease relaxing outdoors by the pool or beach. It features an on-site restaurant with delicious food for every meal including both American and Belizean cuisines. Additionally, there is a wide range of tours to keep you busy and a scuba dive centre here; you never have to leave this little slice of paradise unless you so desire.