By Jorge Aldana

With a population of less than 400 thousand people, the chances of knowing each other in Belize, or knowing someone that knows another person is high. Similarly, getting to hear about someone’s experiences is not surprising. In the media, we get to know a lot of information, sometimes not enough to make it into the news but worth bearing in mind. As such, when we have community members complaining about the behavior, attitude and abuse of power by some of our public officers, then it is worth highlighting.

There is no doubt that there are many public officers who are respectful and have held on to the ethics of being good public officers. Those are the officers who have dedicated their entire career to serving their country. Good public officers know their roles and responsibilities, and appreciate the opportunity to be humble “servants of the people.” A good public officer ensures that while given the honor to serve in various leading capacities, they are held in high esteem and are entrusted to safeguard the assets of this country. The mission statement that should be upheld by every public officer in Belize says that their role is “to be the leading catalyst in facilitating the delivery of prompt and efficient service to our stakeholders in a professional manner.”

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