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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Is this fortuneteller real?
Having cards read by a fortuneteller can be quite the experience. But how real is that information being shared?

Guest Editorial: The Good, Bad & Ugly Public Officer
A public officer is any person who has been legally selected or appointed to office and who exercises governmental functions of an office for the benefit of the public. The public officer is regarded as distinguishable person that must uphold good ethics since they are required to act according to the law in order for them to operate and execute their duties vested by virtue of their public position. Sure there are many public officers who get up very early and ensure that they are on time to work. They are those who would go beyond the call of duty and stay a few extra few minutes to ensure that the day’s work is accomplished. Such good public officers also make one feel welcome and is always willing to point one in the right direction when assistance is required. The good public officer is one that will not abuse the government’s assets, but rather will ensure that it is used as a tool for the building of the nation’s wealth.

Wolfe’s Woofers: Streaker
While at a public pool, Charlie becomes a streaker, and the ladies from the swim club can tell he's not part of the

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize’s first female prime minister
By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez Will she be like Margaret Thatcher? Or as charismatic as Benazir Or as bold as Portia Simpson Or Trinidad’s Kamla Persad Bissesar Will it be she who stood up to OCEANA Endorsed by Mr Machiavelli when he dubbed her persona non grata That she was destined to be Belize’s first female prime minister Could she be the former second Belize City Council female mayor? Or the biologist from Amandala? Or either a Channel 5 or 7 news anchor Or perhaps the former PSU president A lot is dependent on the people’s preference

BMA Catches September Spirit
Musical interlude. The Benque Music Academy has caught the September Celebrations spirit. They practice regularly at the Benque House of Culture, which celebrated it's 12 anniversary today. "The great September Spirit with the Benque Marimba Academy performing one of the Belizean tunes for the season, do you know which one is this???"

World Culture Band with Emmanuel Mangar
Saturday night, at the Cayo Welcome Center, downtown was treated to one of the best concerts of the year when the World Culture Band teamed up with Emmanuel Mangar. The music was nothing short of superb. Let's hope this becomes a weekly event. Fuego Bar and Grill deserves a big round of applause too for sponsoring the event. "The World Culture Band, along with Emmanuel Mangar, played at the Cayo Welcome Center last night. The synergy that happens when they play together always makes it an amazing show. Thanks, Fuego Bar and Grill, for making this happen. Happy September!"

Galen's Summer Graduating Class
Congratulations to all the new graduates from Galen University! Belize Profoto has a full portfolio of the new graduates. Best of luck as you go out and change the world.

VIDEO: Diving at Basil Jones
Took Michael, Christian and Faith diving today up at Basil Jones- Had a blast! Of course we had the trusty Gopro:)


A visit to King Richard’s house and my birthday food crawl
I was not really planning to do much for my birthday today especially since I started celebrating last night at Blue Water Grill with crab stuffed snook, Mary, Cindy, Andy, Tinker and Tacoboy. When I woke up I decided to continue my birthday food crawl and hit Estel’s for Breakfast. I knew Mary would already be there and of course Cindy Andy and Tink are always in for food. When we arrived, I was surprised to see a mini party including Forrest, Pedro, Beth, presents and champagne. We all know Charles is a barbecue whiz but my pork chop tasted extra special today, maybe it is because Estel’s is closing for low season and that was my last chance for heaven on a plate till they reopen. My birthday food craw will end tonight with Lobster at Pedro’s Pizza and board games.

Soap Opera “La Isla Bonita” to Be Filmed on Ambergris Caye
Do you ever feel like life in Belize is a soap opera? I’ve often thought that the island in particular provides an amazing amount of material for a soap or even a reality show..The Real House Wives of San Pedro perhaps? Stuff like people disappearing without a trace…everyone here seemingly related to one another…certain guys with 6 different baby mamas…wife swapping & swinging…anything relating to John McAfee…it’s the very fodder of the truly great telenovelas. So it seemed more than PERFECT when I saw the announcement that a local production company (Make-Belize Films) was casting a soap about San Pedro called “La Isla Bonita”.

Rice and Beans, Chicken and Potato Salad (No stove)
This video is the first in a series I'm calling Dorm Room Meals. Every item is cooked without a stove. I'm gearing these set of videos toward students living in dorm rooms, for my single parents with a small family and for my viewers with physical challenges. The recipes will be small and safe to prepare using only small electrical appliances.

“The Way You Do the Things You Do” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Looks like I might be better at this blogging lark than I thought. Maybe all those years of working with journalists may have paid off. Why? Well, in Friday’s edition I mentioned (and included a few photos) that the streets in San Pedro were ‘dressed up’ for the September celebrations. So what, you’re probably thinking. Well after looking at the various blogs yesterday it looks as though I covered it first. A scoop? Or is it just a case of its just the way you do the things you do? Anyway enough of my self-praise (its not a redeeming quality. As my Dad used to say “Self praise is no recommendation”) what did yesterday hold for Rose and I? I started my day in the normal way (regular readers know the score. For ‘first time’ readers just go to a previous edition for a fuller description. Or, don’t waste your time. It’s pretty boring anyway) and around 07.30 hours set off (I had showered,etc) for breakfast at Estel’s.

St George’s Caye Day – Yesterday and Today
The Battle of St George’s Caye is celebrated throughout Belize on September 10 as the defining moment in the birth of the country, putting into motion a long train of events that would eventually lead up to independence almost two hundred years later. And by any measure, it’s one of the most colourful events ever to take place in the Caribbean; a part of the world with no shortage of romantic, exotic tales and scenes straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact, we’ve often wondered why someone hasn’t made a movie about the amazing battle of St George’s Caye. Just picture it – a rag-tag militia of very colourful settlers and African slaves deciding to stand up to a well-trained and heavily armed professional military force from Spain, going into battle completely outnumbered and outgunned with the beautiful Caribbean as a backdrop, complete with sandy islands, swaying palms and sparkling waves breaking over a stunning reef.

International Sources

Well-managed mangroves 'can survive rising sea levels'
The prevailing idea that sea-level rise will inevitably wipe out mangrove forests — fragile ecosystems that protect nearby communities from natural hazards such as floods and storms — is challenged by a recent report. Mangroves in some areas will be able to survive climate change-induced sea-level rise as they can slowly increase the level of soil in which they thrive, but only if they are managed and protected, according to 'The response of mangrove soil surface elevation to sea level rise' report. Activities such as building dams on rivers and converting mangrove areas into shrimp farms may have a stronger impact on the health of mangroves than sea-level rise, the report adds. Once weakened by such changes, mangroves will be less able to adapt to changes in sea level.

Belize Chat and Giveaway
I am SOOOO excited that FINALLY the October of issue of AFAR Magazine is on newsstands and with it, the print piece that I’ve been working on since my 7×7 trip to Belize in May of this year. This is how excited I am: I am giving away two subscriptions to the magazine in celebration!!!!!! Also, I am hosting a chat with Belize Tourism and AFAR Magazine on Facebook next week: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 3 PM EST. Anyone can join in, the chat will take place on AFAR’s Facebook page here.

The speed of our boat slowed and in the distance I could make out the white water of waves breaking over the reef. A few boats seemed to be anchored just before that point and bobbing in the water between the boats were the telltale signs of snorkelers and divers, a pair of fins here and a water spout or two there. Though the water was choppier than I was used to while snorkeling, I was so excited at the prospect of another chance to visit with the abundant life under the sea. Our boat stopped, and then I looked directly into the turquoise water around the boat for the first time. It was instead gray and brown, and writhing in a way that’s unnatural for the ocean. When our guide told me to suit up and get ready to jump in, the look on my face must have needed no words because he laughed and so did the rest of my companions. “You want me to do what?” I asked. After a bit of back and forth, some chumming of the water and eventually, summoning whatever courage I possess, I jumped into the water. Classic case of fear being so out of touch with reality. Hol Chan Marine Reserve is an incredible place where four different zones allow you to interact and swim with docile nurse sharks, stingrays and all manner of colorful fish.