The National September Celeberations are here! The Tenth is right upon us, and Independence is just around the corner.

No matter what our personal situation, every warm-blooded Belizean this time of the year is somehow infected by the patriotism and festiveness that fills the air.

This year, as we commemorate our nationhood, our sovereignty and our right to self-determination, the celebrations somehow seem to take on a bit more meaning than they ordinarily do.

Indeed, there are some tangible and timely, if not overdue, developments newly unfolding, which are worth quite a celebration, as they truly serve to reinforce and consummate the Independence we nominally attained over three decades ago.

The National Bank, inaugurated one day after the official launch of this year’s National September Celebrations, is certainly one such development.

The fact that we continue to regain control over our valuable national assets is also good reason to celebrate, even more so that our courage and righteous determination is now being unambiguously vindicated by our highest regional courts.

Belizean innovation and creativity, in every field and on every front, is blossoming like never before, as our business people and entrepreneurs unveil bold and ambitious projects; as our musicians and cultural ambassadors hit the grandest regional and international stage, dazzling and captivating huge audiences; as our young athletes defend our national pride, gaining respect and recognition abroad.

Yes, Crime and Violence is still a major challenge, but we are certainly now beginning to see some much yearned for light at the end of the tunnel.

True, as Lord Rhaburn proclaimed, “If yuh born deh yuh born deh; tell them that yuh born deh.”

And, as one of our most seasoned local sports commentators is fond of putting it, “Win, lose or draw, I’m a Belizean, and I know you are too.”

Well, this is, indeed, a particularly good time to be Belizean. Celebrate, Belize!

Delroy Cuthkelvin for The Capital Weekly