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It was a sunny and quiet Friday morning in the village of San Pedro. Fishermen were out at sea, children were at school right on the beach, and most of the women were wearing red eyes from the smoke in their little kitchens and the fire hearths and trying to finish with the food for midday lunch. In San Pedro the main meal is the midday lunch and this could be anything from several whole fried fish, a pot-full of red beans, either a pot-full of white rice or a stockpile or corn tortillas. Of course there was some ‘curtido de chile’ or a jar of onions and hot peppers. But wait a minute! I am supposed to be talking about airplanes.

The serenity of the day was interrupted with this loud sound, that of a loud engine. When villagers looked up, they surprisingly and perhaps with some fear discovered that it was a plane. It circled around the village once and headed towards the reef. By that time the school children were out of their classes and all gleefully shouting at the beach. The teachers could not contain their emotions and also joined the students at the beach. By the time the airplane approached the village over the sea from the southerly direction, most of the women had abandoned their kitchens ignoring the fires and were rushing towards the beach where apparently this flying monster was attempting to land. One elderly man who was sitting in the outdoor latrine, rushed out with his pants down to his knees either with excitement of the eventful moment or due to fear of whatever was happening.

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