When this Belize City Council took office last year they set an ambitious target of 100 streets concreted in one year. They are close to the goal, however it comes at the cost of traffic jams and constant changes in routes around the City. For the first time in several years there has been a change to the usual route of the Citizens’ Parade held following official ceremonies for St. George’s Caye Day. Councilor responsible for special events, Dion Leslie, gives the alternate route.

Dion Leslie – Councilor responsible for Special Events:

vlcsnap-2013-09-09-09h54m02s28The Parade will start at Memorial Park, coming down North Front Street, but instead of crossing over Queen Street continuing into North Front Street.† Now weíll take a right on Queen Street, down Queen Street to Craig Street.† Then we take a right onto Barack Road.† From Barack Road we go down to Victoria Street, take a left on Victoria Street up into North Front Street again.† Then once we reach back on North Front Street the parade route continues its old route, over the BelChina Bridge, into Vernon, into Magazine.† Then for the 10th it goes down Cemetery into Orange, then down into Albert.† For the 21st Parade, the Uniform Parade, it continues down Magazine into Dolphin, into Fairweather, into Yarborough. † ††

But what is behind the change? The section on North Front Street between Victoria and Queen Street is currently out of commission according to Leslie.

Dion Leslie – Councilor responsible for Special Events:

The construction has been delayed.† WASA, not through any fault of their own, took longer than expected, as some of the pressure tests that they were doing were failing.† North Front Street is one of the older neighbourhoods in Belize, and they had to replace some things.† So it took a little longer that schedule, but I know the contractor is currently out there as we speak, continuing his concreting.† Thatís why we canít use it, because we have work out there.

The parade leaves Memorial Park after the conclusion of the official ceremony at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday.