Seasons cycle, and September begins. Among many things, September brings a window portal into the local scene.

September brings the classic feel of Caye Caulker, the feel of a quaint fishing village captured in a 1960s shot with a filmy grain photo filter that emits the relaxation and serenity of an undiscovered tropical paradise. The sun and the moon dictate the only concept of time; nothing is gained nor lost in a few minutes of time, so don’t rush. Throw yourself into a timeless bliss. September brings the true essence of our motto, “Go Slow,” that invites a spirit of renewal. Travelers, backpackers, and vacationers –all those who visit need no agenda. Come and just be. The sea is yours. Camouflage yourself against the mosaic strips of aqua and blue. It’s a time when the island truly feels as though it were your own, the time of year when visitors are caught into devotion and fall into the temptation of making Caye Caulker a permanent place of retreat.

For residents, September brings a slight pause in the hustle of daily business, but brings in the bustle of a new school year. As parents align fresh uniforms for their children and tighten their children’s schedules, children in turn enjoy a brand new set of school supplies, and brag about their next grade level. It’s a time when parents, all too much, seem as if it were they themselves returning to school as they gear their children back towards a studious mindset.

For the Northern Hemisphere, summer is over, but for our tropical zone, the warmth continues. And while September brings a picturesque, slower pace, the party continues. September brings holidays, and days off -reasons to gather and stay festive with celebrations to honor the country’s two most important national holidays: The Battle of St. George’s Caye, and Independence Day. Here on Caye Caulker, proud business owners raise the Belizean flag and dress their storefronts with blue and red streamers, while others drape blue and red fiesta flags through and across Caye Caulker’s Front Street. Throughout the country, Belizeans commemorate the two events with back to back cultural festivities which can last up to three weeks, kicking off as early as September 1st with speeches, contests, and performances, then onto September 10th to commemorate The Battle of St. George’s Caye, often with a traditional regatta, and continuing on until September 21st with a Carnival to celebrate the day Belize received its independence from Great Britain. On Caye Caulker, residents will be enjoying mini parades along Front Street, a fair, and ceremonies at the Palapa Beach. Visitors, frequent or new, will connect with the quaint feel September brings.

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