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Today's Belize News: September 10, 2013 #472213
09/10/13 06:05 AM
09/10/13 06:05 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Highlighting Belizean Music-“Come Closer-Remix”- by TR Shine ft Melonie Gillett
The multi-talented 29 year old Belizean songstress Melonie Gillett brings her melodious vocals to TR Shine’s single “Come Closer.” After hearing the original version to the song, Gillett goes on to say she immediately fell in love with the energy. “The melody and the lyrics were very catchy. TR and I had discussed a collaboration for some time now, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. So I added a little twist to it.” The two set out to the studio, working together to re-create the soca charged lyrics of TR Shine with Melonie’s flawless harmonies. Together they worked magic in re-creating the tune and the end result: “Come Closer-Remix” is nothing less than two thumbs up! The best part… it’s right in time for Carnival!

National Fishermen’s Producers Cooperative Society Ltd opens branch on the island
The opening of a San Pedro outlet is welcome news for the local fishermen, because since the closure of the island’s Caribeña Producers Cooperative, they have been forced to find alternate options to sell their fishing product (sometimes traveling to the city). The Belize City based cooperative has a long history of working with local fishermen, since the products of the defunct Caribeña Producers Cooperative were processed by the National Fishermen Producers Cooperative Society Limited. “We are looking at buying directly from both our members and non members on Ambergris Caye. We are working on training our staff on the island to be able to select our products. Once the training is completed, which will take a few weeks, we will be ready to start receiving fishery products on the island,” said Bradley. Besides purchasing fishery products, the outlet also has a wide variety of produce.

Belize Rural South has a new PUP executive
Replacing Paz is the New Party Chairman Nicholas “Nico” Varela. Varela is no stranger to politics, since he has served as a member of the San Pedro Town Council in the 90’s. His Vice Chairman is Councilor Gualberto “Wally” Nuñez, the only PUP councilor on the current town council. Joining the executive are Campaign Manager Darwin Palma, Deputy Campaign Manager Dina Graniel, Treasurer Rene Guzman, Vice Treasurer Pablo Sosa, Secretary Omar “Canasi” Guerrero, Public Relation and Media Coordinator Monica Gamez, Head of the Marshal Nigel Belisle, Coordinator of the Belize Youth Movement Jacqueline Eiley and Political Advisor Mike Estell. Following the election process, Gamez told The San Pedro Sun that while the new executive has been elected, the official swearing in will take place on the 29th of September to coincide with the PUP’s 63rd anniversary. That event will take place at the PUP Headquarters at Independence Hall in Belize City.

Ambergris Today

Ministry of Health and Peace Corps Partner for Rural Family Health
A total of sixteen (16) new Peace Corps Volunteers are in country for a two year work mission. They aim to partner with community health workers on a Rural Family Health Programme, an initiative of the Ministry of Health and Peace Corps. Volunteers will be assigned to Cayo, Orange Walk, Toledo and Belize Districts. The pioneer team arrived on June 26 and was enrolled in an intensive orientation and training program which ended August 13. This marks the first time that all volunteers will be assigned to the Ministry of Health to work in primarily rural communities for their stay; and the first all Peace Corps Volunteers will live with host families for the full duration of service.

Education in Belize: Enthusiasm! How long can/will it last?
A family member of mine recently commented to me how very enthusiastic his youngest son is to be returning to Primary (Elementary) school this week, after a long summer vacation away from school. My first thought about that comment: How wonderful to see a young student enthusiastic about returning to school to continue disciplined learning! My second thought: I wonder how long that enthusiasm will last… My concluding thought: What should we educators and parents keep doing to instill and maintain that enthusiasm for learning in all students, everyday all year long?

Odd-Looking Fish Caught in San Pedro
This weekend some fishermen drew in a big crowd as they came in with their big catch of the day; a boat-load of fish. There ware all different types of fish, but there was one in particular that stood out from the rest; it wasn't because of its color or size, but its bulging eyes. It was literally an eye-popping sight looking at this 'comic' fish. We believe it came from Bikini Bottom, too bad Spongebob and Patrik weren't around to say hello.

The Very First Plane Landing in San Pedro
The serenity of the day was interrupted with this loud sound, that of a loud engine. When villagers looked up, they surprisingly and perhaps with some fear discovered that it was a plane. It circled around the village once and headed towards the reef. By that time the school children were out of their classes and all gleefully shouting at the beach.

Biologically Appropriate Technology or GMO
Biologically appropriate technology is designed to do no harm to the environment – the air, water and soil in which we, and all animals, depend on for life. It is working with nature, not against it. It is learning from and respecting nature. An example of biologically appropriate technology would be energy, produced on site where needed, from renewable sources. Interestingly, energy is an area where humans have made some serious wrong turns and where we should have learned that we must be very careful about who is telling us what and why. Having been an environmental journalist turned anti-nuclear/pro-renewable energy activist, I am seeing similar patterns in the debate over GMO corn as existed in the nuclear debate. The parallels lie in how the public was sold on nuclear power back when there was controversy and concern that nuclear power might not be “biologically appropriate technology.” Touted as being “safe, clean, and too cheap to meter” by the industries that financially benefited, nuclear energy turned out to be an expensive environmental nightmare, costing trillions, and many lives.

Misc Belizean Sources

2013 September Celebrations Calendar
Official Schedule of Events for the month of September!

Letter: My views on an elected senate in Belize
The two political parties have been using the senate to appoint people to become ministers of their government over the elected members of the House of Representatives. I believe that, in a democracy, appointed people should never have more power than elected people. In this type of arrangement it is the opposite. The PUP has used this more than the UDP and, if I can remember correctly, Dean Barrow our current PM is the first UDP prime minister to appoint unelected people to be senators and then make them ministers of his government. 3. In the United States, the Senate has different functions from the House of Representatives that are clearly defined. If we are going to have an elected senate it will be wise to state what the duties of the senate will be that is different from the House of Representatives.

Pool Tournament at Mom's Backyard
Mom's Backyard hosted a 9 ball tournament Sunday. This was the first of many that will be held around Cayo. Congratulations to Wallace, Montes, and David! The next one will be a Halloween billiards tournament, so start honing your shooting skills. "The 9 ball billiards tournament was held at Mom's Backyard today. Wallace took 1st, Montes was 2nd place, and David came in 3rd."

A heavy downpour on Monday afternoon resulted in flash flooding in Santa Elena town.

VIDEO: Belize Carnival King and Queen Competition 2013
The Belize Carnival King and Queen Competition is growing by leaps and bounds with new entries and improved levels of costume making for Carnival 2013. This year there were a total of 22 competitors in 4 different categories. The categories are Junior Queen, Junior King, Senior Queen and Senior King. I must say that this was a very exciting event that had the crowds cheering, hooting, hollering and blowing whistles for their neighborhood representatives or the costume they thought was the best. The king and queen participant vigorously worked their costumes to the soca music of Belizean Artists TR Shine and Ernestine Carballo as well as many other international Soca Artists as the crowds cheered louder and louder. In the end only one from each category could emerge victorious as the number 1 King and Queen. This years winnners are: Junior Queen 1st - Queen Tatiana - Sunshine Masqueraders 2nd - Queen Xateia - Sunshine Masqueraders 3rd - Queen Ixchel - Jump Street Posse Junior King - 1st - King Charikanari - Jump Street Posse 2nd - King Heidies - Sunshine Masqueraders 3rd - King Aqua - Pickstock Carnival Band Senior Queen 1st - Queen Fantasia - Eternity Mas Band 2nd - Queen Herta - Mother's Nature Creation 3rd - Queen La Bella - Mother's Nature Creation Senior King. 1st - King Lionel - Belizean Jewels 2nd - King Marfin - Belizean Jewel 3rd - King Harmen - Trench Town Masqueraders

San Pedro Sailing Club Gets Help
We are pleased to announce that the SPSC has secured the support of our sponsors from the Palapa Bar and Grill,, Ambergris Lakes and Palo Alto for the sole use of their boats for the purpose of training the children of San Pedro to sail, to race and to compete in all BzSA events. We have additional sponsors for a further 7 boats, and we graciously encourage participation by the boats of any and all other sponsors. We will be holding the first race of the Fall (Autumn) Series this Sunday 15th of September, 10am at Coconuts which will qualify our sailors for the Corozal regatta and will promote our current contenders on to the BzSA Nationals in December.

Channel 7

Cop Killed Cop, COMPOL Says It’s Not Murder
Tonight, police are investigating the killing of a police constable, and the man who killed him is another constable. It’s an event that is virtually without precedent, but was it an accident, or a reckless and excessive use of firepower? We went looking for answers today:… Jules Vasquez reporting The police flag was at half mast with a bow over the door at eastern division headquarters for 24 year old Constable Dean Yearwood, who was killed on Saturday morning by another police. Police Commissioner Allen Whylie says this is the first time such a cop on cop killing has happened in his 26 years in the department: Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police "It's indeed a great loss for his family as well as the Belize Police Department - he was a good officer so indeed it was a tragedy that had befallen us."

Second Murder In Western Corridor in 24 Hours
And while that is not being investigated as a homicide, murder is clearly the case in Western Belize where a man was found burned up in his car in Teakettle. Daniel Aguirre was well known in Belize as the 2011 KTV Latino winner – but his fame and his winning voice played no role to a merciless killer on Friday night. His became the second murder in the villages outside of Belmopan in less than 24 hours. Here’s what police know so far:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting (Footage Courtesy PLUS TV) Early Saturday morning, police found the car of the well-known Belmopan Taxi driver, Daniel Aguirre, abandoned on Pook's Hill Road near Tea Kettle Village. ASP Sinquest Martinez - OC, Belmopan Police "We responded to a call on Saturday morning in the Pook's Hill area behind Arizona village where we found a car, burnt and human remains inside the car."

Mas Guate Gold Panners
There are more Guatemalan Gold Panners in the Chiquibul to tell you about tonight. On Friday, the Southern Joint Forces Unit comprising BDF, Police and Friends for Conservation and Development rangers launched an operation in extreme southern are of the Chiquibul National Park. Around midday, they found five Guatemalan men gold panning more than five miles within Belizean territory. Three of them had vials with a total of about 20 grammes of gold. The market price is about $57.00 dollars per gramme. They were taken on the very long trek back to the San Ignacio Police Station where they were charged for illegal entry, defacing a protected area, extracting and possessing a mineral without a permit. A release from the Friends for Conservation and Development says that the group had been operating in the area for a few days. Their arrest was preceded by another arrest earlier in the week when another Guatemalan was found with a vial of gold. FCD reports that the four vials confiscated in the past week had a over 24 grams documented. They lament that gold extraction is now happening at the higher elevations of the Chiquibul headwaters. The release adds, quote,

Arrest In Roaring Creek Murder
In our top segment, we told you about the latest murder in Western Belize. Police continue to investigate that case, but while they're doing that, they say that they’ve solved the murder of 34 year-old Nigel Neal, who was killed in front of his mother’s house in Roaring Creek on Friday morning. Today, Belmopan Police arrested and charged 20 year-old Erlin Giovanni Archiaga, a resident of Lloro, Honduras, with the crime of murder. We asked the Commanding Officer to explain to us what led them to make the arrest, and how confident investigators are of the case against Archiaga:

Man Who Beat Brother In Law Remanded
47 year old Luis Gordon is spending his first night behind bars after he was remanded to prison for the attempted murder of 39 year old Roberto Gilharry, his brother-in-law. They had a dispute about parking space in their shared yard early on Friday morning. Gordon reportedly approached Gilharry with a shovel and struck him to the left side of his head from behind. Gilharry stumbled to the ground and Gordon continued hit him several more times. The shovel then broke and Gordon then reportedly used the stick to hit Gilharry who was, by this time, close to losing consciousness. Gilharry's common law wife then came out and tried to pull him into their house since he had fallen right at the door.

Mixed Messages From Placencia Village Council
Tonight, there are mixed messages coming out of the Placencia Village Council – after a strange press release. The release is based on a village meeting which was held two months ago on July 13th, 2013. That’s where villager Kristine Small raised the issue of Norwegian Cruise Line’s proposed Harvest Caye Cruise Tourism Project. There was a vote and Villagers took a decision to support the National Tourism Master Plan. That plan says “the only acceptable form of cruise tourism for the southeast coast of Belize is pocket cruise tourism.” Now, for those who don’t know, pocket cruises are those that have 250 – 300 passengers on board. Now, Norwegian Cruise Line, their ships like “The Epic” hold more than four thousand passengers, so that’s definitely not pocket cruising. And that’s what makes today’s release so odd. Because after endorsing pocket cruising, it then goes on to use that miniature model to somehow endorse the mega cruising that Norwegian Cruise Line Represents. The statement says, quote,

Choreographed Craziness Of Carnival King & Queen Competition
All last week we showed you the Carnival Mas Camps - a crazy mash-up of the most delicate and detailed costume preparation alongside dance moves that are simultaneously raw and rehearsed. Indeed, carnival is a study in contrasts: elaborate, painstakingly put together costumes that are meant to be appreciated not in a show-window, but on the streets, in the kinetic craziness of carnival day. That craziness though is not a one day thing; it’s like a tsunami that slowly swells, cresting only on carnival day. We get a chance to ride the wave at a few dates before it crashes unto the streets. The carnival King and Queen is one of them where all the big costumes are rolled out for a real time dress rehearsal. Here’s how this year’s event went: Daniel Ortiz reporting The 2013 Carnival King and Queen Competition was all about grandeur. The costume entries were elaborate with razor sharp attention to details, and elaborate, carefully chosen colors.

Marion Jones Complex, Coming On, Slowly
Last week Wednesday, the minister of state with responsibility for Sports had to defend what looks like painfully slow progress on the construction of the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. He challenged the media to tour the facility ourselves to see just how far along the contractors are. Today, he organized that tour and Daniel Ortiz was there: Longsworth plans to launch his master plan to talk about the additional parts of the stadium. He stressed that these additions will not delay the access to the facility in any way, and he still plans to have it open to the public by the end of the year.

Territorial Volunteers Faced Off With GAF
On Sunday Will Maheia’s Belize Territorial Volunteers had a confrontation with the Guatemalan military. It happened in the Sarstoon River – which forms Belize’s southern border with Guatemala. Maheia said they went out to put a flag on Sarstoon Island which – according tot eh 1859 treaty is the southern-most point in Belize – exactly halfway across the Sarstoon – the other half of the river is in Guatemala. Meheia says he and his volunteers were on the Belize side of the river when a heavily armed Guatemalan military patrol came over into the Belize side of the river to question them. Maheia says the encounter started out with a hint of confrontation when the Guatemalans started to question him but after a while that was defused. The encounter ended cordially – and the Guatemalan military went back to their side of the river.

Belize’s Girls Did Good!
On Friday, we told you how Belize’s youth female volleyballers were in Guatemala City waiting for the outcome of a match to determine if they would qualify for a medal in the Central American Championship. Well, it didn’t go their way, and they came in fourth. Still the team came home on Saturday with their heads high as Belizean players won won 4 of the 9 individual awards. Karen Quan won Best Setter, Kevanna Sebastian won Best Blocker, Nayala Tun won Best Digger and Best Libero. A release form the volleyball association says “We are all very proud of their success.”

Channel 5

A cop is killed at the hands of another in the city
The police department finds itself in a quagmire tonight. It is investigating one of its own who shot and killed another cop on Saturday morning. Of the eleven bullets fired, [...]

Is shooting death considered murder?
Commissioner Whylie, flanked by the brass of the Belize Police Department, also commented on the direction of the investigation, as well as the subsequent action to be taken against Grant [...]

Honduran national charged for Roaring Creek Murder
Just before eight on Friday morning, thirty-three year old Nigel Neal was gunned down in front of his mother’s house on Progress Avenue in Roaring Creek Village. Blue, as he [...]

Charred remains of the KTV Latino King, Daniel Aguirre, found in his taxi
Two men lost their lives over the weekend. The first is a police officer who died at the hands of another in the city…we will come to that shortly. The [...]

Media tour of twenty-million dollar Marion Jones Stadium
Construction of a world class facility to be called the Marion Jones Sporting Complex commenced in 2004. Two political terms and several re-incarnations later, the complex is still underway. The [...]

Marion Jones Sporting Complex soon to be opened, but only to tertiary level sports
When the Marion Jones Sporting Complex does open, whether in 2013 or 2014, there will be new rules put in place. One of those new rules is that the facility [...]

Belizeans will now have to join club in order to use national stadium
And there’s another issue which probably won’t sit easy with Belizeans who’ve gotten used to taking that early morning or evening workout at the National Stadium. You’ll still be able [...]

Belize Territorial Volunteers met by armed Guatemalan soldiers along border
On Sunday, Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers headed south from Punta Gorda to the border with Guatemala. With September underway, Maheia says the group wanted to show its [...]

Group of 5 caught illegally panning for gold in Chiquibul
Early last week, a Guatemalan national was arrested for gold panning activities in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul National Park. There is another arrest to report; on Friday, [...]

Did Elrich Trench attack his landlord?
A tenant who clashed with his landlord found himself before the court this morning. Elrich Trench was arraigned in the court of the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, for two [...]

Man charged for trying to kill his brother-in-law
Following a family dispute in the city on Friday afternoon, police arrested and charged a deportee for the offense of Attempted Murder and Grievous Harm upon his own brother-in-law.  Last [...]

The Kings and Queens of Carnival 2013
This coming Saturday, the spectacular Carnival Road March kicks off at the Yarborough Green at noon ending at Memorial Park after hours of constant gyration on the streets and choreographed [...]

A look back at the life of Daniel Aguirre, the 2011 KTV Latino King
We told you earlier in the newscast that Daniel Aguirre was killed sometime after midnight on Friday after he had left La Cabana Restaurant and Bar. Aguirre’s charred remains were [...]

The weekend games of cycling, female football and basketball
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The Atlantic Bank Inter-district Female Football Competition produced its champion Saturday at the F.F.B. Stadium as Triple B and [...]


Police Says Man Was Going Equipped with Tools
A man was charged for “going equipped”. According to Police reports, on Friday, September 6 at around 4:35am Corozal CIB Officers were in the Joseito Layout Area in Corozal Town conducting mobile patrol when their attention was drawn to a male person dressed in black shirt and dark color three quarter pants riding on a bicycle. Police recognized the individual as 33 year old Jeremy Matura. A search was conducted on his person which resulted in the discovery of a blue Phillips screw driver and a yellow and brown flat screw driver and a rusty silver looking vice- grip in his right front pants pocket. Matura who is a Belizean laborer of San Antonio village, Corozal District, was arrested and charged for going equipped

Police Confiscates Drugs and Charges Driver for Possession
On Friday at about 11:00pm Corozal Police were on mobile patrol on 7th Avenue, Corozal Town, when they saw a red Nissan Sentra car being driven at the time by Israel Rancharan of Halls Layout. As a result Police stopped the car and informed the driver that a search would be conducted on his vehicle. Nothing incriminating was found. The driver was informed that the vehicle will be brought to the police station for further searches. Police escorted Rancharan along with his vehicle to the Police Station, where upon arriving at the police station a further search was conducted in the vehicle in presence of the driver, where between the two front seat police found a transparent plastic bag containing, two small parcels containing green leafy vegetable substances suspected to be cannabis, it was shown to the accused, he was cautioned and told his constitutional rights. The suspected drugs were weighed amounting to 53.3 grams. Rancharan was arrested and charged for possession of controlled drug.

Family Feud In Belize City Leaves Man Injured
Forty-seven year old Luis Gordon, a resident of Amara Avenue who allegedly beat his brother-in-law with a shovel and chopped him with a machete, was charged with attempted murder and grievous harm when he appeared in court. Magistrate Dale Cayetano did not take a plea because the offences are indictable. He remanded Gordon into custody until October 28. The incident occurred around 6:20 a.m. on September 6. Thirty-seven year old Roberto Gilharry, who reside in the same yard as Gordon, reported to the police that Gordon beat him with a shovel and chopped him with a machete on the left side of his shoulder. He said that he felt like he was going to pass out and he was spared further injury when his wife pulled him inside his house.

Cop Kills Cop; Parents of Deceased Speak to Love News
Mother of deceased policeman 24 year old Dean Yearwood declined an on camera interview this morning but spoke lengthy our reporter. Porfiria Yearwood explained that her family is in shock over the death of her eldest son who had a passion for his profession. She describes him as a caring and loving young man who looked after his parents and siblings. She explained that on Sunday morning she and the rest of the family were getting ready to go to church when a relative called them by phone to give them the bad news. At the same time, they were visited by the Orange Walk police department who confirmed that her son had been shot in Belize City. Both Dean’s parents travelled to Belize City later where they identified their son at the morgue. Yearwood told us that her husband was privy to review a video tape from a business establishment close to where the incident occurred and he explained that it seemed to be an accident which led to her son getting shot.

Towhead and Sedan Collide on Belize’s Northern Highway
On Friday, September 6 at about 8:30p.m. Corozal police visited an area between miles 69 and 70 where upon their arrival they saw an extensively damaged grey Toyota Corolla car on the left hand side of the highway facing a western direction. Also at the scene was a towhead truck with a trailer used to transport butane. Initial investigation revealed that the towhead truck driven at the time by 33-year-old, Jose Arevalo of Palin Esquitra, Guatemala, was travelling from Orange Walk Town towards Corozal and the car was travelling in the opposite direction when the driver of the car, 53-year-old, Ricardo Villanueva of San Pedro Street, Orange Walk Town reportedly lost control of the vehicle causing a head on collision with the truck.

Re: Today's Belize News: September 10, 2013 [Re: Marty] #472214
09/10/13 06:06 AM
09/10/13 06:06 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 83,488
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Man gunned down outside home in Roaring Creek
The streets have been relatively quiet for the past couple of weeks, but that all came to a halt on Friday when a resident of Roaring Creek was shot dead in front of his home. Shadel Dyer-Young reports. Shadel Dyer-Young: 34 year old...

Arthur Baptist passes away months after being shot
In June 24 year old Arthur Baptist of Neal’s Pen Road in Belize City and his uncle Melvin, 44, were watching an NBA playoff game at home when gunmen suddenly arrived on the scene and shot at them. Both men sustained severe injuries. Melvin was...

Police investigate bomb threat at UB
On Thursday night, we told you of a report of a bomb threat at the University of Belize in Belmopan. Just before six Thursday night, someone called the security offices of the Institution warning that there was a bomb on campus. The call lasted for just...

Peace Corps launches Belize Rural Family Health Project
The Peace Corps is an independent US government agency that traces its roots back to 1960 when the then US Senator John F. Kennedy challenged a group of students to promote peace and welfare in their country by living and working...

Guatemalan immigrant arrested for illegal entry
A Guatemalan immigrant was arrested Friday morning for illegal entry into the country. Reports have it that between hours of 7:00 am and 9:30 am the F.C.D Rangers, B.D.F and the Police conducted a joint operation in the Ceibo Chico area in the Chiquibul National Park located in Belize...

Belmopan celebrates Battle of St. George’s Caye Holiday
Hi–hip hooray – it’s the most celebratory month of the year, as Belizeans recognize both the Battle of St. George’s Caye and Independence Day of course. The Belmopan City Council has a number of activities planned for this month, we checked with Events Coordinator Raquel Ramos for details. Raquel...

Parades rerouted in Belize City
When this Belize City Council took office last year they set an ambitious target of 100 streets concreted in one year. They are close to the goal, however it comes at the cost of traffic jams and constant changes in routes around the City. For the first time in...

Schools celebrate International Literacy Day
September 8 is International Literacy Day, but it was being observed on Friday. Across the City and in Dangriga and Belmopan there were activities at local schools involving storytelling and creative writing, many with patriotic themes. But things were a little different at Wesley Lower School where PLUS News...

“Container Collection” launched at SJC
From the authors and creators behind the Landings series and the Zero exhibition comes “The Container Collection,” a sort of anthology of the ideas, images and thinking of over 100 visual artists, writers and thinkers from the so-called “Hurricane Zone” – Central America, the Caribbean, and the Yucatan Peninsula...

The September 8th, 2013 issue of The Capital Weekly is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • GOB Supports Mega-Project By Belizeans Businessman:
    The Government of Belize supports, in principle, the Mega- Million Dollar Project unveiled this past week by Belizean Developer Mike Feinstein to build a docking facility at Stake Bank just off the coast of Belize City. That’s what Hon. John Saldivar, who was Acting Prime Minister at the time, told reporters on Thursday, one day following the announcement by Feinstein and his group. The project, Feinstein says, entails an immediate investment of over $100 Million and will create thousands of jobs. “We certainly welcome the concept, we welcome the investors that are trying to put this project off the ground, but as with everything else - they need to go by the rules and they have to do their EIA’s, and once they pass through the various processes - then it’s a go,” Saldivar told reporters.
  • Belmopan Wins Atlantic Bank Female Football:
    The Belmopan Triple B’s won the 2013 Atlantic Bank female football championship by drilling the Ladyville Jaguars 8-0 in Game 2 of the finals at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan on Saturday, September 7. Game 1 of the finals had ended in a 0-0 draw at the MCC grounds on Saturday, August 31. Belmopan’s Kaina Martinez and Miriam Villamil led the attack with the help of Iris Centeno and Joslyn “Chu-chu” Cadle on the wings and Kaya Cattouse and Jennisha Scott at midfield. Ladyville Jaguars was sorely missing Shineele Gentle who had to sit out the game following a red card suspension from the first final aand their star sweeper Sara Arzu was also missing in action.
  • Celebrating 21 5th Anniversary of Battle of St. George’s Caye:
    Tuesday, September 10 marks the 215th Anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye. One of the most central elements of the celebration is the crowning of the Queen of the Bay, which takes place during the Official Battle of St. George’s Caye Day Ceremonies, traditionally held at the Memorial Park in the Old Capital, Belize City. This year’s Queen of the Bay is Toledo’s Jahrine Avila, the Bay Pageant at the Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts in Belize City on Friday night, August 30. Miss Stann Creek Verinicia Vernon won 1st runner-up, while second runner up was Miss Belmopan, Mikayla Venise Banner, who also won the talent section that took place two weeks earlier.
  • A Good Time to be Belizean:
    The National September Celebrations are here! The Tenth is right upon us, and Independence is just around the corner. No matter what our personal situation, every warm-blooded Belizean this time of the year is somehow infected by the patriotism and festiveness that fills the air. This year, as we commemorate our nationhood, our sovereignty and our right to self-determination, the celebrations somehow seem to take on a bit more meaning than they ordinarily do. Indeed, there are some tangible and timely, if not overdue, developments newly unfolding, which are worth quite a celebration, as they truly serve to reinforce and consummate the Independence we nominally attained over three decades ago.
  • Promoting Literacy for a Peaceful Belize:
    Literacy Day Celebrated in Belmopan with Schools’ Parade Friday September 6, 2013 Through Principal Streets of the Capital City. Literacy Day this year is being observed Worldwide on Sunday September 8, but in Belize it was observed two days earlier on Friday September 6, 2013. In Belmopan, as in Belize City, a number of schools held activities to mark the day. In the Nation’s Capital a combined Schools’ Parade was held through the major streets of the City. The Day was observed with the theme, “Promoting Literacy for a Peaceful Belize”.
  • When Culture and Carnality Converge:
    On the exterior we see sparkling images of Belizean flora and fauna, jubilant faces and bodies of all shades of brown, accentuated by colourful clothing and glittering paint, swaying and vibrating in the sweltering heat to the pulsating rhythm of cultural music. For a while we forget our dividing socio-economic and political differences and unite to celebrate our natural heritage and cultural diversity. However, a closer look at our Belizean Carnival will reveal much more than culture. The clothing, if you call it that, seems inadequate and attracts lustful stares and arousals, the male dancers seem to prefer effeminate outfits and moves and the dances are sexually suggestive and perverted. Even the movement of our young children illustrate that their innocent minds have been corrupted as they give adult onlookers “bedroom” lessons, while their intoxicated mothers cheer them on with pride.
  • Belize - United States Partnership Reaffirmed: New SOUTHCOM Commander Visits Belmopan:
    The welcome could not have been any warmer than it was last Thursday when General John F. Kelly, the new head of the U.S. Southern Command touched down in Belmopan. It was the first ever visit to Belize for the seasoned and decorated General who is now responsible for all operations of the US Army from below Mexico all the way down to the tip of South America. The General’s visit started the day before, Wednesday September 4 and took him along the Country’s borderline waters by helicopter, in addition to important to the tip of South America. Incidentally, or maybe not so incidentally, General, I would like to point out that Belize is, geographically speaking, the first nation south of Mexico; and I would like to think that we are also first in line for assistance and joint-initiatives under your command.” As noted in Channel Five’s Evening newscast in a report by its special assignment reporter, Mike Rudon, “The U.S. Southern Command has been a very friendly partner in Belizean development – in areas ranging from medical care and infrastructure assistance to training and the donation of military expertise and equipment, very often on a large scale.
  • Remarks by Hon. John Saldivar Welcoming General John F. Kelly to Belize:
    Miss Margaret Hawt h o r n e , Chargé d ‘Affai re s, US Embassy, Belize; General John F. Kelly, Commander, US Southern Command; Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo Gonzalez, US Military Liaison Officer, Belize; Colonel (ret.) George Lovell, CEO, Ministry of National Security; General David Jones, Commander, Belize Defence Force; Rear Admiral John Borland, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard; Mr. Allen Whylie Commissioner, Belize Police Department; Members of the various security forces present; Other distinguished guests; Members of the Media; Ladies and Gentlemen: Good afternoon. It gives me great pleasure to welcome to Belize for his first visit ever, General John F. Kelly, Commander of the US Southern Command. For those of you that don’t know, General Kelly is in charge of all operations and initiatives by the United States Military from below Mexico all the way down to the tip of South America.
  • Biography of General John F. Kelly: Commander of United States Southern Command:
    General Kelly was born and raised in Boston, MA. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1970, and was discharged as a sergeant in 1972, after serving in an infantry company with the 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, NC. Following graduation from the University of Massachusetts in 1976, he was commissioned and returned to the 2nd Marine Division where he served as a rifle and weapons platoon commander, company executive officer, assistant operations officer, and infantry company commander. Sea duty in Mayport, FL, followed, at which time he served aboard aircraft carriers USS Forrestal and USS Independence. In 1980, then Captain Kelly transferred to the U.S. Army’s Infantry Officer Advanced Course in Fort Benning, GA. After graduation, he was assigned to Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, DC, serving there from 1981 through 1984, as an assignment monitor.
  • GREAT Documentary Launched by Police Department : Gang Resistance Education And Training:
    This past Thursday, September 5, 2013 in Belize City, the Police Department launched a historic documentary which chronicles the success of a joint initiative in which that department is the lead agency, and which involves the US Embassy in a collaborative effort which puts trained Police Officers in the classroom to impart real life skills to our young people. The program is patterned off a similar program that originated and was implemented in the United States. In Belize the program got started back in 2008. It has reportedly been a remarkable success, and the public now gets an opportunity through this video documentary to witness a great deal of it. The program is administered through the Community Policing Unit which is now headed by Senior Superintendent of Police Louise Willis.
  • Another Historic September Day: First National Bank of Belize Opens In Belmopan:
    Now, Ladies and gentlemen, this is one time when, in describing the proceedings as historic, we engage in no hyperbole. The launch of the National Bank of Belize is an accomplishment for the ages. And so I want to start by immediately thanking the very many persons that have made it possible. Principal among them are Minister Joy Grant, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, and all the other Board members including, of course, the Managing Director, Mr. Jose Marin. Minister Grant, though, has perhaps done more than anyone else to make this a reality. I know that Saturday evening when I was becoming concerned, because having passed here on Friday and having seen that we were not all together in a state of readiness, she reassured me by indicating that she was even then at the Bank engaging in helping to sweep the premise.
  • Address by Honourable Joy Grant Chair of the National Bank of Belize:
    It is my pleasure to welcome you all to a historic event in the evolution of the financial sector in Belize, and as a result, in the economic wellbeing of our Belizean People, the establishment of the National Bank of Belize, and the opening of its first branch here in Belmopan. This opening marks the successful realization of a vision shared by Belizeans of different political affiliations but united in their belief in the value to our people of a bank whose focus is on serving the financial interest of all Belizeans, whose goal is not about maximizing profit but about providing the working class Belizean with the financial assistance and knowledge they require to improve their living standards through the construction and purchase of new homes, and later the renovation and upgrading of existing residences. The impetus for operationalizing the vision by establishing he Bank at this time originated with Prime Minister the Honorable Dean Barrow.
  • Partnering for Rural Family Health The Ministry of Health and the Peace Corps:
    A total of sixteen (16) new Peace Corps Volunteers are in-country for a two year work mission. They aim to partner with community health workers on a Rural Family Health Programme, an initiative of the Ministry of Health and Peace Corps. Volunteers will be assigned to Cayo, Orange Walk, Toledo and Belize Districts. The pioneer team arrived on June 26th and was enrolled in an intensive orientation and training program which ended August 13tb. This marks the first time that all volunteers will be assigned to the Ministry of Health to work in primarily rural communities for their stay; and the first all Peace Corps Volunteers will live with host families for the full duration of service.
  • Miley Garcia Cayo Softball Finals: Camalote Blazers Win Game One Over Roaring Creek:
    The Camalote Blazers are one game away from winning the 2013 Miley Garcia Female Softball Championship in the competition organized by the Cayo Softball Association. Camalote won Game One of the finals 1-0 over the Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy at the Denbeigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote on Sunday, September 8. Camalote’s veteran pitcher Francine Salazar struck out 4 batters and walked one, giving up 5 hits, but even though the Camalote fielders committed one error, the Roaring Creek girls scored no runs, leaving 6 runners on base.


Island Life: Things I Saw Today Interesting to Me
One of the things that I love about living on Ambergris Caye is that there is so much to see. Even the shortest walk can take me an hour…I have to stop and take 100 pictures. Here are some interesting things that I saw this morning. Some are also posted on my facebook page, so I apologize for the repetition but not everyone is a total Face-boob like I am. As “The Scoop” (I get called that about 15x a day…probably by people that don’t know my name), I am interested in most things. So, if you have a topic or want to see a picture, send me an email and I’ll try to get on it. OR, even better, if you have an interesting picture from this island or anywhere in Belize, I’d LOVE to see it. I’m not above idle gossip either. [email protected] Here are some photos. Some very cute sisters walking to school.

Top 5 Must Do Adventure Tours in Belize
Since the new global tourism trend is focused on experience, we have decided to share with you an exciting new project coming out from Western Belize. The Lodge at Chaa Creek, a pioneer in luxury adventure travel since 1981 is today launching their Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions Day Tours. For travelers who are seeking comfort, security and some luxury at an affordable price, you should definitely check these out. If one day isn’t enough, you can always decide to stay at the Macal River Camp (recently named by the Daily Beast as one of the world’s top five places to Glamp) located within Chaa Creek’s 365-acre private rainforest reserve. The tours are designed with the adventurer at heart. Chaa Creeks’ founders Mick & Lucy Fleming have always been avid adventurers, having ventured off to Belize in an adventurers quest and deciding that the Belizean rainforest is where they would now be calling home. The tours are safe for all levels of ages and fitness, and can be booked at Chaa Creek’s reservations office on Burns Avenue Street in San Ignacio Town, Belize, Central America.

September Brings . . .
Seasons cycle, and September begins. Among many things, September brings a window portal into the local scene. September brings the classic feel of Caye Caulker, the feel of a quaint fishing village captured in a 1960s shot with a filmy grain photo filter that emits the relaxation and serenity of an undiscovered tropical paradise. The sun and the moon dictate the only concept of time; nothing is gained nor lost in a few minutes of time, so don’t rush. Throw yourself into a timeless bliss. September brings the true essence of our motto, “Go Slow,” that invites a spirit of renewal. Travelers, backpackers, and vacationers –all those who visit need no agenda. Come and just be. The sea is yours. Camouflage yourself against the mosaic strips of aqua and blue. It’s a time when the island truly feels as though it were your own, the time of year when visitors are caught into devotion and fall into the temptation of making Caye Caulker a permanent place of retreat. For residents, September brings a slight pause in the hustle of daily business, but brings in the bustle of a new school year. As parents align fresh uniforms for their children and tighten their children’s schedules, children in turn enjoy a brand new set of school supplies, and brag about their next grade level. It’s a time when parents, all too much, seem as if it were they themselves returning to school as they gear their children back towards a studious mindset.

Launch of National Agro-Processing Training Program ROC Taiwan
The Agro-Processing Program is one that promises to upgrade the income of youth and women. It is currently the Pilot Program of Belize’s soy sauce production and commercialized dehydrated papaya program. Today, the program which is a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture and the Technical Mission of the Republic of China Taiwan, was officially launched.

“Beat It” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
San Pedro really got in to the September Celebrations tonight at Central Park to celebrate on the eve of St George’s Caye Day and Rose and I went there to see our new neighbours honouring their history. There were loads of people there around 18.30 hours even though it was way in advance of the start of the show but they were more than ready to beat it with the San Pedro High School Marching Band. Belize flag blowing proudly in the breeze proudly over the venue.

16 Underwater Photos from the Belize Barrier Reef
Ever since learning how to scuba dive it has been natural to combine with my interest in photography and record what I experience underwater. This is a collection of my favorite underwater photos from my diving trips in Belize this year. Belize is home to the second largest reef in the world, a designated world heritage site. Every time I’m in the water in Belize I find something I haven’t previously seen before; and that’s part of what makes scuba so exciting. Come with me as dive below the surface into an alien world packed with sea-life!

PHOTOS: Lion Fish Hunters Through The Lens
Nice series of underwater photographs on the ReefCI blog

International Sources

Reports of John McAfee's death greatly exaggerated
John McAfee and danger have a long history. The founder of McAfee software claimed he would die and allegedly also faked a near-death experience. The man wanted by Belize authorities in the shooting death of a former neighbor managed to escape that Central American country last year, claiming police would kill him. He also reportedly escaped deportation from Guatemala by faking a heart attack. Still, reports Monday of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. An Internet report claimed the high-living former tech CEO died at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, "a result of a suspected cocaine and alcohol fuelled (sic) binge." The first clue that this might not be the case was McAfee's official twitter feed sending out the story of his death. In the tweet, McAfee (or someone claiming to be him) said, "I felt fine when I went to bed last night." Another tweet followed two hours later, saying, "For those wondering if im dead the answer is...'The Media is killing me, but somehow im still tweeting' #NotDeadYet." The tweet

Belize Developer Moving Ahead With Island Project
A Belize developer has revived plans to build a $100 million tourism and cruise ship facility on islands southeast of Belize City. In a public conference last week, Michael Feinstein, president of the Feinstein Group of Companies, detailed plans to build a deep water port on Stake Bank Caye for a cruise ship dock, as well as a retail, marina and residential development on nearby North Drowned Caye. A concrete causeway would connect the islands to the mainland. The project has been discussed for a decade but the development was delayed by "government interference," Mr. Feinstein told the conference. The current plan still does not have government approvals, but Mr. Feinstein said the proposal is back on the agenda.

Weathering the storm: Belize is on a path to climate resilience
When you mention Belize, most people imagine white sandy beaches lined with warm Caribbean waters that invite tourists to exotic views of aquatic life and endless wonderment of nature. But there’s another side—one that is fragile and vulnerable to climatic changes that are already affecting livelihoods and Belize’s economy. Determined to transform Belize’s future, business and community leaders, as well as representatives from each ministry, are standing up to climate change by assessing past mistakes, offering fresh ideas, and looking forward to identify a path to build climate resiliency (video). As you fly into Belize City, the financial and industrial center of Belize and home to the country's only international airport, the low-lying terrain is dramatic. Pools of water expose the frequent flooding that occurs, and the coastline appears to dissolve seamlessly into the Caribbean Sea. Already small changes in sea-level rise are making significant impacts on Belize’s most populated city.

NASA on Instagram
NASA Explore the universe and discover our home planet with the official NASA Instagram account

Waste Some Time With These 34 Great Photography Links
Photographers! Let's talk a little about this! Waste Some Time With These 34 Great Photography Links

A Water Lover’s Paradise: Belize’s Affordable Caribbean Island
If you want to “get away from it all,” tropical-island style, there may be no place better in Belize to do it than Caye Caulker. This five-mile-long island—only half of which is really inhabited—sits in dream-worthy, turquoise Caribbean waters. Its three main streets (imaginatively named Front, Middle, and Back) are packed sand. And the main modes of transportation are by bicycle and on foot (preferably barefoot).

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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