Over the last few days, despite the inclement weather, the Orange Walk Town Council, with the little resources available, has been working arduously to bring the streets across town up to driving standards.

On the other side of the field the Ministry of Works is also rehabilitating certain portions of Belize Corozal Road and Queen Victoria Avenue which fall under their jurisdiction and are in dire need of refurbishing.

But as we have mentioned before, both the streets of town and those that run through Orange Walk are in a terrible state and quick patching proves to be no comfort for Orange Walkenos. Truth of the fact is more needs to be done. With this in mind, Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard, requested a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Honorable Gaspar Vega. The meeting was set for today at 10:00am and according to Mayor Bernard, the main topic of discussion was streets.

Kevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk

“This morning meeting was a very cordial one, I must say and I want to publicly thank the Deputy Prime Minister for allowing me the time to meet with him and or course the main issues that was discussed is the streets where we believe that we need to speak with him to get the support and his cooperation through the ministry of works. During the discussion we both agreed that some of the main roads especially down Belize road needs a lot of attention and these streets fall directly under the jurisdiction of the ministry which fall under the government and so as the Deputy prime Minister, I decided that we will reach out to him so that we could discuss these areas. One of the things that was brought out very clear is that he is also cognizant of the fact just like us that these street have gone past repair they need replacing, they need resurface but he has committed to us that he will work along with us, along with the Council in trying to see how the ministry could take care of their responsibility which is to address Main Road, Belize Road, Queen Victoria Avenue, Otro Benque Road. I too have informed the Deputy Prime Minister that we are willing to cooperate with the ministry of works in addressing some of those areas that we believe that we can address but when it comes to major work like the one down in Belize Road that is where we depend on the ministry of works to do the their part and a such during that discussion has said that for us to come up with a plan of action and I gave him a list of streets that we want to identify, we discuss several areas in town also that he himself who is a driver citizen of this town knows and has accepted that needs some attention.”

Also forming part of the discussion was the rehabilitation of San Antonio Road.

Kevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk

“What I think that meeting ended with a mutual understanding whereby we expect the cooperation of the ministry of works here in Orange Walk to do their part and at the same time we as a Council are prepared to work along with the ministry of works to get certain things done. Definitely I made the issue of San Antonio Road that the concern of the people and he admits that there is a of of work to be done there and we spoke specifically that area of San Antonio Road that joins with Guadalupe Street up to Dunn Street in front of the cemetery where there is a much heavily traffic area, the buses and a lot of people using that area and he has committed himself to us and for us to us together an analysis and we both believe that a proper drainage needs to be done in that area to run off the water because that is also creating the problem so what I will be doing later this week I will have the operation crew to do an assessment of what needs to be done and then I will submit that to the Deputy Prime Minister and he has committed to pave that section of the road, not the entire San Antonio road but that section, the main turn in that the buses they use but he has stated that the drainage has to go in first and so we are going to be working on that and see how fast we could get this information together so we could forward it to him and see how we and the ministry and the council work hand in hand in making sure we can address that concern.”

According to Mayor Bernard, the council will get to work right away in order to provide the necessary information to the Deputy Prime Minister.