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Today's Belize News: September 13, 2013 #472442
09/13/13 06:16 AM
09/13/13 06:16 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Eric Gutierrez detained after three women accuse him of rape
According to San Pedro Police, a 36-year-old Belizean bartender of Pescador Drive in San Pedro Town reported that at about 3AM on Friday she was inside her apartment room sleeping along with her roommate, a 28 year old Honduran waitress. She told police that they were awakened by a knock on their apartment door and proceeded to inquire who it was. When they opened the door, a man pushed another female inside the room. The third female is a 25 year old Guatemalan waitress who lives in the rear room of the same apartment. The man, who was later identified as Gutierrez, allegedly had a knife on the woman’s neck and once inside, demanded that all the women remove their clothes. It is alleged that Gutierrez then stabbed one of the three women on her foot, at which point, fearing for their lives, they removed their clothes. The women told police that he proceeded to take turns in having sexual intercourse with them against their will.

Tribute to the Baymen brings history and entertainment to San Pedro Town
In welcoming the residents and visitors to the event, Mayor of San Pedro Daniel Guerrero reminded those present about the importance of paying tribute to those who fought to secure the British settlement now called Belize. Meanwhile Minister of Tourism and Culture, and Chairman of the National September Celebration Commission,Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. said that events such as the Tribute to the Baymen highlight Belize’s culture and rich history. During the ceremony, Tricia Stokes presented a beautiful rendition of the Belizean song “My Homeland by the Sea.” The Tribute to the Baymen was celebrated under the theme “Belize in me, Belize in You – Land of the free,” and honored the brave men (British, free blacks and slaves) that defended the territory that was subject to several attacks.

The National Bank of Belize is now open
The official National Bank of Belize was opened to the public on September 2nd. Earlier this year it was announced that a National Bank of Belize was to be opened to assist working class Belizeans with small scale mortgage loans. Heading the bank is Minister of Energy, Science and Technology, and Public Utilities, Joy Grant. According to the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, the banks establishment would force other banks to lower the interest rate on personal loans and mortgage loans, and will allow middle-income persons, such as public servants, to make residential mortgages and consumer loans.

Ambergris Today

“Discover How To Be” Belize Video Released
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to announce the release of its “Discover How To Be” video. The video, which was officially launched at the BTB’s 12th Annual Industry Presentation in January, is a part of the BTB’s rebranding that took place earlier this year. Alyssa Carnegie, Director of Marketing and Industry Relations commented, “We are extremely proud to share the “Discover How To Be” video with Belize and our visitors. We strongly believe that this captures the essence of what Belize is all about- what we are as a destination. The images are authentic, unaltered and profound. Coupled with Aurelio Martinez’s Santo Negro, the video will certainly resonate with Belizeans and pique the interest of travelers.”

Work Commences on San Pedro’s First Telenovela (Soap Opera)
With the screenplay almost complete and character auditions already done, filming is scheduled to commence in October when Klinck and his crew plan to thereafter put together the first 10 episodes of the telenovela. All filming will be done on location at various sites and locations on the island with an all local crew and local actors. “The telenovela will showcase the island,” commented Klinck. “It will not be about the island, but about possible storylines that take place on the island; about life on the island.” Klinck has hired writer Dion Vansen who has created the main storyline of the telenovela which involves an abandoned bride and her quest to find love once again. Amongst the main story line are others that involve love stories, drug trafficking, humor and more drama; even a few storylines from Angel Nuñez’s radionovela will be adapted and incorporated into the Isla Bonita telenovela. Mr. Nuñez wrote a radionovela screenplay which the local radio station failed to produce, with only a couple episodes airing. A handful of his characters and stories will come to life in the telenovela.

Misc Belizean Sources

House for long term rental
I have a 3 bedroom, 2bathroom Pent house for long term rental. It is fully furnished, with parking sito a beautiful view of the barrier reef. Call 6100000.

Belize Real Estate foreclosure auction to be commenced on Sep. 27 2013
Belize Real Estate foreclosure auction will be conducted at Costa Del Sol Area of Ambergris Caye, Belize and will include 3 turn key luxury villas as well as other important Belize Real Estate assets. All assets are listed by Coldwell Banker Ambergris Caye and will be auctioned by the licensed auctioneer. Foreclosures of prime Belize Real Estate properties are rare and if they do come on the market, they often have a reserve very close to market price. However, this particular high end development consisting of 3 luxury contemporary villas will be auctioned off by licensed Belize auctioneer on Sep.27th 2013. Prime examples of Belize real estate – three luxury villas for sale are located in the very exclusive area of Ambergris Caye and are near another ultra high end development Mayan Islands.

September 10th Parade Video
Patrick Jones got video of the Battle of St. George's Caye day parade in Cayo. "The Citizen's Parade passing in front of the police station in San Ignacio town and heading over the historic Hawksworth Bridge."

Moroton Community Outreach Committee Benches
The Moroton Community Outreach Committee installed 12 new benches around Macal River park this weekend. They look great, and are already being used. You can see them all from the Guava Limb Café. Future plans include more benches, and a walkway around the entire park. Thanks, Chaa Creek! "Good Friend Better Than Pocket Money" "The Moroton Community Outreach Committee added 12 new benches to Macal River park. They are beautiful, built to last, and have great sayings on them. A big thanks to The Lodge at Chaa Creek for making this happen."

Joseph Andrews September Upgrades
Joseph Andrews drive now has more sidewalk. And there's more to come.

Discover How to Be
The Belize Tourism Board video, entitled 'Discover How to Be,' has Cayo all over it. The Hawkesworth bridge is featured, ATM is in it, and Mr. Pitts can be seen playing at the Saturday market. Great video! Well done, BTB!

Benque HoC Duodecennial Celebration
The Benque House of Culture had it's 12th anniversary, and they had some great entertainment for the occasion provided by the BMA and Benque Viejo Marching Band. "Benque Viejo Marching Band & Benque Marimba Academy Ensemble, a tribute to the Duo Decennial Anniversary Celebrations "

Residents along Gonzalez Street in Santa Elena town report flooding in the area following heavy rains on Thursday afternoon.

Heavy rains this afternoon and evening caused water to overflow the George Price Highway in Central Farm. At the Baking Pot junction, vehicles had to traverse slowly as the water rushed over the road.

Meet in DC - Get all you need in 1 day- Oct. 18,2013 -for BELIZE and GLOBAL
Belize and Beyond: Your Tax, Banking, Real Estate and Living solutions abroad the FUN way! The Hire Act is Coming 1/1/14, are you and your money ready? Want to Move or invest in Real Estate abroad? Smart idea to sit one one one with people who KNOW how to make the Belize move. You have one cahnce to do it right, smart advice to meet those who know how ot do it right.

Report calls for suspension of oil exploration in Toledo district
A new report published today by an international right group known as the Minority Rights Group International is calling for the suspension of oil exploration activities in the Toledo district by US Capital Energy Belize Limited. The report further calls for a resumption of oil exploration, only after the government of Belize “obtain the free, prior and informed consent of the Maya and Garifuna peoples who live in the area.” The head of law for the MRG Lucy Claridge, is quoted in a report by Reuters as saying that “Toledo District, Belize, is the ancestral homeland of indigenous Maya people and Afro-descendant Garifuna people. Under human rights law, the government of Belize is obliged to protect and ensure Maya and Garifuna land rights. Private businesses operating in the area also have a duty to respect these rights.

Channel 7

Funeral For A Young Constable
Today in Orange Walk, the funeral was held for 24 year old Police Constable Dean Yearwood, Under a driving rain, Yearwood's body left from his family's Clarke street home after 12:00 noon, for the funeral at St. Peter's Anglican Church. From there the body was taken to the Piemonte Cemetery where Yearwood received a gun salute. After, the flag over his casket was folded and Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie handed it to his parents. And even as Yearwood has been buried - the circumstances surrounding his death remain somewhat unclear. He was shot by another police constable who said he was responding to a robbery in progress. The constable Glen Grant - who says he did not know Yearwood - fired at least 11 shots from his 9 millimeter pistol - one of them hitting Yearwood in the back and killing him immediately.

Is Medical Malpractice to Blame For Baby Dulce’s Death?
Tonight, a family from San Roman, Corozal is making preparations to bury their 2 week old baby girl, after she passed away at the KHMH yesterday. While the KHMH registered the death at their hospital, the child was born with a medical condition, which needed urgent surgery. The condition is known as Pyloric Stenosis, where the muscle between the stomach and the small intestine is enlarged, and it doesn't allow food to pass into the small intestine. According to the grandparents, they took her to the private hospital, Northern Medical Plaza, in Orange Walk, where she underwent surgery to correct that defect, and according to the family, they believe that errors made in that surgery caused the child to die.

Commuters Rail Against Citco’s New Bus Crackdown
Last night on the news, City Councilor with responsibility for transport Alifah Elrington Hyde laid down the new law on City Buses: they can no longer transit on Albert Street - which is the City's main street. Today, we went to the streets and on buses to gauge the public reaction to that. But, first, for context we go back to the Councilor's remarks: Jules Vasquez "We've always known that there are multiple bus stops and unofficial bus stops between Albert and Regent Streets - you all are saying, that will end?" Alifah Elrington Hyde - City Councilor - Transport "Yes, that will end - I have made it clear to my traffic manager to put in writing that we are cracking down on enforcements with respect to all means of transportation. As it is now what we're doing, we're ensuring that buses no longer run down Albert St. - that's how we're starting."

Cayo Cops Let It Burn…
Every six months, San Ignacio police destroy the drugs they have collected from busts and seizures. Today, it was a quite impressive 70 pounds of Marijuana, along with three ounces of cocaine and six ounces of crack cocaine. The town magistrate, the forensic office and a justice of the peace were there to witness police make the destruction. Officer Commanding Cayo Ralph Moody outlined the burning:.. Supt. Ralph Moody, O/C San Ignacio/Santa Elena "Today is a drug destruction exercise which we try to conduct at least every six months. Today we destroyed over 260 items which are 31,562 grams of cannabis; 85.20 grams of cocaine; 169.3 grams of crack cocaine." "This exercise is conducted very six months so that we can get rid of the found property and in cases that have already concluded." Reporter "Can you tell us where the destruction takes place?" Supt. Ralph Moody, O/C San Ignacio/Santa Elena "Presently we are at the Western border, the Benque Viejo area, destroying the cannabis." At the last destruction in March, Cayo police destroyed 203 pounds of marijuana compared to today's 70 pounds.

BDF Detained By Police In OW
It wasn't a re-enactment of the battle of St. George's Caye, but this morning, we received credible reports that there had been Tenth September showdown in Orange Walk between drunken BDF soldiers and Police who were responding to some public ruction. Well, the BDF's Chief Of Staff, Lieutenant Cornel RAYMOND Shepherd today told us that's not quite what happened. But he did confirm that two soldiers are under internal investigation after they were caught in a brawl with civilians during the September 10th celebrations at Orange Walk's Central Park. The off duty soldiers had reportedly been drinking and at around 3:30 Wednesday morning they got into a scuffle with some civilians. Things got so heated that one of the civilians attempted to stab one of the soldiers but only scraped him. Police responded and hit one of the soldiers in the head with a baton. And this is where the story gets sketchy. Our sources say the other soldier then tried to fight with the police; the BDF Chief Of staff who investigated the case denies this.

Caught For Corozal Crimes
Corozal police have nabbed two men they say stole from the Cane Farmers fair Trade Association in Caledonia Village. Yesterday morning at 1:30 am, thieves used a hacksaw to get into the container and stole spray pumps, a Tractor battery and three Buckets of diesel fuel. Corozal Police recovered all the items and arrested 21 year old DAVID CASTELLANOS, from the Village, and 37 year old Mexican REYNALDO DE ARA GALLEGOS, also a resident of Caledonia. They were charged for two counts of THEFT and one count of BURGLARY. Gallegos will be handed over to the Immigration department since he could not produce any legal documents. And in Corozal town, the administrator at the B.T.L Office reported to police that someone had tried to get into the building between closing time on the ninth September and the tenth holiday. The lock for the back door was damaged but nothing was stolen.

What Will Drug Use In Teens Survey Show?
The Ministry of Health is undertaking a Survey of High School and Junior College Students on Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs and Health. The survey should be done every two years, but the last one was finished in 2008. So it's three years late, but it started last week. Amelio Matura, the Programs Coordinator at the Drug Council told us what they hope to find:.. Amelio Matura, Programs Coordinator - Drug Council "We are looking at collecting data that will help us to create effective programs within our schools. It's only through research and data collection that we will be able to say for certain if there is a drug problem in our schools. Again the questionnaire is very confidential. It shows different area whereby confidentiality will be followed." Geovanni Brackett, reporter "Do you think that many adults will be surprise of the findings as they were with the last published survey?"

Man Sent To Jail For Indecent Assault
38 year old Salvador Carballo is spending the first night of his 18 month prison sentence after he was taken to court today for indecent assault and threatening words. The 20 year old female victim told police that just after midnight on Thursday, she was walking on Morning glory Street when she was approached by Carballo, who she knows as "Salva". Carballo then grabbed her around her neck from behind and started choking her. According to the woman, Carballo attempted to take off her clothes, and when she tried to scream, Carballo tightened his grip to stop her. He suddenly let go, and left her on the street. The next day, as the woman was walking on Fairweather Street, Carballo again approached her and told her not to tell the police or anyone else, or he would kill her.

Artists Rebel To Aurelio’s Selection For BTB Theme Video
Last night, 7News showed you the debut of the long awaited promotional video for the rebranding of the Belize Tourism Board's marketing identity. It's part of their new campaign called, "Discover How To Be." As we showed you, the video is built around "Santo Negro", a song from Honduran Aurelio Martinez. Since it made the news, there has been backlash from the public who have voiced their discontent that the BTB chose Martinez's song to highlight Belize, when he is of a different nationality - even though his song was recorded and produced in Belize by Benque Viejo's own Stonetree Records. Today, we spoke to the Marketing Director of BTB who defended the decision saying that Martinez's music identifies with the Belizean culture: Alyssa Carnegie, Marketing Director "When we were choosing the music, we actually had several considerations. Of course being Belizean is one of them and the cultural component and the Garifuna culture is very strong. We thought it was very beautiful music and was also really well-known and so we thought well lets go with something that was Garifuna. But when we looked at the style of the video and we were thinking about what song would work best, we really tried different songs and it's not to say that we don't have talent here in Belize because we absolutely do.

The Logic Of Precinct Policing
What's caused the major downturn in major crime since February of this year? Some people say it's all the jobs created by the street works, other say its January's George Street slaying, but the police, they maintain that it's the introduction of precinct policing. That came along in March - and we found out the difference it makes:.. ACP Miguel Segura, OC Eastern Division "They cannot do policing the same way we were doing many years ago. We could give them 100-150 personnel and do the same thing over and over again. We need to move along. Just like technology change, we need to change." Jules Vasquez reporting That's the thinking that force the adoption of precinct policing which is built upon a rather simple principle - de-centralizing services: ACP Miguel Segura "The concept of precinct policing is the de-centralizing of the service first of all and putting the resources where the problem lies."

Can Belize Be Ready For Trade Agreement With EU?
The EPA is the economic partnership agreement, a trade agreement signed in 2008 between CARIFORUM, which includes Belize and the European Union. It gives Cariforum goods free access into the EU - but on the flip side, EU goods will also in 25 years have access to Caribbean markets. That could be devastating so the EU is paying for nations to prepare for it. One such workshop was held today at the Biltmore and we found out more:.. Mike Singh - CEO, Ministry of Trade "They've also put caviot on there that European goods would eventually have parity access into our markets phased in over a 25 year period. In order to offset what will happen 25 years from now - they've offer a series of benefits to the Cariforum countries. You might be familiar with the EDF (European Development Fund) which Belize benefitted from last year of about 11.8 million Euros; whether it's putting roads for the sugarcane farmers for access to their farms. Whether it's helping to develop capacity in agriculture and trade and so forth. It's a whole bundle of aid that is available to us to develop ourselves so that when the 25 year period ends - that we should be develop enough so that parity would not become an issue."

Channel 5

Investors in the new Dangriga market say there’s a Ponzi scheme
A protest is planned for Friday in Dangriga where a million dollar renovation of the Dangriga Market has run into trouble. The project had been behind schedule and tonight, construction [...]

Local artists complain that they were not featured in a new B.T.B. release: Be Belize
Belizean artists across all genres of music are tonight up in arms over a promotional video commissioned by the Belize Tourism Board, which premiered on national television on Wednesday evening.  [...]

B.D.F. soldiers detained in an early morning brawl
Orange Walk Police are mum about an incident which occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning. It involved B.D.F., Police and civilians and could have turned ugly, but fortunately [...]

The King of Karaoke is laid to rest, but his killer is yet to be charged
Police have yet to charge any suspect for the murder of popular Belmopan taxi-man Daniel Aguirre. But according to a source close to the case, investigating officers are one step [...]

Cemented streets without proper drainage…flooding in the City
In many areas of the City, residents are pulling out their rubber boots so they can exit or access their homes. The heavy rains in the past couple days have [...]

Sentenced to 18 months for indecent assault
It’s only been a week since thirty-eight year old Salvador Marlon Carballo was released from jail, but tonight he is back behind bars to serve an eighteen month jail term.  [...]

Businessman charged for drinking bottle of wine without paying
A Belize City businessman who drank a sixty dollar bottle of wine at the Princess Hotel and could not pay for it was criminally charged this morning. Thirty-four year old [...]

Expo Belize Marketplace set for this Saturday
There two major events that will take place at the same time this weekend. The Carnival Road March takes place on Saturday, as does the Chamber of Commerce’s Expo Belize [...]

It’s the convention season and new faces are popping up in the GOP
The opposition, People’s United Party, has announced that it will be holding conventions for candidates interested in contesting the upcoming elections. Already in Cayo Central and Belmopan, the field is [...]

Belize finalizes Economic Partnership Agreement Implementation Plan
Belize is getting ready to finalize a National Economic Partnership Agreement Implementation Plan. To this end, a validation workshop was held today at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. Various [...]

Healthy Living gives you safety tips for carnival and expo
In this week’s segment of Healthy Living we’ve compiled some very important advice from the professionals for your survival – survival of the carnival and expo weekend, that is! So [...]


Belizean Fishermen Should Have Access to Marine Reserves But Sustainability is Key
Over the course of two weeks the Fisheries Department held consultation workshops across the country for stakeholders in the fishing industry. The purpose of the workshop was to incorporate the input of several stakeholders in order to update the fisheries regulations that would later move on to adaption and later form part of a future Fisheries Act. The consultations were based on four key factors; limited entry designated landing sites, licensing, and managed access. The fisheries regulations date back to 1977 and since then it has been update a few times and currently needs to be updated to address new issues. Forming part of the initiative is the Administrator in the Fisheries Department, Beverly Wade, along with legal consultant, Winston McCalla of Jamaica and Team leader, Chris Hedley.

Police in Western Belize Investigate Shooting of Young Boy
A shooting incident was reported in Roaring Creek Village on Wednesday. A 16-year-old boy told police he was sitting on a step at a yard on Progress Avenue in the village with his friends when a heavily tinted green car approached. The teenager said a man he knows came out of the vehicle and fired several shots in his direction. The teenager was hit in his abdomen. Police recovered three nine millimeter expended shells from the area.

Cannabis, Cocaine and Crack Go Up in Flames
At 1:30 pm today, drugs that had been confiscated or labeled as found property by the Police Department was destroyed. Officer commanding the Belmopan Police Formation, Assistant Superintendent, Sinquest Martinez, was accompanied by fellow police officers and Justices of the Peace to a location where thirty one thousand five hundred and sixty two grams of cannabis along with eighty five point two grams of cocaine and one hundred and fifty nine point three grams of crack cocaine were set ablaze. Normally, old and new drugs are incinerated every six months.

Chamber of Commerce Says They Are Ready for Expo Despite Carnival Clash
Deals, deals and more deals, is what the Expo Market Place 2013 is promising. The event born out of an initiative of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will kick off this weekend at the ITVET Compound on Freetown Road, Belize City. At this point, the last adjustments are being made to have the expo in full gear by eight o’clock on Saturday morning. Public and Marketing Relations officer for BCCI, Delmi Novelo told us what you can expect to see when you visit the expo on the weekend. DELMI NOVELO “We will have displays from the various commercial, industrial and services sector; we will also have participation from non-governmental and governmental agencies; we will be having the cooperatives displaying their products and we will also be having the Department of the Environment at the back who will be displaying products, how to use them and keep the area clean. There will be an area for the children where they can play and have fun. To the back we will have the ICA Creative Village where various artists will come and entertain the crowd. There will be the beverage and food section; there will be a lot to eat and drink and there will different promotions going on and so, we encourage everyone to come out this weekend.”

Theft and Burglary Under Investigation in Northern Belize
Corozal Police have arrested and charged 21-year-old David Castellanos and 37-year-old Reynaldo de Ara Gallegos both of Caledonia Village with two counts of theft and one count of burglary. Gallegos who is a Mexican national will be handed over to the Immigration Department since he could not produce any legal documents. The two were arrested following a report that a container belonging to the Cane Farmers Fair Trade Association in Caledonia was broken into. The thieves made off with three spray pumps, a tractor battery and three buckets of diesel from a grader that was parked on the compound. Police recovered the stolen items and arrested Castellanos and de Ara Gallegos. Both men were offered bail of four thousand dollars plus one surety of the same amount. They are to reappear in court on November 12th.

Guatemalan Fishers Continues Encroachment on Belizean Terrain
There are reports that on Sunday a fleet of what appeared to be twenty five boats manned by Guatemalans were fishing in the Sarstoon Area within Belizean Territory. Reports also say that the fishing was done using gill nets which is detrimental to Belize’s marine life. Administrator at the Fisheries Department, Beverly Wade says there is no active patrol presently along the mouth of the Sarstoon River. Wade says that Guatemalans living across the Southern border are known to do fishing in Belizean waters. BEVERLY WADE “It is a fact that the border area between Belize and Guatemala, there is a little grey are in between that and there is artisanal or small scale fleet of Guatemalan fishers who live along the Sarstoon River who fish that area; primarily, I do know that one of the things they do is shrimping in that area but we have not really noticed a whole scale encroachment of these people into what we do know as Belize’s territory. There is some encroachment along that area along the mouth of the Sarstoon River.”

Nineteen Patriots to be Honored at The Bliss
In this time of celebrations we always remember the heroes that fought for our nation or just overcame challenges in honor of Belize. However, there are those that are still alive who are making a difference for the country in one way or the other, true patriots who will be honored tonight at the Annual Tribute to Belizean Patriots event. This year, nineteen persons will be honored during a ceremony tonight in Belize City. According to the Secretary of the Honors and Awards Committee, Carlos Perdomo, the nineteen persons were chosen out of a pool of nominees, based on their service and influence to the community and by looking at their curriculum vitae. From the nineteen Belizeans chosen from all over the country, two of them will receive the distinguished medal of service and the other seventeen will receive medals of meritorious service which the Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young will be handing over. The Tribute to Belizean Patriots event will start tonight at 7:00 at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. According to Perdomo, entrance is free but there are seats reserved for the honorees and their families and the diplomats.

Health Officials Suspend Prescription of Medication Following Reports of Liver Risks
The Ministry of Health has issued a warning on the medication “Ketoconazole”; an anti-fungal medication that is currently being is Belize. The Ministry says that it is aware that the medication has been proven to have toxic effects on liver when digested oral; which means in the form of tablets or liquid. So far, no negative effects have been seen when the medication is use on the skin as a lotion however, in some countries have banned the medication. Chief Pharmacist at the Ministry of Health, Sharon Anderson, says that in the case of Ketoconazole, the risks outweigh the benefits. SHARON ANDERSON “We at the ministry received a warning from the European Union medicine agency highlighting the post market surveillance of the product whereby it demonstrated that is causes liver damage and after repeated studies they decided to suspend the use of it because of the nature of the risk involved and the study has shown that the risk does not outweigh the benefits and we know that it is a drug that we use because it is prescribed through the NHI and so we decided to warn our physicians and to let them proceed with that caution.

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09/13/13 06:16 AM
09/13/13 06:16 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


The Fight Against Drugs and The Use Of Tobacco Among Youths Continues
Drugs and Alcohol use have become an important issue and a cause for concern for many parents throughout the country of Belize. The National Drug Abuse Control Council, (NDACC) is constantly developing counter risk behavior policies and strategies to assist our youth. In line with such mandate, NDACC and the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the University of the West Indies - Open Campus Belize, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Inter-American Observatory on Drugs OAS/CICAD, will be conducting a Survey of High School and Junior College Students on alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and health, in both public and private schools across the country. Amelio Matura is the Schools and Communities Program Unit Coordinator at the National Drug Abuse Control Council and he believes this survey is critical to the development of intervention strategies to prevent the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among adolescents.

Ministry Of Health Advices Not To Use Ketoconazole
Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal medication in the same family of drugs as fluconzole and miconazole used to prevent growth of several types of fungi by preventing production of the membranes that surround fungal cells. The medication, which was approved by the FDA in June 1981, treats a variety of fungal infections such as candidiasis of the skin or mouth and others. If you are user of Ketoconazole then we suggest you listen keenly to the following report. The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring new information in regards to the use and efficacy of the product which is currently being used in Belize. The Ministry is aware that in some countries this medication has been banned from further use because of its toxic effects on the liver. Other medications of the same category of drugs have proven to be just as effective with fewer side effects.

Young Artist Makes It Big In The U.S
“Through Caitlyn Eyes” is the name of a new art exhibit officially opened today at the Banquitas House of Culture here in Orange Walk. The exhibition features art work from a young artist whose passion for drawing was discovered when she was six years old. With the support of her parents, Caitlyn Tillet, a born American with Belizean parents, launched her first exhibition approximately a month ago at the Corozal House of Culture. Today, she brought her creations to sugar city with the hope of inspiring other students to discover their God-given talent. We caught up with the young artist this morning during the exhibitions official opening ceremonies and she told us that art is simply her passion. Irvin Aragon – Reporting Twelve year old Caitlyn Tillet has been drawing since the age of six and as the years goes by, her artistic skills keep developing. Today, twenty seven animated art pieces all drawn by the talented young artist, was officially launched for display at the Banquitas House of Culture.

Educators In Corozal Discuss Plans To Improve Education
In the Corozal District there are over 39 schools that offer quality education to students. But there is no doubt that when it comes to the education system, there is room for improvement. With this in mind, Corozal District Education Officer, Jahmor Lopez, who was recently transferred to Corozal, hosted a meeting with all 39 principals of the Corozal District and other stakeholders to get a better idea which areas need to be worked on. Jahmor Lopez- District Education Officer, Corozal “We are having our first school leaders of meeting here in Corozal District we are meeting with all our primary school principals and also our local managers, the purpose of the meeting is for us to chart the way forward for the Corozal District, for us to present the ministry’s plan, we are moving ahead with our sector strategy and they need to be aware of a number of changes that we are implementing and we also need to bring them up to speed in terms of our expectations and I need to get to know them and they need to get to know me, I am new here ...

Duo Charged For Burglarizing Container
Three spray pumps, one tractor battery and three buckets of diesel, are what 21 year old David Castellanos, Belizean laborer of Caledonia Village, Corozal and 37 year old Reynaldo De Ara Gallegos, a Mexican National living in Caledonia, are being accused of stealing. Herman Olivarez, 25 year old Belizean lab technician of Caledonia Village, reported to police that on the 11th of September, at about 1:30 in the morning, thieves broke into a container which belongs to the Cane Farmers Fair Trade Association in Caledonia Village and stole the three spray pumps, the tractor battery and three buckets of diesel. Police found one hack saw at the scene believed to have been use to pry open the container.

Two BDF Soldiers Detained By Orange Walk Police
There is not much that we can report on the following story, or we should say, that from all the rumors, there is not much that we have been able to confirm. But in sight that the report involves two members of the Belize Defense Force and almost everyone is being tight lipped about the issue, then we deem it important to air. CTV3 News has been reliably informed that in the wee hours of September 11th, at 3:30am to be exact, two soldiers of the Belize Defense Force, attached to the BDF Eyles Camp in Orange Walk Town, were detained by Orange Walk Police after they got involved in an argument with two civilians while socializing at the Central Park. This all happened during the 10th celebrations. We have not been able to confirm if both soldiers were under the influence of alcohol as is alleged. What we do know though, is that they were escorted to the Orange Walk Police Station and by 4:00am they were released. Now these are the accounts of the Belize Defense Force.

15 Year Old Minor Charged For Attempting To Break Into BTL Corozal
Tonight a 21 year old Belizean laborer and a 15 year old minor, both from Corozal Town, are facing charges of attempt burglary after they attempted break into the office of Belize Telemedia Limited Corozal Branch. Perla Briceno, 36 year old Belizean Administrator of BTL, located on 5th Avenue Corozal, reported to police that when she left the BTL office on the 9th of September at about 6:30pm, she ensured that the building was secured. On the 10th of September though, Briceno received a call at around 10:00pm. The other person on the line informed her that someone was attempting to burglarize the B.T.L Office. By the time police arrived at the scene the criminals were long gone since the burglary was foiled due to community participation. Upon making checks to the building Briceno noticed that the lock for the back door had been damaged. The good news is that the burglar or burglars did not manage to enter the building hence nothing was stolen. At the scene of the crime police recovered a crowbar and a jack.

Slain Police Officer Dean Yearwood Jr. Laid To Rest
This afternoon slain Police officer, Dean Yearwood Junior, was laid to rest by his family and friends here in Orange Walk. Despite the inclement weather, members of the Belize Police Department marched to give their colleague a hero’s farewell. PC Yearwood was fatally shot in the wee hours of Sunday morning, by another police officer. He received one of approximately eleven shots fired by Officer Glen Grant. An autopsy conducted on Yearwood’s body confirmed that he died due to massive blood loss as a result of internal hemorrhage. In the midst of all the pain and bereavement, Yearwood’s family, the top brass of the Belize Police Department, including Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, took part in the procession which after the religious ceremonies, held at the Saint Peters Anglican Church, headed to the Pie Monte Cemetery: Yearwood’s final resting place.


Slain cab-driver Daniel Aguirre’s gun recovered, four persons charged
Even as the nation of Belize enters into the September celebrations the nation has also been gripped by several killings that have competed in the news for the spotlight. One such killing is that of KTV Latino star and Belmopan taxi driver, Daniel Aguirre, who was...

Inspector Yearwood clarifies events surrounding P.C.’s killing
On Wednesday morning former press officer for the Belize Police Department, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, called the KREM WUB Morning Vibes program to clarify events surrounding the Saturday morning killing of his cousin, Constable Dean Yearwood, who was shot in the back allegedly by fellow officer Glenwayne Grant, who was...

SATIIM boosted by report demanding stop to oil exploration
On Wednesday afternoon PLUS News was informed of the release of a new report by Minority Rights Group International calling for a suspension of oil exploration in the Sarstoon Temash National Park. MRG will, on Thursday, release a new report alleging that the “Belizean government has allowed US Capital...

San Ignacio Hospital receives new ambulance
The San Ignacio Hospital is now expected to function more effectively and here is why; On Wednesday, September 10th, an ambulance was handed over to the San Ignacio Hospital by the area representative Hon. Elvin Penner. Minster Penner told us more about the donation and...

Battle of St. George’s Caye commemorated in Belize City
Tuesday, September 10 marked the 215th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye in 1798 and official ceremonies marking the commemoration of the event took place in Belize City at the Memorial Park. The event saw the official attendance of Belize’s key leaders such...

Tropical Update
The heavy rains experienced in the Northern and Coastal areas of the country, forced some schools to shut down Wednesday morning. These thunderstorms are expected to continue over the next couple of days due to a lower pressure system hovering over the North of the...

Drugs found at Belize City Municipal Airstrip
Drug traffickers are always finding new and innovative ways to transport their illegal products. On Sunday, September 8th, police visited the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City, where they investigated a package that was to be transported to San Pedro. Their search revealed some old broken phone chargers- nothing incrimination...

Armed robbery in St. Matthew’s Village
A man was reportedly robbed of more than $1,400 Belize city. Marlon Meza, a Belizean salesman of Hill View Area, Santa Elena Town, placed a report that on Monday September 9th at about 2:00 pm, while delivering goods at a shop in St. Mathews Village along with two other...

Closing arguments in the extradition of Gary Seawell
Last week the extradition hearing for accused drug trafficker Gary Seawell began in the Magistrate’s Court. Gary Seawell and his brother Mark face charges of large-scale drug operation and criminal enterprise in the U.S. state of Ohio in the 1990′s and are being represented by the same attorney, Arthur...

Marathon Community improve Macal River Park
People in the Marathon Community came together to put up some benches in the Macal River Park. The idea came from the knowledge that many students who visit the park regularly have nowhere to sit. Plus TV was onsite on Monday, while work was still underway....

Hawkesworth Bridge under repair
The Hawkesworth Bridge was shipped from Middlestone, England and was erected in 1949. This single lane suspension bridge, that crosses over the Macal River and connects the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio, is now under repair. The bridge closes at night, during...

Steven Okeke’s new venture
On Wednesday Plus TV caught up with Steven Okeke at another of his intrepid business developments. The Nigerian-born author and artist says he is taking a step back from the limelight after years of controversy and going back to one of his first loves – smoothie making. He showed...

The Guardian

Cop kills Cop
Senior officers in the police department held a press conference on Monday, September 9th to clear up misconceptions and rumors surrounding the shooting death of police constable Dean Yearwood. Commissioner of Police, Allan Whylie, started off the press conference publicly expressing his condolences to family members of PC 1341 Dean Yearwood. According to the police sometime around 1:05 on Sunday morning, September 8th, they went to an area at the Corner of Nargusta Street and Central American Boulevard where they found 24 year old PC Yearwood suffering from a gunshot wound. He had a gunshot to the back. Also found in a yard a few feet away was another man identified as 21 year old Brian Vasquez. He was suffering from a gunshot wound also to the back. Investigations so far indicate that at around 1:00a.m P.C. Glen Wayne Grant was riding his bicycle on Central American Boulevard when his attention was drawn to two men struggling at the corner of Nargusta and Central American Boulevard during which gunshots were fired. He pulled out his service 9 millimeter pistol and fired several shots at the men. Eleven expended shells were recovered from the scene.

Pay your property tax Julius!
He pretends to be some sort of pious champion but the face of innocence and the standard bearer of virtuosity, can sell that image to those who don’t know him. Slowly, slowly his true nature is being exposed and the newspapers with an advert showing Julius Espat as a delinquent property holder is just such an instance of him being exposed. All the newspapers last week featured a list of those who owe the City Council property tax and right along with those who owe are Rufus X, Myrtle Palacio who owes $6,345.90 and Julius Espat who owes $4,947. It is interesting that Espat can see it fit to write a check for $5,000 to pay for Vaughn Gill’s Child Support but he cannot do the same to pay his property tax. It’s a shame on Julius. He wants to be Mr. Put to Right and he can’t even find the common decency to pay his taxes. Is that the kind of example that he should be giving?

Dynamics of Change
Many urban adults have fond memories of childhoods in rural areas or at least spending idyllic vacations with rural relatives. It was great fun to sit and tell stories in the evenings by the light of lamps; even taking turns with the hand pump to fill the water barrel was amusing; fruit picked straight from the backyard and fish caught in the river tasted better than supermarket fare. As adults we sometimes want to go back to that simpler time we remember and take vacations that mimic the best aspects of this simplicity. However, life for rural residents is often difficult with limited opportunities, long hours of hard manual work and lack of leisure activities. Rural folk want electricity, potable water and modern sewerage systems and they need expanded job opportunities. This can create some tension between those who want everything to remain unchanged and those clamouring for change. Many people remember when San Pedro was a small fishing village with no electricity or water system and not a single instance of motorized transport; some may even remember the summer scout camping trips. Others will recall the picturesque village of Placencia with its narrow foot paths and laid back ambience. The development of these two locations into prime tourism destinations was initiated largely by foreign visitors who were initially attracted by the lack of development they found. Some took advantage of the low cost of prime real estate, relocated to Belize and gradually changed the face of their adopted home. The local folk were at first amazed that these “crazy” foreigners were willing to buy their properties for what seemed to them at the time to be greatly inflated prices and cashed in on the bonanza. Unfortunately, their children and grandchildren are now largely locked out of their ancestral lands whose prices are far above their reach. The large scale developments that have occurred since then have been financed by foreign investment and much of the benefit therefore remains outside of the hands of the original residents.

Peaceful Tenth of September in Belize City
On Tuesday residents of Belize City enjoyed the most peaceful Tenth of September celebrations in years. There has not been a greater sense of security in Belize City since the 90’s and in such an environment there is no better place for a celebration.

State of the Art Pier at Placencia Point
Residents of Placencia Village are very impressed with the new look of the most popular part of the peninsula, “Pint”. The last three Placencia Village Chairmen were present at Placencia Point on Thursday, September 5th, to officially inaugurate the new and improved pier and plaza that was constructed as part of the Sustainable Tourism Program.

Ministry of Agriculture to take over Agro-Processing Project
An agro-processing field day was held on September 6, in the multipurpose building at the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds in Belmopan. The rare event was held to coincide with the almost festive occasions of Belmopan’s open market day and saw the participation of students from the Institutes for Technical & Vocational Education & Training (ITVET)’ from the Cayo and Orange Walk Districts. The event was organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture as well as the Republic of China Taiwan, ROC, Technical Mission under the theme, ‘Empowering women and youth for income generation’.

Status of Crime in the West of Belize
The San Ignacio Police Formation recently released comparative statistics on the rate of crimes during a span of three years. These figures just released shows that the full synchronization of police work along with Cayo’s community groups is bringing fruitful results.

Tenth of September Celebrated in the West
With signs ‘Belize in you, Belize in me, Land of the Free!’ painted in prominent places, the Tenth of September was celebrated successfully despite some light rain in San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town. Local residents began their celebration from the ninth of September. At the Eve of September the Tenth, students figured prominently and were tested for their knowledge on Belizean history on stage in front of the Administration Building by Town Councilors Mike Salazar and Sharry Medina.

City Flooding Results in New CEMO Taskforce
CEMO and Red Cross Officials in fron of Billboard sample There is no doubt that climate change is having a serious impact on Belize as minor storms that were once nonthreatening are now causing major damage. A low pressure system crept up on Belize late Tuesday, September 10th, as residents were busy celebrating and paying little attention to weather forecasts.

Commander of Southcom visits Belize
Four star general in charge of all of the United States military operations below Mexico all the way to the tip of South America was in Belize last week. General John F. Kelly was in the country on Wednesday and Thursday, September 4th and 5th at the invitation of the Government of Belize.

Charged for robbing $7
On Monday, September 9th, Leopold Stephens, 40, appeared in Magistrate’s court where he was charged with robbery and harm. Police say that at 8:56 on Thursday, September 5, Novelo, a construction worker and resident of Marage Road in Ladyville visited the station and was seen with a swollen face and a cut to his nose. In a report to police, Novelo told them that on that day he was on Egbert Quilter Street in the Lord’s Bank area when he was ambushed by a dark skin man he later recognized as Steve Paiz. According to Novelo, the man punched him in his face for no apparent reason. He then robbed him of his wallet which is value at $20. It contained a $5.00 bill and a $2.00 bill along with an Atlantic Bank and Belize Bank debit cards.

Murder Victim’s Firearm found
Police have recovered a firearm that was the property of Daniel Aguirre, 2011 KTV winner, who had been killed and burnt inside his taxi in Teakettle. Police found the remains of Aguirre inside the vehicle on Saturday morning on a road in the village. Aguirre had been engaged to take some persons on a charter on Saturday and was not seen since. On Monday September 9th police conducted a search at the residence of 49-year-old Miguel Dominguez of Arizona Area, Teakettle Village where they found a 9 millimeter pistol, CZ-75 with 20 live rounds of ammunition. Present at the time of the search were Noel Alexander Torres, 29, salesman of 7006 Antelope Street in Belize City; Blanca Dominguez, 41, domestic of Teakettle Village, and Miguel Dominguez. The firearm police recovered was owned by Torres and was in his possession before his death.

Roaring Creek Murder Suspect behind bars
Belmopan Police have arrested and charged 20-year-old, Honduran National, Erlin Achiaga for the murder of Nigel Noel Neal. He appeared in Magistrate's Court in Belmopan before Magistrate Aretha Ford on Monday September 9th, where he was charged with murder. He was then remanded to the Belize Central Prison until December 3rd. On the 6th of September police visited Progress Avenue in Roaring Creek village at around 7:45a.m. where they found the body of 33 year old Nigel Noel Neal AKA Blue. He was lying face up with gunshot wounds to the abdomen, left arm, right side of the face and to the right hip. Initial investigations revealed that Neal was walking on the street when he was approached by a man of Hispanic descent who fired several shots at him causing the said injuries.

Man Charged for Attempted Murder
On Monday, September 9th, 47-year-old Luis Gordon, a resident of Amara Avenue in Belize City, appeared in Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Dale Cayetano where he was charged with one court of attempted murder and one count of grievous harm upon his brother-in-law Roberto Gilharry. No plea was taken since the charges are indictable offenses that will be dealt with at the Supreme Court level. In a report to police, 37-year-old Roberto Gilharry told police that on Friday, September 6th, at about 6:15 a.m., he got up and drove an SUV vehicle inside the yard he lives in. The vehicle belongs to a female friend, Tiffara Torres, who was staying at his house due to a domestic dispute she had.

Belize Youth Volleyball Team placed fourth in championship
The National Youth Girls Volleyball Team placed fourth in the recently concluded Central American Youth Girls Volleyball Championship that was held in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Team Belize lost its final game to the undefeated champions Costa Rica in three sets. The team however, finished the championship with a 2-3 record for the fourth position. The team also captured 4 of the 9 individual awards given out at the end of the championship. Karen Quan won the Best Setter Award; Kevanna Sebastian won the Best Blocker Award, while Nayala Tun captured the Best Digger and Best Libero Awards.

San Pablo blanks San Roman in Vega’s Cup Tournament
The Vega’s Cup Tournament continued on Sunday, September 8, 2013 out at the San Roman Football Field. In the first game played, Santa Cruz Juniors and San Jose FC played to a 1-1 draw. The goal for Santa Cruz Juniors was scored by Juan Chi in the 9th minute of play, while the goal for San Jose was scored by Jeffry Yama in the 66th minute of play. In game two, San Antonio edged Douglas Real Juve by the score of 2-1. The goals for San Antonio FC were scored by Evi Espejo in the 15th minute of play and Doni Espejo in the 81st minute of play. Meanwhile, the only goal of the game for Douglas Real Juve was scored by Aaron Mesh in the 65th minute of play. In the third game, United Ballers outscored Santa Cruz Misilitos by the score of 3-1. The goals for United Ballers were scored by Jason Williams in the 34 and 37th minute of play and Didier Chulim in the 76th minute of play, while the only goal of the game for the Santa Cruz Misilitos was scored by Victor Maldonado in the 20th minute of play.

BWSL, Customs, City Council and Atlantic Bank win in final regular season basketball games
The Belize District Basketball Association regular season came to an end on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at Bird’s Isle with four games on the schedule. In the first game played, BWSL upended Ready Call quite easily by the score of 74-47. The top scorers for BWSL were Jamir Enriquez with 17 points, and 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, Karim Thompson with 11 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, Lindberg Graham 11 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, and Akeem Trapp also with 11 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals. For Ready Call, the top scorers were Hubert Baptist with 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals, George Smith 8 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 assist, Josiah Brown with 7 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals and Ensworth Tzul also with 7 points.

Belize District Football Association players’ registration is on
The Belize District Football Association is currently conducting registration of all amateur players in the Belize District free of cost. The registration process commenced on September 5 and will conclude on October 4, 2013. Registration forms are available at Infotel Limited at 53 Regent Street in Belize City. Meanwhile, the association also informs the general public and football teams in the district that the 2013 Belize District 1st Division Competition is scheduled to commence on October 12th. For further information you can contact the Belize District Football Association at [email protected]

XXIII National Women’s Softball Championship has new dates
The Management Council of the Belize Softball Federation has confirmed that the XXIII National Women’s Softball Championship has been rescheduled for September 27-29, 2013, at Rogers Stadium, the home of softball in Belize. The XXIII National Women’s Softball Championship will feature the champions and sub-champions of the affiliated associations of the federation. The National Women’s Softball Championship utilizes the Double Elimination Format. This year’s championship has been dedicated to all survivors of cancer and in particular breast cancer.

Sunshine Masqueraders and Belizean Jewel Shine at Carnival King and Queen
The Carnival King and Queen competition is the coming out party for bands that will be participating in the road march and on Saturday, September 7th, Sunshine Masqueraders and Belizean Jewel came out in spectacular fashion. Rogers Stadium was packed as hundreds of Belizeans came out to support their neighbourhood band. The competition is divided into four categories: junior queen, junior king, senior queen and senior king. Before the competitors took the stage, the judges went around to inspect the costumes. They graded based on creativity, flexibility and durability. The costumes also had to meet certain requirements such as height and mobility. Once the costumes were graded and cleared to go it was time to hit the stage. The stage was built in the middle of the softball infield. Spectators sat on chairs that were place around the stage and others sat in the bleachers. There was not an empty seat in the stadium. Each participant had three to five minutes to display the character they were portraying. Veteran king and queen participants explain that it is not a dancing competition but costume pageantry. People are often upset because they are impressed by their favourite participant’s performance; however, judges look at how the participant works the costume around the stage and how the costume moves.

The Reporter

Regional project promises better healthcare for northern Belize
By Benjamin Flowers Districts in the north and west can expect improvements in maternal and infant health care, due to the Ministry of Health’s continuing efforts with the Salud Mesoamérica 2015 Initiative.

Defense questions US’ evidence in Seawell extradition case
Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith will rule next month on submissions made by Gary Seawell’s attorney, Arthur Saldivar, that the evidence the United States in relying on to extradite him, does not comply with the requirement of the law.

Policeman shoots at robber, and kills fellow police officer
Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie described the Sunday morning shooting death of Police Constable Dean Yearwood, 24, by another police officer, as “a great tragedy” and has ordered both a criminal and an internal investigation.

Eternity Mass Band & Belizean Jewels win Carnival Queen & King
The Eternity Mass Band and the Belizean Jewels Band captured top honors when the National September Celebrations Carnival Committee hosted the Carnival King and Queen competition at Roger’s Stadium in Belize City last Friday night, September 6.

Cinnamon levels up from common spice to super health food
A team of scientists elevated the prized spice, cinnamon, from its culinary applications to a loftier stratum as a promising molecular weapon for combating chronic diseases. Researchers from various fields, including Kiram Panickar, Heping Cao, Bolin Qin and Richard A. Anderson, collaborated in making this significant breakthrough.

Living adult tissue transformed back into embryo state
The living tissue inside an animal has been regressed back into an embryonic state for the first time, Spanish researchers say.

Triple B’s win Atlantic Bank football championship
The Triple B’s of Belmopan bombed the Ladyville Jaguars 8-0 in the second game of the finals to win the 2013 Atlantic Bank women’s football championship at the FIFA Goal Project Stadium in Belmopan on Saturday, September 7.

Camalote Blazers win 1st Miley Garcia softball championship finals
The Camalote Blazers won 1-0 over Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy in the first game of the championship finals of the 2013 Miley Garcia Women’s Softball Competition organized by the Cayo Softball Association at the Denbeigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote on Sunday, September 8.


St Georges Caye day in Belize City
Nothing like a Belize City adventure to celebrate the Holiday. We caught the 12:00pm Maya Air flight to Municipal Airport. As soon as we were off the plane Gonzalo Heredia met us and offered to drive us to our destination, the Princess Hotel, it was a short cab ride and cost was $10 BZD. As we drove through the streets there were a few decorated buildings and lots of colorful red white and blue pennants in honor of September Celebrations and St Georges Caye Day. My first choice was Indian food, I would have walked but the front desk said the road was under construction, plus I know Paul and Dr Al do not like me walking around belize City. I scored a cab outside the Princess and we headed to the Sumanthi Restaurant, unfortunately it was closed. Good by Garlic Nan hello hot and sour soup, grilled lobster burger with a lime juice chaser. As we pulled up to Chon San Palace my cab driver and I agreed you can always count on Chinese restaurants to be open and well decorated for the holidays.

Placencia, Belize: Charm, Food Eaten and Eating Opportunities Missed, The End
This is becoming quite the long drawn out post about Placencia. There was Part One: Good Eats, Placenca Belize, Four Meals A Day Is Just Not Enough and then Part Two: Charm, My Potential Pulitzer, Best Coffee in Belize and Good Eats. But for a tiny village, there is a ton to see. Now let’s finish this off. Belize is on the second (or is it third?) day of now two tropical waves giving us rain and grey chilly weather (by chilly I mean low 80s), won’t it be nice to look at sunny pictures of Placencia. But you can see that there is quite a bit swirling about. So let’s head down to Placencia and think of pleasant things like sunshine, candy colored buildings and coconut flan. While I did do a ton of eating there were a few places that I didn’t get to try…

Chaa Creek and the case for Eco-tourism
The steady rise of eco-tourism as opposed to the more traditional model is just the tip of an iceberg of a rising service industry geared towards satisfying customer demands to “do the right thing”, according to the owner of Belize’s first eco-resort. Lucy Fleming, who with her husband Mick opened the Lodge at Chaa Creek in September 1981 after struggling to support themselves as farmers in this tiny Caribbean country said their experience proves that there is a large market of people who rate a resort’s environmental credentials as highly as a reputation for quality and service. And that providing both is a proven key to success. “When eco-tourism began in Belize, there was a great deal of nervousness about the ability to meet guests’ expectations for quality while remaining true to stringent environmental standards. The success of ecotourism in Belize has proven beyond doubt that this can be done,” Ms Fleming said. “As it turned out, there was a large audience out there who were receptive to the idea that a holiday can actually contribute to the environmental and social wellbeing of the host country.”

Workshop on Women’s Micro-sized Enterprises Start-up and Credit Facilities
Since the late 1960s, the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has been offering international assistance through technical cooperation programs, while establishing friendly relations with countries in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. In the 1980s, as a result of Taiwan considerable economic achievements and a favorable international trade balance, Taiwan intensified its lending and cooperation programs. Over the past few decades, the Committee of International Technical Cooperation (CITC) and the International Economic Cooperation Development Fund (IECDF) accumulated invaluable experiences as they demonstrated solid achievements in bilateral cooperation.

“Lost” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
The rain experienced during the last few days continued yesterday (well it is the rainy season) and when I got out on the veranda shortly after 05.00 hours (05.18 hours to be precise) it was obvious that it had been raining throughout the night. Not that I would have known though because when I ‘hit’ the pillow my sound system switches off. Fortunately though the veranda of the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is offered some protection from the elements by the fronds of the coconut trees, some of which occasionally ‘touch’ the railings of the veranda when swaying in the breeze. Afforded this protection I was able to enjoy my ‘quality time’ (my solitude time) – that’s me, my mug of coffee and the iPad which gives me access to the rest of the world. Well, when the Internet is working that is! And it was.

A Family Day at Chaa Creek Lodge
It can be hard to find activities for multi-generational family groups in Belize. Often activities are too physical for older people or the very young, or not engaging for all ages. When my parents come to visit I often struggle to think of things we can do together, and now that I have very young children it is even more difficult. The Lodge at Chaa Creek offered to set my family up with a family day, and since it is right up the road from me but I have never visited, I decided to give it a try. Chaa Creek is about 7 miles from San Ignacio, a 10 minute ride on a dirt road off the main highway. The lodge is tucked into the jungle, and immediately when we got out of our car we noticed how felt cool and refreshing it felt in the shade. Since we had toddlers with us, we decided to only check out easy on-site activities. Chaa Creek staff suggested the natural history museum, the butterfly farm, and the medicinal trail.

International Sources

The Pop! of the Wild
IF you put your head underwater in the Sea of Cortez, you will hear a crackling sound. In my summer field course for undergraduates, there were two students who noticed it before all the others. One was a young man who was blind; the other was a precocious musician. Alongside, three other students and I were floating on our backs in the sea, holding one ear underwater, to hear the crackle, and one ear in the air, to listen to one another. The blind student described the sound as “footsteps on kindling.” When I told them what was actually making the sound, their reaction was, in a word, Shrimp!?! And then: But how? And then: But why? Pistol shrimp make their pops by shooting the “thumb” of one claw into a socket on the larger, opposing part of the same claw. The action squeezes out a jet of water that spurts so fast it opens up a small envelope of space in its wake. When this cavity collapses under the weight of the ocean, the vapor inside is crushed back into liquid, creating a shock wave, which we perceive as a pop. The shrimp use such bubbles not only to stun their prey but also to communicate, so our floating conversation segued to social life: certain species of pistol shrimp form large colonies with true division of labor and altruistic behavior. From there we moved to the evolution of symbiosis (a surprising collaboration between pistol shrimp and gobies) and biodiversity (there are 600 species of pistol shrimp). 600!?! But how? But why? And on we ventured, into Darwin’s “mystery of mysteries,” the origin of species.

Blowing bubbles in Belize
HOW FORTUITOUS, I thought, that after choosing Belize as my next dive destination a whirl of media hype should surface around this small but vibrant Central American country. Just weeks before departure, TripAdvisor named Ambergris Caye its “Top Island in the World”, for its white sandy beaches and pristine reef system, while Lonely Planet made the Great Blue Hole number one on its “2013 Top 10 Dives in the World” list. Pretty big calls, so I was excited to discover whether these accolades were deserved. The plan was to spend two weeks sampling some local diving around Ambergris Caye (pronounced key, meaning island), a week’s diving aboard the Belize Aggressor III and a few days exploring Belize’s rich Mayan history and jungle terrain. I have to report that two weeks was not enough!

Belize trip an eye-opener for CG families
Imagine having very little, but enjoying life in a very big way. That’s what the Schommers and Wipperfurths discovered about the humble people of Belize when they traveled to the Central American country in June. The families, along with the Baudhuins – all from Cottage Grove – were part of a week-long mission trip through St. Dennis Catholic Church. St. Dennis has a sister parish in San Ignacio and the families spent time working with the parish and the more than 1,000 local students. “I really felt like we were called to go,” Jeanne Schommer said. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing for our families. It was everything we thought it could be and 10 times more.”

Spend winter break in Belize with Lake Land College
This winter, Lake Land College is hosting its fifth annual Belize Adventure. From jaguars to Mayan ruins and the rainforest, Belize, in Central America, has a wealth of adventures to explore! “Participants on the trip will experience firsthand one of the most unique areas on the planet during this short-term study abroad opportunity,” said Dyke Barkley, trip coordinator and Lake Land College horticulture instructor. During the trip, scheduled for December 28 – January 3, participants will experience a variety of activities including: visiting a citrus farm, botanical garden and baboon sanctuary; daytime and nighttime jungle hikes; exploring a Mayan ceremonial cave and archeological sites; and traveling to cities to visit markets and experience local culture.

New World Oil & Gas chief on the front foot as he aims to build a mid-cap oil producer
The news of the summer for followers of the growth company sector was the Lazarus-like resurrection of New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW), headed by the irrepressible Bill Kelleher. Landing US$25mln of new funding (and with it a new cornerstone investor in Niel Petroleum) and gaining access to a debt facility of the same order, has put one of the junior market’s most followed oil firms very much on the front foot. It’s a transformational sum and one that allows it to fund a strategy that could – if executed properly - comfortably catapult New World into the realms of the mid-caps.

New World Oil & Gas shareholders approve funding agreement
New World Oil and Gas [LON:NEW], the oil and gas operating, exploration and development company focused on Belize and Denmark, held its Annual General Meeting (today and is pleased to announce that all resolutions were duly passed. Accordingly, shareholders have approved, on a poll, Special Resolution 5 regarding the proposed issue of 2,184,897,959 Subscription Shares to Niel Petroleum for an aggregate consideration of US$25 million (gross) (0.735p per Subscription Share) and a related conditional Debt Facility made between the Company and Niel Petroleum announced on 21 August 2013. The expected date of the issue and Admission of the Subscription Shares is 25 September 2013, at which point Niel Petroleum will have acquired a 75.66% interest in the Company.

Joshua Berman Travel Writer in Belize
A day in the life of a travel writer in Belize. Author of Moon Belize, Joshua Berman, shows a brief glimpse of what it takes to update a guidebook

10th of September Parade in Belize 2013
Here is a quick overview of the ceremony and parade that was held on the 10th of September for the Battle of Saint George's Caye Day in Belize.

Inspiring Belize's future environmental stewards
Help us to inspire the next generation to protect the incredible diversity of life found in our small corner of Central America

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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White Sands Dive Shop - 5 Star PADI Dive Facility - Daily diving, SCUBA instruction and Snorkeling
Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
Click for the Thrifty Dollar Golf Club Rental website!
Click for Ian Anderson's Caves Branch, Welcome to a World of Adventure
Lil Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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Cayo Espanto
Click for Cayo Espanto, and have your own private island
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Click for exciting and adventurous tours of Belize with Katie Valk!
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