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The San Pedro Sun

Crime is up but police maintain visible presence on the street
The San Pedro Police Department has released the statistics as it relates to crime on Ambergris Caye. The information indicates the hot-spot areas on the island, the total amount of reported crimes and the measures that the San Pedro Police Department is taking to tackle the situation. According to Superintendent of Police Luis Castellaños, Officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit and the head of the San Pedro Police Formation, the statistics allow them to see the crime trend on the island. “The entire island has been divided into four areas. This helps us to see which areas need more focus. Once the island was divided, we began marking the various places where crimes were committed and reported,” said Castellaños. Section One covers the entire northern part of Ambergris Caye; from the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge, through San Mateo and on to the end of the island including San Mateo. Section Two is from the bridge to the Mar de Tumbo area including San Pedrito. Section Three is from Mar de Tumbo southwards to the Mosquito Coast and includes DFC area, and section four is from Mosquito Coast to the southern end of the island.

Wolfe’s Woofers: Night Watchman
Sandy rings the bell for the watchman. But, why?

Meet your National AIDS Commission Island Committee members
The National AIDS Commission Island Committee was established to carry out the local aspect of the National Response to HIV following the guidelines of the National AIDS Commission. The entity is commissioned by the Government of Belize to carry out this function. This week we introduce Rene Riverol – Committee Vice-Chair. My name is Rene Riverol, currently the vice chair of the NAC Island Committee. I am originally from Belize City, where I was born and raised. I am presently working at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic as the pharmacist. I graduated from Wesley College in Belize City where I enrolled into the University of Belize to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry. I graduated and returned to UB to do the Associates Degree program in Pharmacy where I graduated in 2009. I have been a licensed pharmacist since then.

Misc Belizean Sources

Placencia Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament
Sept. 21 & 22

Belize J'ouvert 2013: VIDEO
This years Belize J'ouvert got bigger and better with 5 music trucks followed by many J'ouvert revelers dancing, gyrating and chipping away to sweet Soca songs. Please excuse us for the shaking of the camera as we took you into the belly of the beast to show you the fun you many have missed in this year's J'ouvert in Belize.

San Ignacio: Where Street Art Lurks
Cayo's street art is highlighted, and some of it is pictured, in this great article. Some of the street art shown is from Jose Guerra Awe. Great quote seen with the art: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. "While I found the rolling hills refreshing, I noticed something even more refreshing once I reached the town of San Ignacio: a growing culture of street art. Why did the artists choose San Ignacio? Perhaps it is the town’s compact walkability, offering a decent daily audience; perhaps it’s the town’s relative safeness; perhaps the artists are inspired by the novelty of hilly streets in Belize. Below are some specimens I found between the great-smelling tortilla shops and restaurants."

Music in the Park Saturdays
Today's Music in the Park at the Cayo Welcome Center will feature the Rompe Rajas Band and the Laru Beya Boys. It's starting now. Last week's concert was the World Culture Band, and it was phenomenal! Thanks, Fuego Bar and Grill! "FUEGO's SATURDAY features LIVE Music in the Park. From 11 am .... Laru Beya Boys and Rompe Rajas."


DPM Visits Peten
A few days ago, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture Honourable Gaspar Vega left for a working visit to Petén, Guatemala as guest of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of Guatemala. During his visit, the Minister attended and addressed the First National Livestock Fair held in Petén where contacts with several private sector livestock, equipment and service providers were made. The Guatemalan Minister of Agriculture, Elmer Lopez, the Governor of Petén and the Congressman for Petén were among many distinguished Guatemalan officials addressing the fair.

Calling All Rock Lovers, Big Rock Concert To Take Place In Orange Walk
Tomorrow night hundreds of Orange Walkenos and rock music lovers will converge at the Fort Cairn’s Market Plaza to be delighted with pure rock music. “Rock for all volume five” is the title of this year’s mega rock live concert with which will feature countless rock selections. The event promises to be phenomenal as there will be a number of performances by both local and international rocks bands. According to the coordinator of the event, Councilor Joshue Carballo, rock music knows no border and this year’s event is geared towards creating unity among the Belizean people. Josue Carballo, Coordinator, Rock 4 All Rock Concert “The purpose during these September celebrations is to unite our people, to unite Orange Walkenos, visit as it comes to visit where rock has been known to transient borders and to bring people together throughout the world and as such you know people love rock music this is one of the bedrocks throughout the country, a lot of band that play really nice music and we are inviting also bands from Cayo and from Corozal and even from neighbouring Mexico Chetumal a band called Steel, so the purpose of this concert is to celebrate together with our Orange Walkenos and as the same time to promote music.

Primary School Students March In Honour Of Belize's 32nd Birthday
With only eight days away from celebrating Belize’s 32nd Birthday, the streets of Corozal Town were invaded by primary school students from the Corozal District who took part in the annual Children’s Rally. But before hitting the streets in their patriotic outfits, students converged at the Andres Campos Civic Centre for the official opening ceremonies. Victor Castillo reports from Corozal. Victor Castillo - Reporting We are eight days away from celebrating Belize’s 32nd Birthday and in the Corozal District festivities are already in full swing. This morning the Andres Campos Civic Centre in Corozal was invaded by a sea of red, white and blue as hundreds of primary school students geared up to celebrate the jewels birthday with the traditional Children’s Rally.

Aguirre's Killer Confesses To His Killing
This morning 29 year old Alexander Torres, the man police believe murdered popular karaoke singer Daniel Aguirre, was arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrates Court. The charred body of Aguirre was found in his taxi on the morning of September 7th, in the Arizona area of Teakettle on the George Price Highway. The body was burnt beyond recognition. According to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, in this case there is no eyewitness to the actual killing. The Prosecution's evidence rests, in the main, on a confession contained in a statement made by Torres under caution, to the Police. At this stage, no issue as to the voluntariness of that statement has arisen. We understand that certain matters raised in the statement have been confirmed independently and there is other circumstantial evidence which bolsters the case for the Crown. Police, we are told, have also been able to recover a knife which according to Torres himself is the murder weapon.

Processor Corozal Burglarized
Over the past weeks police officers from the Corozal District have been busy solving a number of burglary and robbery reports. And tonight they have another case of burglary to crack. This time the victim was Prosser Fertilizer Corozal Branch. When we visited the scene this morning, the branch manager of the establishment stood outside with police officers as members of the forensic department gathered their evidence inside. While we were not allowed to capture any footage inside the establishment, we understand that the criminal or criminals, left nothing unturned. Since large sum of monies are not left in the establishment, the intruder or intruders were only able to walk away with some $500.00 in cash. Nothing else seemed to be missing. It is believed that entrance to the building was gained through the front shutter.

Allegations Of Mal Practice Hurled Against Northern Medical Plaza
A first time mother and an entire family from the Village of San Roman in the Corozal District are tonight mourning the death of Dulce Maria Coye who was 15 days old when she passed away at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. But the family is not blaming the KHMH for the child’s death, this time allegations of malpractice are being hurled at the Northern Medical Plaza here in Orange Walk. According to the child’s mother, Abigael Tun, baby Dulce was born with a medical condition identified as Pyloric Stenosis; which causes a blockage of food at the stomach outlet since the muscle between the stomach and the small intestine is enlarged and avoids the passage of food through the small intestine. Baby Dulce, according to the mother, was brought to the Northern Medical Plaza for medical attention. There, doctors told her that the child needed to undergo surgery to cure the problem. And the child indeed underwent surgery but what happened after that has the family perplexed, in shock and demanding answers.


Hiking The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
A light drizzle has just transformed into a rush of water pouring down on us as we listened to Doyle, the self proclaimed best tour guide of Cockscomb in all of Belize, enthusiastically tell us how an American man named Alan Rabinowitz had struggled for years to convince the powers that be that the damp, mushy soil we stood on must be conserved to keep wild jaguars from becoming extinct. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Rabinowitz Belize is home to the world’s first and only Jaguar preserve – the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, 150 square miles of land restricted from hunting, fishing, logging or any other kind of habitat destruction. This area of tropical forest is unique, the first and only sanctuary set up for the conservation of Jaguars. The Jaguar Preserve offers incredible hiking trails through pristine lush jungle filled with wildlife, rivers and waterfalls. Although there’s an estimated 200 Jaguars living in the preserve its likely you could hike here everyday for years and never lay your eyes one.

“Smooth” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Regular readers may be wondering why I have not mentioned going to breakfast at Estel’s since last Saturday’s edition. Have I had to tighten the purse strings? Have I -at long last – realised that a fried breakfast is perhaps not the healthiest way to start my day ( well it doesn’t start my day but you know what I mean) ? Are they using a new cook? Have I found another breakfast hangout? No. None of these reasons. It’s far, far more simpler than that. Estel’s has had the temerity to close for a holiday. And, I don’t know for how long! I’ve been going through severe withdrawal symptoms but am gradually pulling through. I am pretty certain though that the ‘habit’ will return when they re-open for business! Lack of willpower? Probably. OK, definitely. Hurry back Estel’s. I miss you.

FISHING REPORT: Week of September 7th – September 14th, 2013
Things have slowed down around here at El Pescador. We have had a very busy year, and now it’s time to enjoy this beautiful place as we prepare for another busy season soon. It has been rewarding to watch as angling stories are endless each day. And everyone had their dreams met! Nick is a guide in Michigan and came out and landed tarpon on fly and jumped several others. His wife Megan loves to fly fish as well, and was happy with her bonefish on fly. Bryson landed all three, but really he wanted his tarpon on fly, and that’s what he got. Lonnie had one day booked with Captain Cesar. It was his only day scheduled, after all, he was here with his new wife Carrie. Lonnie had his dream come true – a grand slam on live bait!