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Today's Belize News: September 17, 2013 #472687
09/17/13 06:13 AM
09/17/13 06:13 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Island students participate in annual Children and Youth Rally
The Ministry of Education Youth and Sports on Friday September 13th hosted students from across the country to the annual Children and Youth Rally. The event was celebrated under the national September Celebrations theme “Belize in You, Belize in Me – Land of the Free.” On Ambergris Caye, the students gathered at the Rafael Angel Nuñez Auditorium where the atmosphere was very patriotic, and included dances and celebration music. The event was broken down into two segments: the first was the official ceremony and the second part was the fun and entertainment section. During the official ceremony, the students of Ambergris Caye were happy to listen to a 10-minute presentation by Anthony Gill. The 11-year-old Belizean/American is an international motivational and inspirational speaker. His visit with the students of San Pedro Town is part of a countrywide tour and it is his second working visit to Belize.

Ministry of Health issues caution on oral Ketoconazole
The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring new information in regards to the use and efficacy of a well established anti-fungal medication, Ketoconozole, which is currently being used in Belize. The Ministry is aware that in some countries this medication has been banned from further use because of its toxic effects on the liver. Other medications of the same category of drugs have proven to be just as effective with fewer side effects. As such, patients on this medication should consult their doctors at the earliest possible time to seek out the best solution available. Doctors across the country are strongly advised to switch to newer, less toxic medications. The Ministry of Health strongly advises that Ketoconazole be used only for cases where patients are unable to tolerate other therapies or when other medication options are unavailable.

Ambergris Today

New British High Commissioner Makes Courtesy Call to Minister of National Security
The new British High Commissioner to Belize, H.E. Peter Hughes made a courtesy call to Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar on Friday, September 13, 2013, in his office at the Ministry of National Security Headquarters in the Curl Thompson Building in Belmopan. The British High Commissioner’s visit is part of his familiarization tour, having recently taken up his new position after presenting his credentials to Governor General Sir ColvilleYoung. H.E Peter Hughes started his diplomatic career as Desk Officer in the British Defense Department, and has since served oversees in Australia, the Caribbean, Asia and Afghanistan. Upon his appointment to Belize, Mr. Hughes was quoted as saying he hopes to build on the enduring friendship between the United Kingdom and Belize.

Flashbacks: Patrotism in the 1970's
It is not the size of a parade but the patriotism that goes along with it. These San Pedro kids are displaying a slightly decorated bike but high in the air is the fluttering British flag. Yes, it is definitely before Independence so you will see one or two Union Jack flags, the flag of England around the village. Even the child on the bike has his little British flag ready for the parade. This was the time when Sanpedranos paid tribute to the Queen of England and showed respect to the Governor of England, the British flag and the national anthem, God Save The Queen. It was also the era when the streets of San Pedro were rolling hills of beautiful white sand.

Teen Talk: Why Judging People is Wrong
- by Ryan Ancona, Teen Talk Reporter - In this week’s article we will be talking about why judging other people is wrong. I believe everyone is guilty of this at some point of their lives, some more than others. Then there are some people who don’t really realize that they are doing it. Why is it wrong you may ask? Well the first reason is more common sense. It is wrong because it can hurt the other person’s feelings. Here is an example: there is a girl who instead of wearing usual girly clothes decides to dress with more ‘boyish’ clothes. Probably as soon as other girls see her they would start laughing because she is different. There are a lot of people who will probably argue that she can’t wear boy clothes because she is a girl and that’s not right.

Pic of the Week: September Celebrations Inspired Art
‘One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure’ perfectly describes our Picture of the Week. It took Heider Perez and his children just a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of creativity to put together this awesome yard art as tribute to Belize’s patriotic celebrations taking place this month. With bits and pieces of scraps that their neighbors had discarded as trash, the Perez family saw it as treasure and an opportunity to recycle all of it into something colorful and beautiful. An old discarded bicycle frame, bucket covers for the wheels, pieces of PVC pipe, an old basket, scrap plywood and some spare paint was all it took to get it done! “Ok ok... this is how it happened,” commented Heider to us. “I was passing by my neighbor’s yard when I notice this old bicycle frame. I went home thinking that I can use it somehow. Two days later I decided to take it home... still not knowing what I was going to do with it. I thought to myself that it would be funny to have a Macaw riding it and since we are in the month of September; that just kinda made everything easier. I am painting my house at the moment so I got the bucket covers for the wheels from the buckets of paint and since it’s a bird I decided to go with PVC pipe for the peddle since this wasn't an ordinary guy riding the bike. LOL. And the basket...well it so happens I have great neighbors - I also found it on another neighbor's trash. I did the Macaw out of some scrap plywood I had in my yard. A little color and there you have it."

Community Bulletin: Saga’s Central American Cook-Off
Come and enjoy Saga’s Central American Cook-off Block Party at El Fogon on Thursday, September 19, 2013! Saga will be serving up very own purrfect Tropical Sangria. There will be both red and white to choose from with all proceeds benefiting Saga. Saga’s Famous Raffle with great prices and plenty of good food to vote for. This fundraiser is to raise money for a SNIP-a-thon that Saga HS will be promoting in October. Saga will also be hosting Helping Paws Across Borders form Oct. 7-11 and Hopkins HS Oct. 19-21. There will be visiting Vets to hold FREE SNIP (spay/neuter) clinics for the community. Saga’s goal is to SNIP over 300 island pets.

Misc Belizean Sources

Education in Belize: Breaking Free!
September in Belize is a month for celebrations! Many festivities lead up to Sept 10th to commemorate the “Battle of St. George’s Caye”, a day that has been celebrated each year, and long before the country achieved self-governing status in the mid 1960’s and Independence in 1981. Each September includes many talent competitions throughout Belize, then a festive Carnaval, then the nationwide celebrated Independence Day on Sept. 21st to top a full month of festivities. In our many September celebrations throughout the country, we celebrate many forms of “breaking free”, whether from Colonial masters or from whatever may have once held us back -- as a country and as a people. We even broke free from our former name, British Honduras, and have proudly made ourselves known throughout the entire world as: Belize. Certainly, we have every right to celebrate all the changes and advancements in Belize today. It is unfortunate, though, that Belize insists on remaining very disadvantaged as a young developing country, because since gaining Independence we adamantly refuse to break free from adhering to former/existing Colonial (Commonwealth) systems of Education throughout the country.

In Bloom Rocked Orange Walk
In Bloom, one of Cayo's up and coming rock bands, took a road trip to Sugar City this weekend to rock out at their Rock 4 All concert. They had more than a little fun while they were up there sharing the jams. "We Stepped Back To Listen To The Roar of The Crowd, Embrace The Feeling of Love And Support, And Thoroughly Enjoy The Scenery Unfolding Before Our Eyes, Orange Walk Surely Knews How To Make Us Feel At Home!!!! Thanks So Much To The Orange Walk Town Council For Having Us And For Accommodations At Hotel de la Fuente, Orange Walk Town, Belize, German Novelo For Giving Us A Chance To Play, And Macs' Dad For Sponsoring The Drive To and From OW. We'll Be Back xD. In Bloom In Orange Walk For The 'Rock 4 All Vol 5' Concert!!!"

Belize Photography Exhibition
The Benque House of Culture is getting ready for their next exhibition, which will be photographs from around Belize that follow the theme 'Belize: Through My Eyes.' The juried photographic exhibit is open to all amateur photographers. They are accepting submissions through the 25th of October. Call Subrata Basu at 633-8000 for more information.

FCD Presented on Chiquibul to PM
Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director of Friends for Conservation and Development, and the FCD crew, gave a presentation on the Chiquibul Forest Reserve to the PM last week. The Chiquibul is one of Belize's greatest areas for flora and fauna diversity, and a large part of the country's water supply originates there, over 4 billion gallons a year. Save the Chiquibul! "FCD had the opportunity to present their work to the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow on the 11th of September regarding the protection of the Chiquibul Forest. FCD’s Director explained the challenges faced to secure the protected area. The reunion was extremely productive and encouraging and the Prime Minister recognized the important work carried out by FCD."

September Criterium Race
Congratulations to Cayo's Oscar Quiroz and Jose Choto for winning the annual September Criterium bicycle race this weekend in the Junior and Masters divisions. For a complete list of winners, go to the Belize Cycling Association page.

Channel 7

Concrete, Actionable Allegations of Corruption At SIF: Board Sanctions Terminations
Tonight, SIF, the Social Investment Fund is reeling after mass terminations - resulting from concrete, actionable allegations of corruption. 7news has confirmed that the Board of Directors had an emergency meeting at 2:00 this afternoon in Belmopan and highly placed sources tell us that they took the decision to terminate as many as four employees, while also asking Executive Director Daniel Cano to resign. According to a release issued a few minutes ago, quote, "The meeting is still in session and a statement will be issued tomorrow morning detailing the outcome. " The meeting had key input from the contractor general who has been investigating allegation of corruption at SIF for some time, too long a time, according to some. We say that because those concrete allegations were made 7 months ago by a contractor SIF had retained to build the New Dangriga Town market. He is Kennard Smart, and tonight, we'll look at those allegations of corruption:...

Soldier Beaten By Cops
And from that scandal to a recap of the weekend's news. Considering all the drinking and wild revelry that happened, we're glad to report that no one was killed. But that doesn't mean there wasn't violence - in fact, there was quite a bit. The most disturbing case is one involving a BDF Corporal who was beaten unconscious by police officers. Now, usually, these lawmen work together, but Cayo police say when they responded to a disturbance at Blue Angels Club on Sunday morning at 3:45 am, they found 27 year old BDF Corporal Keith Pinnix "without shirt, screaming and shaking the metal gate to the entrance of Blue Angels Night Club on Hudson Street, San Ignacio Town." Pinnix had apparently left a bag with important personal documents in the club and they didn't want to let him back in to get it. Police say they told him to conduct himself appropriately but he continued. They then put him under arrest for disorderly conduct. That's when the cops say Pinnix punched a police officer, knocking him off his feet. They say Pinnix launched another attack, throwing several punches. Police say they had no choice but to respond with force, clubbing Pinnix with the baton. They hit him so hard that they allegedly broke the baton in the process.

Carnival Craziness Leads to Crime
And while that was Cayo - in Belize City there were two violent events - both resulting from the Carnival. The first occurred early in the morning at around 4:00 am during the Wet Fete - an event that precedes the jouver't - where, as the name implies everyone is sprayed with freezing cold water. This was staged at the MCC Tennis court on front of the Princess. As you might be able to imagine, the event was quite wild and being held at four in the morning it quickly unfolded into chaos - as revelers - along with more than a few drinkers - mounted the sound system truck and refused to get off to make space for the deejay. Police had to be called - which meant the involvement of the GSU which is headquartered right around the corner near Renaissance Towers. While police used "stunners", referred to locally as "tasers" to get the crowd off the truck, rocks and sticks started to be thrown by the mob at the police. The GSU fired warning shots in the air with their MT-9 machine guns to disperse the mob. IT was effective, but then when a man was injured in the head, the story went out that the GSU had shot him in the head. But that's not so. It turns out that 18 year old Rudolph Ramsey was injured by a rock and not a weapon. He was not at the KHMH and best information is that he discharged himself.

COLA Gets On The No Bus Ban Bandwagon
On Friday you saw expert protestor Phillip Fawda Henry come out against the City Council's plan to ban public buses from Albert Street. Well today, he was joined by advocacy organization COLA - which issued a release asking, quote, "Where is the consultation…that this Council promised City residents when they came into office last March?" To that, they add, dramatically, "Man does not live by concrete alone, but by the sweat of his brow eats bread." We'll have to figure that one out, but for context we spoke to COLA President Geovanni Brackett today:.. Geovanni Brackett - President, COLA "We believe that this new decision of the Council maybe in fact unilateral and a decision that is inconvenient and unsafe for the commuters."

Man Charged For Golden Corn Robbery
On Friday, 7News told you about the robbery which was stopped as it was happening at the Golden Corn Tortilla Factory on Central American Boulevard. As we reported, at around 4 on Friday evening, 3 men, one of whom was armed with a .38 pistol, barged into shop, stole money from the cash pan, and grabbed a cell phone from one of the workers. One of the owners tackled the man with the gun, causing it to fall to the ground. This gave the other workers time to subdue him, until the police arrived and arrested him. His other accomplices ran off and escaped. Police arrested and charged 21 year old Joseph O'Brien was charged with robbery, five counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and keeping an unlicensed firearm when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano today.

GSU Makes Plentiful Busts In The West
Between Thursday and Saturday, the Gang Suppression Unit conducted operations in Central Belize, and their efforts led the arrest of 9 persons in relation to drugs and firearm offences. Just before 10 on Thursday morning, GSU searched the house belonging to 37 year-old Eddy Rowland of the Another World Area in Roaring Creek. The officers found him digging up the ground in his back yard, and this led the officers to search the location. They found a small glass bottle which contained 25 small pieces of crack cocaine to a total weight of 1.6 grams. Rowland was arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

Minister’s Warehouse Burglarized
And while police have made arrests for those crimes, they continue to investigate a burglary which happened at the warehouse belonging to Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse. He told police that sometime between 11 p.m. on last Thursday and 8:30 on last Friday, someone broke into his warehouse at his home on the Western Highway and stole 1 welding machine, 6 electric motors and 2 blue phase machines, all to a total of $10,000.

Expo 2013 Was A Smash
This weekend, the 17th Annual Expo Belize Market Place was held at the ITVET Compound, and Channel 7 in collaboration with Belizean to the Bone had live coverage throughout. But if you didn't make it there or catch it live, our Daniel Ortiz was there and he put together this report: Daniel Ortiz reporting The 2013 Expo Belize Market Place drew an impressive 19,000 visitors over the weekend, one thousand more than last year, and a huge success for the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. But while that is the bottom line, a major consideration for all the participating companies was the fact that 2 of the major events of the September Celebrations schedule clashed on Saturday: carnival and expo. No one knew what effect that would have on the event, but it did change the approach some businesses took: Karan Sabnani, Co-owner, Cellular World "This year we were all a bit shaky about it due to the carnival, but we've gotten a great response. What we did was make life convenient for people. We did our Expo deals along the carnival route and we also reduce the prices on our products. Normally at Expo we have a set price range that we work with but this year we drop it a bit to attract people to skip carnival and actually come into expo."

Warrior Accused of Armed Robbery
19 year-old Jamal Warrior is in jail tonight after he was accused of an armed robbery in Belize City. Nadine Pelayo reported that on last Wednesday, she was on Coney Drive when someone attempted to rob her with a gun. She reported it to police who went back to search the area on Thursday, and they recovered a black .38 Special Smith and Wesson revolver and five live rounds of .38 ammunition. This morning, Warrior appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith where he read charges of attempted robbery, keeping an unlicensed firearm, keeping unlicensed ammunition and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm on Nadine and Paul Pelayo.

Man Shot During BTB Robbery Takes A Guilty Plea
So, while those 2 are awaiting trial, 22 year old Clarence Lamb changed his 10 pleas from "not guilty" to "guilty" when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith this morning. Lamb was shot in the right foot after he and another person robbed the Belize Tourism Board of $1,732 dollars. They were armed with a knife and a gun when they stormed the Regent Street office on January second of this year, and robbed the cashier, of two cash pans which contained the money. Only Lamb was apprehended after Edwin Torres, the security officer at BTB, shot him while he and his accomplice were trying to flee the scene. The two cash pans and the firearm were recovered from the scene as well. Lamb was arraigned on January 7, and had to be assisted in and out of the court as he was still recovering from his injured right foot. He had pleaded not guilty to the charges, and had been set for trial today.

Jouver’t to Carnival Was turned Up to The Max
In our top segment we told you about some of the chaos that unfolded in the periphery of the carnival revelry. But, when you consider how many people were out from three in the morning until six in the evening, and how much alcohol was in circulation right after payday - it's fortunate that worse didn't happen. So, there's still a lot to celebrate - and the revelers turned it up to the max on Saturday. 7news was there from the jouver't at dawn to the carnival in the afternoon - and here are the highlights:.. Daniel Ortiz, reporting As you heard, the revelers from the J'ouvert Splash Down converged in front of the San Cas Plaza, for the continuation of the party which started 7 hours earlier. They formed a massive throng - a swarm of humanity, which shows how much Carnival spirit there is in the city. And the numbers just kept increasing, every time they passed our cameras, thousands of people, a mash up of bodies, mud, music, dancing and the chaos called the carnival mood.

Re: Today's Belize News: September 17, 2013 [Re: Marty] #472688
09/17/13 06:13 AM
09/17/13 06:13 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here

Channel 5

Carnival 2013 Video
from Great Belize Productions Ltd.

5 executives of SIF on the chopping block over the failed million dollar Dangriga Market Project
There is big news tonight in respect of a million dollar project to upgrade the Dangriga market which is mired in scandal and corruption. An emergency meeting of the Board [...]

B.D.F. soldier is badly beaten at the hands of the police in San Ignacio
A B.D.F. soldier is today recovering from injuries he received at the hands of officers of the San Ignacio Police Department. The brutal beating was meted out on Corporal Keith [...]

Eyewitness gives account of officer’s beating
As we told you earlier, there are different sides to every story – and the version told by San Ignacio Police couldn’t be more different. According to their report, Police [...]

GSU fire warning shots to diffuse a brawling mob
There were sporadic shooting incidents over the weekend. Also in the city, a confrontation between apparently intoxicated revelers, following the carnival j’ouvert on Saturday morning, has resulted in one person [...]

Belize City man recovering in K.H.M.H. after being beaten by crowd of men
In other related news, a Belize City man is in stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was badly beaten on Saturday evening. It wasn’t included in [...]

New bus routes in the downtown Belize City unleash a firestorm of criticism by commuters
City buses can no longer run on Albert Street. That’s the law handed down from City Council, and to say that the decision has unleashed a fiery storm of criticism [...]

Minister of Immigration’s warehouse broken into; $10,000 worth of items stolen
No one is being spared from a wave of robberies taking place. Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, reports that sometime between last Thursday and Friday, someone broke into his warehouse [...]

Corozal man shot by hotel owner for urinating in public
A man from Corozal Town has reason to think twice before urinating in public again – since the last time he did so in the early hours of Sunday morning [...]

Calbert Young charged for 55 pounds of weed found inside bedroom floor
On Sunday morning, the Gang Suppression Unit searched a one bedroom shack on Gibson Street off Faber’s road occupied by twenty-four year old Calbert Young. The Unit did not have [...]

Banks Holdings Limited and C.P.B.L. back in Court…a settlement is reached
Banks Holdings Limited of Barbados and the Belize Citrus Growers Association Investment Company Limited and Citrus Products of Belize Limited were back in court this morning. The session, before Justice [...]

Foiled robbery: Businesswoman and her family catch culprit
A businesswoman, the owner of Golden Corn Tortilla, was robbed at gunpoint in front of five of her family members. But fortunately for them, they managed to subdue the attacker. [...]

B.T.B. robber sentenced to 46 years in prison
Twenty-two year old Clarence Lamb, accused of robbing the Belize Tourism Board of over two thousand dollars on January second, had his day in court today. After changing his plea [...]

Highlights of the revelry of the Jouvert 2013
Before the crack of dawn, thousands converged at the San Cas Plaza for the Jouvert 2013…. It is a prelude of what was to come later in the day for [...]

The 2013 Carnival Road March…the elaborate and breathtaking showing
Following the jouvert, the carnival road march on Saturday was a spectacular show as it made its way from the Yarborough Green to the B.T.L. Park. For one there were [...]

Carnival Committee to assist bands with designing training
With carnival 2013 behind, preparations for 2014 are already on the drawing board. While band leaders are already in the process of putting together innovative ideas to wow the judges [...]

Sports Monday: Belize brings home medals in Central American Table Tennis Competition
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The annual BCA September Criterium took center stage in Belize City as it ran through the Albert Street/Regent Street [...]


Shot While Urinating on Private Property
In Corozal 27 year old Francisco Castaneda of Flamboyant Street reported that about 2:00am on September 15th, he went urinate in an open lot beside the Sea Breeze hotel on 1st Avenue Corozal Town when he suddenly heard a loud “bang” and saw 63 year old Gwyn Lawrence, owner of the hotel standing on the verandah with what appeared to be a rifle in his hands. Casteneda suddenly felt pain in his left lower arm and realized that he had been shot. Casteneda’s injury was certified as wounding. Police have arrested and charged Lawrence for the crime of wounding.

Carnal Knowledge and Illegal Firearm Reported in Northern Belize
In Orange Walk, on September 13th Special Branch and CIB Personnel conducted a house search at the residence of 20 year old Frederick Rhaburn on Gristock St, Pasadita Area, Orange Walk Town which resulted to the discovery of a point 22 Revolver, along with two live rounds of ammunition inside the cement block hole in the bathroom. During the search two 17 year old minors were present. Police have since arrested and charged Rhaburn and the minors for kept firearm without a gun licence and kept ammunition without a gun licence Last Friday, a 14 year old and her mother both of Corozal Town reported that in July, she left her grandmother’s house and met a 20 year old man with whom she has been in a relationship since May. She stated that both of them then went to his house where they had sexual intercourse of her own free will. Medical examination was conducted which certified that the minor had been carnally known. Police have since detained the 20 year old pending charges.

Employee Robbed in Parked Vehicle
Police continue their investigations into the robbery of an employee of Santiago Castillo Limited that occurred last week. On Thursday the employee was seated in his four door gold brown Isuzu pickup when he was approached by two male persons on a motorcycle. According to the employee, one of the men had what appeared to be a black automatic handgun which he pointed at him while the other took his blue and grey Jan sport bag from his vehicle. The bag contained about two thousand four hundred dollars in different denomination and a cheque in the sum of about five hundred dollars. The thieves also made off with an iPod in a black case valued at one thousand dollars, a black modem valued at two thousand dollars, a blue key lock money bag and two receipt books. The men then made good their escape firing a shot in his direction. Two nine millimeter expended shells Lugar brand were found in the area. A red and black with white lining Lifan motorcycle was found abandoned off the Boom Hattieville Road which was brought to the Ladyville Police Station for further processing.

Police Seek Culprits in Burglary of Minister’s Warehouse
A warehouse belonging to Minister Godwin Hulse was burglarized. According to police reports, sometime between 11:00pm on September 12th and 8:30am on the following day someone broke into Hulse’s warehouse located at mile 10 ½ on the George Price Highway. The intruder stole a welding machine valued at two thousand dollars, six Electric Motor valued at six thousand dollars. Two blue three phase machine valued at two thousand dollars all to a total of ten thousand dollars.

Teenager Attempts to Rob Couple
A Belize Defense Force Corporal is recovering from injuries he sustained, allegedly at the hands of police officers. 27 year-old Keith Pinnix, who has been with the Force for the past seven years, told Love News that he was socializing at the Blue Angels Night Club in San Ignacio Town, Cayo in the wee hours of Sunday when an altercation ensured between himself and another person. He said that he decided to leave and go elsewhere but when the regular police officers met him at the other location, they did not identify themselves and the treatment was with brute force. Keith Pinnix, Alleges police brutality “I was with my cousin and a young lady from high school; we were all hanging out when a slight altercation occurred but all of that was over already and we left. I was downstairs and I already knew that the police was coming and so my cousin and I were standing and waiting for them to come. When they came, it was about five of them and when they arrived I mentioned to them that I don’t have anything in my hand and I don’t see the reason for them being aggressive; then I mentioned to them that I am a soldier and they still came on aggressive and the best thing I could have done was try not to get hit. I can’t say exactly how it all went down, I know they came aggressive over to me and that’s the issue; I tried not to get hit but I still took a few hits. I got my right thumb sprained; I got hit in the side, in the face and in the head and I think that’s about it from what the doctor said. After the whole thing happened and I got hit to the head, I ended up unconscious.”

Women vs Robber
Twenty-one year old, Joseph O’Brien, a construction worker of Banak Street in Belize City, who allegedly committed a robbery at Golden Corn Tortilla was charged with robbery when he appeared in court today. O’Brien was also charged with five counts of aggravated assault and one count of kept firearm without a gun license. He pled not guilty to the charges. He was remanded into custody until November 4. The incident occurred on Friday, September 13. Sixty-nine year old, Isolene Banos, the owner of Golden Corn Tortilla, located on Central American Boulevard, reported to the police that while she and four other women were at her business establishment, a young man entered, armed with a firearm and pointed it at her and stole her pair of gold earrings and her Nokia cellular phone. Banos also reported that she and the women managed to subdue the robber and take away his firearm. Banos called the police and when they arrived they took the robber into custody. The police also took the firearm, a revolver which did not have any bullets in its chamber and whose caliber was unknown. The revolver along with Banos’ pair of gold earrings and cellular phone were also taken by the police and labeled as exhibits.


SIF reclaims possession of Dangriga Town Market, as works are postponed
The renovation of the Dangriga Town Market is at a standstill after financiers of project contractor Kennard Smart resisted the efforts of the Social Investment Fund (SIF), which is running point on the multi-million dollar investment, to take over. On Friday morning SIF went to the...

Man charged for murder of Daniel Aguirre
Six days after the charred remains of well known Belmopan cab-driver Daniel Aguirre was found, on Friday his accused killer was charged with murder. The prosecution is hoping that they will have enough evidence to convict Noel Alexander Torres. In a press release sent out...

Alleged Police brutality in Roaring Creek
This is the area where one Roaring Creek resident claims personnel from the Gang Suppression Unit brutally assaulted him on Thursday afternoon. He is one of a few persons residing in a yard within the village, who says the GSU have been conducting operations misusing their authority. This is...

Inmate shot while attempting to escape
At around 11:10 on Friday morning an inmate at the Belize Central Prison was shot by prison guards as he attempted to escape. Earl Jones, CEO of the Colby Foundation, told the media that prisoner Adrian Gordon, in his attempted escape, climbed over the Eastern perimeter fence of the...

Dangriga Mayor in Court for backhoe delivery payment
On Friday the Mayor of Dangriga Major Swaso was to appear in Dangriga Court to answer to another matter unrelated to SIF market project. The court matter relates to a Backhoe purchased on behalf of the Dangriga Town Council, but the deal turned muddy because the Claimant says that...

Personnel from Ministry of Works charged after metals went missing
Four personnel from within the Ministry of Works have been brought up on charges after a cluster of metals went missing. We asked Assistant Superintendent Sinquest Martinez for more details. Sinquest Martinez – Assistant Superintendent of Police: Four persons were arrested from the Ministry of Works in respect to...

Man remanded on three counts of rape
A man is remanded to the Belize Central Prison after being charged with three counts of rape and a single count of aggravated burglary. The San Pedro Sun issued the story on Thursday and reported the following: On Friday September 6th, Police got a report from a 36 year...

Police Commissioner discusses use of non-lethal force.
It got lost in the tragedy surrounding the death of Police Constable Dean Yearwood on Sunday but a debate surrounding the use of force and training for police officers in all incidents has begun inside the Police Department. At Monday’s press conference in Belize City Commissioner Allen Whylie discussed...

Philip Henry protests Belize City downtown bus regulations
On Friday the founder of the Do the Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing Safety Program, Philip “Fawda” Henry, weighed in on the plans of the City Council announced in the week to regulate buses out of the downtown area and particularly Albert Street. Commuters are already opposing the plan, but...

Gospel Artist Mikal Evans reaches out to our youth
Belizean Gospel Artist, Mikal Evans, decided to be a light to young people outside the walls of his church by bringing positive Christian music to their high-schools. On Thursdays Rise and Shine Show, Evans said more about the High-school tour that took place this week. Mikal Evans – Gospel...

Commendations for service at the National Honors and Awards Ceremony
On Thursday night at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts the nation handed out 19 commendations for service as part of the annual National Honors and Awards. There are six categories of which only two Belizeans have earned the highest honor of National Hero:...

Students celebrate Annual School Children’s Rally
Like the Tribute to Belizean Patriots, the Annual School Children’s Rally is a national tradition. Take 800 screaming children, give them national flags, play patriotic music and seat them in a large arena and what ensues is a good time for all. Originally scheduled for Birds’ Isle this year’s...

FIFA World Cup Trophy to visit Belize
No doubt that football has had a good year in Belize, what with the A National Team’s exceptional performance at the Gold Cup Qualifiers, Woodrow West’s and Ian Gaynair’s International appraisal for throwing down a match set up, the Female National...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Independence Eve
8pm at the basketball court... Great Entertainment and Surprize Performers!

Support A Worthy Cause – Eddie Alvarez
Please join in supporting this very worthy cause! As you may well know Eddie Alvarez; one of our island’s Taxi Drivers, or as he is more affectionately known “Mr. Eddie”, “Viejo” or “Dads” lost his left leg to Diabetes earlier this year. He is now eligible for a prosthetic leg. This will enable him to return to work and to a normal life as head of his family. The cost of this device is $3,800.00 Bz. We are attempting to reach this goal through fundraising. The first phase will be through a Turkey Dinner Sale to be held on Thursday September 19, 2013. We are asking your support in the form of donations, be it monetary or in the form of goods to be used to execute this Turkey Dinner. Tickets for the dinner are being Pre-Sold for $15.00. This includes Turkey, Ham, Rice and Beans, Potato Salad, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce & Chocolate Cake. Anyone wishing to donate to this very worthy cause or to order plates can contact Jaci Alvarez at 622-2033. Any and all support and/or donations will be greatly appreciated


Loving the beach view, 3 big screen tv’s and the company
While in at Chon Saan Palace in Belize City I bought a box of fortune cookies. The cookies were very stale but the fortunes still made it worth my $5. Yesterday’s fortune cookie message was a god one – Share your happiness with others today. That is just what I decided to do by hooking up with the Sailing Club to watch the America’s Cup on tv. We were all very pleased when the meat pie man turned up, I was not pleased when mine exploded all over me Thankfully I was wearing an easy to clean top and Marge hooked me up with a cleaning cloth. After witnessing what happened to me she opted to adapt a new meat pie eating pose and bent over to eat hers, that way if it went grenade like on her it would end up on the floor and not her pretty blue dress. If you are looking for fun bar with 3 big screen tv’s and fantastic beach view then look no further than the Sea Horse Lounge at Coconuts Hotel. We had a super fun time and Margie is such a great bartender she made the San Pedro Sailing club and their friends feel very welcome.

Sunny Days in Belize: There Are Many
On a rainy day, I thought I’d sort through some of my thousands of pictures and find some sunny days. If you are visiting at this moment, you probably think you’ve been lured to Belize under fake pretenses but trust me, the sun usually shines. Let me prove it to you. Looking north from Royal Palms

2013 Belize Market Expo: Fun, Freebies, The Belize National Football Team and Plinko
The annual Belize Market Expo is a big deal. Usually attended by over 15,000 people during the two days, it’s a chance to shop and see displays by all sorts of companies (big and small) around Belize. USUALLY the Carnival is the first weekend of the month of September and this fair is the second. This year, they were on the same day. One Belize City taxi driver didn’t think that was a good idea. LOTS of employees wouldn’t be able to attend the Carnival since they would be working. Fortunately for me, my schedule is quite flexible so after the 7:30am Water Taxi to Belize City, a short taxi ride brought us to the Expo.

Pass the Sunglasses – Annual School Rally Show Belize’s Future is Bright
Who says Friday the 13th isn’t an auspicious day? Here in Belize, where things are sometimes done a bit differently, or contrary to ordinary as long-time resident, musician and lovable scofflaw Jerry Jeff Walker puts it, last Friday 13th 2013 was a good day indeed with the annual School Children’s Rally attracting bright young sparks and their teachers across the country. First created as a vehicle to instill nationalistic sentiment in Belize’s youth just after independence, the event lives on as a day for kids to reflect on being Belizean. In recent years the Belize City portion of the school gathering moved from the city centre to Bird’s Isle and this year to Parish Hall, where Belize’s education minister the Hon Patrick Faber officiated. We won’t belabor our readers with Cha Creek’s well-known emphasis on education and the assertion that that the future of Belize lies in nurturing our children to become tomorrow’s leaders and environmental activists. The amount of school kids regularly seen at the Natural History Centre, Butterfly Farm, Maya Organic Farm, Rainforest Medicinal Plant Trail and other educational attractions, as well as the Eco Kids Educational Summer Camp owners Mick and Lucy Fleming sponsor each year speaks for itself.

Carnival Day in Belize
When we think of the month September one word resonates in the hearts of every Belizean -“Celebration.” We celebrate our independence as we recollect the moments that led us here. We celebrate in astounding colors, many themes but as one nation. We celebrate our forefathers as we pay respect and tribute to them for getting us where we are today. We celebrate our nationality by being patriots as we parade waving our flags through the streets draped in the colors that we as a people have given meaning to; the Red showcasing our hardiness, bravery, strength & valor, the Blue showcasing vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice. Despite the many festivities held throughout the month of September such as the Belize National Song Competition, the Queen of the Bay Pageant, Belikin Fest, Expo, Jouvert, King and Queen competition, our uniform parade and much more, the Carnival day is the most anticipated event on every Belizean’s calendar.

“The Boxer” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
It’s just after 06.30 hours on Monday morning and I am eventually getting around to writing Sunday’s edition. No guilt trip though. I just didn’t feel inclined or felt any great need to do it yesterday. I wanted to watch the Southampton v West Ham game and then …Well, and then the day sort of passed all too quickly. Saturday morning saw me out on the veranda just before 05.00 hours. I wanted to catch up with the world news before the Manchester United v Crystal Palace Premiership game at 05.45 hours (local time of course). But going to ten players was just too much for ‘Palace at the ‘theatre of screams’ (screams from United’s players whenever an opposition player gets even close to them, let alone tackle them or even foul them). I managed to squeeze in breakfast before the big game of the day, Sunderland v Arsenal at 08.00 hours. We ( and for infrequent readers ‘we’ means Arsenal) started off brightly with a goal by Giroud made by our recent signing Mesut Özil. We squandered numerous chances (mainly Theo Walcott) and put ourselves under pressure by allowing Sunderland back in to the game before re asserting ourselves with two goals by the in-form Arron Ramsey. We were top of the league! Not for long but …

T' Mennonite chef’s soup fer t'soul
Confession numb'r one: I admire my mamaw. She managet to raise seve hulkyun' youngns an' bake at leest acoupla fresh pies ever monin', milk t'cows, bake sum breed, an' send t'kids off to skool on a herse-drawn carriage (it ackshly happent). My mamaw’s days wuz full to t'brim. Yep, Mennonites a'ken cook. Bleev me. So, n' t'honour o'Mennonite cuisine, I hereby raise my hat to my favourite kine o'cuisine. Confession numb'r acoupla: Mennonite food has nourishet me through breek-ups, unsuccessfil intervioos an' t'genrull angst at kums wit life. My life would nairy be whut it has bee without Edna Louise Staebl'r’s Food At Rilly Schmex.

International Sources

Calm Skies Over Three Oceans
We live on a dynamic, restless planet. On any given day, there is usually a cyclone, tropical depression, or extra-tropical storm brewing somewhere on the Earth. But for a brief moment this week, the skies over all of the oceans were relatively calm. The image above is a composite of fourteen polar satellite passes, or swaths, stitched together from September 8, 2013. The natural-color images were acquired by the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (Suomi NPP) satellite. At the time of those near-midday passes, there were no hurricanes, cyclones, or tropical storms in the Atlantic, Pacific, or Indian Ocean basins—a relatively rare occurrence at the height of the hurricane/cyclone season in the northern hemisphere. There was plenty of cloud cover, of course, and smaller storm systems. In the eastern Pacific, remnants of tropical storm Lorena were breaking up near the Baja Peninsula. In the eastern Atlantic, the pieces of tropical depression #9 were starting to gather near the islands of Cape Verde; by the next day, tropical storm Humberto would form.

Belize and Award Winning Placencia Create the Backdrop for Adventure Vacations Just Two Hours from the US
Located along the eastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean Sea, just two hours flight from the US, Belize is a unique blend of pristine nature, diverse geography and endless adventure. Thriving rainforests, miles of stunning beaches, hundreds of islands, and the world's second largest barrier reef set the stage for a vast array of activities to engage every personality. And, it is a melting pot of colorful personalities. The Belizean people are made up of Maya, Mestizo, Kriol, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Arab and Chinese. Meanwhile, Placencia, located in southern Belize, is ideally suited for those adventurers who wish to experience all of the adventures of Belize from one central location. Mr. Coh, General Manager of Chabil Mar, explains why Placencia is such a great location. "Placencia is a 16 mile long peninsula, the end of which lies the traditional fishing village by the same name. Chabil Mar is located in Placencia Village and, as a born and raised Belizean myself, I can say that this area is ideally suited. From this location guests to the area can experience scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, a variety of jungle excursions, Maya archaeological sites, birding, island explorations or overnight accommodations, zip lining, cave swimming and tubing, swimming in water falls and other Belize adventures on single day tours, without relocating to another area of the country."

Irina Shayk Models Her New Line Of Bikinis For Beach Bunny Swimwear
Irina Shayk has a brand new collection of bikinis (and a few one-piece swimsuits) for Beach Bunny Swimwear, and the sexy supermodel is flaunting her curves to show off her new designs in the company's latest campaign. Irina flew off to Belize with world-renowned photographer Yu Tsai, who captured the 27-year-old Russian on the white sand beaches and in the tropical blue waters. "To design a swimwear line is always a pleasure," Irina says, "especially for Beach Bunny because first of all I feel like they are my family." The model's collection, Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny, debuted over the summer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami and garnered rave reviews.

Vancouver to Belize
This deal from Flight Centre is for roundtrip airfare to Belize City on board Delta for a price of $535 taxes and fees included. It is valid for depatures between April 8 and 15, 2014. Other South American destinations are also on sale. Detalis at

Nurses head to Belize on support mission
A group of nurses and care workers from an Eastbourne agency are heading to Belize next year to provide help and support in a home for elderly people. The idea was the brainchild of Everycare owners Angela Fuller and Andy Taylor after they visited the Octavia Waight Centre during a trip to Central America last year, met the manager and on returning home to Eastbourne, organised a group of 11 of their staff to volunteer at the home and share good practice. “Belize is a third world country with average wages of just £2,800 a year and there is little state aid for the elderly,” said Angela. “Homes like Octavia Waight are funded by donation and run with the help of volunteers. “It struck me that so often money is raised for the young that we risk forgetting that the elderly in third world countries are just as vulnerable.

San Ignacio Mission Trip
Great feelgood story about a mission trip to Belize, where Sacred Heart's sister church in Cottage Grove sent 46 parishioners to Cayo to help out at Santa Elena Primary School and exchange ideas with Father Leo Palma and Father Lorenzo. They brought some school supplies, along with some frisbees and athletic equipment. The St. Dennis group also did some youth ministry, teaching, field day activities, maintenance work, and assisted with some computer and infrastructure improvements, like painting. A big thanks to the St. Dennis group. "'It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing for our families. It was everything we thought it could be and 10 times more.' Both Jeanne Schommer and Sandy Wipperfurth were struck by how little the natives have in terms of material possessions, yet are very content with their lives. 'I was really surprised by their level of happiness with so little,' Schommer said."

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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