As you might have seen in the weather report, the forecast is for more rain tomorrow. But this time, the city council doesn't want to get caught like it did last time - with flood waters rising in the homes of city residents at one in the morning - who had no one to call. That's why the councilor who calls himself Superman set up a temporary Emergency Operating center this evening - just in case. He told us how it will work and what you can do if you see water rising:..

Phillip Willoughby - City Councilor - CEMO
"I wouldn't want a repeat of what transpired earlier this year. The wide area of low pressure which caught us somewhat off-guard - a repeat of that to happen. I am saying this is no alarm, this is no threat, there is no system out there affecting us but the rains are here and if there is anyone who would be affected by the rains we want people to become accustomed that the City is here for you and if you need to evacuate your home due to the rains then this is our option - to come to the Bishop Sylvestre Memorial Center to get sheltered."

"Once it rains to this extent, the ground is already saturated. We know that major developments are happening across the City, so there are some anomalies that may affect residents negatively and if they need to evacuate, there is a secondary plan in place by the City to accommodate anyone who would like evacuate."

"If there is anyone who would like to be evacuated and sheltered please call the 911 police hotline and they could get in contact with myself and other personnel involve and we will make accommodation to open the Bishop Sylvestre Memorial Center to accommodate any persons."

And like anything else, there is a process that you need to go through before you can be evacuated into the shelter. You must first call 911 - where an assigned police officer will then alert CEMO.

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