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Today's Belize News: September 18, 2013 #472773
09/18/13 06:19 AM
09/18/13 06:19 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Dominican Prime Minister to be Guest of Honour for Belize’s 32nd Independence Day
Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, will be hosted by the Government of Belize as the Guest of Honour during Belize’s Independence Day festivities. Hon. Skerrit will arrive in Belize on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, accompanied by Hon. Dr. Collin McIntyre,Minister of Trade of Dominica. After arrival, Hon. Skerrit will make a courtesy callon Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow. During his stay, Prime Minister Skerrit will be a guest at all official ceremonies commemorating Belize’s 32 years of Independence. He will also visit two of Belize’s many natural tourist attractions. Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit’s visit will conclude on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, when he returns to Dominica.

Central American & Mexican communities celebrate their Independence
The Central American and Mexican communities in San Pedro celebrated their independence with a night showcasing their culture through food and music. The activities were organized in collaboration with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). The official activity, which is a part of the island’s September Celebration Calendar of activities, was held on Saturday, September 14th at the San Pedro Central Park. The celebration coincided with the eve of the 192nd anniversary of the day of independence for Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua obtaining political freedom from Spain on September 15, 1821. In the case of Mexico, they celebrated their 203rd year of independence having obtained it on the 16th of September 1810. Unlike the other Central American countries, Belize is the only English speaking country of British descent and the youngest nation of the region. These Spanish speaking countries have flourished throughout the years embracing their Spanish heritage while emphasizing on their individually unique cultures.

Interoffice Volleyball Tournament gets fired up
The San Pedro Volleyball Association 2013 Interoffice Volleyball Tournament continued on Sunday, September 15th. Now in its fourth round of games, the competition is getting hotter. The teams are all well prepared and fighting to lead the game and earn the coveted first place trophy. First victims of the day were team Lady Jaguars who succumbed to the Lady Rebels in a 3 to 1 set game. In the first set the Lady Rebels made a quick win of 25-6 points. The Lady Jaguars gave it a fight in the second set, winning by 25-21 points, but a determined Lady Rebels took the third and fourth set (set 3:25-23, set 4: 25-24) winning the game.

VIDEO: Rain day #? in San Pedro..

Ambergris Today

Belize to Conduct Fisheries Monitoring With Cutting-edge Surveillance Technology
The enforcement of fisheries laws is a major challenge all across the region, but a new initiative funded by the European Union (EU), through the ACP Fish II Program, promises to ensure that fisheries personnel, police, coast guard and other relevant enforcement authorities will be more adequately equipped to curb practices which threaten to undermine the sustainability of the fisheries sector and food security across the region. Acting on a recommendation from the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), the ACP Fish II project has commissioned two regional experts: Dr. Winston McCalla of Jamaica and Ambassador Joseph Daven of Antigua, to build on the successes of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) by revamping and expanding two procedural manuals to cater to the demands of a broader regional regime envisioned in the Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy.

Education in Belize: Breaking Free!
September in Belize is a month for celebrations! Many festivities lead up to Sept 10th to commemorate the “Battle of St. George’s Caye”, a day that has been celebrated each year, and long before the country achieved self-governing status in the mid 1960’s and Independence in 1981. Each September includes many talent competitions throughout Belize, then a festive Carnaval, then the nationwide celebrated Independence Day on Sept. 21st to top a full month of festivities. In our many September celebrations throughout the country, we celebrate many forms of “breaking free”, whether from Colonial masters or from whatever may have once held us back -- as a country and as a people. We even broke free from our former name, British Honduras, and have proudly made ourselves known throughout the entire world as: Belize. Certainly, we have every right to celebrate all the changes and advancements in Belize today.

Memories of San Pedro's First Theater
I was chatting the other day with my good friend Clive Welch and when I mentioned the cinema, he remarked, “I did not know you had a cinema in San Pedro; I thought Paradise Theater was the first one.” Today memories of our beloved cinema flashed back in my mind with much fondness. This first cinema in San Pedro was aptly named Teatro Arenas as it was built on a hill of sand exactly where Fido’s Courtyard is presently located. It was owned by our former alcalde (village chairman), village leader and first proprietor of Fido’s Hotel, Don Fido Nuñez. Teatro Arenas was a huge long building with zinc walls, a wooden floor and wooden benches that could seat some three hundred spectators. The cinema delighted San Pedranos of all ages with mostly Spanish movies, American Indians and Cowboys, romance and adventures- whatever Mr. Fido Nuñez could get from the three movie places in Belize City. There were two huge projectors at the back using huge rolls of 35 mm. film. You could literally feel the heat from it bright lamps and hear the hum of the projectors at work. But the cinema was equipped with about ten commercial fans, and a snack bar to add to our comfort.

Gerry Challenges Elvi's Kitchen Macho Burger Eating Competition
After an hour of chomping down on what was a very large burger with two pounds of meat, four slices of tomato, two handfuls of bacon, eight slices of cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce and a serving of French fries, it was the Elvi’s Kitchen Macho Burger that came out the winner of the competition. The first-ever Macho Burger eating challenge took place on Saturday, September 14, 2013, at Elvi’s Kitchen and I was up for the challenge. Seven hopeful contestants, including myself, gave a shot at the prize and prestige to be up on the Macho Burger Wall of Fame but everybody came out short of completely eating a triple-sized Macho Burger. Yes, only 3.5 ounces of burger came between me and the title of Macho Man Burger eater, but I did take first prize for eating most of it.

SIRH: Luxury and Hospitality at its Best
The San Ignacio Resort Hotel just got a superb review from the Ambergris Today. It highlights the beauty of the hotel, and the quality and teamwork of its staff. It's obvious why they won the Belize Tourism Board's 'Hotel of the Year' award. Humberto and the Green Iguana Conservation Project get praise too, of course. Jose Luis Zapata got some great pictures. "Nestled in the heart of the Cayo District you will find one of Belize’s oldest and finest premier resort, The San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This resort boasts first class amenities and accommodations for locals and international visitors seeking to relax or explore our beautiful Belize. Upon our arrival at the hotel we were greeted with the warmest of smiles from of one the friendliest front desk receptionist, Amaris Wakefield; she immediately made us feel at home... A huge part that makes your stay at the resort is the staff’s professional and friendly service. Through the very enlightening encounters with their staff you can learn how knowledgeable Humberto Requena is about the Green Iguana Project (you get big smiles from him all the time), how attentive to details and serviceable waiter/bartender Ragner Smith and Food & Beverage Manager Fiona Rudon are, how Daryll Leslie from maintenance is willing to help out any of his coworkers and even the guests in anything possible and how Head Chef of the Running W Restaurant Estella Vellicillo has over 13 years experience in the culinary field."

Misc Belizean Sources

Man accused of stealing the pastor’s chickens
A man from the village of Louisville village in the Corozal district has been arrested and charged for the crime of theft. Reymundo “Porky” Chan, 48, is accused of stealing two chickens from the hen house belonging to evangelist Abraham Jimenez, a resident of San Narciso village. The incident happened last week Thursday night. Around 7 pm, Jimenez told police he heard someone calling his name and when he went to check, he saw his neighbors holding Chan. The neighbors who made the citizen’s arrest say they caught Porky exiting the evangelist’s chicken coop with one chicken in each hand. The value of the chickens has been estimated at $50.

Belize Territorial Volunteers questioned by Guatemalan military, in Belizean territory!
By Frank Edward Paco Smith, Jr., JP I trust our fellow CARICOM brethren have maintained a watchful eye on the ongoing saga involving the government of Belize’s implausible call for Belizeans to vote, via referendum, on whether or not to take Guatemala’s unfounded claim on our sovereign territory to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). On 22nd April, the Belize Coalition for Justice (BCJ) wrote to the OAS Secretary General, Ambassador Jose Insulza, to inform of illegal activities being carried out by Guatemalans, inside Belizean territory. Not only are the activities and settlements a violation of Belize’s territorial integrity, it is also an affront to the once, much vaunted Compromis, signed by Belizean and Guatemalan officials, under the aegis of the OAS, which was designed to provide guidance toward a path forward. For our efforts, in true diplomatic form, we have yet to be afforded a response, let alone an acknowledgement from the aforementioned individual.

VIDEO: Deep Sea Fishing Belize 'FISH ON"
Fishing outside the reef, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize

4 The World Calla Creek Medical Mission
Feelgood news of the day. 4 the World has teamed up with the University of Oklahoma to bring doctors and medical students to Calla Creek and provide medical care this week. Looks like they'll be helping a lot of people. Thanks, 4 the World! "University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) Doctors and students volunteer with 4 The World to provide medical care to the community of Calla Creek Village in the Cayo District of Belize."

Sweet Belize by David Smith
Musical Interlude. David Smith wrote Sweet Belize for the Patriotic Song Competition. Good job, David! Check out Roots and Honor Records for more. "David Smith submted Sweet Belize into the 2013 Patriotic Song competition. He states that the song encourages Belizeans to come bring Belize back to the way God originally intended it to be... A SWEET NATION. "

Decorative Interiors Furniture
Lea's has changed names to Decorative Interiors Furniture, and have a new location, but still have the same great quality woodwork. They have a new website too, along with a September Celebration special. "Discover Decorative Interiors Furniture Co. Ltd. with surprising pricing on style, design & superiority ...without paying more and see what sets us apart from other furniture stores. Below is a special sale flyer that gives you the opportunity to place your order with an automatic RED, WHITE & BLUE DISCOUNTS. Send us an email or give us a call so we can send you pictures of other furniture."

Assad Shoman Talked Belize - Guatemala Relations
Assad Shoman gave a lecture today about the Belize and Guatemala relations at the University of Belize. "Historian Assad Shoman (Author of 13 - A History of Belize in Thirteen Chapters) gave a brief lecture on the Belize - Guatemala Relations this morning at the UB Auditorium. In attendance were teachers, students and members of the public and private sector."

National Service Day
National Service Day, the day during the September Celebrations that George Price is honored, is Thursday, September 19th. This is a day to help others and your community. There are many community based activities where you can 'take positive action for a better Belize!' "National Service Day is coming up this September 19th!!! Would like all Belizeans at home and abroad to take time out in community service!!!! Mr. Price believed that the greatest honor is to bestow service to each other for the greater good, therefore, in this regard, I would like all Belizeans to honor this legacy in continuing the tradition and his example that has been set!!!! Therefore, I would all of you to take part in this effort!!!!"

Gwendoline Zetina Receives Meritorious Service Award
Congratulations to Cayo native Gwendoline Zetina for winning the Meritorious Service Award! Well deserved. "In her early years, Mrs. Zetina sewed for her family and many others. Her great love for plants and gardening, led to her involvement with flower booth at the Agricultural Show. She once made funeral wreaths but now she uses her love for plants and her talent to create beautiful floral arrangements for friends and charitable organizations. Ms. Gwen remains active as a lay minister at Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-Cathedral where she also a choir member; an active member of the Belmopan Lion’s Club, Help Age, the Cancer Society and the Senior Steps Dance Group. "

Channel 7

4 SIF Staffers Sacked, But Questions About Corruption Persist
Last Friday, the media blew the lid open on the allegations of rank corruption at the Social Investment Fund - and since then, the Government, the SIF Board of Director and the Contractor General's Office have been struggling to keep up with the pace of revelations and public outrage. This morning - after yesterday's emergency board meeting which went into the late evening - the axe came down on four employees, while the managing director Daniel Cano - was given the courtesy of resigning; if he didn't he would have been fired. One of those employees who was fired is Mike Hernandez the former Public Relations Director at SIF. As you saw last night, he accepted a five hundred dollar cheque from contractor Kennard Smart - who then turned around and accused Hernandez and other SIF Officers of corruption. Today Hernandez told us that how it all went down just isn't fair:..

He Said, She Said Between Mayor And Councilor
For almost a week now, 7News has been telling you about the announcement from the Belize City Council that they were moving the bus stop from in front of the Supreme Court to Regent Street West near Mike's Club. As we've showed you, a part of that announcement was that City buses were being banned from driving on Albert Street, and neither could they pick up passengers along it. It would mean that everyone would have to walk to the new location on Regent Street West to catch a bus. Well, tonight, it would seem that there was a miscommunication. That's what we were told when we caught up with Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, who was out of the country until yesterday. He told us that buses aren't banned from Albert Street. But that's not what his Councilor said! So, to make sure we're not hearing wrong, we'll also air our interview with the City Councilor with responsibility for Traffic, Alifa Elrington-Hyde, who first made the announcement a week ago:

Accused Child Killer Felicia Chen remanded To Prison
But first, we take you to Magistrate's Court where Felicia Chen, accused of intentionally drowning her 3 small children, had an adjournment today. Her case has been treated very delicately because according to her psychiatrist, she was a danger to herself. Well, the news today is that the court will now treat her like any other defendant facing criminal charges for murder. But, while that was today's outcome, it's been 4 and a half months since she was criminally charged, and today our Daniel Ortiz took a closer look at the undercurrents surrounding this case. Here's his story: Daniel Ortiz, reporting Since the allegation on April 29 that 22 year-old Felicia Chen murdered her 3 children, she's been on remand at a mental health institution because the authorities believed that she was clinically depressed, and a danger to herself.

Dominica PM to Belize For Independence
Roosevelt Skerrit is only 41 years old, but he's been the Prime Minister of Dominica since the age of 32 - which made him the youngest head of government in the world at the time. We mention it because it was announced today that Skerrit will the Guest of Honour during Belize's Independence Day festivities. That means Skerrit will be a guest at all official Independence Day ceremonies and in between he will also visit two of Belize's tourist attractions. He arrives in Belize tomorrow September 18, accompanied by Dominica's Minister of Trade, Dr. Collin McIntyre. He will first make a courtesy call on Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Hon. Skerrit leaves on Sunday, September 22nd. Dominica is an Eastern Caribbean Country with a land mass of 290 square miles, about one third the size of the Chiquibul Forest. It has a population of 71 thousand.

Mayor Says There’s A Story Behind Unfinished Streets
To date, the Belize City Council has fully cemented 85 streets. While they've gotten these to completion, there are still streets which are on the last leg, but work has stalled. It's created inconvenience for city residents who want to know what's the hold up? Today, the mayor explained that there are matters happening in the background which the public isn't aware of when it comes to Baymen Avenue, the section of Newtown Barracks near Princess Hotel, and the BTL Park:.. Mayor Darrell Bradley "The flood mitigation project wants to do a drainage aspect from a canal that's located under Douglas Jones Street and they want to route that canal either through Wilson Street or through Calle Al Mar and then they want to take it out to the sea."

City Prepares Contingencies In Case Of Rain
As you might have seen in the weather report, the forecast is for more rain tomorrow. But this time, the city council doesn't want to get caught like it did last time - with flood waters rising in the homes of city residents at one in the morning - who had no one to call. That's why the councilor who calls himself Superman set up a temporary Emergency Operating center this evening - just in case. He told us how it will work and what you can do if you see water rising:.. Phillip Willoughby - City Councilor - CEMO "I wouldn't want a repeat of what transpired earlier this year. The wide area of low pressure which caught us somewhat off-guard - a repeat of that to happen. I am saying this is no alarm, this is no threat, there is no system out there affecting us but the rains are here and if there is anyone who would be affected by the rains we want people to become accustomed that the City is here for you and if you need to evacuate your home due to the rains then this is our option - to come to the Bishop Sylvestre Memorial Center to get sheltered."

Channel 5

Heads roll at the Social Investment Fund; 4 executives terminated and Executive Director resigns
There is a purge of the Social Investment Fund. And tonight, four employees: Mike Hernandez, Enrique Romero, Faustino Pineda and Lionel Jimenez have been sent home, while their boss, the [...]

Felicia Chen, the mother who drowned her 3 children, remanded to Central Prison
The woman accused of murdering her three small children in April appeared in Magistrate’s Court this morning. Twenty-two year old Felicia Chen allegedly drowned four year old Triana Teul, three [...]

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to visit the jewel
Late this evening, the government announced that the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, will be arriving this Wednesday in the country. Skerrit is a guest of the government during [...]

Has the SIF board gone far enough with the firing of staff involved in Dangriga Market scandal?
And tonight’s question is: Has the SIF board gone far enough with the firing of staff involved in the recent scandal of the Dangriga Market? Yes or No. Send your [...]

Counselor Alifah Hyde says no need for consultations for change in bus routes
Thousands of Belizeans ride city buses on a daily basis, many of them travelling between downtown Belize City and areas in every other corner of the municipality. But last week, [...]

September Session of Belize City Supreme Court chockfull of cases
The September session of the Belize City Supreme Court has opened; at least forty-five inmates were brought to the court on Monday and today another fifty were escorted under heavy [...]

Court of Appeal order retrial in carnal knowledge case
Turning to the Court of Appeal, today, the decision in the case of Reyes Reymundo was handed down. Reyes had been convicted of the offence of carnal knowledge of a [...]

Ministry of Agriculture in Central Farm burglarized
The facilities of the Ministry of Agriculture in Central Farm were broken into over the past weekend. The carpentry section was properly locked and secured by the Head Carpenter on [...]

Chamber of Commerce writes Minister Hulse to intervene and stop increase in trade license fees
Last December, the private sector experienced a drastic hike in trade license fees. Some businesses complained that their fees went up by three hundred percent than what they previously paid [...]

Belizean and Guatemalan local leaders sign bi-national agreement
There is good news to report with regards to preservation and conservation of our natural resources in the west. According to Friends for Conservation and Development, on Saturday, some nineteen [...]

Lifeline Foundation assists 6 schools in Orange Walk District
The Lifeline Foundation is an organization which focuses on helping children in Belize through fundraising for worthy and beneficial projects. Earlier this year the organization raised funds which were used [...]

Assad Shoman speaks to UB students on Belize/Guatemala Dispute
Students from the University of Belize, majoring in Belizean History, were today engaged in an hour-long discussion with former Foreign Minister Assad Shoman on the issue of the Belize/Guatemala Dispute.  [...]


Police News: Stealing Chickens; Arson; Burglary and Stolen Tools
Over three thousand dollars worth of tools were stolen from the carpenter shop at the Ministry of Agriculture at Central Farm. The head carpenter reported that on Saturday evening he locked up and properly secured the carpenter section and the following day his co-worker informed him that the carpenter shop was broken into. When he made checks he saw two storerooms had been burglarized. Police investigations continue. A man who attempted to steal two chickens from a pastor in Corozal has been charged wirh theft. 36 year old Evangelist Abraham Jimenez of San Narciso Village in the Corozal District reported that last Thursday night he heard someone calling him. Jimenez said when he went outside he saw his neighbours holding down a man. According to the neighbours the man Reymundo Chan had just stolen two chickens from the pastor’s chicken coop. Police arrested and charged 48-year-old Reymundo Chan with theft.

Mayor Bradley Updates Residents on Streets’ Upgrade
As it relates to the refurbishing of streets, Mayor Bradley said that the Council is almost through with the number of streets they had selected for repair and they have also added on a few more to the list. DARRELL BRADLEY “At present we are at 86 streets; there are 86 streets that the City Council has concreted in the year and a half in office and we have set a target of one hundred and so, we only have fourteen more streets to go by the ending of this year; we are right on track, we are working closely with the water, electricity and telecommunications companies; I have a meeting very shortly with BWSL to work with them in terms of strategizing, in terms of the works we are finishing off in the downtown area; the only street in the north side of downtown that we haven’t done is Douglas Jones Street and that’s being worked on by BWS crew; Cran Street was not in the original plan because that wasn’t in the loop that we were looking at and the loop we were looking at was Orange Street, Barrack Road, Craig Street, Hydes Lane, North Front Street but the first part of Cran Street has already started.

Allegations of Corruption in Development Project Leads to Termination of Employees
Yesterday we reported that the Board of Directors of the Social Investment Fund met in emergency session. Today the Board announced that coming out of that meeting they have terminated the services of four of its employees and the Executive Director Daniel Cano resigned. According to the Board based on the findings of the investigation conducted by the contractor general they have determined that the four members of staff were complicit in the activities and believe that this merited their termination. Cano’s resignation came about as quote “acting in the best interest of the Organization”. The staff members that were terminated are Mike Hernandez, Enrique Romero, Lionel Jimenez and Fausto Pineda. Today Love News spoke to Mike Hernandez, the former Director of Public Relations at SIF who says he is not happy with the manner in which he and the others were let go, and says he is in no way involved in corruption within SIF.

Mayor Talks on Plans to Expand Downtown Belize City
Last week Philip “Faada” Henry raised concerns over the relocation of the Belize City bus stop for the downtown area. The bus stop was moved from near the Supreme Court building to Regent Street West near the canal side. Since then others have raised more concerns over issues of safety regarding the new location. Today, Mayor Darrel Bradley addressed those concerns with the media. He said that the relocation of the bus stop for downtown Belize City falls right in line with the Belize City master plan project and that it complements other aspects of that plan. DARRELL BRADLEY “I want to emphasize here that this is not a decision that the City Council just took; the master plan talks about the development of the downtown Belize City and we have certain projects that are mentioned in the master plan and certain projects that the City Council put in there to say that it is important to us strategically; for example, we have a project to renovate the Commercial Centre which is shortly going to commence; we are also going to, because we are mindful of the parking situation, construct a four-storey parking facility in the NICH parking lot which is the city-owned property and we are working with the Supreme Court building to do some renovations there to really bring out the developments for Battlefield Park; as you know, the Battlefield Park is completed and it’s going to be opened tomorrow.

Pregnant Woman Accused of Filicide Remains in Psychiatric Care
Felicia Chen, the 22 year-old mother who in late April of this year took her four children to Belizean Beach off the George Price Highway and allegedly drowned three of them, today appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court. The media and the public was prohibited from entering the closed-door session, but from what we have picked up, Chen’s psychiatric file now rests with the Director of Health Services. She remains at a psychiatric hospital where she continues to receive treatment. Today, the cameras caught Chen, guarded by social and psychiatric experts, leaving the courtroom and found that she is visibly pregnant, which means that when she allegedly committed the act, she was already with child, since she has been kept away from the public and from visits. Prior to the incident, Chen was reportedly experiencing acute depression due to her financial situation, a relationship debacle with the children’s father and issues at home where she was staying with her family.

Officials Alert on Rising Waters in Northern Belize
Officials are keeping an eye on rising water levels in the north of the country. Reporter Dalila Ical has the story. DALILA ICAL “The District Emergency Management Organization branches in Orange Walk and Corozal Districts are monitoring areas prone to flooding given the continuous showers in the north. While the situation is stable in the Orange Walk District, Regional Director for the north, Elodio Aragon says they keep a close watch.” ELODIO ARAGON “We are monitoring the river; we are on alert; we know that the rivers have risen and they have gone over the banks already but there is no village or house in danger at the moment. We met this afternoon to ensure that we have the boats available, that we are ready in the event that there is an emergency in relation to the river.”

Magistrate Renders Second Incarceration Sentence on Belize City Resident
Thirty eight year old Salvador Carballo, a resident of Flamboyant Street who was sentenced to 18 months last Friday for aggravated assault of an indecent nature, was sentenced to five years today when he found guilty of conspiracy to commit robbery. The incident occurred on April 27, 2013. 38 year old Mark Cruz, testified that he was inside Elements Nightclub on Newtown Barracks and he went to the back of the nightclub to urinate. He said that while he was urinating he was approached by three men and one of them held him around his shoulder while the other two searched his pockets. He said a struggle ensued between him and them and during it he saw a police mobile patrol passing by and he yelled for help. Cruz testified that the men who were searching him ran and he held on to the third man until the police arrived and took him into custody. He identified the third man as Carballo who he said he has known for over 20 years. Carballo testified and claimed that he was at the scene but he was preventing Cruz from being robbed. He denied that he was with the men who ran. Magistrate Dale Cayetano did not believe Carballo’s testimony and he found Carballo guilty. The two suspects were never apprehended.

Unemployed Busted with Drugs at Water Taxi Terminal
Thirty year old Nelbert Choc, an unemployed of Caye Caulker who the police reported they busted with drugs at Caye Caulker Water Taxi Terminal, was charged with drug trafficking when he appeared in court today. Choc pled not guilty to the charge. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith offered him a bail of 500 dollars which he met. He is to return to court on October 16. The incident occurred on Sunday, September 15. Police reported that when they searched a man wearing a jeans pant who had just entered the water taxi terminal they found two zip lock bags containing cannabis in the waist of his boxer’s shorts. As a result, Choc was taken into custody and charged. When weighed, the suspected cannabis amounted to 226 point eight grams.

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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Northern Medical Plaza Issues Statement On Baby Coye
On Friday’s newscast, we brought to you the story of the infant that had passed away allegedly of a surgical item left in her stomach. The parents of one month old Dulce Maria Coye, went on various media houses claiming mal-practice from the Northern Medical Specialty Plaza where the baby had been attended to. That was Friday; late yesterday evening, our news room received an email with an official press release from the attorney for Northern Medical Specialty Plaza, Marcel Cardona dated Friday, September 13. The release opens up stating, “Northern Medical Specialty Plaza prides itself in being a private medical specialty clinic both in Orange Walk town and Corozal Town, with over 12 years experience, and with thousands of satisfied patients, who received the highest quality medical care and attention which is available in Belize.” end of quote. The medical hospital is said to be comprised of a consortium of different physicians and specialists in various medical fields, including brain surgery.

San Estevan Road Completely Covered By Water
After two years of signing the multi-million dollar contract to rehabilitate the Orange Walk to Progresso Road, nothing had been done to ease the cries of the people; that is, until August 18th of this year. On that day, residents had threatened to block the road and the Pueblo Nuevo Ferry causing the officials from the Ministry of Works along with CEO Errol Gentle decided to hold a meeting in Progresso to answer to the residents. In that meeting, it was agreed that works on the road were set to commence within ten working days. August 28th marked exactly ten working days and up to today, it seems as if that promise once again was never meant to be upheld. Reporter Irvin Aragon and Camerman Jesus Melgar took a trip up the road this morning and filed the following report. Irvin Aragon- Reporter For months residents of the San Estevan, Progresso, Chunox, and Copper Bank Villages along with students of Muffles Junior College have been begging for assistance to alleviate the deplorable conditions of the Orange Walk – Progresso Road which most of them need to travel on a daily basis.

One Man Shot Another Charged For Wounding
A twenty-seven year old Corozaleño is tonight recovering from a gun shot wound he sustained on Sunday morning in Corozal Town. According to the victim, Francisco Castañeda, sometime around two in the morning, he stopped by a vacant lot next to Sea Breeze Hotel, which is situated on 1st Avenue and began urinating. While in the process of relieving himself, Castañeda says he heard a loud bang. When he looked around to see what happened, he noticed a clear skinned man standing on the verandah of the hotel with a rifle in his hands. Shortly after noticing the individual, Castañeda says he felt a burning sensation on his left lower arm and then saw the blood running down his arm, realizing that he had been shot. Castañeda identified the man with the rifle as the hotel owner, sixty-three year old Gwyn Lawrence. Police have since arrested and charged naturalized Belizean Gwyn Lawrence for the crime of Wounding.

More Rain For Belize Especially The North
Incessant rains have been pouring over Belize during the past couple of weeks due to several storms that have passed over the country. Last week we brought to you the story of villagers of Douglas Village who were concerned about the rise in water of the river which had already flooded the yards and homes of several residents. Well, it appears the river is still rising with the heavy rains that continue to fall with no stopping in the near future. According to the Meteorological Service of Belize, the heavy rains that are is currently being experienced all over Belize is due to a slow moving area of low pressure over the northern part of the country. This low pressure will cause constant rains over Belize and the Southern Yucatan.


Four persons are terminated from SIF, while Executive Director is asked to resign
Four persons from within the Social Investment Fund were on Monday handed their walking papers, following the completion of the Contractor General’s investigation. Since last month, we have been following the developments of alleged corruption within SIF and its associates as it related to the renovation of the Dangriga...

Banks Holdings and CPBL in court
After a delay of several months the case between Banks Holdings Limited of Barbados and the Belize Citrus Growers Association Investment Company Limited and Citrus Products of Belize Limited reached trial before Justice Rita Joseph Olivetti, but any arguments have been put...

Passengers on a Griga bus narrowly escape disaster
Passengers on a Griga Line Bus were shaken up after the bus they were travelling in on Monday morning, narrowly escaped disaster. It happened a little after 7 near Mile 28 on the Hummingbird Highway. Witnesses say that they bus was heading on a curve,...

UDP wants prime land in Dangriga for constituency headquarters
Some community leaders in the south are claiming that the ruling United Democratic Party Government has all but abandoned the south; that the attitude after being swept out of power in both the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts in the 2012 general elections, has not been...

Mayor of Dangriga concerned about NCL plans
The Norwegian Cruise Lines US$50 million investment in the development of Harvest Caye as a berthing site and welcome center for cruise shippers to Belize has attracted more than its fair share of dissent on numerous issues. We have heard from the tourism denizens of...

Bi-national agreement between Belize and Guatemalan local leaders
This past Saturday, a significant bi-national agreement was reached between Belize and Guatemalan local leaders. The agreement is sort of a treaty to safeguard the Chiquibul-Mopan-Macal and Belize Rivers. The agreement is aimed at the proper conservation of the shared rivers...

Second UB student charged for murder of Jamal Anthony Neal
A second UB student has been charged for the murder of 21 year old Jamal Anthony Neal. Micah Tillet was arraigned in court on Friday and was remanded to prison until October 15. The 18 year old has joined 21 year old Jedden Burgess, who was also a student...

Equipment stolen from Minister Godwin Hulse
Police are investigating a break-in at a warehouse belonging to Minister of Immigration, the Hon. Godwin Hulse. Minister Hulse reported that sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning, someone broke into the building and stole a welding machine, six electronic motors, all Balder brand, and two three phase machines,...

Hotel owner charged for wounding
A Corozal businessman has been charged, after he reportedly shot a man who was urinating near his hotel. 27 year old Francisco Castaneda told Police that around 2am Sunday morning, he went to urinate in an open lot beside the Sea Breeze Hotel, when he heard a loud bang....

Salesman robbed outside hotel in Burrell Boom
Authorities are investigating an afternoon robbery report made by a sales representative at Santiago Castillo. The complainant says he was seated in his pickup truck at the Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom talking to a woman, when he was approached by two men on a red Lifan Motorcycle....

COLA comes out against downtown Belize City bus regulations
On Monday we spoke with president of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), Giovanni Brackett, whose organization over the weekend issued a condemnation of plans by the City Council to prevent buses from going down Albert Street. Giovani Brackett – President COLA: The Council shouldn’t...

BCCI Expo 2013 is a success
BCCI Expo 2013 is a success. Despite concerns by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarding competition with other events on the day including Carnival, Belizeans came out in numbers to this year’s Expo fair in Belize City. Saturday’s estimated figures were 7,000, a drop...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

NAC Island Committee Works in Caye Caulker and San Pedro
The National AIDS Commission Island Committee has been hard at work educating the public and offering the opportunities to individuals to learn their HIV status. On Friday September 6th, the Island Committee teamed up with the Caye Caulker Health Committee to offer a full day of HIV services in Caye Caulker. Two teams were dispatched to the island, thanks to the generosity of the San Pedro Belize Express which provided transportation for all eight participants. At the Caye Caulker Village Center – Nurse Lezel Cayetano, Nurse Robertha Herera, Miss Kristina Romero and Miss Natalie Arceo spent the day interacting, counseling and offering free HIV rapid tests to villagers to take the test. At the end of that exercise, we had tested 33 individuals. The second team which included: Dennis Craft, Natalia Fuller, Raul Young and Miss Chila Ugarte both of Caye Caulker took to the schools to offer HIV Education. At the Caye Caulker RC School, we made three presentations to the upper grades, Standards 4 – 6. The children were very receptive and offered many questions.


Police brutality surfaces in public discussion and in the news more often than it should, but over the weekend there was a particular incident of abuse of power by police officers that “raises eyebrows”, so to speak, because the victim of the brutality this time is also a member of our security forces. Keith Pinnix, 27, a Belize Defence Force (BDF) soldier and resident of Georgeville, in the Cayo District, early Sunday morning had a run-in with the San Ignacio police. Initial reports stated that the soldier was chasing someone who had stolen his cellphone, and when the police arrived, they, inexplicably, beat him badly. However, according to eyewitnesses who spoke with Amandala today, Monday, it turns out that in the wee hours of the morning of Sunday, September 15, 2013, Pinnix, off-duty, had just exited the Blue Angels Night Club in San Ignacio after a night of partying. Upon realizing that he had forgotten his bag with his cellphone inside the club, Pinnix reportedly attempted to re-enter the club, which was already closed, to recover his bag with the phone. The witnesses, who claimed to be outside the establishment at the time, said that Pinnix was shaking the metal gate to alert the employees of the nightclub about his phone when he was approached by a police officer.

Lamb, however, will only serve 12 years in jail — sentences concurrent. Clarence Lamb, 23, a resident of #2 Wagner’s Lane, changed 8 of his 10 not guilty pleas to guilty when he appeared in court this morning, and later changed the remaining two when the trial, which was set for today, was about to start. At 4:30 on the evening of January 2, 2013, a cashier of the Belize Tourism Board’s Regent Street office, was reportedly at her desk when two Creole-looking men walked into the office, one armed with a knife, the other with a gun. Both men demanded money from her, and fearing for her life, she handed over two cash pans – a purple one containing $300 cash, and a blue one containing $1,432.78 cash, money which belonged to the BTB. After getting the cash pans from the cashier, the men reportedly “ran into” the BTB’s security officer, Edwin Torres, and assaulted him with their gun. Armed with his service firearm, Torres chased after the fleeing men and managed to shoot one of the robbers, causing him to fall to the ground.

Exactly four years ago, in September of 2009, some Dangriga-based contractors protested against the Social Investment Fund ( SIF) because they say the statutory body tasked with implementing social projects was not ensuring that local contractors obtain the infrastructure contracts in Dangriga. A little over a year later, in January 2011, the Dangriga-based contractors had to protest again — this time because a Corozal-based contractor, Kenard Smart, had secured the SIF contract for the Gulisi preschool in Dangriga. Smart, at the time, was only a few days removed from running as a UDP candidate in the standard-bearer convention for Corozal Bay. He would lose the convention, but win the SIF contract. Now exactly two years later, Kenard Smart and SIF are in the news again. And while the aforementioned two protests by the Dangriga-based contractors didn’t gain much traction nationally, this time the nation has been promised that “heads will roll,” by no less than the Prime Minister himself. That’s because the story involving the incomplete construction of the Dangriga Market stinks to the high heavens. On September 9, 2013, Smart and his construction company, K & G Construction, were informed by SIF in a letter that they had cancelled his $1.3 million contract to rehabilitate the Dangriga Market – some two months after the project should have been completed. The letter cancelling the contract was signed by project manager Ernest Raymond, and copied to Daniel Cano, the Executive Director of the Social Investment Fund.

Police say Eric Gutierrez, 21, broke into one woman’s room, forced her into another room with two other women, and raped them all A San Pedro Ambergris Caye man has been charged with raping three women early Saturday morning, September 7, at about 3:00, at their rented room in an apartment building on the island. Eric Gutierrez, 21, a labourer of Pescador Drive, San Pedro, was taken to the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, September 11, and remanded until October 28 on three counts of rape, grievous harm and aggravated burglary. Two of the women told police that they were sleeping in their apartment on Pescador Drive when about 3:00 Saturday morning, they were awakened by a knock on their door. When they opened their door to see what was happening, Gutierrez, whom they knew, was holding another woman with a knife to her throat, and he pushed the woman into their room. The woman was a 25-year-old Guatemalan who was a tenant in the same apartment building. Gutierrez, with a butcher knife in his hand, ordered the three women to take off all their clothes.

Leaving Belize by bus on Thursday night, August 29, for Cancun, Mexico, en route to Los Angeles, California, was the Excellence Cricket Club of Double Head Cabbage, cricket champions of Belize, and from reports received, they gave a great performance for the fans in L.A. As we reported in the Sunday, September 1, issue of Amandala, in the article, “Excellence off to L.A. for cricket Friendlies,” the trip was “by invitation from the Cal-Bel Cricket Club of Los Angeles, and the Excellence team plans to play two friendly cricket matches on September 1 and 2 at the Woodley Park Cricket Complex as part of the celebrations for the Independence of Belize and Labor Day in the U.S. “The Cal-Bel Cricket Club was founded in 1980 by Belizeans who formerly played cricket in Belize, and is a member of the Southern California Cricket Association. Last year, they hosted the Belize National Cricket Team; this year, they are hosting the recently crowned back-to-back national champions, Excellence.”

The Belize Cycling Association, with the sponsorship of Belize City Council, Leslie’s Imports and Bowen & Bowen Ltd., held its annual September Criterium yesterday on the Albert and Regent Streets Circuit. There were races for youth between the ages of 8 – 16 years and “novice,” in addition to races for Weekend Warriors, Females, Juniors, and an Open Elite/Masters’ category. Prizes were medals and Crystal Juice for the Juniors and youth riders, while the others received trophies and Belikin products. Below are the results for the various categories: 8-10 Years – 1st place Derrick Chavarria; 2nd Derrick Brown, 3rd Dion O’Brien. 11-13 Years – 1t place Andy Faber; 2nd Derrick Chavarria; 3rd Patrick Williams. 14-16 Years – 1st place Davonne Pascascio; 2nd Gerson Lovell; 3rd Kenan Faber. Open Youth – 1st place Tyler Terry; 2nd Andrew Green; 3rd Darien Anderson.

The outraged Belizean reaction to the Belize Tourism Board’s decision to use the music of Honduran national, Aurelio Martinez, in a promotional video for Belize, must have come as a surprise to the stuffy BTB. Aurelio is much loved in Belize, because he is such a nice guy, besides being a very gifted singer and dancer. That must have been why BTB thought they could get away with this outright disrespect to Belizean musicians. Mayhap the BTB does not remember how some Honduran musicians twenty-five years ago stole the Chico Ramos composition, “Conch’s Soup,” claimed Ramos’ original creation, and made a wad of money off it in the region. The story is more complicated, and explosive, than that, however. BTB is one of the few organizations in Belize which has more cash flow than they know what to do with, and at the top they have forgotten where they came from. BTB does not have any socio-political credit with the masses of the Belizean people, because they have become aloof and snobbish. BTB has an “attitude.”

— by Evan X I don’t like visiting the public hospital. As a result of participating in three different political campaigns in the 1970s and being involved in all kinds of sports in my adult lifetime, I know a lot of people. When I visit someone in the public hospital, the chances are I will see other people that I know in a bad condition, and it breaks my heart. There was no way I could not go to see Mr. Arthur Belisle, Sr., however, after he was hospitalized with prostate problems on Saturday, August 31. When I visited him on Tuesday evening, September 3, Mr. Arthur was his usual assertive self, except that he had been passing blood and had become weaker. As a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation, Mr. Belisle was refusing blood transfusions, so the doctors were treating him with a substitute. Like the soldier that he was, Mr. Arthur said to me after we had been speaking for maybe 20 or 25 minutes, “I’m in good hands.” I took that as my cue to leave. At the time, I thought he was referring to his family members and the hospital’s medical staff, but now I wonder if it was his God to whom he was making reference.

Dear Editor, As one of the signatories to the “Open Letter to the Prime Minister” (Amandala, September 6 ), I wanted to take a moment to emphasise some of the points my colleagues and I made that I feel are particularly pertinent, especially as Belize celebrates independence this month. Along with many Belizeans I am disturbed by the lack of consultation and the haste in which the memorandum of understanding between the government of Belize and Norwegian Cruise Lines in regards to the sale of Harvest Caye has been signed. We believe that this rush to sign such an important document with such far reaching consequences may run counter to the very notion of the democracy we are celebrating. I think we all agree that Belize is owned by the people of Belize, and that the government of the day’s job is to manage the affairs of the nation on behalf of and as a representative of the people who put it in power. But how can a government presume to represent its citizens if they are not consulted about major decisions that will impact the nation today and into the future? There is a covenant between a democratic government and its people that those elected to power will act openly and in the public interest, and once this covenant is violated, any pretext of democracy goes out the window. That is why transparency and public disclosure are so important.

— by Lionel Jinawansa Perera Dear Editor, I am a Sri Lankan student and so much interested in collecting postage stamps from all over the world, as it’s my favourite hobby. My father is also working at a newspaper company called “The Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited” here in Colombo. Through him, I get Sri Lankan stamps and have a very good collection at present, but I don’t have a single stamp from your beautiful country, Belize. I shall be very happy if someone could send me some stamps from your country, or introduce me to a stamp collecting friend in Belize so that I can make exchanges.

— by Matthew James Dear Editor, The article on a “national” workshop for the new fisheries legislation is creating significant anger in the Stann Creek fishing communities of Dangriga and Hopkins. On the 4th September a large group of fisherfolk attended the Hopkins (inc. Dangriga) workshop at Sandy Beach. While the meeting was “spirited,” so were previous workshops at other venues according to Mr. Chris Hedley, lead consultant and attorney. During the meeting Mr. Hedley made reference to an upcoming national workshop tentatively scheduled around September 16. Those present, to a man, have no recollection of September 12 being given as the date, or the Northern Cooperatives building as the venue by Mr. Hedley, Mr. Gongora and Mr. Rodney, Fisheries Officers, or that NGO representative, Julio Maaz from WCS, would be hosting the event. A direct result of this “oversight” was the absence of the vast majority of those who attended the Hopkins (inc. Dangriga) workshop; these fisherfolk were knowingly denied their rightful participation in the “national” workshop. At the same Hopkins (inc. Dangriga) workshop, the issue of inadequate enforcement was raised. The response was that grants are being pursued to assist enforcement efforts. Fishermen were surprised to learn of the imminent deployment of unmanned drones for surveillance of fishing areas – doubly surprised to learn that Mr. Rodney, Fisheries Officer, and Mr. Maaz, WCS, were featured in Amandala the very next day.

On Saturday, September 14, officials from Belize and Guatemala signed a joint agreement for the protection of the Chiquibul-Mopan-Macal and Belize watersheds. More than 40 human settlements in Belize and more than 130,000 inhabitants depend on these water resources for household activities, farming, recreation, drinking water, hydroelectricity and a healthy environment, the signatories acknowledge. Likewise, more than 75 human settlements in Guatemala and more than 100,000 inhabitants are dependent upon the Chiquibul and Mopan Rivers. In particular, the watersheds are deemed to be vital to the ecology, economy, food security and public health of the people of east central Peten, Guatemala and the central region of Belize, and it harbors a rich wildlife reservoir, as well as a history of the ancient Maya civilization and cultural diversity, the officials noted in the joint agreement. “With the signing of this agreement, the 19 leaders commit themselves to undertake cleanup campaigns, reforestation and education activities; and to promote conservation activities and cooperation, exclusively for the protection and preservation of the shared watersheds,” said Rafael Manzanero, executive director of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), which spearheaded this initiative.

The dazzling array of colors in the form of unique, hand-crafted costumes mixed with blaring, fast-paced music that is known as Carnival was staged along the streets of Belize City this past Saturday, September 14, 2013. Throngs of Belizeans lined the route of the parade to marvel at the displays presented by the carnival groups for this year’s carnival. A total of 12 junior and senior carnival bands, each with their own themes, came out to ‘strut their stuff’ in hopes of being crowned as the winners of Carnival 2013. Revelers showcased original costumes in an effort to impress both the judges and onlookers as they gyrated their way along the Central American Boulevard in their regalia, with choreographed dances by the junior groups. The winners in the senior category were Mother Nature’s Creations, followed by Belizean Jewel who took second, and Soca Warriors who placed third. In the junior category, Pickstock Carnival Band won first place; Jump Street Posse came in second; and Sunshine Masqueraders took third place.

Tillett, a UB student, now joins Jedd Burgess, also a UB student, for the same murder. Late this evening, Micah Tillett, 18, a University of Belize student of #639 Tibruce Street, was taken by CIB personnel to court, where he was charged with the murder of Jamal Neal, 21. Neal was gunned down as he walked down Banak Street on July 8 of this year. At 6:00 that evening, after he had a phone conversation with his mother, two men travelling on a motorcycle rode past him and shot him dead. Jedd Burgess, 21, a UB student, was previously arraigned for Neal’s murder before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on July 19, while his alleged accomplice remained at large. That was until today, when Tillett was arraigned before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart.

O’Brien was subdued by the owner and her family and was arrested when police responded to the call Joseph Loriano O’Brien, 21, a resident of #14 Banak Street, was charged with robbery, five counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, and keeping an unlicensed firearm when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano this morning. According to police, at 4:00 Friday evening, Isoline Baños, 69, the owner of Golden Corn Tortilla Shop located on Central American Boulevard, was at her shop along with four of her family members when three men stormed into the shop, one armed with a gun. One of the men grabbed a cell phone from one of the persons inside the shop and also grabbed money from the cash drawer. But this family didn’t just stand by and allow the robbers to get away – no! This family managed to wrestle away the gun from the gunman and subdue him, allowing the police to arrest him for the brazen robbery when they arrived on the scene.

Police found 226 grams of cannabis in Choc’s boxers. Nelbert Choc, 30, a resident of #32 Estrella Street, Caye Caulker, was brought before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith and read a single charge of drug trafficking. According to police, acting on information they received, they yesterday visited the Caye Caulker Water Taxi station on North Front Street, where they saw Choc and conducted a search on him. Found inside the waist of Choc’s boxers were two zip-lock bags which contained suspected cannabis, and when weighed, the substance amounted to 226 grams.

Newton Neville Benguche, 33, an entrepreneur of a La Croix Boulevard address, was charged for allegedly threatening his female neighbor and throwing stones on her roof. Maria Isabella Artiaga, a resident of 8147 La Croix Boulevard in the Lake Independence area of Belize City, reported to police that Benguche threatened her by saying “I wa burn down unu house and kill all a unu een deh.” In addition to that, Benguche allegedly threw stones on Artiaga’s roof. The incident reportedly occurred on September 12, 2013. Benguche pleaded not guilty to the charges when he appeared in court today. He was offered bail of BZ$800 for the offences under the condition that he does not harass the complainant or any of the witnesses in the case.

Nicholi Rhys was previously charged with handling stolen goods on Wednesday after police found the I-phone in his possession This morning, Shane McFoy, 26, an undertaker of #71 Euphrates Avenue, was charged with theft when he appeared before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart. Police said that on September 10, they responded to a report from Earl Perez that at 12:05 on Tuesday afternoon, as he parked his vehicle on George Street, someone sneaked up on him, pushed their hand through his opened car window, snatched his 16-gig 4S I-phone, valued at $1,200, from off his lap, and ran down the street with it. The person then handed it over to another person, and they both ran off. After police investigated the report, they apprehended Nicholi Rhys and found the I-phone in his possession. Rhys was arraigned on Wednesday, September 11; he pleaded not guilty to the charge and was offered and met bail.

Jamal Warrior, a construction worker of #40 Queen Charlotte Street, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison after being charged with attempted robbery, keeping an unlicensed firearm, keeping unlicensed ammunition, and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. Police believe that Warrior is the person who attempted to rob Nadine Pelayo with a firearm on September 11, while she was on Coney Drive. They also believe that he assaulted both Nadine and Paul Pelayo with the .38 Smith and Wesson brand revolver that was found in the area after an investigation was launched.

A 16-year-old boy of Roaring Creek was hit in the abdomen after a gunman fired at him and a friend while they were sitting on the stairs of a house on Progress Avenue in Roaring Creek at about 9:30 yesterday morning, Wednesday. The gunman had come out of a car that drove up to within a distance of about 100 feet from them, and after the shooting, the gunman got back into the passenger side of the car, and the driver then drove away. The boy saw his abdomen bleeding, and he and his mother went to the Belmopan Police Station and reported the attack. Police later found the car in Roaring Creek. It was immediately impounded and taken to the Belmopan Police Station.


Karaoke Cab
I had the best cab ride yesterday in Belize City. My traveling companions were with Gaylynn and Teddy-bear, we drove around for about 5 hours doing errands, eating fried chicken and laughing our @asses off. In spite of the heavy dreary weather we are having from Invest 95L – see multiple sources of coverage in the thread on Belize Message board. The humor and laughter actually started as soon as we got on the plane. Our Maya pilot was very funny cracking jokes about what our food and drinks options were and so stay tuned for the inflight movie. I had the best cab ride yesterday in Belize City. My traveling companions were with Gaylynn and Teddy-bear, we drove around for about 5 hours doing errands, eating fried chicken and laughing our @asses off. In spite of the heavy dreary weather we are having from Invest 95L – see multiple sources of coverage in the thread on Belize Message board. The humor and laughter actually started as soon as we got on the plane. Our Maya pilot was very funny cracking jokes about what our food and drinks options were and so stay tuned for the inflight movie.

Storm System Invest 95L Brings MORE RAIN to Ambergris Caye
Our little neck of the woods has been a bit of a hot spot for rain and storm systems these past few weeks. Nothing close to Tropical Storm status while it passes by us (though the last system turned into deadly Hurricane Ingrid and hit the east coast of Mexico just a few days ago killing as many as 34 people) but we are getting lots of grey skies and plenty of rain. Here is the world wide picture of Tropical storms from And 95L sitting EXACTLY RIGHT ON TOP OF US. I present you the always scientific “Me on My Couch” indicator.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize Recertified Green Globe
Green Globe Certification today announced the recertification of The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize. Green Globe Certification CEO Guido Bauer said: “The Lodge at Chaa Creek is one of the more exemplary Green Globe-certified properties. From its inception, the owners, managers, and staff of this eco-resort have dedicated their business to sustainable development, as well as presenting a quality eco-tourism experience. “There seems no sustainable practice that Chaa Creek has not built into its operations. And some of these activities are not ones that are usually considered when we think about responsible tourism in beautiful natural locations. “The resort contributes directly to staff health and welfare through the provision of health care treatment, equipment, and supply of medicines. They also work with local law enforcement agencies to protect the welfare of staff and guests, as well as establishing a neighborhood watch program for the local community. “Beyond the excellent interpretive activities based on the rainforest location, Chaa Creek demonstrates that social commitment is also part of true sustainability.”

Johnnycakes 1/2 Recipe in the Toaster Oven
We love freshly baked Johnnycakes, so this half recipe is perfect because it only yields 4. No range is necessary.

Compete Caribbean
Submit your proposal to Compete Caribbean by October 31, 2013 and compete for up to US$500,000 to develop your idea! We welcome any innovative project, from any economic sector and any size of firm. However all firms must be resident in a CARIFORUM country and be prepared to provide counterpart funding of 50% of the cost of the project (of which up to 50% can be in kind).

BELTRAIDE’s participation at Expo through its Small Business Development Centre (SBDCBelize) making an impact!
Participating in events such as expositions and trade shows are considered to provide extensive benefits, including that of economic gains, to other less quantifiable benefits such as exposure. From its inception four years ago, Expo Belize Market Place has provided a gateway for entrepreneurs and the general business/non-business community to showcase their products and services and obtain an edge on the competition. This year, the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) couldn’t miss it! BELTRAIDE, through its Small Business Development Centre (SBDCBelize) attended Expo Belize along with three entrepreneurs. The products that were being showcased were those of Bella Dee’s (Soaps, Massage Oils and other), Amarabi Seasonings ( Marinades) and Gayla’s Arts. The location and the versatility of our participating clients and staff allowed for more than 500+ visitors to the booth, allowing for our entrepreneurs to sell and promote their products. One of the entrepreneurs enthusiastically expressed “I am very grateful for the invitation to participate in this year’s expo along SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE, I am extremely impressed at my consultant’s persistence, determination, and assistance in meeting my expressed needs, I would definitely participate in this show next year”. Similar sentiments were shared from the other participants.

“Moving” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
The rainy season has shown itself with a vengeance during the last few weeks. I am sure that it has not been the case but it seems like it has rained every day and yesterday was no different. Out on the veranda yesterday morning shortly before 05.00 hours the rain was lashing down and so strongly at one stage that I had to retreat to the condo to avoid getting soaked. Weather such as this is obviously not good (or welcomed) by the tourists that are visiting Ambergris Caye but it does have its benefits. Well, for me at least. I just love the sound of the rain hitting the fronds of the coconut trees. I find it restful. Therapeutic. Very calming. Not that I feel at all agitated but the sound, for me, creates a sense of serenity.

Pumpkin Fudge
3 cups white sugar 3 tablespoons lite corn syrup 1/4 teespoon salt 1 1/2 teespoons vanilla extract 1 cup milk 1/2 cup pumpkin puree 1 teespoon pumpkin pie spice 1/2 cup butt'r Direckshuns: Butt'r er greese one 8 x 8 inch pun. N' a 3-quart saucepun, mix togeth'r sugar, milk, corn syrup, pumpkin an' salt. Brang to a bawl ov'r high heat, stirryun' constantlee. Reduce heat to medium an' continue boileeun'.

International Sources

Another disturbance forms over Yucatán
As the remnants of Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel brought heavy rains across Mexico, another atmospheric disturbance with potential to strengthen into a tropical storm began forming over the southern Yucatán Peninsula Tuesday afternoon. The National Hurricane Center is predicting that an area of low pressure over Belize and southern Yucatán has a 40 percent chance of becoming a tropical depression during the next two days. Hurricane watchers at the center reported Tuesday afternoon that the system was moving slowly west and northwest and likely will emerge above the Bay of Campeche on Wednesday. “Environmental conditions should continue to be generally conducive for some additional development during the next several days as the disturbance moves slowly across the southern Gulf of Mexico,” a notice from the hurricane center states.

Russian Supermodel Debuts Her Own Swimwear Collection
Russian supermodel and Sports Illustrated magazine cover girl Irina Shayk has released her own swimwear collection for Beach Bunny Swimwear, according to an official announcement. Shayk’s designs for “Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny” were previewed earlier this summer on the catwalks of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami, Florida and mark her second collaboration with the California-based women’s swimwear company. The 2010 Beach Bunny collection also featured some of Shayk’s designs, according to the statement released Tuesday. Shayk, 27, whose real surname is Shaykhlislamova, was born in the tiny mining village of Yemanzhelinsk in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, and landed her big break in 2007 when she became the face of Itimissimi lingerie according to her official website. Since 2007 she has modeled for many top designers and brands and in 2011 appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated famous swimsuit edition.

Vic Spencer – A Call From Belize
Not familiar with Vic Spencer? Then you’re missing out! The wordsmith returns to the scene today with something new and rather addictive for our listening enjoyment. The track is called “A Call From Belize” in which he gets down over top of a beat done by Alchemist. The laid back, melodic beat gets attacked mercilessly by the MC, as he does a great job at showing off his thoughts, his rhyme skills, and his story at the same damn time. He effortlessly weaves together some unique bars, and keeps us entertained in the process. Check out the new track after the jump and let us know what you think down below.

NHC bumps up development chances of '95L'
Forecasters are keeping a close eye on a low pressure system centered near the coast of Belize that is producing a large area of showers and thunderstorms over the Caribbean Sea. According to the National Hurricane Center, the system has a 30 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours and a 50 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next five days. The disorganized area of disturbed weather is forecast to slowly move across Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula and enter the Bay of Campeche Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Forecasters added environmental conditions are expected to be a little more favorable for development during the next day or two. They reported the low is likely to become nearly stationary over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico later in the week and environmental conditions should be generally conducive for some slow development during that time.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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