Today, the Police Department released the crime statistics for the month of August, and the numbers reflect that, nationally, all major crimes are down by 11.2%. Shooting incidents are down by 29.4%. Murder is down by 27.8%, while rape is down by 30%, but the most significant decrease comes from the number of robberies, which, according to the data, shows that this major crime is down by 43%. But while police are making progress in these areas, theft is up by 7%, and reports of carnal knowledge are up by 51%.

Police also announced the winners of the Minister of National Security's monthly awards for the zone and formation which performed the best at reducing major crimes for the month of August.

The winner chosen was Western Zone, which covers the area of the Cayo District, and which is under the command of Senior Superintendent Aaron Guzman. The best performing sub-formation, according to police, was the Benque-Viejo Sub-Formation, which is headed by Assistant Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson.

Both commanders were presented with a cheque for $1,000 each and a Certificate of Recognition, after which Minister Saldivar held his monthly meeting with zone, formation and branch commanders from around the country.

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