Belize District

Heavy rainfall associated with a slow moving area of low pressure over Belize over the last couple days has caused flash flooding in La Democracia on the Coastal Road. NEMO was monitoring the area since Monday. Earlier this morning portions of the community experienced a flash flood from fast rising waters due to heavy rainfall which fell during the course of last night which caused the Sibun River to break its bank.

Several homes on the Coastal road were under water due to the flash flood. NEMO Belize District Coordinator and the Police have deployed to the area to establish what occurred and render assistance. Even though the water is receding rapidly the Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team (BDARRT) will continue to check the area and remain on standby to provide any Search and Rescue assistance that might be required.

At mile 27 on the George Price Highway the road is compromised due to damage to the culvert causing traffic delays. Drivers are asked to exercise extreme caution when passing that area and whilst travelling the highways as rains have affected most of the major and secondary roads and streets throughout the country.

Orange Walk District

Flood waters in the Rio Hondo continue to raise cutting off the communities of Santa Cruz, San Roman, San Antonio and Douglas. Two (2) civilian boats supplied by the people of Orange walk are deployed to cover the areas from San Roman to Douglas. The Belize Defense Force River patrol between Santa Cruz and San Roman will remain in place to provide assistance to the people in the area. The BDF and Belize National Coast Guard is on standby to support NEMO operations in the north.

NEMO Headquarters, Belmopan City
Tel: 501-822-2054
Belize, C. A. Fax: 501-822-2861

And the Forecast Says....

The flash flood La Democracia caused by the Sibun River breaking its bank was caused by Heavy rainfall associated with a slow moving area of low pressure over Belize over the last couple days.

Our news team stopped in at the Weather Bureau to speak with Chief Met Officer, Dennis Gonguez about the current flooding situation and an update on the weather as we go into the 21st..

Dennis Gonguez, Chief Met Officer
"There as a weak area of low pressure influencing our weather over the past couple of days. It has now moved offshore the Yucatan Peninsula into the bay of Campeche and it has been affecting our weather in terms producing some rainfall. Last night we had about 7 inches near the Belize Zoo and about 4 inches at La Democracia on the George Price Highway. As this system moves away we are looking at conditions will gradually improve as time goes by."

Monica Bodden
"Can we expect more flooding?"

Dennis Gonguez, Chief Met Officer
"With the rains decreasing, indications are the flooding should start to recede in the upcoming days and therefore we are not looking at any major events occurring in the next day."

Monica Bodden
"Was there a flash flood in La Democracia this morning?"

Dennis Gonguez, Chief Met Officer
"From reports I am hearing, the 7 inches that we receive it's quite likely that did occur."

Monica Bodden
"The system is where now?"

Dennis Gonguez, Chief Met Officer
"It's over the Bay of Campeche heading away. As a result we should see gradually improving conditions over the next day or so."

Weather conditions should improve in the next day or two.

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