Our lovely town of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is known for being a party hub, but while some of us drink for socializing others sadly have developed an alcohol addiction. Here on the island those who seek help for their addiction have the support of the Alcoholic Anonymous and the San Pedro Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute (SPADAI).

SPADAI works hand in hand with Alcoholic Anonymous, the National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC) and most recently the San Pedro Police Department. On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, ASP Luis Castellanos, along with Tourism Police and Councilor Gaby Nuñez, personally delivered food to ten underprivileged persons (alcoholics).

“The Police Department ordered food for the officers that would be working during the 10th festivities,” stated Castellanos. “Not all officers were needed to work and we had left over food and did not want to just dispose of it and thought it would be nice to give back to the community. We distributed the ten plates of food to these persons as an act of kindness and as our first step to our plan of helping them along with SPADAI for them to receive treatment for their addiction.”

SPADAI is currently in partnership with Jacob’s Farm in the Corozal District, where they are currently hosting eight individuals who are in the recovery process. Since SPADAI currently does not have a home of its own, the individuals are sent to Corozal and SPADAI is assisting the home in whatever way they can.

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