September session of Supreme Court commences- over 100 cases on the list

Supreme Court

The September session of the Supreme Court began on Monday, September 16th and already the court has seen a beefing up of security personnel posted at the institution. Thatís because a number of murder cases are set to kick off before either Supreme Court judges, Adolph Lucas and Troadio John Gonzalez.

On Tuesday as many as 45 men were brought down and on Wednesday over 50 prisoners were brought down from prison with two buses being employed along with heavy security.

And the cases are already being disposed of as on Tuesday one man saw a sex offense case end with a withdrawal by the DPPís office. That was the case against Eugene Webster who had been accused of attempted rape of a minor. By afternoon, Jeremiah Pott, who was out on bail for the offense of manslaughter in the fatal death of his own brother, saw his charge upgraded from manslaughter to murder.

There are 26 cases slated before the Hon. Justice Adolph Lucas while a record breaking amount of 99 is listed before the Hon. Justice Troadio John Gonzalez.

The cases before Hon. Justice Lucas are for offenses such as murder, which include 4 cases. One sensational murder case is that of Renan Briceno Jr., the former Smart employee of Orange Walk accused of the murder that had occurred at Palm Island. He will also preside over a case of manslaughter; cases of attempted murder, manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, rape/abetment to rape, carnal knowledge cases; possession of a false document; theft and escape from lawful custody.

Before the Hon. Justice Gonzalez are the cases of the Felix brothers, Emory and Maurice Felix whose case was adjourned for October 4, tentatively for trial.

Other cases set for trial before the Honourable Justice Gonzalez includes 37 other cases for murder, which are that of Alwin Gabb; Glenford Ferguson, Fabian Bain, Wesley Emmanuel, Oscar Maldonado and Jonathan Suazo; Warren Lewis amd Cordel Flores; Jamal Jackson, Daniel Myvette and Talbert Mena, Phillip Wallace and Austin Underwood, as well as a murder of police officer, Alpheus Parham among others.

14 cases for attempted murder, and other offenses such as attempted robbery, manslaughter, abetment to commit murder, conspiracy to robbery, rape, attempted rape, rape and unnatural crime, maim, incest, dangerous harm, forcible abduction which is the case of Bert Vasquez, the businessman of Belize City accused and charged with the murder of Cayo resident and minor, Jasmine Lowe and Kevin Bodden for grievous harm, among others such as claiming upon a forged document, negligent grievous harm, arson, attempted theft, extortion aggravated assault and the crime of preparation for a crime.

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