In the field, I sometimes have those special days, full of contrasts. During a recent outing with the crew from the Environmental Research Institute at the University of Belize Field Station on Calabash Caye, I had such a day - low visibility water vs crystal clear closeup photography; rough boat ride going out vs smooth as silk on return; cold, windy morning vs warm sunny afternoon; icy, big drop rain storms with lightening all around vs beautiful sunset; shivering hungry divers hoping to head home vs stuffed, dry scientists ready to do a night dive.

This short video on the GoPro shot at 60 fps and replayed at 30 fps shows us in the middle of a rainstorm, where the drops sting and the cold water and wind forces us to look for shelter where there is none (note the one diver grabbing a fin to protect her face) vs the ride back home at sunset ... smooth, warm, tired but feeling alive ... with Victor J Alamina, Celso Cawich, Chris Encalada and Ruth Gutierrez.

by Tony Rath