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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Useless Relationships
Dear Doctor Love, It hurts me so much to see my daughter throwing her life away on some useless piece of garbage. She has a boyfriend that does not work and she spends her days at a low end job just to support him. When she finishes work she goes to another job while he [...]

Wolfe’s Woofers: Lawsuits
“And what do you do back in Texas?” “I’m a lawyer,” the tourist told me, as he pulled up a chair. We had struck up a conversation as I was having my morning coffee on the deck of the Holiday Hotel. “What kind of law do you practice?” I asked. “Mostly tort law, which is [...]

Justin Banner arrested and charged for drug trafficking
Police on Ambergris Caye arrested and charged a man for the crime of drug trafficking. He is 27-year-old Justin Banner, a Belizean laborer and resident of a DFC area of San Pedro Town. According to San Pedro Police, sometime around 11AM on Friday September 13th, they visited an apartment in the San Mateo area of [...]

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Jump Up San Pedro
Many of the paraders were jumping up just as hard at the end of the second pass down front street as they were at the start.

VIDEO: San Pedro Independence Day Parade 2013
If you love parties and parades, September 21st is definitely a must do for your Belize Travel calendar. This video is the whole 2013 independence day parade through San Pedro Town.

Citizen Science in Belize – Update – If You Can’t Beat’em, Wear’em
In earlier posts about my volunteer experience in Belize with ReefCI, I talked about the lionfish invasion that is threatening coral reef and other marine ecosystems throughout the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Southern Atlantic Seaboard of the United States, and noted that, at least for the foreseeable future, human intervention, particularly the establishment of a commercial fishery for the species, appears to be the only solution to keep the invasion under control. I mentioned the idea of lionfish jewelry as a possible way of increasing the economic return to fisherfolk who may otherwise be reluctant to go after lionfish given the difficulty of catching them (the fish must be harvested by spearing or hand netting rather than through traditional methods such as lines or nets). I’ve been pleased to learn that at least one artisan in Belize has picked up on the idea, using some of the lionfish spines that I collected while I was there. She has already crafted some beautiful earrings (see photo above) and is working on other jewelry items as well as decorative mirrors. Elsewhere, jewelry crafted from lionfish tails and fins is being sold online, and through a retail outlet in Curaçao.

SIRH Refurbs Flamingo Park
The San Ignacio Resort Hotel went back to Flamingo Park, which they adopted last year for National Service Day, and they fixed it up again. Thanks, SIRH! "A few staff from SIRH got together for National Service Day to clean up a local park. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel adopted this park last year as an ongoing effort to support. You can read more about this here.

MCHS Celebrates Independence
Mount Carmel High School celebrated "Belize in You, Belize in Me, Land of the Free."

Cayo Independence Day Parade
Pictures from Cayo's Independence Day parade through town yesterday. Here's to another great year! "It was a little wet, but that can't stop Cayo from celebrating with a grand parade. Thanks to junior photographer Chloe Cocchi for some great pictures." On FB.

Belmopan Independence Day Parade
Belmopan had a great showing for their Independence Day parade. They had the Belize Cowboy and Cowgirl Association there to show off some riding skills. Belmopan City Online was there to get pictures. Happy 32nd birthday, Belize! Banana Bank was also there to get some pictures, mostly of the horse contingent. Video of the horse contingent.

Independence Eve in Cayo
From - September 22, 11:09 AM D Russell captured some great pictures in Cayo on Independence Eve. The fireworks were great. "Fireworks, passing of the torch, festivities in Cayo, 2013" Benque had fireworks too.

“Earth Wind and Fire,” Belize, and the 21st of September
You would think you were at a wedding reception dancing the night away to an Earth, Wind and Fire cover band every time you hear their top-of-the-charts tune about the 21st of September. Released in 1978, the track builds up and unleashes a thrilling happiness that comes from pure freedom. ~The groove is right and night is alllllright~ It was the month of September when composer and lyricist banded together. One had influenced the other, but both had been on a roll with spiritual inspiration when they produced the song that would remain a legacy. And while few theories circulate about the significance of the 21st of September, the truth is, it just sounded phonetically right. “Do you remember the 21st night of September? Love was changing the minds of pretenders, while chasing the clouds away. Our hearts were singing, in the key that our souls were singing…as we danced in the night away.” This song is undoubtedly the ultimate feel-good song.

Alberto Contreras Receives Meritorious Service Award
Congratulations to Alberto Contreras for being awarded the Meritorious Service Award! Once again, it's well deserved. "Alberto Rafael Contreras was born in Benque Viejo Del Carmen on January 16, 1939. He attended St. Joseph School, now Mount Carmel Primary School. Always passionate about the development of his home town, Alberto entered politics under the United Democratic Party in 1978 and served as a member of the Benque Viejo Town Board and served as mayor of Benque Viejo from 1984 to 1986. But his mark on Belizean history goes beyond politics. He coached the Mount Carmel School football team from 1970 to 1995 and led them to many victories. The Verdes Football Club was born in 1980 and Rafael would be known to play a significant role in its success. Verdes represented Belize at the CONCACAF stage several times."

Belize Literacy Project Concludes
The Rotary Club of San Ignacio has finished up their 5 year Belize Literary Project, and they had a small handing over ceremony to the Ministry of Education. Thanks, Rotary! "This country-wide project for Belize Literacy sponsored by our Canadian partners in Rotary District 5370 came to an end after 5 years and lots of work from many dedicated folks. The handing over ceremony was a venue to hand over the last of the equipment to each of the district offices and to the staff of Ministry of Education."

Tourists trapped near ATM rescued
A search and rescue operation is underway in the Cayo district for a group, believed to be tourists, who are reportedly trapped near the ATM cave in Teakettle village. Preliminary reports are that the group, including about 10 tourists and a couple of tour guides ran into trouble as a result of a flash flood due to heavy rains in the the area. ...later last evening.... SUCCESS!!! The rescue mission was successfully completed just before midnight. All the tourists and guides who were trapped by flash flood near the ATM cave in Teakettle village have been accounted for. They are now on their way to San Ignacio town.


Intercepted by facebook the Commodore and Blue Water Grill
I was just getting ready to start my Jump Up San Pedro video when Commodore Andy popped me on facebook and got me instantly focused from one direction to a completely different one. After all it is Sunday and I have been working since 7:00am so lunch at Blue Water Grill is definitely a good reason to allow myself to get intercepted. Andy – Fancy lunch at BWG at 12:00pm? Me – Fancy lunch for anything special? Paul doing football at Lola’s or Pedro’s I might be interested if I can get enough work in before then Andy – It’s Sunday and I’m hungry. Jackie and Adam are coming along with Forrest. Bring some more Me – Any chance you guys can come grab me? Andy – I’m sure we can. Invite some folks Me – ok will ask Mary Andy – The more the merrier Big Shout Out to all the parade dancers who were jumping up just as hard at the end of the second pass down front street as they were at the start.

2013 Independence Day Parade on Ambergris Caye, Part One: VISIT BELIZE IN SEPTEMBER!
I love the month of September in Belize. LOVE IT. September 21st in San Pedro is the culmination of the good times…the big JUMP UP parade. This year’s was as fun as ever. I can’t get enough…lucky for me? The parade circled around twice where I was stationed. Let’s just get right into all of the pictures. This year I mixed things up and was quite pleased with the results. Mostly because the parade lines up on the beach…on one of our most gorgeous stretches of beach in the Boca Del Rio Area. Gorgeous gorgeous perfection. Look at these cuties waiting for the rest of their dance troupe. I mean SERIOUSLY? Too much.

Belizean Music is Belizean Music is Belizean Music
It’s no secret we’re major fans of the unique, dynamic, vibrant and at times controversial Belizean arts scene, and for some of us, our focus is on Belizean music. From Brukdown to Punta Rock and everything in between, Belize provides an aural smorgasbord that’s a feast for the senses. No matter the mood, from Friday-night-I-just-got-paid jump up to why’d s/he have to leave me, from the exuberant to the reflective, there’s something in the vast Belizean catalogue to suit everyone and any moment. Just like the Blues greats such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and Buddy Guy, Paranda musicians stir something deep inside. Paul Nabor’s Naguya Ne (I am Moving On) just seems to get more poignant and soulful with each listen, and the younger Aurelio Martinez is carrying on that soulful tradition. He’s an artist that stays true to the form yet is instantly recognisable for his own distinctive style. So it was a pleasure to hear that the Belize Tourism Board, aka the BTB, selected one of his songs, “Santo Negro”, as the backing track for its promotional video. Great decision I thought, as I sat back, closed my eyes and savoured it again. Yes, this evokes Belize to someone who knows and loves it, and is a wonderful introduction to the country for others.