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Today's Belize News: September 25, 2013 #473334
09/25/13 05:55 AM
09/25/13 05:55 AM
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Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Salvadoran military band performs free concert for Ambergris Caye residents
Residents of Ambergris Caye as well as visitors enjoyed a spectacular musical night on the 21st of September. The concert was a gift from the Government of El Salvador and comprised of 64 musicians from “La Banda Sinfónica de la Fuerza Armada de El Salvador.” Their performance in San Pedro Town was part of a countrywide tour in honor of Belize’s patriotic celebrations. A short ceremony started with a beautiful rendition of the national anthems of both countries. Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero as well as the Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr. were present at the event, and when speaking to the residents and addressing the members of the band, they both spoke of the long standing relationship between Belize and El Salvador.

Land Information System temporarily down
The Public is advised that due to damage to our servers caused by lightning storms over the weekend, the Land Information System at the Lands and Survey Department went offline. The IT technicians at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture have isolated the problem and the system has been repaired. The Land Information System is currently being restored from our daily backup servers. The Lands and Survey Department has resumed partial services to the general public today. Our technicians are working with the international IT partners to bring the Land Information System to full operations as quickly as possible. The Ministry expects the system to be fully operational by midday tomorrow, 25th September 2013 when all services will be available to the public. The Ministry thanks the public for its patience and understanding on this matter and reassures the public that all land information is completely secured.

San Pedro residents join in Independence Day Celebrations
Activities to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of Belize’s Independence Day celebration spanned two days on Ambergris Caye. It started with the official Independence Eve Ceremony, followed by the Midnight Flag Raising Ceremony and concluded with an international concert at the old Saca Chispas Football Field. For the first time, the Independence Day speeches by the various leaders were delivered on the eve of the occasion. The ceremony kicked off with much pomp and circumstance as the arrival of the various dignitaries was announced. Once all the invited guests were seated, the island’s Queen Miss Solani Graniel, escorted by Deputy Mayor Guillermo “Mito” Paz, and was led by the San Pedro High School Marching Band. First to speak was the Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero who highlighted the many accomplishments under his administration. He stressed that the council has invested in improving the municipality’s infrastructure through the street rehabilitation project, the increase of scholarships for students amongst other programs. He ended by inviting all Belizeans to unit and join in the celebration to mark the country’s independence.

Ambergris Caye observes National Service Day with different activities
On Thursday September 19th, the country observed National Service Day. Organizations, schools and various entities conducted several activities in their respective communities. The celebration was set aside to commemorate Belize’s National Hero and Father of the Nation, Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price. On Ambergris Caye there was no shortage of events as many students and residents joined in the different activities. As part of the activities for National Service Day, the San Pedro Town Council visited all the pre-schools on the island where they spent time with the students. Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero, his councilors and support staff joined in as they distributed coloring books along with refreshments to the students. The students smiled as they graciously accepted the gesture made by the council.

SPTC still faced with traffic issues as they work on traffic SI for the island
And while the increase of private motor vehicles is one issue, so are the taxis on the island. Not only have residents expressed displeasure at the attitude of most taxi drivers who stop wherever they want, drive above the speed limit and even take up most of the parking space in the down town area, but the issue of an increase in the number of taxi vehicles has also been questioned. “I agree that there is congestion when it comes to the parking and the area in which the taxis park. The congestion within the downtown area is caused by the same taxi drivers that exist right now because they are based within town. When we finish with our SI, things will change. All of them (taxi drivers) will not be allowed to park where they are currently parking. In addition, we cannot just stop the issuing of taxi permits because the town was not properly planned. We must work together in fixing the problem, identify parking areas, look at the size of vehicle that will be allowed to park on the streets within the town core, regulate the size of taxi and the number of taxis that will be allowed to be at their base at any given time – all of that will be address in the SI,” explained the Mayor. The traffic issues drastically escalated during the past administration, and the council is working on an SI that will address some of the traffic problems. Mayor Guerrero would not say when the SI would be completed, but he did say that works in finalizing it is ongoing.

Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Site Remains Closed
As of September 19th, the Marco Gonzalez Archaeological is temporarily closed due to all the high water from a recent tropical depression and unusually high tides helped along by a full moon cycle. Jan Brown, President of the MGMSAC, Ltd., walked or rather waded into the site on Thursday only to find the boardwalk over 50% flooded. "As a safety precaution, I've put a sign at the first of the walkway asking people to not enter the boardwalk," says Brown. "I found the water had floated several boards as well as caused several pallet sections to become loose from the base. And the biggest concern I have is that one of our resident crocs will have found a place to rest on the flooded boards. That's an adventure I surely don't want a visitor to have!" A walk about the site revealed the water was still encroached on some of the pathway on the west and south sides. "There is a certain area on the NW side where I didn't even have to visit as that is low and prone to normal tidal activity." But, Brown noticed that some brave soul had wandered in as evidenced by footprints in the wet pathway. Who came first - the human or the resident raccoon? And how about the fact that the footprints only went one way?

Independence Day Parade in San Pedro 2013 (98 photos)
San Pedro celebrated the 32nd Independence Day of Belize in grand style on September 21st! Were you there? If not you sure missed a good mark your calendar for 2014 and join us in the festivities! — at San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Parades in All Colors Celebrating Belize's Independence Day
Residents of San Pedro took to the streets of Ambergris Caye to celebrate, jump up and parade in observance of Belize’s 32nd Independence Anniversary this past Saturday, September 21, 2013. Parading revelers celebrated in costumes and floats of all colors that brought out this year’s theme: ‘Belize in You, Belize in Belize, Land of the Free’. Needless to say the parade was full of color, energy and life as residents showed what Belizean’s do best – have fun and show patriotic pride! Enjoy our picture and video highlights of this year’s Independence Day Parade in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

Anonymous Generous Donation to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Project
The Special Envoy for Women and Children and Founder of the Lifeline Foundation, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow is pleased to announce a generous donation of BZD$500,000 for the new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit now under construction at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The donor prefers to remain anonymous. It is the first half of a $1,000,000 pledge. It is comforting to know that people recognize the significance of this project and the great need for a properly equipped and staffed facility for our children. This donation will be a huge help in our efforts to ensure that Belize gets its first dedicated Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to give newborns and critically ill children the best possible healthcare right here at home.

Flashbacks: The First Belize Independence Parade
The year 1981, thirty two years ago, on September 21, Belize witnessed the first Independence Day parade ever and it took place in the commercial capital, Belize City. By Belize standards this was the biggest parade in memory. Take a look at the parade in Belize City. It was one solid mass of people from the foot of the Belize Swing Bridge all the way down Albert Street as far as the eyes could see. In a city of some 40,000 this parade must have had 50% of the entire inhabitants of the city. No trucks, no golf carts, no floats- only men, women, and children rejoicing on the freedom of Belize. It was a freedom sought from our Colonial masters since 1798 and intensifying in 1950 when heroes like George Price and Phillip Goldson and Nicolas Pollard among others founded the People’s Committee which was later to become the People’s United Party. This parade was a true image of patriotism.

VIDEO: San Pedro Parades for Belize 32nd Independence Anniversary
Residents of San Pedro took to the streets of Ambergris Caye to celebrate, jump up and parade in observance of Belize's 32nd Independence Anniversary this past Saturday, September 21, 2013. Parading revelers celebrated in costumes and floats of all colors that brought out this year's theme: 'Belize in You, Belize in Belize, Land of the Free

Misc Belizean Sources

San Pedro CHILDREN'S TALENT SHOW 2013 (46 photos)


Mayor Daniel Guerrero was a guest speaker at the Patriotic Children's Rally that was held at the auditorium at San Pedro High School. Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, 11 Year Old, Anthony Gill shared with the kids about bullying. The Mayor also handed out certificated of participation to various teachers and students who showed their patriotism in their school.

VIDEO: Belize Carnival Day
Belize Carnival signifies the celebration of Life. Take a look at the amazing costumes, colors and the people that came out on this day to celebrate.

Legends of Belize Creature Book
In Belize, Central America, there are terrifying stories about strange mythical creatures that roam the jungles and waters. Stories so terrifying, they are past down from generation to generation as folklore and legends. Discover fascinating but terrifying creatures; such as Tata Duende, Xtabai, Llorona, Sisimito, and many more that are believed to haunt Belize. The ancient legends are captured, documented, and preserved by Belizean Artists and Animators, GrissyG and Dismas. in a series of fine Art, logo Art, and brief descriptions about the cryptozoological, paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained. Be fascinated, be terrified, Belize.

Belmopan Active Youth Receives Grant
The Belmopan Active Youth group received $100,000 from the US Embassy for drug prevention around Belmopan. 45 youth leaders will be trained with the funds. Sports competitions, aimed at giving kids better things to do, will also be funded with the money. They'll also refurb and classify 6 city parks as drug free zones. Great work, BAY!

El Salvador Symphonic Orchestra Pictures
The El Salvador Military Symphony Orchestra played their free show Monday night at the Cayo Welcome Center. We're averaging around 5 cultural events at the Cayo Welcome Center every week this month. "Their grand performance included popular renditions from ABBA, Carlos Santana, the Beatles and even theme songs from movies such as Rocky III and Star Wars to name a few."

Harriot Topsey Fruit Park Revitaliztion
The Institute of Archaeology along with the Institute for Social and Cultural Research spent National Service Day revitalizing Harriot Topsey Park in Belmopan. Thanks, everyone, it looks great! "The staff of the Institute for Social & Cultural Research & the Institute of Archaeology teamed up together to give the Harriot Topsey Park a fresh paint job!" More pics...

UB Business Proposal Writing Seminar
The University of Belize will host a free Business Proposal writing seminar tomorrow morning at 9:00am. If you want to learn how to write a winning business proposal, then this is the seminar for you. They are teaming up with the DFC to celebrate 50 years of investing in the Belizean economy. "Special event for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners... come and take advantage of a FREE BUSINESS PROPOSAL WRITING SEMINAR!! (Wednesday Sept 25, 2013 9a.m - 11:00 a.m. at the University of Belize Belmopan Campus)"

Residents of what's known as the Albion Islands in the north are enduring flooded communities. NEMO Orange Walk and NEMO Corozal are on alert and stand ready to assist. Here is a look at the situation in Douglas village, Orange Walk.

Recent rains in the north caused inconveniences for families in Concepcion village. One family had to bail out their house and set up sand bags to try and keep the water out.

Channel 7

Teenaged Student Killed In Broad Daylight in Orange Walk
An 18 year old high school student from Biscayne Village was killed in Orange Walk Town this afternoon. Around 4:15, Darrell Wade was stabbed by an adult male. It happened not far from his school - when a man who was walking in front of him took out a knife and stabbed the teenager in his chest. Information suggests that the two may have had a misunderstanding before this - based on the fact that the suspect believed Wade may have had some role in beating up his little brother two weeks ago. Whatever the case, Wade, still in his school uniform and carrying a school bag, was stabbed in front of the People's Stadium and collapsed to the street in a pool of blood. A nearby female vendor picked him up and rushed him to the hospital in her vehicle. But it was too late, he died shortly after. It happened in broad daylight and Police have a known suspect who they are looking for tonight. Wade was a student at New Hope High School.

Hon. Skerrit Detained, Humiliated By Belize Coast Guard
As we told you last week, the Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit came to Belize for the Independence Festivities as a guest of honour. He told us he got a personal invite of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. On Saturday, after speaking graciously at the Independence Day Official Ceremonies, Skerrit was taken to San Pedro for a stay at Victoria House. In the afternoon, he was taken by boat to see the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley, escorted by a representative of the Tourism Board, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a police escort from Special Branch and his own security. The group was supposed to have been trailed by the Coast Guard for security purposes, which is standard for VIP's - but the coast Guard vessel didn't show up on time - so the trip went ahead without them. As it turned out, the Coast Guard vessel with four officers on board showed up when Skerrit and the delegation was heading back. They were almost back at Victoria House but the Coast Guard stopped the boat, and proceeded to detain and question them - detained by tying the Skerritt boat unto the Coast Guard Vessel so it couldn't move. The coast guard personnel was explicitly told by Skerrit's Belizean escorts that the Prime Minister of Dominica was on board. According to what we've heard, the Coast Guard Officer, one Ogaldez gave no acknowledgement of this - brusquely asking, "Who is the Prime Minister?" and when Skerritt answered, "I am", Ogaldez ignored him.

Suspect Suspensions At Dept Of Immigration
The three immigration officers who are facing suspension are all from the Passport section of the Immigration Department - including two data entry clerks and the head of that section, Sharon-Neal Flowers. That's news because no one from the Nationality Section has been suspended, and those with knowledge of the process say that the file for Kim Won Hong had to originate in the Nationality Section. But that file has disappeared - and all that's known at this time is that the application signed by Minister of State Elvin Penner is still on record at the passport section. As we reported Penner signed the photograph and application for Kim Won Hong who is in jail in Taiwan awaiting extradition to South Korea. He is accused of embezzling a vast sum of money - and the man accusing him is a former high ranking executive who's already in jail in south Korea. Won Hong allegedly got the Belizean passport dated September 9th, 2013, to try and avoid extradition. Best information says he has never entered Belize and never qualified for nationality.

Police Looking For Hit and Run Driver
Police say they are looking for this man Freddy Hernan Villada; he is believed to have been the one driving the Chevy pickup truck that knocked Erron Golanche off his motorbike and killed him. It happened on Friday 20th September at 10:45 pm on Palmar Road in Orange Walk Town where a pickup swerved into Golanche's path and knocked him and his passenger, 24 year old Fernando Ical off the motorbike. The pickup kept going, dragging the motorbike along for a great distance. After it could go no more, the driver got out and ran. Golanche died on the spot, while Ical was hospitalized in a stable condition. The vehicle remains impounded while police are looking for Freddy VILLEDA.

Police Make Peace With Contrary Queen
Last night you saw the quite incredible independence day stunt that Yancy Bautista pulled in Succotz village. She snatched the crown from the young lady who was being crowned Independence Queen. The reason? Yancy was the queen but because she felt she had been jilted her out of the package promised to her as winner, and because they wanted her to wear what she calls a second hand dress, she refused to accept the crown - and apparently didn't want anyone else to have it either! It's one heck of a stunt, but it's also a criminal offence, two actually: assault of the runner up and destruction of property - namely the crown. So yesterday, the officer in charge of Benque Viejo ASP Disndale Thompson had a meeting with all parties, Yancy, who he calls, Queen A, the runner-up, who he calls Queen B, and the village chairman of Succtoz.

Civic To Be Dismantled, Not Demolished
The Prime Minister's Independence day address doesn't usually discuss the location of cranes but he had to make a point of it on Saturday because everyone's been waiting so long for the disused and long condemned city center to be demolished. Well, work started on Monday and we went to find out more today. But, to our surprise the dismantling of sport's biggest eyesore was not the news - the story was the kind of labour being employed to do it! Jules Vasquez reports:.. Jules Vasquez reporting Finally work has started on the dismantling of the decrepit City center. The building was condemned years ago - but still the City Center endured mostly as a testament to government's inability to tear it down. Francis Woods, CISCO Construction "We have several operations happening; we have the cleaning out of the under floor, we have the taking off of the wall - that's the most skilled one and that one has to be done carefully because of safety reasons. We don't want those zinc dropping. We don't want those guys falling off the baskets. That one has to be very carefully done."

Rosewood Keeps Popping Up
Rosewood may be on a strict moratorium but the precious hardwood is still being extracted from forests in the south! A joint operation led by the Forestry Department on Friday took them into the Deep River Forest Reserve to an area which can only be accessed by waterways. They found over a thousand feet had been cut - which they started to extract by boat. Today, Chief Forest Officer Wilbur Sabido told KRem Raido News about it:.. Wilbur Sabido, Chief Forest Officer "We on Friday found over 50 pieces of Rosewood totaling approximately 1500 board feet." KREM reporter "What will be done with the Rosewood once it is all retrieve from the area?"

British Naval Vessel In Belizean Waters
The Navy Seamen from the HMS Lancaster participated in the Independence Ceremony in Belmopan. Many were wondering if they came just for that event - but as Monica Bodden found out yesterday, their ship had been docked off the coast of Belize for some time. She went to find out why they are here in Belize. Monica Bodden reporting HMS Lancaster - a Royal Navy Warship has docked in Belize Waters - About 15 minutes away from Belize City, we were invited out to sea to check out the Duke class Type 23 frigate, known as the Queen's Frigate. The ship left the UK in May and will be in Belize Waters until the end of the Hurricane Season. It is here for 3 primary purposes - defence of overseas territories, counter narcotics and Humanitarian Disaster Relief. Lt. Cdr Adrian Gubby - Weapon Officer Engineer "We left the UK in May and we will be out here for the end of November, the end of the hurricane season. We are here for 3 primary purposes: defence of overseas territories, counter narcotics and also humanitarian and disaster relief, in the unfortunate a hurricane come to the Caribbean and damages any of the islands out there."

Albion Islands In Northern Belize Flood Out
Tonight, the NEMO Branches of Orange Walk and Corozal remain on alert to assist the villages in the Orange Walk District called the Albion Islands. It is a well-known flood-prone area which has been experiencing flash floods for several days now due to the rise in the Rio Hondo. Today, 7News went to Orange Walk where we spoke with the Regional Director who told us about the efforts they've been making to assist the villages of Douglas, Santa Cruz, San Roman, and San Antonio. Here's how he explained NEMO's intervention: Elodio Aragon Sr. - Regional Director, NEMO Orange Walk and Corozal "We have managed to assist them to be able to come to town. There are a lot of problems that are post, for example, we know that students have to come to school very early, so we have given them priority - they come first in the boats and then the workers and then others."

Investors In Dangriga Project Pack Up their Stuff
The SIF scandal may have faded from the headlines briefly but investors Emy Ramirez and Lyndon Bailey still have what the money people call, "skin in the game", or to put it more simply, money in the project. And so as SIF gets ready to send the project out for tender again, Ramirez and Lyndon Bailey are trying to get their hands on what they can to best protect their investment. Ramirez says she wants SIF to audit her material on site or to address the fact that Kennard Smart and K&G Construction is not going to hand over any site, so in a release, she says, quote "they must deal with me the actual contractor on the ground." But SIF maintains the position that they have no contract signed with Emy Ramirez, so they will continue to try and contact the contractor to have him hand over the project.

Police Beat Up Boy “For Nothing”
Kadeesh Bernard was picked up by Belmopan Police on Independence night, thrown into a cell and beaten up. His mother went to find out what was the matter and she was then roughed up by the police. They came to our studio yesterday to tell us of what they say is an abuse of power by police - who could not say why the young man had been detained. Kadeesh, who lost two teeth in the ordeal has difficulty speaking because of the injuries to his mouth, but he told us what happened - or at least the part he can remember:.. Kadeesh Bernard "Sir, all I remember is that 3 policemen came into the cell, two of them hold me down and the other police choked me. I couldn't do anything. I was trying to cry out for my mother but I couldn't." "All I remember was that I was getting up from off the ground and blood was in my mouth and I couldn't speak."

Channel 5

Meet the 3 immigration officers suspended in passport scandal
Cabinet met today, but up to news time there is no new official information surfacing on the passport scandal involving Elvin Penner and other public officers in the Immigration Department. [...]

Taiwanese protocol officer complains negligent behaviour by Edmund “Clear the Land” Castro
Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport, Edmund “Clear the Land” Castro, has been accused of negligent behavior of a sexual nature. The news came out of Taiwan late [...]

Another major rosewood bust in the south
Rosewood might not be exactly on the center stage right now, but if you’re thinking that means that loggers and exporters have given up on the precious wood, you would [...]

SIF refuses to audit construction material at Dangriga market site
The scandal at the Social Investment Fund can potentially give Belize a bad rap among international lending agencies such as the World Bank and Caribbean Development Bank that provide funding [...]

Should Elvin Penner be criminally charged for the illegal issuance of passport to South Korean national?
And tonight’s question is: Should Cayo Rep Elvin Penner be criminally charged for the illegal issuance of a Belize passport to a South Korean national? Yes or No. Send your [...]

New Hope High School student stabbed to death days after his birthday
There was a stabbing in Orange Walk this afternoon which claimed the life of an eighteen year old student of New Hope High School. Police are still conducting a preliminary [...]

The first meeting of the PAC, sans Opposition participation
The Public Accounts Committee, sans Opposition participation, held a meeting in Belmopan on Monday. Because of the volume of news on Monday, we held back that story for today.  As [...]

Flooding up north: water levels continue to rise in San Antonio
Last week, News Five was in rural Orange Walk where communities on the banks of the Rio Hondo were experiencing signs of imminent flooding. In San Antonio, just twenty minutes [...]

Female Special Constable charged for allegedly assaulting a minor with a knife
Thirty-one year old Natalie Hamilton, a special constable of a Periwinkle Street address, appeared in magistrate’s court this morning, after being charged with aggravated assault upon a minor.  Hamilton, who [...]

Police Constable once again free on bail…this time for damage to property
It’s the second time that he has been criminally charged since he was placed on interdiction and tonight Police Constable, Edward Castillo is once again free on bail. Castillo, a [...]

Belmopan student alleges police brutality
Complaints of the excessive use of force by officers of the Belize Police Department are regularly aired in our newscasts. Tonight, there is another allegation to add to the growing [...]

Raising awareness on endangered manatees species during manatee month
The manatee, locally known as the sea cow,  is listed as an endangered species in Belize; it is estimated that the population is between seven hundred and nine hundred.  Over [...]

British warship docks off the coast of the Old Capital
Given its geographic location, Belize has long been determined as a transit point for drugs coming from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. It is estimated that the amount of cocaine passing [...]

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09/25/13 05:55 AM
09/25/13 05:55 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Traffic Mishaps on Philip Goldson Highway
There was a traffic accident today that could have ended in a mass casualty situation, but luckily it didn’t. It happened at a few minutes before one this afternoon in front of Smart Phone Company near mile 3 on the George Price Highway. The incident involved three vehicles traveling in the same direction: two Ford Focus SUV’s and a Toyota Camry. No one was injured in the incident, although the Camry, which was traveling behind the two SUV’s, received the worst damage. (VO ends) Meanwhile, earlier in the day before nine this morning, a red pick-up truck collided into the back of a Haylock’s Passenger Bus in front of BEL headquarters on the same highway.

Biscayne Student Murdered After Class
A student of New Hope High School high school was stabbed and killed shortly after classes let out today. 18 year old Darrel wade, a third form student of New Hope High School, was walking on Stadium street along with his close friend, another 3rd form student sometime around 4 o’clock when they made their usual stop to purchase boiled corn from a street side vendor when they were approached by a man on a bicycle. An eye witness told Love News who asked us not to record her voice, told us that a dark complexion man seemingly in his 20’s approached the student and said quote “ you di fight with me lee bredda” and inflicted the wound. The witness says the boy ran across the street into a shop to get away, when he came back out he was bleeding profusely and collapsed across the street. That bloody spot where he collapsed is now covered with stand. Love News understands that the incident unfolded in front of a number of other students from both New Hope High School and Orange Walk Technical High school. Wade was quickly rushed to the northern regional hospital where we understand, the medical team worked for almost an hour to save him. Wade was pronounced dead by Doctor Coleman. He had received a single stab wound straight to the heart.

Troubles Continue with Dangriga Market Project, Investors and SIF
Troubles continue in relation to the Social Investment Fund as Investors and Contractors, Emy Gilharry Ramirez and Lyndon Bailey have not heard from the company in terms of the losses they have incurred from the Dangriga Market Project. In an official press release today from Ramirez, they point out that her work crew continues working on site but has repeatedly requested a meeting with SIF to address their work on site, to certify the extent of works done and do an audit of the material still on site, but there’s been nothing forthcoming from the company. Ramirez is quoted as saying quote, “SIF is refusing to be responsible and their unprofessional conduct has cost me even more money and while I have tried to reach out to SIF, they are now refusing to address my concerns” end quote. The release further says that as a result of assurance by SIF’s Senior Officials, especially Ernest Raymond continued to expend money on the projects explaining that quote “ the negligent conduct of SIF is very telling of their management of the entire project and now as one individual so adversely affected by the recent revelations of corruption and bribery, I demand an independent investigation into all aspects of this project since someone needs to account for the money I have invested in this project and SIF is only now refusing to pay” end quote.

Police News: Robbery, Drugs and Post Mortem
Angel Manzanilla a forty one year old Supervisor and deliveryman of Phillip Neal Butane Gas Station in Belize City reported to police that he was robbed. The incident occurred around 6:00 yesterday evening. Manzanilla says he was making a delivery on George Street along with his sideman, when two dark complexioned men, approached them. One of the men, was reportedly armed with a handgun, pointed it to him and relieved him of his jewelry and wallet which contained an undisclosed amount of cash and personal items. The sideman was reportedly robbed of his cell phone and an undisclosed amount of cash. Both thieves made good their escape and police are now investigating. A minor has been detained for drug offences in San Pedro Town. According to police, they were on mobile patrol in front of the San Pedro High School when their attention was drawn to two male persons who rode off when they saw them. Police pursued them and caught them on the beach front within a hundred yards from the high school. They were both searched and they found a black plastic bag which contained suspected cannabis amounting to 31.3 grams on the minor. He has since been detained.

Passport Scandal Trickles Down From Minister to Clerks
Yesterday we reported that in the ongoing investigation into the passport scandal in which a South Korean national obtained a Belize passport while in prison, the Public Service Commission has recommended the immediate suspension of the three officers pending the findings. This afternoon we understand the three officers were handed their suspension letters. They are data entry clerks Omar Phillips and Orwin Robinson and Sharon Neal Flowers who is the Port Commander in Belmopan. Neal Flowers is at times tasked to hold over the department in the absence of the director. In its release the Ministry of Labour, Local Government, Immigration and Nationality said it is satisfied that there has been a serious breach of the regulations and rules governing the issuance of this passport and that the officers did, whether through negligence or knowledge allow a fraud to occur on the system. The Ministry says it has also installed additional safeguards to discourage further attempts to compromise the system.

Lightning Storm Affects Belize’s Land Information System
Over the weekend lightning storms caused unforeseen damage to the servers at the Land Information System causing it go to offline at the Lands and Survey Department. IT technicians at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture have isolated the problem and the system has been repaired. The Land Information System is currently being restored from the daily backup servers. The Lands and Survey Department has resumed partial services to the general public today and according to a release issued out by the Ministry, technicians are working with the international IT partners to bring the Land Information System to full operations as quickly as possible. The Ministry expects the system to be fully operational by midday tomorrow when all services will be available to the public.

Tourist Village Drug Bust Lands Tourists in Court
Two men, 21 year old American national, Jeffrey Rodgers and 23 year old St. Martin national Jeron Harrigan, who were both tourists form a cruise ship, were charged with possession of a controlled drug when they appeared today in the court of Magistrate Clive Lino. The both pled guilty to the charges. Rodgers, who was busted with eight grams of cannabis, was fined 800 dollars and he was ordered to pay forthwith, in default eight months imprisonment. Rodgers paid the fine and he was released. Harrigan, who was busted with four point seven grams of cannabis, was fined 400 dollars and he was ordered to pay forthwith, in default four months imprisonment. He paid the fine and he was released. Both men were busted at the Tourist Village.

Demolition Works Begin on Belize City’s Civic Centre
In his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Barrow, announced that thirty million dollars has been allotted for the dismantling and re-building of the civic center into a multipurpose building. It was anticipated that the Government of Mexico would have funded the project, but Barrow stated in his address that the money will be solely provided by the Government of Belize through the Belize Infrastructure Limited, BIL. Dismantling of the civic center began yesterday and today Love News visited the site and found out when it will be completed. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING “Back in 2010 engineers declared that the Belize Civic Center was unsafe to be utilized and today under the supervision of engineers; the massive structure began to be slowly dismantled. The one point three million dollar contract for the dismantling was awarded to CISCO Construction and according to the C.E.O., Francisco Woods; it should take about five months for the entire structured to be completely dismantled. “

BELTRAIDE Leads The Way in Making Belize A Medical Tourism Destination
Twenty-one year old Andres Bailey, charged with two counts of unnatural crime and one count of aggravated assault, was acquitted of the charges of unnatural crime and was found guilty of aggravated assault by a jury of nine yesterday in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas. The jury deliberated for a little over three hours before it arrived at its verdict. Justice Lucas has deferred sentencing until Wednesday, September 25 in order to give Bailey time to prepare a plea for mitigation. The complainant, a minor, testified that Bailey sexually assaulted him on April 24, 2009, in Ladyville. He also testified that Bailey first sodomized him between April 25, 2009 and June 24, 2010. The second incident of unnatural crime occurred, he said, on June 25, 2010. Bailey, who was not represented by any attorney, took the witness stand and testified that he did not commit any of the offences. The trial began on Tuesday, September 17.


Jorge Tzib Murdered in San Ignacio
Residents of the town of San Ignacio woke up Monday morning to the news that a gruesome murder had taken place in the early hours . The victim was 28 year old Jorge Tzib of Shawville Area, San Ignacio Town. Police say that at about...

Hit and run accident leaves Erron Golanche dead
Erron Golanche, a graphic designer, artist and sometime musician, tragically lost his life in a road traffic accident in Orange Walk Town over the weekend. Mother Jerrilyn Flowers spoke to PLUS News on Monday and told us what she knows of the tragedy. Jerrilyn Flowers – Mother of Erron...

First Public Hearing of the PAC held in Belmopan
The first public hearing of the Public Accounts Committee was held on Monday in the Chambers of the National Assembly. The meeting was conducted in two parts, a morning and afternoon session and saw the absence of a few members, as well as the present of some new faces....

More revealed on passport irregularities
PLUS News continues to follow developments in the scandal surrounding now-former Minister of State in the Immigration Ministry Elvin Penner who was made to resign last Wednesday by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. More information has been revealed about the individual in whose name a passport was issued. He is...

Traffic accident in Ladyville could have been worse
Three persons are lucky to be alive following a nearly tragic set of circumstances in Ladyville over the weekend. According to Inspector Christopher Noble of the Ladyville Police substation, Good Samaritans seeking to respond to a previous accident on the highway were themselves hit by an...

PM addresses Homosexuality in Independance Day Speech
The part of Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s Independence Day address that perhaps raised the most eyebrows was his peroration on the matter of the culture wars being fought in Belize particularly over homosexuality. With no news of a decision by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on the claim by Caleb...

Belmopan Mayor says infrastructure needs urgent upgrade
In his speech on Independence Day, the Mayor of Belmopan Simeon Lopez had some news for the residents of Belmopan. Simeon Lopez – Mayor of Belmopan: This Council is very much aware of the condition in which our infrastructure has deteriorated. Therefore, this address will deal mainly with this...

Belmopan businessman Mike Menjivar cleared of charges stemming from GSU raid
On Monday morning at the Supreme Court of Belize, Justice Denis Hanomansingh finally gave his verdict on one of the most high profile prosecutions of 2011. This is the case of well known businessman Miguel Angel Menjivar who owns and runs the famous La Cabaña restaurant and bar in...

Police promote Cadet Corps Program
The Police Department has been actively promoting its Police Cadet Corps program and on Monday Inspector Christopher Noble provided an update on activities in the Burrell Boom area. Inspector Christopher Noble: For the first time the Police Cadets, which was recently formed in Burrell Boom, did a flag raising...

Beauty Queen of San Jose Succotz felt she was jilted out of her crown
It is said that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”… And we use that term to describe, not a love triangle, but a September celebrations beauty queen of San Jose Succotz, that felt that she was jilted out of her crown. Eighteen year...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Health Committee plans clean up of the island
The Caye Caulker Health Committee is planning to have 2 days cleaning campaign on the island on Sept 28th and 29th (Saturday and Sunday). We will be starting from the Split going down to the south of the island, at 7am until... your help will be very much appreciated if you can meet us and help to keep our island clean. Please bring along some gloves and plastic garbage bags, please let me know if you are willing to help keep our island clean. LESS POLLUTION IS THE BEST SOLUTION! DON'T LITTER, IT MAKES THE ISLAND BETTER!


A Caye Caulker fisherman, 55, survived a 19-hour ordeal at sea after strong currents and wind washed him out to sea. Onocisero Hernandez and his three friends were diving and fishing at about 8:00 Thursday morning in the open sea in the Caye Caulker area when he went down and did not resurface. His companions, Donicio Edwards, Valentin Verde, and Jimmy Andrews, became frantic and tried to find him, and after their efforts failed, the three friends went to the Caye Caulker Police Station and reported Hernandez missing. An immediate search to find him was mounted, which included the Caye Caulker police and the Fisheries unit, along with fishermen and friends.

A well-known young artist who was originally from Belize City and who had a very promising future because of his natural, raw talent, lost his life at the hands of a drunken driver in Orange Walk Town on Independence Day eve. His untimely death was as a result of a hit-and-run accident in which he and another man were violently flung from a scooter that he was driving. According to eyewitness accounts, Erron Golanche, 25, popularly known as “The Human Beat Box,” was reportedly returning to his Orange Walk Town residence after making a trip to a convenience store sometime before 11:00 p.m. on Friday, September 20, 2013, when he and his companion, Fernando Ical, were suddenly hit by a Dodge Ram pickup truck. Ical is the brother of Golanche’s common-law wife, Love FM reporter Dalila Ical. After hitting the scooter, the pickup’s driver, who was reportedly highly intoxicated, continued on his destructive journey in a daze, dragging portions of the extensively damaged scooter under his vehicle for almost a quarter mile, or about 400 feet, after which he was forced to come to a halt. This was because a piece of the wrecked scooter obstructed the Dodge Ram from continuing on its path.

Shawville, San Ignacio man had been stabbed multiple times, and his throat was cut. Jorge Tzib, 27, of the Shawville area, San Ignacio Town, was found dead on the road on Joseph Andrews Drive between the Red Cross Building and the Gurus Building in San Ignacio, about 1:55 this morning, Monday. There were multiple stab wounds on his body and his throat had been cut. Tzib’s body was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to undergo a post-mortem to certify the cause of his death. Police say that they found Tzib lying face-down on Joseph Andrews Drive with a knapsack on his back. Their initial investigation revealed that Tzib was walking in the area when he was attacked and stabbed, and his throat slashed. Someone driving in the area saw the body on the road and called police.

Williams and Leslie are charged with carnal knowledge and indecent assault of minor, 14. Today, John Williams, 30, a resident of #5 Myrtle Wade Crescent in Ladyville, and Stacey Leslie, 27, who resides at the same address, were charged with carnal knowledge and aggravated assault of an indecent nature respectively, when they appeared before the Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. According to police, a 14-year-old Ladyville student reported that at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 17, she met Williams as she was walking in the Hollywood area of Ladyville, and he invited her into his car. When she got into the car, she was introduced to Leslie, and they all travelled to Cayo. They returned to Ladyville and went to Williams’ house, and that was when she was given some “weed” to smoke. She was then sexually assaulted by Leslie, after which Williams had sexual intercourse with her.

Veteran footballer/musician Vincent “Winty J” Johnson stopped by the sports desk this morning to express his and the Roo’s appreciation for all those who turned out for the Mugger Day last Sunday, September 15, at the Third World field. “It was a beautiful day and everyone had a good time together,” noted Winty J. “The Mugger’s wife, Sylvia, was especially touched by the turn out. And would you know” he continued, “that the day which the nation just marked as National Service Day in memory of the passing of Father of the Nation, George Price, September 19 was also the Mugger’s birthday?” Looking ahead, Winty J said that he thinks it is about time that citizens of Dangriga pay tribute to one of their greatest football legends, Daniel Lino, popularly known as “Down the Line,” “D-Line” or “Don D” to his many fans. “That man was a bundle of talent and a personality that was much bigger than sports,” remarked Winty J. “Don D” was a good basketballer, a top footballer, one of Belize’s best, and also a top boxer in Belize; but he was also a real culture man, who played the drums and sang, and was always active in Settlement Day celebrations.” Winty said that he will be travelling down to Griga soon, and suggest to the brothers down there that maybe something could be done around this year’s 19th celebrations to honor the memory of the great D-Line.

Here in Belize on another of his regular visits to the land of his birth is former Belize all-star basketball player Evondale “Coby” Coburn, CEO and founder of Coby Foundation; and, as has been his habit on trips to the Jewel, Coby brought a bunch of football equipment for youths, which he handed over this morning to Yabra Sporting Club coordinator Jerome “Peeloff” Maheia. “This is my passion,” said Coby, “and I try to kill two birds with one stone whenever I come home. I always try to bring something, school supplies or sporting equipment for the youths, usually for basketball, which was my main sport, but also for football, etc.” Coby arrived in Belize on Saturday, Independence Day, and is scheduled to return to Georgia, USA, on Wednesday of this week. This morning, on the Kremandala compound, he handed over a bag of brand new youth football gear to Peeloff, including 2 footballs, 11 pairs of football boots, at least 9 plastic training cones, and two “Soccer Trainers.” The “soccer trainer” is a special ball-control training device that attaches a football in a nylon net with an adjustable cord to a similar adjustable waist ban, so that a player can practice juggling the ball without using the hands to hold the cord.

THE UDP’S 40TH - Editorial
When the United Democratic Party was formally established on September 27 of 1973, it was comprised of three political parties: the National Independence Party (NIP), the People’s Development Movement (PDM), and the Liberal Party. There was a fourth political party involved in the founding of the UDP, but it has never been acknowledged. That was the UBAD Party, and its presence in the original UDP has never been acknowledged, one reason being that the UBAD had actually divided in two earlier in 1973 precisely because of the UDP issue. In addition, the ideas and opinions of the UBAD Party were not considered appropriate or acceptable to the power brokers of the new UDP. And, there was the issue of Hon. Philip Goldson, and his relationship with the UBAD Party. The founding of the UDP represented the successful completion of a plot to oust the Hon. Philip Goldson as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. When the UDP was formed in September 1973, it did not name a Leader, the reason being that while members and supporters of the new party knew that attorney Dean Russell Lindo was their de facto Leader, the Hon. Philip Goldson, the Leader of the NIP, was the most popular and powerful politician the new UDP had on the ground.

In 2013 Belize, the Americans are doing a pretty good job of controlling their profile, though not nearly as smooth a job as the British did in Belize between self-government in 1964 and independence in 1981. I remark on this because I’ve always wondered if there were areas where the British were enjoying the discomfiture which UBAD caused the ruling PUP, most dramatically in 1972. I think the intelligence information which the British would have enjoyed at any specific time during self-government would have in many cases been superior to that of Belize government intelligence, as has been the case with American intelligence here after independence, that is, its often being superior to Belize government intelligence. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, my feeling is that it was the Americans who tipped off the recently elected Esquivel government in July of 1993 that PUP operatives were trying to buy off San Ignacio’s Salvador Fernandez and Dangriga’s Chiste Garcia. In 1993, no law existed to prevent a UDP area representative from crossing over to the PUP side of the House, and in 1993 if Salva and Chiste had walked, the seat numbers would have changed from 16-13 UDP to 15-14 PUP!

This past Saturday, September 21, marked the 32nd anniversary of Belize’s independence from Great Britain in 1981. The official Independence Day ceremony was held in the City of Belmopan on Saturday morning at the foot of the National Assembly Building. The ceremony began at 10:00 a.m., and included the traditional speeches given by Belize’s foremost parliamentarians and dignitaries, as spectators and invited guests looked on. As is usually the case, the leaders of the two major political parties gave two contrasting versions of the state of Belize’s economy. For the Prime Minister, these are very promising times; while for the Leader of the Opposition, it is a time of great despair. In Leader of the Opposition Hon. Francis Fonseca’s speech, he stated, “As we celebrate, therefore, we recognize that serious challenges confront us as a nation. Government continues to be characterized by chronic combativeness; we need less confrontation and more dialogue, less arrogance and more humility, less personality politics, and more problem solving. “The government’s response to the PAC proposal for reform in the public accounts, supported by the NTUCB and the Chamber of Commerce, regrettably takes us further away from these objectives; the will of the people can be delayed, but it shall not be denied. The politics of change and participation is here to stay. There is also need for focused and urgent action in job creation.

At the end of my last article I promised to reintroduce to you Raymond Granville Lashley, but I will be unable to live up to my commitment because I need to do some further research to be able to write about as great a figure as Raymond Granville Lashley. I beg your pardon and indulgence to move on until I am able to complete the commitment I made to you, my readers. In the meantime, I will discuss with you football in the District of Orange Walk. My article “Was Queen’s Park Rangers the Greatest?” drew a lot of attention and my article “One In A Million You” created havoc among avid football players and their fans. Scores of readers complimented me on the article, “One in a Million You”. All recognized the talent and ability of the Avengers football team. I was of the opinion that I was the only man in Belize that was latched on to Pappy Smith. Hell no! The feedback I received on the article convinced me that I did not stand alone. My corner was heavy laden with both footballers and fans.

Witnesses give different versions of what occurred. This afternoon, Yhony Rosado walked out of court a free man after he was found not guilty of aggravated assault with a firearm upon Vitalino Reyes, Jr. In December of last year, Yhony Rosado, owner of, was arrested and charged after Vitalino Reyes, Jr., who works for, had made a report to police that Rosado had pulled his 9mm gun and threatened him with it in an incident which had occurred in August. Rosado was granted bail after spending one night in jail, and the repercussions of that report were long-lasting and costly. But, as mentioned, he was acquitted of that charge after his lawyer, Kareem Musa, made a no-case submission in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, which was upheld by Magistrate Aretha Ford.

Salvador Vela, 40, a taxi driver of Cayo, is worried, because his brother, Oscar Mejia, 36, has been missing since Friday, September, 13. Vela told police that his brother, a naturalized Belizean of 2nd Street, San Ignacio Town, left his home en route to his work spot in the Hill View area, Santa Elena, and at press time today, Monday, he has not been seen or heard from. Reports to Vela, however, are that his brother was last seen going to Melchor, Guatemala. According to these reports, he had tried to contact Vela, but the efforts were futile. Mejia was last seen wearing a black T- shirt and blue short Dickies pants. He is about 5 feet 10 inches tall, and weighs about 190 pounds. He is of Hispanic descent, with short black hair and a round face. Mejia, who has a tattoo on both sides of his chest, was reportedly wearing yellow boots.

Dear Editor, Heavy rains are causing serious flooding in Consejo Community located in the Corozal Distinct of northern Belize. As in years past, flooding has left hundreds of residents in this community unable to travel to town unless they have four-wheel drive vehicles. Since this is the only road to nearby Corozal Town, it poses very serious concerns about food, medical needs, drinking water, and other necessary supplies. Noxious spillage from the local government garbage dump is bringing biohazard materials onto the road and is posing very serious health and environmental issues. The biohazards spilling onto the road are known to contain mercury, heavy metals, various poisons, blood borne infectious materials, human waste, dead animal carcasses, and more into the waters covering the road and surrounding areas. Last week, school children were stranded on stuck school busses for long periods of time near the bio hazardous dump. Workers trying to get to their jobs in Consejo have been seen walking and riding bicycles through these dangerously infected waters.

— by Wellington C. Ramos Dear Editor, If all the allegations that I have read about Hon. Alvin Penner and the passport scandal have some merit, the Prime Minister should refer the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions Office and have him or her investigate this matter fully. Belizeans who possess dual citizenships who are natural-born Belizean citizens and live in the United States are currently waiting as long as three months to get their passports back from Belize, while we have an elected Minister of Government allegedly involved in helping to illegally facilitate the process to assist a foreign-born individual who is not qualified as a citizen of our country to get one of our passports from our country. I am upset to my stomach to hear these things happening in my beloved country of Belize on our Independence Day.

— by YaYa Greetings, Brother Prime Minister, Do you recall this interview (at the end of this email) that you gave Adele Ramos in July, 2011? What message is the GoB sending when 2 years, 2 months, and 12 days later, Belize still does not have an active Integrity Commission? In the interview you said you did not have time to think about new appointments. To the best of my knowledge, the duties of the members of the last Integrity Commission ended in 2010. Is that an indication of this administration’s lack of political will to minimize corruption in Belize? Has Belize become a signatory to the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention? If Belize is not a signatory, why is that Belize’s position?

— by Phillip de la Fuente Editor Sir, Upon the formation of the new Government of Belize, we should ask the oil companies to stop investing in our country. The trickle down economics is not working. The people of Belize are not feeling the many benefits of having oil in our country. The monies stop with the Ministers or maybe only with the oil company. Contracts should be terminated or better negotiated so as to see and feel the benefits of the industry for our country. Phillip de la Fuente Orange Walk Town

He told the court that his daughter fabricated the story because he and one of her brothers got into a misunderstanding. This morning, a father, 56, was convicted of touching his daughter’s breast when she was 15, and was sentenced to three years for it. In the trial which started on Thursday, the minor, now 16, testified that on March 24 of this year, her father touched her breast and she told her brother about it. She was then accompanied to the police station, where she made an official report. She also testified that the March 24 incident was the second time her father had touched her breast, but that she did not make a report the first time it happened.

There was a holdup and robbery at a store in Altamira, Corozal Town, and three armed bandits got away with over $2,000 and two cell phones. The incident occurred about 9:15 Friday night, September, 20, at the RJB Store. The storeowner told police that he was in his store when three armed, masked men entered the establishment. Two of the men were armed with knives and the third robber was armed with a .38 revolver. The men demanded money, and fearing for his life, the businessman handed over his cash and the cell phones, valued at about $150 each. The three thieves then ran out of the store and escaped.

Carol Vernon, 48, of West Street, is presently receiving medical treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) for gunshot injuries she sustained after a masked man fired at her, hitting her in the leg, while she was socializing along with two others on George Street about 12:20 Friday afternoon, September 20. Vernon told police that she and two other men were under an open garage shed on George Street when an armed, masked man came out of the bushes and fired shots at them. The masked man escaped out of the area, the alarm was raised, and she was rushed to the KHMH, where she was admitted to ward in a stable condition.

This morning, Ryan Tillett, 32, a security guard of Vista Del Mar, and Mason Patnett, 26, a construction worker of #2086 Falcon Street, were charged with drug trafficking when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. According to police, at 9:30 Independence Day morning (Saturday, September 21), a police checkpoint was set up at La Democracia on the George Price Highway, where police observed a black car approaching. The driver of the car was told to pull over to the side of the road, but instead of complying with the officer’s request, the driver sped off down the road toward Hattieville. This led to a high-speed chase down the highway and as the car approached Mile 23, police saw the car stop and one of its occupants got out and threw away a large black plastic bag, got back into the car and sped away again.

Danisha Valerio, 26, the girlfriend of Jeremy Baptist, 25, of Boca Del Rio, San Pedro, and Baptist’s family, are in anguish and are hoping that his body is soon recovered so that they can have closure and move on. The grieving girlfriend said that Baptist went missing in the early morning hours of May 20 and tomorrow, September 20, will complete four months since he left home and has not yet returned. Police believe that Baptist was shot and killed during an altercation with some men at a party about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, May 19, in the San Juan area of San Pedro, and that his body was taken out to the lagoon in a boat and dumped overboard. Police say that the boat which they believe was used to carry the body to the lagoon was found, with blood in it. The blood was sent for analysis at the department’s forensic lab.

As always you never know who will show at an event, we ended up with a lively table of 11 people and enjoyed a nice dinner together last Wednesday night and some very funny and all over the map conversations. We talked about everything from Boa Constrictors reptiles and giant bugs to what brought people to Belize and how they made their move. When it came time to set up the movie AV girl Mary had brought her dvd player and we found out that the plug would not work. We thought it was European but later found out it is just a strange plug that goes directly into a matching tv. My quick plan b was call Tacoboy to see if he could bring ours down. He paused sports got up off the couch, delivered our dvd player within in 15 minutes and earned some brownie points The final movie decision thanks to Cindy and Andy’s recommend was he movie Hysteria. A mischievously inspired romantic comedy set at the end of the 19th century, the film depicting the invention of the vibrator. We all gave it two thumbs up and lots of laughs, it was the perfect movie choice.

VIDEO: Charity Event for the Children of Belize
Charity Event for the Children of Belize

Japan-LAC Business Forum
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is pleased to invite eligible small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to submit applications for Japan-LAC Business Forum 2013, which will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on November 7-8, 2013. The Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region is notable for its achievements in agriculture, renewable energies, and innovative social policies. In light of these achievements, Japan is seeking to strengthen its ties with the LAC region in an effort to support its high growth in the next decades. Both regions are currently on complementary stages of their economic and demographic cycles, which will lead to various opportunities and synergies.

2 cups peelet an' choppet apples 1 cup choppet walnuts 1 cup flour 1 cup sugar 1 teespoon bakyun' sody 1/2 teespoon salt 1 egg, beete 3 tablespoons butt'r, meltid 1 teespoon vanilla Direckshuns: Combine apples an' nuts n' a bowl. Sift flour, sugar bakyun' sody an' salt togeth'r an' blend wit furst mixture. Combine egg, butt'r an' vanilla an' mix well. The add ta t'res an' still till moistenet. Bake at 350 degrees until set.

FISHING REPORT - September 14th – September 21st, 2013
The weather brought in big tides and mixed conditions. It’s summertime and our rainy season in the tropics. Things are a bit hotter when the breeze stops. The big full moon was bright as the skies cleared later in the week. Some nights we had mosquitos - some evenings fire flies. Our group was small this week, so we had time to note all the nuances that we believe play a story in fishing conditions. Big tides bring food. Current lines can look like a string of M&M’s to permit as all the shrimp and crabs move with the water. Where do the tarpon go? Are they feeding at night and finding a nice sleeping spot in the deep during the day? Our fishing conditions are reflected in so many variables. It’s fun to continue to use our power of observation and notice the patterns of Mother Nature. It really is soul food. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable week!

International Sources

Fitch Affirms Belize Sovereign Investments III (Cayman) Limited at 'A+'
Fitch Ratings has affirmed the rating on the following notes issued by Belize Sovereign Investments III (Cayman) Limited (BSI): --$85.7 million notes at 'A+'; Outlook Stable. The notes are backed by two restructured government of Belize (GOB) sovereign obligations (underlying notes) from the country's debt restructuring in 2007. In addition, the notes benefit from two insurance policies underwritten by Steadfast Insurance Company (Steadfast) covering non-payment by the GOB. The rating of the notes addresses timely payment of interest and principal on a semi-annual basis. In August 2012, the GOB announced that it was unable to make payment on its U.S. dollar Step-Up Bonds due 2029, which include the underlying notes. After making partial payment in September 2012, the GOB entered into restructuring negotiations and came to an agreement with bondholders in March 2013.

Why Belize is the Hottest New Caribbean Destination
While vacations in Belize are not a new idea, our awareness of them is. Belize is everywhere you look these days, thanks in part to their recent advertising campaigns. And for good reason, Belize is tropical and lush, distinctive yet wild, and not to be missed. Whether you consider it part of Central America due to its location or a Caribbean paradise thanks to the warm Caribbean Sea, Belize will not disappoint in the variety and uniqueness of offerings. If you’re worried that Belize will become another overcrowded tourist destination, we got the inside scoop on private tours, private suites and even whole private islands to discover what makes Belize the hottest new Caribbean Destination. Why Visit Belize Located just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and east of Guatemala, Belize borders the Caribbean Sea and offers the warm sea breezes, cerulean Caribbean waters and average temperatures in the 80’s year round.

Taking a Plunge in Belize
Strapped in and dangling from a cable, I cautiously peer over the tree stand. My heart is in my throat. Somehow, the lush dense green of the rainforest almost lessens the severity of a 140-feet drop. Before I know it, I’m gliding effortlessly over the treetops and marveling at the beauty of this island gem (in between giddy girl screams, of course). Belize has completely won me over. Zip lining thorough a tropical rain forest is just one of many jaw dropping experience visitors can add to their bucket list. Sacred caves and ancient Maya temples, world-class diving and snorkeling, and memorable dining options are just a few to consider. Situated between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize encompasses the best of both worlds. On one side, you’ll find Central American jungles, on the other side – the Caribbean Sea. With that map, it’s no wonder Belize a primary port of call for many cruise lines. That was the case with us – just an excursion day. After one visit, though, I decided just one day here would never be enough. Our zip-lining adventure took place in Caves Branch Archeological Reserve, southwest of Belize City. Many local tour guides are available, and packages can often include zip lining and cave tubing (which we also did).

F.A.A. Nears New Rules on Devices
The rules on when to turn off electronic devices on airplanes have long been a sour, and sometimes contentious, point for travelers. But faced with a surge of electronics on airplanes and under pressure from a growing number of tech-savvy — and increasingly tech-dependent — passengers, the Federal Aviation Administration recognized that change was inevitable. This week, an F.A.A. advisory panel will meet to complete its recommendations to relax most of the restrictions. The guidelines are expected to allow reading e-books or other publications, listening to podcasts, and watching videos, according to several of the panel’s members who requested anonymity because they could not comment on the recommendations. The ban on sending and receiving e-mails and text messages or using Wi-Fi during takeoff or landing is expected to remain in place, as is the prohibition on making phone calls throughout the flight, the panel members said.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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