Residents of Dominguez Layout and San Antonio complain of illegal dump site in their neighborhoods.

Residents of the Dominguez Layout housing site on the outskirts of Corozal Town and the community of San Antonio today complained to the Corozal Daily of an illegal dump site in their area that is severely affecting the health of their communities.

The Corozal Daily immediately visited the area and one of the things we noticed that a family of eight including small children live just 100 yards from this noxious dump site. According to Marcelina Chulin and her husband who own the house we visited, that they have tried tirelessly to stop the dump truck belonging to the Corozal Town Council from continuing the practice of dumping in the area. Because there are two routes to the dump site, Chulin stated that another sanitation company from Ranchito has been seen dumping their garbage as well and it is out of control.

The Corozal Daily tried to speak to Mayor Hilberto Campos today for comments but we were told he was unavailable. The Corozal Daily has delivered photos of the illegal dump site to Mayor Hilberto Campos’ office, Commanding Officer in Charge of the Corozal Police Department and the office of Minister of Health Pablo Marin in the hope that the this matter is dealt with immediately as it is a critical health issue for the residents of these two neighborhoods.

Courtesy: Corozal Daily (…Sometimes)